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Hereditary Witch? Are you Born a Witch? June 28, 2005 9:40 AM

Can you be a Witch because your ancestory was one? I guess that my answer my seem odd to many since my own Mother and Great Grandmother both were practicing witches and the communities knew it. But NO, I don't personally think that you can be a witch simply because your mother, or father or Grandmother or heck your great great great grandmother was a Witch. I don't think it works that way.

If it did, then as I said in another thread... a Christian would be born Christian simply because his or her mother or father was christian? I don't think so, or if a blacksmith, which is a craft, a talent a skill, had kids his or her kids would be blacksmiths? Just because their father was, no... it just does not work that way.

Wicca is a Religion just like Christiainty and you are not born being this religion or that... just becasue your parents were. Witchcraft is a craft, a skill, or a way of life, and you are not born just knowing that craft or skill because your parents had that skill.

Let me share some with you from my book:

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 June 28, 2005 9:41 AM

Hereditary Witch

Is there really such a thing is a hereditary witch? Being a Witch by

inheriting it from ones parent or a family member of some sort. Of

course, it is entirely possible that hereditary Witches did and do pass

their craft down from ancient time up to modern day, but this is nearly

impossible to prove. And as far as documentation goes, there is NO

proof what so ever. For one, being a heredity witch nearly seems

impossible and according to Phyllis Curott, a Wiccan observation:

“This statement flies in the face of the myth of our origin that

many have subscribed to for a long time. There have been some

thorough and carefully researched work published recently that

challenges the belief that modern Witchcraft is a historically

unbroken, organized, hereditary tradition that can be consistently

traced back to a golden era of matriarchy and worship of a single

Great Goddess. However, there have always been individuals who

claim they were initiated in traditions which remain hidden behind

veils of secrecy - and there may indeed be hereditary traditions

waiting for a safer time to emerge. The fact is that the origins of much


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 June 28, 2005 9:41 AM

of our current practice can be traced back to the creative genius of

Gerald Gardner who surfaced publicly in England in the late 1940’s

and early 1950’s”


So, as for historical documentation, there is no such thing as an

unbroken tradition of Witchcraft. Today’s witchcraft has roots as

ancient as the mother earth herself, but for the time being can not be

proved. I recommend that we all as individuals must continue to seek

the answers and promote tolerance and peace. Maybe, just maybe one

day the true hereditary Witches may one day, feel safe enough, secure

enough, and free from persecution enough to one day truly step out of

the ‘broom closet’ with actual documented proof. Until that time, you

must take from the lessons learned here, and through life what you

feel are correct.


Is there something in the DNA that makes one a Witch? Is it

hereditary? This is something as I have already stated that I have

mixed feelings about.

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 June 28, 2005 9:42 AM

So, let's talk about a Soul Witch, it is what I claim to be...

Soul Witch

I think there is something in the Soul that makes one a Witch, not

in the blood or DNA but in the Soul of a Witch. So personally, I think

that if one is born a Witch, it is not via DNA, but through some form

of soul recollection that must be admitted to and tapped into and in

essence re-learned in many ways by the individual.

I believe that being a Witch is something that is and has been for

many lifetimes, something in the Soul, not in the bloodlines, not in the

DNA, but something even more subtle, and more infinite - the Soul.

So is there a hereditary witch, as I have said, I truly have my doubts to

this, but is there something such as a ‘Soul Witch’ now this is

something I am more apt to believe in.

It is so much easier for me to personally believe that the essence

of a Witch is located in the soul and not the blood. I mean if you look

at it realistically, many of us, most of us, I believe, were at one point

in time, practicing pagans of one sort or fashion,

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 June 28, 2005 9:43 AM

Pre-Christian in life

and in faith, at one time in our incarnations, or even beginnings. The

earth, the very essence of life is pure and natural - nature is only

natural- and within us all.

I do want to also add here, that I think it is this ‘something’ that is

in our souls, or the soul of a Witch that inevitably draws those that

have it in their soul to the pagan path sooner or later on some level. I

think this might explain why those that are raised in a Christian way,

or at least many of those, eventually ask the questions, and doubt the

inaccuracies found when dealing with that path. Why they are drawn

or compelled to find the answers they seek, answers that are not found

in Christianity, but in the older, more earth conscience ways, that of

the pagan ways.

I also think that it is this ‘something’ that is in the soul of a Witch

that causes a tug. When he or she tries to leave or turn their back on

the pagan ways it causes that gentle tug that small pull that draws

them back to the pagan path once they have walked it they just can



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 June 28, 2005 9:43 AM

not turn their back on it, on magic. It is partially why we have

Christian Witches, and a growing pagan community.


Is there such thing as a ‘Hereditary’ Witch or ‘Soul’ Witch? This

is a decision that you will personally have to reach on your very own

in time and with education of the spirit. Find what feels right to you.

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 June 28, 2005 9:51 AM

So, as Lisa stated in a different thread here... muddy waters We may be born what I call a Soul Witch, becasue of our practice of Witchcraft in a past life, or our knowledge from past lives... the info is simply there, in our soul recollections...

But we must acknowledge this previous knowledge and then... act upon it....

I think that Vicki stated in a previous thread that she has been called a Witch. She does things now, on her land... that feel right... and I do believe she is... a Soul Witch

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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hmm June 28, 2005 10:47 AM

But then what about those of us who do not know our heredity?  I feel called to being a witch, but is that because I was born to be by unknown DNA, or because of the soul born within me?  One may be born into a "witch family" if you will and learn the craft and grow up within it, but they may also turn from it.  Just as I was raised Christian, but I feel in my soul that this is not my path.  So I guess I just answered the question for myself, I guess being a witch is in your soul, although you may have to learn to listen to your soul if you are not lucky enough to be born with the heredity.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 June 28, 2005 1:39 PM

Heriditary is not one makes one a witch....

I share above that I believe it is NOT in the it would have to be if it was heriditary... I beleive it is something that is retained in the SOUL... not the DNA...

And for those that find this path, that are drawn to this path... that finally find it and feel AHHHHHH I have come HOME! or WOW... this just FEELS so right... it is because it IS in their soul, that in a past life... you lived as a Pagan... close to the earth and in the old ways... and your SOUL remembers this, knows this... and so when in this modern time this path is found... it is as if the Soul is sighing with bliss and comfort for finally finding what is right for the soul.

