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1 month ago
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Do go back to the last thread,   make sure you haven't missed out,- on all the great chats we have had - see all the lovely pics we all posted, and the really good info too,  here is the link to the last thread       




Our new calendar for September 2017 , ~ featuring our new Monarch for September -

                                             King Zues



Dates for September - these are just some of the dates for awareness days -


                              1st Sept'  is International Dolphin Day

                      11th Remembering 9/11 

                      20th Puppy Mill awareness Day

                      22nd World Rhino Day

                      24th Sea Otter Week

                      28th International Rabbit Day 

1 month ago

Hello Good Morning to all Cat Lovers, hope everyone has the best Friday they can have xxxxxxxxx


Kathy you are a work-a-holic !!  hope you get rested in between working, Scamp will be missing you , stay safe my friend, and yep when Charlotte has cut & dyed her hair i will get a pic xxxxxxxx


Sheila good to see you here,  I am sorry to hear you have sciatica, it is very painful, do you get physio ?,

I am sure you do, do all you can, and yes I saw the pup rescued in Mexico, lovely ,   and now it seems all the children are accounted for , after mixed reports about who was where, - but in the chaos it's understandsble isn't it ,  

still hoping all will be rescued where ever people are trapped,  so many prayers needed for all , 

Sheila have you any pics of your cats ?  xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Well off to tidy up, the sun is shinning so want to get out today, go to the market , hunter gathering = shopping lol,  see you all later love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxx





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1 month ago
                                             Sheila L.

Thank you for kind words of support, I am on prednisone for 6 days and back to hospital on Wednesday.   I feel better everyday.   I am trying to transfer pictures to Care2.  I am not good on Apple I-Pad, my Dell is not working well right now, mouse problems.   I am waiting for re-furnished Apple I-phone which may help.

I am glad all children accounted for in Mexico.   


My CATS are very long-bodied sable snowshoes and one silver who is the smallest.   they are magnificent jumpers because of their extra long body and very muscular legs.   I wish they could go outside, but not in my area.  I live in greater Boston area, traffic is a killer.   I bought leashes but I am not in any condition now to take them out.  Healing is going to take time.


I also got fired from my job of 4 years but I am glad, it affected my health for awhile.  You can't call in sick a lot when they are understaffed, I liked the residents there but management sucked.  It is amazing what they hire to save money.  Revolving door happens and people notice.   you pay for what you get, limited education, inexperienced people in these positions is a joke. I worked in assisted living, which is not a medical model.   However, management company charges $8500 - $1200 month rents.   TOTAL RIP OFF.  I will never go to assisted living, I know too much.   It is a rip off, believe me.


I need to get out today and force myself to walk, circulation heals.    It is cold, damp rainy day, just what I don't need.    I hope weather is better for everyone.


1 month ago
                                         Sheila L.

Also, I love nature walks and thank God for all the beauty surrounding us, just walking in nature paths, woods relieves stress and rejuvenates a soul.
1 month ago
                                         Sandi C.
happy first day of fall
1 month ago
                                             Beryl L.

Hello Cat Lovers, Just a quickie to say I am grateful for all of you.  I hope you feel better Sheila.  I deal with chronic pain in back and from failed surgery, fibromyalgia and Neck problems and for 31 years.  I have made it through.  Life goes on right? 

I am still sending prayers to Mexico and all over with the hurricanes.  So awful but wonderful to see how people help each other.  I watched the bucket brigade in Mexico and them helping in Peurto Rico which could be out of power for up to 3 months!  It is so massive, but the humanity is wonderful.

I am grateful for so much in life and life itself.

Charlotte's gesture is wonderful.  He hair will make a child or children happy. 
Happy Fall everyone!  I am very thankful for that too.

Love to all. Beryl xoxox

1 month ago
                                        Sandi C.
1 month ago

Lovely graphics Sandi xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sheila thanks for sharing, and i hope you can soon share photos, 

take care and rest up, let us know how you hospital appointment goes well on Wednesday xxxxxx


Beryl you are very stoical, and always positive,  thanks re- Charlotte I did a crnn story, to raise awareness, people can donate their hair for charity, near them hopefully, ~  also said if people wanted to give 50c / 50p that would be great  all the money would go to make new wigs for children suffering hair loss,  for what ever reason,- usually getting chemo for cancer, - well the end of a busy day, so saying goodnight, Happy Autumn to all, sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxx



1 month ago
1 month ago

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Take care everyone, hugs.

