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Fast Food for Lunch? Is it GOOD for you?
8 years ago

Im doing a survey about  what did you have for lunch today?

I am having a hard time eating healthy in the busy work enviornment,      any ideals

On a tight budjet and to busy to pack am I the only one that eats fast food ?  

8 years ago

Last week, our refrigerator broke, and it took days to get a new one brought in. I will confess that I succumbed to the ease of Subway, Taco Bueno, and I allowed a six year old child to choose Sonic for dinner one night. However, by the time our new-to-us refrigerator was plugged in, I was feeling downright awful.

8 years ago

i always make my sandwiches the night before and put them in the fridge so that they don't dry out. It takes about 10 min of my time.

Fast Food
8 years ago

Tom I'm afraid you're not the only one who eats fast food. For me it's quite difficult to eat healthy in work - in the morning I'm far too in a hurry than to prepare something, in the evening I'm far too tired. And as for a lunch break - a new lovely bakery opened at our metro station just today...

8 years ago

alright so far we have

  • Subway
  • Taco bell
  • Sonic
  • metro station bakery

Sorry about your frigerator Sarah Ive been there lost every thing in the freezer during a power outage [Hurican IKE ]

Jarmila if they have  wine on the menu  Im not sure if they qualify for my survey 

8 years ago

We have these wonderful grandmothers who come to cook "for the church" every Friday ... best lunch bargain in town.

I'm meeting a friend for lunch and will have a big bowl of borscht ... it's wonderful for lowering blood pressure and cleansing the blood.


I cringe when I think about what I would have for lunch when I was busy working every day ... so busy that I oftren skipped lunch and existed on coffee all day ... a very good way to burn out your adrenal glands ...

8 years ago

I am lucky in that I work from home so I am able to make good food for every meal.  Patt, that sounds wonderful mmm home made borstch.


And I too cringe to remember what I ate 20 years ago when I worked out.....which led me to being very unwell.  No matter what I would not do it again the price is too high.


Here is something to think about.


Fast food 'as addictive as heroin'
Are you addicted to fast food?
Hamburgers and French fries could be as addictive as heroin, scientists have claimed.

Researchers in the United States have found evidence to suggest people can become overly dependent on the sugar and fat in fast food.

The controversial findings add weight to claims that over-eating is simply down to a lack of self-control.

It may also explain soaring rates of obesity in the western world.


Dr John Hoebel and colleagues at Princeton University in New Jersey based their theory on a study of rats.


For the rest of the story go to:



Some animals - and by extension some people - can become overly dependent on sweet food

Dr John Hoebel, Princeton University
8 years ago

 To my  googlenolagety

Subway wins  

what you want to stay away from is anything fried in thoughs deep fryers

and I am sure that I was addicted to french frys at one time .

always wanted a little potatoe with my salt 


8 years ago

Yes deep fried food is in my opinion no longer food. Thank you Tom.


I did a little research a few years ago by asking a variety of fast food places to give me their list of ingredietns and what I found was that almost all of them put lots of MSG in their food.  I do remember that Taco Bell did not.

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8 years ago

Health diet .com  has a two week  meal planer  at the sight above

this MSG in our food is a very very bad thing

MSG is an excitotoxin, which in a nut shell means, these chemical transmitters excite your brain cells to death. Children seem to be more susceptible. Russell Blaylock, Author of Excitotoxins the Taste that Kills, discovered that excitotoxins, like MSG, may aggravate or precipitate many neurological disorders.

With what seems like more and more awareness about neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, most people want to do all they can to avoid developing these disorders. The safest and easiest way to take care of your brain health is avoid all food additives by eating a raw food, whole food diet. After all, your body was not created to assimilate and utilize artificial or man made anything. Your body was created to utilize food as it was created. So avoid MSG side effects and eat food in its most natural form.

Some specific side effects and disorders related to excitotoxins discussed in Blaylock’s book include:

Brain cell death
Brain damage
Brain Tumors

For more information on MSG side effects and excitotoxins visit Excitotoxins – MSG Repackaged.

8 years ago

Why is free glutamic acid added in vast amounts to processed foods? Our large profit-driven food companies have found that manufactured free glutamic acid, in the form of monosodium glutamate (MSG), hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, etc., etc., when added to our processed foods, masks off flavors and makes the blandest and cheapest foods taste wonderful.