DNA...NO, I just do not beleive that because my mother was a witch it MADE me one! I believe that it is something that is in my very SOUL that my SOUL remembers that has made me the Witch I am proud to be today...

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 July 01, 2005 7:34 PM

I call it Karmic DNA... you return to your roots... wicca is but the tip of the iceberg.  I find those who work with the art seem to have an untold history that spans as old as the rocks and the mountains.  Life time after life time there is a need to express religious freedom and naturalism...  In what ever culture or form.  Some are born in spiritual lineage, others need to remember there inheritance.  Either  way, the journey continues.... I am learning not to fight it ... and find peace in the power of the Universal  Spirit> a work in progress.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
I FEEL IT IS YOUR IN SOUL July 05, 2005 1:19 PM

SheWolf July 13, 2005 8:09 PM

I agree with you about herditary witches, I don't believe in that.   As for my belief The Divine is in my heart.  don't know if that makes sense but that is what I believe is right for me. 

Great topic

BB, Peace & Light, Sandi

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 July 28, 2005 8:56 AM

I would have to say I am a Soul Witch. I have always had trouble following the path of my family in their Christian ways. I remember as a young teen, questioning the minister over things in the bible that I felt were total bunk. That was not something one did in the late 50's, early 60's.  It certainly marked me as someone to be watched.

I also remember some of my past lives and when I questioned my Grandmother about a place I had lived in, she said we had never been in that house. I had...I could tell you what was behind every window. I was about 4-5 years old at the time. I know now of course, that it had been 100 years earlier, that I had lived there.

But it wasn't until I was invited to firewalk, that I truly realized why I had been so out of synch with all in my world. And with the help of my Mentor, I have learned to be more comfortable in my skin.

I have always had the gift of healing, even before I knew there was such a thing. It is such a powerful presence in me, that I still have a lot of trouble dealing with it. It is also the only thing I could never bring myself to discuss with my Mentor.

I am also what is called a natural firewalker. My Mentor said we are far and few between. Where most people need meditation to walk on hot coals, I do not.

So yes...I am a Soul Witch.

Love and light ~Elaine~

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 July 28, 2005 10:47 AM

Elaine, thank you so much for sharing that with us! I would love to hear more about your firewalking... I have heard of this before, and do whole heartedly believe in it.

And yes, I fully believe you are a Soul Witch as well It is wonderful that you are here with us.

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I believe fully in hereditary witchcraft. July 28, 2005 11:12 AM

In my mind witchcraft is a skill, talent, something you do because you are good at it. And even though it is possible for everyone to be a witch, just as it's possible for everyone to learn how to knit or how to paint, not everyone should be doing it. If you think witchcraft is boring, difficult and incomprehensible, you really should NOT even try to be a witch. There are thousands of possibilities. But I am very good with my hands, like my mother, my grand-mother and her mother - and so are everyone else in my family. I believe the talent is genetical.

I also believe that the talent to witchcraft is in genes. It is not so that every child of a witch is a witch, or that every child of a smith is a smith, but it is more probable that a child of a witch is a witch too, than a child of a person who is not a witch. My mother is not a witch, but she sure has talents for it

Also, being born in a witch family gives you a lot better chances to learn the witchy ways from early age. I didn't even know there was something called witchcraft - for real - before I was over 20. Before that it was just the fairytales and children's books, and THAT view on witchcraft isn't especially realistic. Had I born in a witch family, I would be a lot further in my being a witch than what I am now.

But, yes, I am born a witch.


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My personal thoughts... and learnings... July 30, 2005 2:14 PM

Thanks so much Ket for sharing your thoughts and views with us! I think I mentioned above that I too believe that Witchcraft is a Craft... more of a tool, a talent a means to an end...

However, you also said that it is something you do because you are good at it? Not sure I fully understand this... a Craft I believe witchcraft to be mixed in with spirituality of the earth accoding to the tradition or family but a craft... like being a blacksmith... so are you saying that a Witch practicing his or her craft makes their child a Witch because they practice that craft? If this is so then would a blacksmiths child be a blacksmith simply because his or her parent was one? Would then not have to LEARN that skill? Be taught that craft? Granted, they would have a head start being born into a family that is wiht this skill or craft... becuase they would be exposed to it at an early stage of life... but learn it they would still have to do... being a blacksmith is not in the genes, it is not in the DNA... it is a Craft or skill that must be learned...

A craft... such as being artistic, knowing how naturally to draw or paint... a talent... more then a craft... is something that we can be born with... and then develop even more... but is this talent in the genes or in the DNA?  What if the one painting or drawing... neither their mother, father, grandmother, grandfather or even greats... could draw or paint?

So... if Witchcraft is a Craft... a skill, then I personal don't think that we are born knowing this craft because of hereidity... I think that we may and many are... born knowing this as a talent... NOT because of a parent or genes or DNA... but because in past lives... in previous lives we lived and learned and were taught these skills, these crafts... and our SOUL remembers them... even if our MINDS do not... so that is why I personally believe it to be on a soul recollection level... not in the DNA, not in the genes... someone above also mentioned about Karmic DNA... seems similar to what I am saying....

I am NOT saying that one can NOT be born a witch due to heridity... I am just saying it does not make good, logical sense to me personally. And I WAS BORN To a family of witches... Practicing withces... NOT Wiccans... but Craft Witches... Trad Craft.

Ket you also mentioned that you believe it is possible for everyone to be a witch... but that everyone possibly should NOT be one... I wholly agree with this... I think I said above... Many are called to this path, but few remain on it... it is NOT an easy path to walk... and it takes dedication, time, application... and more then just wannabe.

But I also think it is perfectly fine for others to learn of this path... to better understand it... to help spread and teach tolerance via understanding instead of intolerance via ignorance... or fear.

I will agree to an extent that being in a 'Witchy' family as you put it does give you a lot better chance of learning the Craft, just as being born to a blacksmith family give you a better chance of learning how to become a blacksmith...

But honestly... my mom was a bit stingy with the teachings for along time... it was just watch and learn... not do it this way or that way... just watch... eventually I strayed from our Trad Craft and found Wicca... she was NOT happy... took my books from me! We were witches... she knew nothing of Wicca...