1 month ago

 photo 2823.gif

Have a lovely Saturday everyone.

Take care to all the not so well. Sheila, sciatica is so debilitating as it impacts on the rest of your body and youre so exhausted trying to cope constantly with the pain. I have that too, plus issues with my knee after 3 accidents within 10 days late last year. I was hit by a reversing car and then got a stack of cysts on my knee. I use a chiro but he doesnt bone crunch and has done a great job. I prefer my chiro than a physio. Take care.

Sending thoughts and prayers to those hit by the hurricanes and earthquakes.

We had our hottest Spring day today in history of It was 25C and at the beginning of the week it was furrrrreeezing at 13C however, they say that enjoy it while it lasts for tomorrow might be very different and it will be yet again at 18C but in different parts of Australia it was extremely hot at over 34C or something like that. 

Have a lovely Saturday as I head off into the Future and wake up and it will be Sunday!

1 month ago

thanks, had left knee replaced 5 years ago, now they want right one.  No thanks, nothing like your own joints and bones.

Rescues look good, prayers answered --- still the devastation is enormous.   

I wish I could physically help, Send prayers and help with donations in organizations you trust.

Cold, damp rainy weather -  nature really impacts your life, always.

1 month ago

Happy Saturday everyone, 

rushing as I am out all day today, will try to get back  to play the games, if not see you all tomorrow, sending love hugs as always X Wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 month ago

Have a Peaceful Sunday everyone , sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Oh and sent this to my sons lol xxxxxxxx


1 month ago

Well folks, I am back from a hectic two days and will be trying to do the catch up game. Hope everyone had a great weekend. Making this a short visit for right now as I am really tuckered out. Have a great evening and I will see you all tomorrow. hugs, Kathy & Scamp   xxxxxxooooo

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1 month ago

1 month ago

VcouOjmL4VMq _1_.gif

1 month ago
Popping in to say hi and to wish everybody a wonderful Monday. Have a great day. hugs, Kathy & Scamp  xxxxooo

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1 month ago

Hello to all cat lovers, 

Kathy glad you are resting up after your long working weekend,  enjoy your time with Scamp,  and rest up too, xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Sandi, and ayone else who pops in, xxxxxxx


well I have a busy afternoon, off delivering with Richard, - human and animal shelters, and Richard is buying a pub supper lol. see you all  later -

Have a nice Tuesday, & love hugs to all x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx


Café kits have created a special treat for today:
cream cheese brownie pizza
Yum – brownie/fruit pizza – dig in!

1 month ago
1 month ago

Wendy, I see you and Richard are off on your deliveries again. I so love the two of you for all that you do for everyone and all the animals. Enjoy your pub dinner, you definitely deserve it (and with Richard buying, an extra bonus, lol). As for my time off, I am just going to catch up on everything here and be lazy in front of the tv. And that brownie fruit pizza looks soooooo delicious. My mouth is watering just looking at it, lol.


Well gotta run for now. Hi to all in Cat Lovers. Have a great day everyone. hugs, Kathy & Scamp   xxxxxoooo


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1 month ago

Saying goodnight, to all cat lovers, 

Kathy just had a pub supper and saw these headlines ---

DOUBLE HURRICANE HELL: Giant Atlantic SUPERSTORM set to smash into Britain NEXT week A HUGE superstorm born from TWO massive Atlantic hurricanes is set to rip into Britain NEXT week and bring weather hell to the UK.