Eventually I found a teacher in Wicca...several years after I self dedicated myself to my path... then I was initited... played part in a small coven for a time, very Celtic in teachings.... and finally wound up back solitary... closer to my initial tradition...

I think many are born Soul Witches... but few tend to realize it, acknowledge it... and then relearn it!

These are just my thoughts... as we are all want to have... and I thank each of you for sharing your thoughts... Helps us all to learn

Please, I hope you all remember that just because I believe one thing as truth, and someone else believes something different as truth... it makes neither of our personal truths... any less true to us! That is why I always teach and share that we must each find what FEELS right to us...

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 August 12, 2005 3:45 PM

I posted my intro in the introductions thread, then read this.  At the very beginning you talked of being born into witchcraft and I agreed with you, my only family link was my paternal grandmother who died when my dad was 6, yet I didn't think her connection was enough for my feelings of affinity and before reading to the end, made a mental note to ask if it is from past lives as witches that gives us the pull to return and lo and behold you answered.  I got the goosebumps and my eyes started to fill with tears and I gave thanks that at last I have found someone, somewhere I can learn from, that I feel confidence in.  Thank you.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  October 27, 2005 1:57 PM

I believe myself to be a soul witch, because at an early age I questioned many things. (even got kicked out of religion class for 'disrupting' the class with questions)

I tried to believe what the church wanted me to believe. I attended Sunday school, took my communion and even served on the alter, but it didn't make sense and it didn't feel right.

I admit the realization of a higher power was no doubt there, but it was not the higher power that the church represented that was calling to me.

I actually gave up on religion all together for a number of years, or so I thought.

During that time I had many dreams of being a powerful witch. But in my waking hours, in reality, witches were not real. Were they?  I subconsciously started doing some healing with energy and just did it, never questioning it, because it felt like the right thing to do. I found myself becoming more and more comfortable in nature, becoming more connected with it.

I was 30, before I found out that witchcraft was real.

Anyhow, aside from all of this, I guess my question is;

If witches were born witches by hereditary or genes, regardless if they were born into a witch family or not, wouldn't that mean that we are born into the same family lines each time we are reincarnated?

I mean, isn't that how hereditary works?


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 November 07, 2005 12:29 AM

I'm not sure if i agree with anyone that it's not inherited.I'm not exactly sure what my grandfather was,i knew what my Mother was and know what i am.I got whatever it is i got from my Mother and i think she got it from my grandfather.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
my 2 cents November 07, 2005 2:00 AM

I know people that have been born & raised as witches and in many cases seem to have certain 'gifts' that stem from that - a predisposition to healing or herbs, or even psychic ability. Probably if not born in witch families these gifts may have remained dormant. I also know people not born into the Craft who nonetheless gravitate to it. The 'soul witch' theory may have a part to play here. It would be nice to think so! Also I think ones culture has to be considered - many older cultures continue to have similar practices to those of modern witchcraft (indeed some would claim descent from such) in spite of the overlay of christianity. For example, though not 'born' a witch I come from a family who owned a cursing well and whose elder members observed certain rites of passage which were similar to those I learned when I was later adopted by a welsh trad coven. I'm now a solitary practitioner and my basic attitude is, if you think you are a witch, you are!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 December 11, 2005 11:47 AM

I was not part of a witch family to my knowledge..I came into it when I was in my twenties...a friend that came into my life is one and we became friends right away and she helped me to understand things about me i thought were just always coinsidence...if that makes any sence to you...  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
MM :) January 26, 2006 11:23 AM

My mom was into wicca.  My dad has told me stories of her.  She died when I was only 3 so I dont really remember much of her.  I do believe tho that if she were still alive today, I would know more about witchcraft and the wiccan ways. 

I was brought up by my dad and step mom who always made me go to church every sunday.  Seeing how superficial everyone at church was what turned me away from christianity.  I believe in being yourself and being one with nature.  It may not be in my blood but it is most definately in my soul!!!

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 January 26, 2006 12:27 PM

Skyblade and Kristina, ya'll sound like Soul Witches to me  [ send green star]
I keep returning here LOL January 26, 2006 1:19 PM

I had forgotten I had already responded to this once
I don't know if I answer any of your questions with this, Wolf, but here goes:

A spiritual or ideological thinking is "inherited" by the children, (taught, if you wish) which is why it is more probable for the child of Xian parents to become a Xian.

I do believe talents are inherited. It is quite unusual to musically talented parents to get an unmusical child. Possible, but unusual. And if talents are inherited, aren't they in genes? Or are the talents just flowing around, some get some and others get none?

It is also usual that the child "inherits" the parents profession. Simply because children usually look up to their parents and learn the tricks of trade already as small, and thus they have some of the knowledge, the attitudes and the understanding needed to become what ever their parent was.

My father is an engineer, so is my brother, my sister wanted to be an engineer and it was very close I was an engineer too. My grandfather was an engineer too, and so was his father. My other sister married an engineer, and their son is studying to become an engineer now. My uncle, father's brother is an engineer, and two of his three kids are engineers. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I think it's a combination of talents and growing up in an "engineer friendly" environment.

I think claiming that there is no hereditary witchcraft simply because one cannot prove it is taking skepticism too far.

I do believe the people who say their mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers were witches. Why wouldn't I?

Of course I believe those people who claim to be hereditary witches. Why wouldn't I?

It doesn't mean that I am a lesser witch. It doesn't mean much more than that one comes from a witch friendly tradition. Whether it is true or not is none of my business.

Besides, someone said me this: "It is believed that witches try to reincarn back into there original line. A soul can build on a foundation faster if the continuity of the craft is not broken. The traditions are maintained within the family so that less time is spent "relearning" and more is spent in progressing in their craft. Divination became more important among the women who would then try to discern which ancestor was returning. One life is not considered long enough to accomplish everything that must be done. As the institution of the family began to break apart, more and more of these souls were placed in circumstances where they were misunderstood or abused as the family traditions fell away. The book of shadows was a communication from ancestors no longer present to souls that were. It was more than just spells, recipes, and devotionals. It also included successes and failures so that future generations would not repeat the mistakes and waste time trying to get back on track. A state of affairs that is all too common."
I just love it. I love to think that my grandmother, who "saw dead people" and got prenominitions, came from a long line of witches, that my grandfather, who lost his parents when he was really small and was raised by his grandparents, and of whose family we know nothing about, comes from a long line of witches... I feel like by "going back to my roots" I am honoring my ancestors and reviving the long lost tradition. I feel blessed by the long dead witches of my flesh and blood, and that they whisper their knowledge to me to record, so that it won't be lost anymore. That this is the reason to why I'm a witch and a writer. To deny the hereditary witchcraft is to deny this possibility, and I just don't want to do it.

It would be interesting to find a witch gene. If there was something physical, empirically proofable to back up the claims of witchcraft, the society would accept us easier.

What about those who don't believe in reincarnation
I also wonder if it is inprobable that there is inherited witchcraft, then how could all of us have had a witchy lives previous to this one?  

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P.S. January 26, 2006 1:20 PM

In no ways I am trying to force my opinion on anyone.
If you don't believe in "hereditary witchcraft", you don't. You believe what you believe and I believe what I believe Sometimes we believe the same way, and sometimes we don't
It's all as it should be

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 January 26, 2006 1:36 PM

My mother did not finisht tenth grade in High school, and my dad the eighth... altough my dad is extemly smart.

Yet my sister holds a Masters Degree, and I hold an Associates of Arts, and nearly a second degree in engineering myself...

My mother nor father could play an instrament, yet I play two very well.

I think that yes, we all must believe what FEELS right within our own selves...

But I am still very skeptical on one being a witch by BLOOD!

There was a comment that Ket made above:

It is believed that witches try to reincarn back into there original line. A soul can build on a foundation faster if the continuity of the craft is not broken. The traditions are maintained within the family so that less time is spent "relearning" and more is spent in progressing in their craft.

This is what I would beleive a SOUL Witch can do.. it is not in the blood, it is part of the soul... that piece of us that lives on and on...and hold onto past memories and knowledge...  I personally just don't believe one is a witch because ones Mother was. I don't believe that children born to Christians are always Christian. I don't believe a baker's son or daughter has to grow up and be a really great cook or baker because his or her father was... I think they may have a head start, because this is what they will be taught, but I think eventually there comes a time where SOUL knowledge kicks in and we remember what our soul kknows... even if only as a sense of intuaiton... and are drawn to what we were in the past.

For most Witches, this means at one point and time they were a Witch or a practicing pagan in some form in a past life, and are re drawn to what is familiar and comfortable to the soul... hence a soul witch... but this is not something in the DNA, rather something in the SOUL... which is much more infinet and refined then the DNA.

These... are just my beliefs, and as Ket has a right to beleive as she does, we all do, and must find what feels right to our own souls... and then so believe.

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 January 27, 2006 12:28 PM

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anonymous  January 30, 2006 4:35 PM

I am of mixed BLOOD...

My Grandma-Cherokee

My Grandpa-Irish/Celtic

Both have "PAGAN" ways

My Granny and her sister and cousins were HEALERS using herbs for medicinal purposes. Most WITCHES back in those time where healers using Nature to heal...and the Christian movement told them it was wrong...also MALE doctors told them it was wrong...

I am a witch no book makes me so... I am Cherokee, no movie makes me so...

I feel what I do and practice what I feel

The MAGICK is inside me...and between me and my maker...

I am in tune with Spirits and have heard and seen them.

I speak to my Crystal and to my dogs...

I am called WITCH here in the place I live...

and I do not need any TEACHINGS of any kind to tell me I am or I am not...

What is in my heart is mine.

No one can tell me differently.

That is how I see it...

I have NO PAPER proof of being Cherokee or A Witch...I am because I BELIEVE it and I am becasue this is what I feel.

It is right for me and so it IS!

Blessed Be & AHO! 

Crystal Spirit


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anonymous  March 20, 2006 3:28 PM

hi there. I'm a new member, but I hope you don't mind me sharing

Gone G., I totally agree with you.

My (mom's father) grandfather was an indiginous indian from Colombia. My grandmother aswell.

My father is puerto rican and has mostly an indian mix as well.

Both cultures have pagan ways as well. It's what we would call Brujeria-that means witchcraft in spanish.

I feel the same way, the magic of the wisdom my grandmother shed upon me, the culture of my people, it all whispers to me.

I hear my grandmother whisper to me although she did pass away 2 years ago.

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heredity April 07, 2006 7:06 PM

I've read all of the postings on this topic and I'm a little confused. In my family it was accepted that some of us had the "calling" and some didn't. There was nothing wrong with being or not being a witch, it was like the sky-it just was.

But there seem to be so many variations on abilities and labels. My family can trace back to before the Trail of Tears. Our capabilities range from healing to reading emotions. Without direction, these capabilities are scary. I speak from personal experience. My grandmother was raised on the reservation and taught that her "powers" were wrong, even though other "indians" came to her for help. She didn't teach our mother anything except the very basics of healing. When my sister and I began to exhibit our "gifts" she wasn't able to show us how to use them and they became dormant. It wasn't until I became a mother myself that I accidently rediscovered what we could do. Vague stories began to make sense.

My children are now instructed on how to use what is in them. And like others who kept books of spells or instructions, I also keep a book for my children so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel. When I questioned one of my aunts about my book she responded that she used to have one but her husband found it, beat her for it and burned it in front of her. And we were called savages.

Maybe we should come out of the closet so to speak. How do we as a society take witch craft out of the stigma arena to the accepted open arena. Being gay used to be something to be ashamed of. Not any more. How do we get today's societies to stop fearing us and accept us openly?

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Adina April 09, 2006 4:28 PM

The world cannot accept something that they fear.

When they learn to love and respect each other for who we are,then their will be acceptance of "things"of the unknown.

I never kept  a book,some do,some don't,it's what we prefer,but i used many herbs and oils.

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fear? April 11, 2006 8:04 PM

If they're afraid, where does the fear originate? from some diabolical quote from a bible written by someone who felt that he had not gotten from a wtich what he desired. Envy can be a very dangerous thing.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous Wow! A Witch Gene? April 13, 2006 8:07 PM

Could it be possible?  Merry Meet everyone!