Apparently maria & lee hurricanes have or going to join forces, to become "Hurricane Brian", 

I just said to Richard,  "Blistering Barnacles Tin Tin"  it's a good job we did deliveries this week,"

Richard just said "relax they always get our weather wrong,  and anyway there's time to build a hurricane wine cellar like Richard Branson had "  

So now we are off to get our supplies, get veggies and stuff we can make stews with a one pot meal, on the one ring gas cooker thing,- incase we lose power,  and of course get loads of bottles of wine, to put in our "Branson, hurricane / wine cellar"   ha ha ha , 

see you all tomorrow   have a good night , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Related image

1 month ago

Oh my god Wendy, are you frigging serious. I certainly hope Richard is right and this forecast is wrong. But just in case it isn't, please, please get ready and make sure you, the family and all the kelly cats will be safe. I will be watching this closely. Good night my friend and sleep well. hugs, Kathy & Scamp  xxxxxxoooo


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1 month ago

Good Morning to all Cat Lovers, Happy Wednesday,

Kathy everyday there's something else, lol, Storm Brian will hit Ireland first, then Britain, the West getting the full blast, we are the west Midlands, so I don't expect anything like the damage, that the Caribbean and Florida had,  but the Kelly cats will be house cats from Sunday afternoon, just to make sure,

So till then I am not worrying- it's not as if I can stop it, but we have supplies, wine being top of the list ha ha ha,  so no with Wednesday, tidying up the garden today, see you later, and thanks for thinking of us, I will let you know if the storm changes course, 

Sending love hugs to you & Scamp, and all cat lovers, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx



Blooming pesky leaves , got to rake them up, !!

Image result for animated gif of an Autumn day


A nice cuppa for you all xxxxxxxxxx

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1 month ago

Hi all. Hope the day has gone well. Wendy, I am relieved to see that you are all set and prepared if that storm hits your area. And certain people are still saying there is no such thing as climate change, sheesh. Guess the nay sayers need a session of being in the middle of one of these storms to educate themselves, lol. Hopefully storm Brian will run itself out and there will be nothing to worry about. xxxxooooo


Well, I am going to be rather scarce for the next 3 days. I am working in Toronto tomorrow until 3am Friday and then working here in town Friday and Saturday evenings until 3am. I probably won't be back on til sometime on Sunday, so take care everyone and have a great few days. hugs, Kathy & Scamp   xxxxxxxooooo

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1 month ago

Hello Cat Lovers!  I am not sure what happened but my entire post vanished and I usually copy them...not this time.  yikes! It is a quickie tho.  I was just about to power down for the evening and I thought to stop by and send some hugs around.  
I am glad to see Wendy is so prepared for the storm to maybe not give her anything but some wind and rain and a good excuse share a bottle of wine! LOL,  

I hope the Hurricane doesn't wallop Ireland and the West coast and even the remnants that come your way are just some good rain.

Y'all have a great rest of the week xoxox

                   by Lynn Bonnette:


1 month ago

Hello to all Cat Lovers  

Kathy  thanks I will let you know how we are getting on, see you Sunday, pop in if you get a minute in between though xxxxxxx


Beryl thanks , and I am hoping poor Ireland doesn't get a bashing, straight off the Atlantic,   we may get the tail end, and I have made sure I have wine, don't worry lol,  sorry you lost your post by the way, and hope Thursday is being kind to you and Chuck xxxxxxxxxxxx 


  Well -yesterday the weather was awful, today is sunny and warm,

I am going to hang out some washing, apart from that, I am having a lazy day,

had a nice "lie in" this morning, followed by a shower and late breakfast, - now i am on the hunt for lunch, sending love hugs to all x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1 month ago
1 month ago

Happy Thursday in Cat Loverland!

It's getting hot again today, but tomorrow the humidity will drop and I can imagine just how beautiful the day will be.  always good to have something to look forward to.  For now, I will enjoy today.  Love and Hugs, Beryl and Simba --Meeeoooww xoxox

     e782d2badb6fde380e021d56d0e4b423.jpg 450×850 pixels #KITTIES!! <3 #CatnipSober #StalkerCat sees you           

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1 month ago

Dear Julie, I am very sorry but for 2 days I am trying to wish you all the best to your Birthday. It just were not possible and my lines were disappearing.

I certain you had a wonderful day with family and friends. Hugs Margarita

To all the cat lovers I thank you for all the wonderful  pictures and comments.

 It is always nice to get informed about live everywhere. Well Wendy I hope the UK is safe, but I like the excuse to store wine!!!!