I am new to Care2 and to this wonderful group. I have really enjoyed all the postings and the debate about where our witch-ness comes from. So, I will use this post as both an introduction and a reply to the debate.

I have been a solitary witch for about 20 years and thought this would be a good way to start widening my horizons and service to others. Little did I know I would find such rich discussions!

I use several modalities in my craft, but mostly stick to the Dianic Tradition my older sister taught me years ago. So having that in my family certainly put me on the track much sooner, but I do believe I would have found the path on my own. NOT necessarily because I may or may not have a "witch gene" but because it was evolved through my own openness, curiosity, and willingness to question.

I am a pagan as well as a scientist (not by vocation -- but in the "What the Bleep" manner--by trade I am an editor and writer on sabbatical this summer). I use several modalities in my craft, including CandleMagick, astrology, Geometries of Creation Tarot-like cards (that utilizes 64 Dimensions) and I am a Human Design Analyst (which is a way to read our body's DNA via the I-Ching, astrology, the Kaballa and our chakras) whereby I can pinpoint which of the 64 gates (which corresponds to the 64 codons of our DNA) are open or closed and what channels and circuits are present...some of which could make one more "likely" to be talented in "the craft" or make someone be more "prone" to delve into the mystical world, or make one have more of a questionning nature.

Being in touch with my spiritual nature and experiencing crossing the veil between the worlds, and knowing that I have had many lives before THIS one, I am a firm believer (weighing the mystical with the scientific) that we are given this unit, this body, on this planet, for this lifetime and it has a genetic nature. Therefore, that would explain why, in previous lifetimes, one could have different genders and talents and vocations, because a different unit/body had been provided to that soul/spirit for that lifetime.

My belief system requires that I be of service to others. As we move closer and closer to the end of the Mayan Calendar (2012), I am finding it more and more essential that we heal our bodies/these units. While Human Design is very rewarding, as it helps people regenerate areas of their body that have degenerated through non-use, as we all struggle in being the non-self, Human Design helps us be our SELF and move through life with less resistence and decondition the conditioning we face from birth, but it does not help the physical nature heal itself as quickly as I believe our bodies can heal.

So, while I continue to study human design and all its intricacies, I am about to follow a more direct path to healing the body, mind, and spirit. This fall I begin acupuncture school and I am so excited because it just feels "right." It has that ring to it, my sacral says yes! and my spirit soars! It also will enable me to fulfill my pagan role of service to others and combine my thirst for the mystical and the scientific!

San Diego is beautiful today and rain is coming tomorrow. We LOVE rain here, as it does not bless us enough. So, I am happy to be part of this group and look forward to meeting many new friends.

If you want to know more about Human Design, please visit my website and don't forget to check out the Links page. There is a photo also, as I have not yet been able to upload one to this new group.

Happy Full Moon Day! Blessed Be,


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I'm a Hereditary Witch, of sorts.... September 13, 2007 2:00 PM

In defense of the hereditary witch...I don't believe it is so much the DNA nor the lineage...what being a hereditary witch means to me, simply is that I was brought up in the customs of my father and his ancestry, and I didn't really choose to be a witch, nor did I (originally) embark on a journey seeking witchery, the Craft, or anything of the sort. Theother thing is that certain "powers", or gifts/strengths that I am endowed with I do believe are inherited, hence the "hereditary witch" term might have more meaning. Wicca is something totally new to father was into Santería, voodoo, 7 African Powers and stuff like that....SCARY!  At any rate, NOW I am embarking on my own journey, and am happy to relate to many of the things I am reading...that some of my "hereditary" gifts might be focused on more positive work, and combined with a heightened spirituality, will allow me to find My Self.

Thanks for this post, by the way...for so many years I lived SO confused! Still trying to iron out my petticoat layers!

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Seeker September 18, 2007 6:18 AM

I dont know if heredity has anything to do with my individual dispositions regarding my knowings,my natural instincs that led me to the paths i,ve taken.When I was a young child I learned that my ways were simply observed by my family and friends as "strange"or"odd" but to me i,v e never known any other way,or any other way that is honest to myself.when I was 10 years old I started to really search for an answer...whyam I so different?what isthis knowledge I have without ever knowing why or where it all came from?As an example:I could look at people and tell if they were suffering from disease becouse I would see blackness where the infliction was.I also tryed to explain to my mom when I was 8 that I have blue light that I feel in my hands and they get hot and I feel the need to touch living things,and that I am surrounded by the light when I am frightend also.She sent me to an art therapist who later had the local news paper interview me and submitted a painting that I created while trying to discribe the was printed on the front page.My therapist concluded that I suffered from some kind of trama as a child and that I created this light to cope.I know that this isnt true.I also remeber hav eing a v ery v ery deep connection with nature.I would go outside and actually feel messages from the elements...not in emotions,v ery intelligent emotions....later I could use this info to obtain mine and others futures,secrets,or simply feel what they could feel.I practiced all of these things without ev er opening a book on witch craft ,or knowing anyone who was anything like me...but as I said by the age of 10 I became curious enough to go to the library and start searching for an answer.It dawned on me that I am what others refer to as a"witch".Unfortunatley there are alot crappy,hocus pocus books out there.They are a mockery of Magick.They may help someone to understand the basics but dont respect the truth,the delicate craft that can only evolve from our respect of the universe,to have humilty,and in such a powerful way...a craft that involves a language between you and the forces that be.Is it heredity?Well although my father was raised a catholic,and mother a babtist...there is a history.I mean for example when my mother was a v ery small child she had a disease that diabled paralized her leggs so she couldnt walk...she remebers her mother and a group of other people standing ov er her bed and preying and touching her,she got out of her bed and walked,the disease was gone.My grandmother spoke in "toungs"as they call it.I dint know what it was called when I was a child I mean I was frightend of her when she did that but when I was much older my mom told me the story of her mother who healed her and that she is gifted thats why she speaks in toungs,Mystical things have accured in my family history but I appear to be the only one in my immediate family that has some kind of  gift.I am the youngest of four girls and Although my mother,father,and siblings are all blued eyed,brown haired,with a rosey complection.I have hazle eyes that are brown,green,amber?A very pale complection with a set of two dark moles on the side of my upper cheak bone by my ear....I dont look like anyone else in my family,and I seam to be the only one with the gifts that I have.

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 October 11, 2007 9:52 AM

For what it's worth, witchcraft is a spiritual path, just like Buddhism, Paganism, Wicca, Hinduism, Taoism, etc, etc.  I mean, Richard Gere, Tina Turner, were they born into Buddhism, probably not.  It was a path that resonated with their spirit.  The same with witchcraft, it is a calling, something in that path draws you to it.  It is not a matter of being good at it.  You can be good at anything as long as you have the good intent and the drive and dedication, and it is right with your spirit and directs you in the right path in your journey in this life.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hereditary/Born? January 21, 2008 2:17 PM

I have alway been called the weird one in my family.  I have always been able to sense things that they can't, at times even to see things that they can't.  I was told that it was a stage that I was going through, things that all kids are told.  Here I am 13ys later after realizing why I'm different from the rest of my family.   With a slightly better understand of why I was called weird even by me family.  Knowing what I know now and what I new then has helped a lot.  The way that it has helped is I have a better understanding of why I was called weird. 


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Hereditary or Soul??? January 22, 2008 12:26 PM

That seems to be the question here. I know that my mother didn't pass it on, or my father, both being of the Christian faiths. I grew up, met my great-grandmother, and KNEW something about her wasn't like everyone else. She was Irish, through and through. She did go to church, but I think to this day she did because it was 'expected' of her. I unfortunately didn't get to know her very well, living in a different state as she, and her passing not many years later.

I too was the 'weird one'. Dreams were (and still are) my main thing. I get 'feelings' sometimes, but the dreams are where I get my most information.

I do not know if I was born a witch, pastlife witch, or whatever. I just know I AM a witch, plain and simple.


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Type of Witch? February 12, 2008 9:43 PM

I honestly dont know.  I am fairly new to all of this.  My family on my dad's side came from scotland and ireland.  My mom's family came from germany.  So who knows what my ancecsters did before they come to the states.

I was raised catholic and even to be a nun; but it never felt right.  I have always had a connection to the earth around me and heard voices in the trees and spoke with animals.  While I was growing up I didn't think there was anything different from what everyone else did.  I also astro traveled since I was 7.  Its just part of who I am

I have always felt drawn towards the celtic life with faries and have moved from one plane to another.  All my research into wicca so far has seem to "fit" to me and who I am. 

My friends and I call ourselves Christian Witches because we were raised catholic and have trasfered to wicca.  We still attend church with our families but do our own thing the rest of the time.

We were told recently that there is no such thing as a christian witch.  That it was just someone who was just playing around with wicca.  I honestly do not feel that this is true.  We feel that is just honors our families and our past as well as our new lifestyle.

Now about hereditary witches.  I think that some people can have witchcraft in thier "blood"; that has been passed down from generation to generation.  This would be the same having someing that you that was part of who you are that was so strong that you could not denie it.

I also think that some people can be born a witch.  These people may or may not come from a family of witches or have ever been exposed to wicca.  I think your term was "Soul Witch".  I think that I may be one of these.  It is just who you are.  Your can not explain it, you have no forseen link in the past to wicca. 

Then others are chosen witches.  I think these are those who out of the blue want something different out of thier lives.  The search and search and try different things and end up being wiccan.  These can be just as strong as the others but it just takes them just a little bit longer to find thier path way.

In either case I think that these are just labels.  Its like saying that one is more wiccan than another.  Lables are not important to be.  Terms help with understand and they are helpful for newbies.  Am I wrong?


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neither A or B October 06, 2008 6:30 PM

I don’t think it is possible to discern whether hereditary or blood witches actually exist. - I personally do not know however I wish to believe that there are. I don’t think in today’s day and age that many if any blood witches would go around on web sites saying yes there are and I am one of them - I don’t think they will go around telling people they have powers that others don’t.


I do like this term sole witches though. - What I would come under I’m not really sure however I do not know my ancestry or whether any of them had anything to do with witchcraft. What I do know is that from an early age Christianity (from my parents) did not sit well with me. I did al the things my parents told me to do- I went to church and was even an alter girl but things were always different for me. I always saw things that other people couldn't see and had no idea what it was I was seeing. I simply thought it was my imagination getting overly carried away.  when I was 10 or 11 well before I even knew what Wicca or witchcraft was I performed a rite (very basic circle no elements or anything just some chalk) and I created a storm from a crystal blue sky - it was so bad with hale and thunder all night - everyone around me was laughing at the weather guys on the news because they had not seen it coming. When I was 10 I couldn't read - I read my first novel when I was 14 (it was Harry potter of all books) and my mum had a fear of anything witch related -that the only thing I had ever seen was the "witch" in snow white- the Disney version. so I am left wondering how the hell a 10 year old can know what they are doing without having read any books and call up enough power to produce a storm as powerful as it was - with out any knowledge of witchcraft or Wicca or any thing other then Christianity.? Is it something in my blood in my heritage - could that be why my mum was always so afraid of such things??? Or is it in my sole - is that why I was afraid for anyone to know openly that I am a witch - is it because in the past I would have been persecuted if some one found out? Or if it is none of these things then what is it? How does a 10 year old know something they have never been taught

- p.s. I do not encourage weather magick - it is very dangerous and I almost killed my best friend with that storm, it was so bad that it scared me off magick for a long time and I have only just started practicing again recently (almost 10 years later) having said that I never abandoned it completely and now my collection of books is one of the best many people have seen

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just wondering October 06, 2008 6:40 PM

also i was wondering what feelings others get when they do a rite or magick because i gave this feeling at a particular point in my body (wont tell anyone where as i dont want to lead anyone on) but i always get this tingeling prickely feeling while i'm doing it and for a little while after and was wondering if it is normal or if i need to go and see a doctor

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pagan October 06, 2008 8:45 PM

i would also like to point out that no one can have paganism as their religon - some one metioned this before - if you have done your reading you would realise that paganism is not actually a religion but rather a colective name given to all religons that and politheo- religons (more then one god) and are not one of the 3 magor religons - having said this christianity was even considered a pagan religon at one point because of the holy trinity idea)

Pagan is the english traslation of the latan work meaning villiger or country folk. it was given to people in roman times when the old religons were dieing out - the only places let practicing them where in the small villages away from main citys - it didn't matter what the religon acttually was it was still called pagan - so no one should go around daying paganism is a religon nor should they say "i'm Pagan" say what belief system you follow and then if people are like 'WHAT??????' then, follow up with its a sect of paganism

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Born Witch? October 21, 2008 8:30 PM

Hello everyone! I was seartching the internet for "born witches" when i came across this site. i loved what most of you have said. and just like everything in this world, everyone has a diffrent view on the subject making no anwser correct. alot of things said i do believe and some are saying the exact opp.