As everybody might see it in the news here in Barcelona we have hell. There is nothing more stupid than the politicians. In the Constitution is

no place for Independence, therefor no possibility for a vote. But.... the Star laywers between Madrid and  Barcelona finding a way to keep it going.

We have here now more police in Barcelona I have ever seen, streets get blocked from the Students etc. etc.

I hope 2.10. all is over but to be honest I doubt it. If you look at the TV

in 8 different channels you have all day long discussion about the Referendum 1.10. .I guess Spain gets a  terrible image worldwide and not

to speek about the visit of our president by Trump, shameful.

I wish everybody a nice weekend.

1 month ago

HELLO ALL! I have 122 signatureso on my petition which I still have trouble finding and sending. Lol. Thanks to everyone who has signed and please share if you are on Facebook.  I am still learning to work my phone and CARE2 isn't helping me with a way to share it specifically.  I keep getting the same standard messages in response to my questions.  Arrrgg. Love to all  Zeus and Monica 

1 month ago

Good Afternoon to all cat lovers  

Thanks Margarita, I am hoping the two hurricanes, blow themselves out, 

Hope the political situations sort themselves out, we are divided here re-"Brexit" but i am not going to go on about it,  it is too annoying !!!!

I will be out on Sunday all being well - re- twin hurricanes, lol,  oh and there's a 3rd nasty lurking that may add to the already volatile mix, - along with the warm "Gulf Stream" whoopy Do !!! = Not

My son Jack is 33 on the 3rd October, but is going away, -Jenny  treated him,  - so I am hoping they can get there, anyway, they are visiting Sunday, so we are all off for a meal, to celebrate Jack's Birthday early 

- Today is another nice afternoon, after a rainy morning, going to vacuum, & polish , I love the smell of the lemon oil polish, the kitchen is tidy, I did that already, then it's a lazy late afternoon for me,  followed by fish & chips for tea, - no cooking yehhhhhhh  Hope you can enjoy Friday Margarita xxxxxxx


Hello Beryl, hope you have a nice Friday, xxxxxxx


Monica I have shared your petition with all my friends, and tweeted, I know it's a pain, but just keep posting to other c2nn stories,  do you go there to "note" others,  if you don't try doing that, you might get some response , enjoy Friday my friend , xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


OK on with the quick chores, see you in the games later, those that join in, 

sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxx

Sea Otter Awareness week, started 27th September 



Look a Mom & baby about to have a nap ahhhhhhh

sea otter awareness week 27th sept

1 month ago

Hi Cat Lovers, Good day

Margarita sorry about the politics and police presence in Barcelona.  When people hit the streets to demand rights that are not respected it causes your life to be so disruptive.  I hope you can ignore some of it.  Or not let it get to you.  It's hard to not see or hear of the uprising. The police here--some of them out of hand.  It is becoming so militarized.  Trump is letting police carry high-powered weapons and tear gas and awfully unregulated and just out of control.  its like a war against ourselves.  figure that out!  I do my best too, Wendy to not let it get to me.  Its just annoying and confusing. You would think after all these years of people our age wanting peace.  That we would have peace!  I just can't go on about it.
We have stupid politicians here as you know.  I wish they would have more international news here.  I think our news channels are so biased and some fake too.  They don't show what is going on in the UK and so many parts of the world.  I watch our evening news and it is so slanted.

Now for the positive.  I hope everyone is having a good day or already have. some of you are ready to sleep I am getting a slow start.  I guess we will spend the rest of the day at one of our parks. We have decided to wait a while to go so we will have supper out too.  Maybe get something to go from Joe's diner.  They have good country cooking.  I usually get a veggie plate.

We have so many hideaway parks around here and on Friday it will be nearly empty.  I love having our supper at one of the benches in the open air.

I have only been to our little park down the road from us lately and need a little forest time.  Its a pretty day, and just barely feeling like Autumn.  I can't wait for it to show off the colors.  

Y'all take care.  Hugs, Beryl

1 month ago

PS.  Wendy I love the otters.  There was a family of otters at a camp we use to go to.  Those pictures brought back memories.  so sweet with the baby.

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