I was very younge when i started "seeing" things "dreaming" things and just "knowing" things. I believe ever halloween i was a witch from the time i could talk! I always had a weird feeling, that being a witch just called to me. i usto watch a dog in my back yard all the time sitting on a rock. i remember seeing it a few times in my house too. the first time i told my mom i saw the dog in the house, is when she started to ask questions, so one day she took out a photo album and flipped through it untill she came to a picture of a small white puffy dog named blizered. when she showed me the dog, i jumped up and said "THATS HIM THATS HIM" my mom then asked me to shower her where id seen him! first place was the kitchen, i told her i had seen him sleeping on the floor. later on she told me thats where he had past away. then i should her were he always would be outside ()always watching us kids playing around) and thats were they had buried him there and thats why the rock was there. id seen him a few other places but those are the two that really made the point. He wasnt the only animal id seen. i saw cats, dogs almost all the animals my mom once had. and strangly i always new she had them b4 i seen picture or was told. and they all died years b4 i was born.

Then i started seeing people, not alot. i remember most of them not to well untill i got much older. but still i remember seeing people who did not live with me.

I would have weird dreams all the time. just dreams of things that would happen in a normal day. i would also have weird dreams and they would all mean something, even if one part of my dream came true and the rest was just a "dream" it startled me alot when i was younger. but it always felt right! never did i feel like i was weird, or it was wrong. i always felt like something out there was calling me.

when i was old enough my mom told me she had dreams too! she would always tell me someone has passed away in the family before we would get the call! and she had told me she to had felt the same calling, how she herself always was drown to witches witchcarft and lots of things in history that has to do with magic. soon after my mom told me that my grandma has dreamed things, and just "new" things aswell. but my family grew up as good christins.

my family is from italy, and i do not no how far i go, when we became christins or anything.  But when i was 11 i found a book on witchcraft and all of a sudden a new world opened up for me. iv study wicca for many years now. since i am almost 23.

Now i always thought i was a "born witch" but i never understude it. i always thought i was diffrent. but i was never sure if there was sure a thing as a born witch!

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Born a Witch part 2 October 21, 2008 8:46 PM

(Sorry i just got a new laptop and i hit post b4 i was done )

But i somewhere believed my gifts and my moms gifts had to come from somewhere.

Now i do believe people can be born with things that not everyone in the family will get. my great great grandma could of had gifts and then me be the first person in the family after her to get the gift.

However someone a few weeks ago started talking to me about past lives. and this woman told me she believed me and my mother pratict witchcraft together in another life. and this starting rasing many questions in my head. did it make more sence then just being born with this gift? in some way it does, and i no i should believe my feelings.

But still this weird feeling of being born with a specail gift still lingers in my mind. I have read Tarot cards for years now. mostly because the first time i pick a deck up, it felt like it called for me, and to this day from my first reading, 95% of everyone i read comes back to me to tell me how great of a reading it was, and that it was right. my reading has become true. When my cousin found out how good i was she ran out and got a deck for herself. Now my cousin is very smart, read up on the tarot to no end, new the book like the back of her hand. But not one reading she has done has ever came true.

I believe spirts stay together in ever life. So why would i have this gift and not her. why am i, my mother and my grandmother the only people to seem to have sure a gift. were we the 3 in the family to be Born Witches? is this in are blood? owr we the 3 who have had these gifts in are past lives?

These questions will not leave my mind. but i do no a soul witch has for some reason sparked a feeling in my mind and heart. I can go on and on about this all night. And i would love to talk more about this with anymore who would like to talk to me about this. pls real free to email me at this sn at any time. . i look foward to seeing more post on this subject in the future so maybe just maybe i can understand more. learn more about this slol witch. anhd for once be able to make up my mind.

Thanks for listening,


P.S my new kitten salem wont leave my computer alone for some reason tonight, and he wants me to tell you all merry meet and merry part! Blessed Be!

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Hereditary Witch? Are you born a witch? not most December 18, 2008 5:38 PM

(Chiricahua Kiowia) My Great-Great Grandfather Rafael (Ralph) was born 1883, on the Arivaca Indian Reservation in Arizona, was known for being a very powerful Grey Witch and his ability to communicate with other side. He had a very strong supernatural abilities, unlike anything the people around him had ever seen. And although some of his children were born with some supernatural abilities there was no real comparison. But he would speak of how every 5th generation a witch would be born into the family. And this person would be born with all same abilities that he had. My Great Grandmother Esther (who was his eldest daughter) had told me that when this person is born, that they would know it. ~ I'm not to sure what she meant by that - but o.k. Anyway, I just thought that I could share that with you, since I stumbled onto your site looking for answers myself. You see it's now 5 generations later - and I have just figured out today - who the Natural Born is. And I find it mind boggle-ing how accurate Rafael was. I guess because I really couldn't imagine someone having so many different gifts. My daughter is just turned 16 and has had the ability to see entities all her life. I use to think she was making it up when she was really young - from about the age 3 to 8, when I told her she was to old to be making things up. She stopped telling me things for about a year. Then she come to me one day scared and pleading with m to believe her - thats when I know she had been telling me the truth all along. She could spirit, ghost, and some really negative presence. And Now she even gets visits from these iridescent figures of light. And she can tell how people are feeling around her. She has had out of body experiences, and seems to be positive that she was a witch in another life - actually she believes that she was a witch in a few past lives at least, but claims to be positive about one. She says that she has seen her self in a past life through her dreams. The woman in the dreams doesn't look like her, she said - but that she knows it's her. ~ And now, the most recent occurrence has been that in the last month - she has actually responded with answer to something I was thinking - twice! and one of the times it was from another room were I was sitting with my younger daughter. She came into the living room where we were sitting and repeated my thought - Claiming I was talking to her. Both me and my other daughter assured her that I didn't say a thing, but I did let her know that it was my thought. I am truly unsure of whether if my daughters abilities have anything to do with the 5 generation thing or not, but it seems to fit - And is the only real answer I have to why these things might be happening. A very confused on what do to person here! So any advise someone could give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Soul Witch April 03, 2009 8:57 PM

     I have recently started my life as a Wiccan, but felt like it's always been a part of me. I say this because even though I was raised in the Christian community, I found it difficult to be a part of because I was constantly told not to ask the questions that I wanted answers to. I felt very uncomfortable going to Sunday church.        

     I've always loved nature and have a strong desire to want to help others and I have so much compassion for all living things. Being a part of Wicca has put a feeling of comfort in my heart that I've longed for all my life (even though I have a beautiful family! ). I truly am happy now, spiritually!!!

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question May 19, 2009 8:55 PM

My family, mother, grandmother etc. were/are of Mexican heritatge; both were supposedly "witches".  I do not know what type or how or much of anything.  I do remember ceremonial type events as a small child.

I am now 43 years old and have a friend, who is of Mexican heritage, that states that she knows I have to be a "Witch".  I do not practice any type of Wiccan, etc.  I have never claimed nor have practiced being a witch.

I do have a keen sense of intuition and have even stated exactly where a missing person would be found, and they were. Right with the trees where I said he had been.  There has been so many instances such as this that I could go on and on.  I have been able to state the conditon and how a couple of missing bodies would be found.  It just comes to me, strong feelings.  Many different ways.  My friend has been around me quite a bit and swears that I must be a witch.  I am knaive and am hoping someone can give me insight.  It is very frustrating being able to detect someone's feelings, events (at times) and deception.  At this point in my life I cannot explain it as coincidental.

I am searching for answers.

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witch wicce and wicca September 11, 2010 5:36 AM

what is a witch? in old english texts a wicce (pronounced witch) or wicca (pronounced witcha) was someone that was wise. wise people were versed in religion (refered to today as paganism), herbology, magic and some were psychicly gifted. the later is passed genecticly. i will use myself as an example. i was born a wicce(witch) i have a natural knowledge and command over magic. im a seer, i have telepathy, and i know things i shouldnt (ie how i know im not sure i just know and my knowledge is true) and i have an extremely good intuition. i have my gift as my grandmother had it and it was passed on to me as i am the only surviving daughter of her son. ( first born daughters of male children inherit) now my family has referd to us as high priestess of Gwyn our patron god but more commonly we are just known as "blood witch" as was written in family grimiores.i also am a catholic and both my witch self and catholic self are in perfect harmony. (note: i received this gift as more than 20 years before i was born my sister died of sid as she was not alive when i was born i received the gift. also i was taught about the craft from my grandmother who died before i was born) ps im sorry my spelling is bad,

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Soul Witch?? September 14, 2010 8:49 AM

I was about 10 years old when my paternal grandmother informed me that I was a witch. this has stuck with me throughout the years. I do not think witchery is inherited, but very strongly believe that one can be a soul witch. My maternal grandmother was a devout Christian and would talk to me about the bible, but I always looked at the stories she told me directly out of the bible as such: stories. I was not really brought up Christian,as I hardly ever went to church. When i did, I felt like I did not belong there at all. When it comes to Wicca and Witchcraft, i feel right at home, comfortable. When I tried to go to church a couple of years ago, I felt the tug that was talked about earlier in this discussion and it was not a little tug- I knew I did not belong in the Christian world. The only thing is, there are certain things that happen that make me wonder if it is possible for witchery to be inherited. I can make things happen, or think that it might happen and it does. I can tell my husband when a car is about to either pull out in front of us or move over into our lane at a bad time. When I was younger, I could stay outside for hours and think about the wind, and the trees would start swaying back and forth. Me and a friend were in a cemetery about 13 years ago at night trying to conduct a seance. We sat under a tree right beside a grave and as we started, the wind started blowing so hard i thought the tree was going to fall over. We got up and moved out from under the tree and the wind stopped, we went under the tree again and the wind started blowing again just as hard as the first time. For some reason, I have never had to use spells or rituals for magick to happen, why is that? I can say something in my head, and things always happen, why is that? If anyone can answer my questions, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Just my own personal thoughts on the subject January 25, 2011 5:41 PM

I believe there is such a thing as being born a witch, I feel as though I was. I also know there have been many in my family who has shown signs of being more in tuned than others( the ability to see spirits, know things that they seemingly should not, etc.), but very few of those family members joined me on this path.
So, is there something in my blood line that makes me more prone to this path? Maybe, I don't know. I like to think that there is, that I have chosen to follow a path my ancestors once traveled.
Now with that said, I also believe in what you are calling a "soul witch", for I do have memories of my past lives, and I do feel as though this is a familiar path for my soul. That, there was really no other path for me, that when my soul was first created it belonged to a pagan, who's beliefs and convictions were so strong, they were carried on by the soul, passed down lifetime, after lifetime.
Though in my humble opinion, the fact remains that some of us are born a witch, no matter how you cut it. Whether you subscribe to it being a bloodline thing, or a soul thing, or both.
& yes, you still must learn the teachings, and practice the ways, there is still work involved and you must put effort into it, being born with gifts only gives you an added push ,and I think anyways, the drive to follow through with the path you find yourself on.

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 March 06, 2012 2:58 PM

Hereditary or Soul Witch???   I truly do not know which witch (sorry for the pun) I would be considered, but I do know this.  I'm 52 years old and have always (even at a very early age) known to the core of my being that I was different from most people.  It's just a feeling you have.  I dabbled in things in my youth, but did not come to full awareness until my 40's when I had two life-altering experiences within a matter of a couple of years. 

It was like a door opening and certain knowledge was presented to me.  Maybe the knowledge was within me all along, but I was not ready to accept it and the responsibility that came with it.  I look back now and truly believe that I needed to learn some lessons before I could truly appreciate this gift.  I continue to gain knowledge and grow every day and I am so thankful that "my door opened."

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