The story is fascinating. For thousands of years kombu and other seaweeds have been added to foods in Japan to enhance flavor. In 1908 a Japanese scientist discovered that the active ingredient in kombu is glutamic acid and then the use of its sodium salt, monosodium glutamate, began in Japan. During the Second World War American quartermasters realized that Japanese army rations tasted great. Following the war, they introduced monosodium glutamate, the flavor enhancing ingredient in the Japanese rations, to the food industry; and the world-wide use of processed free glutamic acid began to explode.

8 years ago

Hey Tom you do your research well!  We have a folder full of info:  MSG In Foods - Hidden Sources Of


I love to add sea weed to my food which is good for you as well Seaweed...what eat it!??

8 years ago

There is a mexican fast food rest.    called

Chipolta   have you ever been there ?if so what did you think ?

I never though I would be wanting to put seeweed in my meso soup  [what have I become ]

thanks for all the great feed back ...

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8 years ago

oh my yes Tom...what have you become! Wanting to put seaweed in your miso soup.

8 years ago


Are you referring to Chipotle's? (

It sounds like they're trying to use more sustainably grown foods. There's one near where I live & I do get some veggie burritos there.
The food isn't organic & you can't know for sure your avoiding GMO unless you buy & make all your own food. Other than that Chipoltle's doesn't seem too bad once in awhile.

There's a really nice family here owned restaraunt around the corner from Chipotle's. They sell takeout veggie white pizza by the slice. That's a big weakness for me, but the last couple month's I've been gowing for a veggie Chipoltle burrito without cheese when I just have to have fast food.

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the Chipoltle website & added up the ingrediants for a veggie black bean burrito no cheese with guacamole & corn relish for a total of 760 calories. But I figure this is still better than pizza.

8 years ago

I really don't know how much or if Chipoltle is using organic foods. It could be that a portion of what they use is organic. It does sound like they're more reponsible than a lot of other fast food chains. Their website does mention organic, but doesn't include any specifics. It sounds to me that for when people really have to have fast food that Chipoltle's is a good choice.

The following is from the Chipoltle website:

Food With Integrity" isn't a marketing slogan. It's not a product line of natural and organic foods. And it's not a corporate initiative that will ever be finished or set aside to make room for other priorities. It's a philosophy that we can always do better in terms of the food we buy. And when we say better, we mean better in every sense of the word- better tasting, coming from better sources, better for the environment, better for the animals, and better for the farmers who raise the animals and grow the produce.
The hallmarks of Food With Integrity include things like unprocessed, seasonal, family-farmed, sustainable, nutritious, naturally raised, added hormone free, organic, and artisanal. And, since embracing this philosophy, it's had tremendous impact on how we run our restaurants and our business. It's led us to serve more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant in the country, to push for more sustainable practices in produce farming, and to work with dairy suppliers to eliminate the use of added hormones from their operations.
It's even influenced the way we view other aspects of our business, from the materials and systems we use to design and build our restaurants, to our staffing and training programs.
We like the food we serve today. And, because of our Food With Integrity philosophy, we're confident that we'll like it even more down the road.

8 years ago

Marlene, Chipotle's sounds like a good place.  Still one must choose their meal intelligently.

8 years ago

I had a friend that loaned me a book last fall called the 80/10/10 diet by Doug Graham. I read only part of it, but have been eating more fruit. I think fruit is the ultimate convenience food. The last few weeks I've been having a glass of chocolate Perfect Meal whey drink & bananas for breakfast. Then I've been taking celery sticks, fruit, rice cakes & rice crackers to snack on during the day. I like the date coconut rolls. Then a good supper. I know the snacking isn't good, but my snacks are no or low fat. If I succumb to fast food it's in the evening.

8 years ago

I think Tom's question about how to eat healthy while having to deal with a busy work schedule & budget constraints is excellent.

A few years ago I started reading a lots & lots about nutrition & health in response to a health issue. I was really determined to do well & tried really really hard for a long time, but work & stress ground me down. I don't drink, smoke or use medications, but there are also times when I will do some emotional eating. I also find myself eating too much even if it's healthy. I've developed a weight problem.

I don't advocate a diet of burritos, but I find it helpful to be able to buy one about once a week.

It was interesting to me to read a little bit about Jack Lalanne & how he handles this. It's been quite a while since the article, so I may not have all the details perfect. His emphasis was on exercise not food. I think his wife makes him an omelet out of egg whites & he has that with fruit. Then I think I remember reading that's all he had until he went out to a healthy dinner with his wife. The restaurant & chef knew him & would include lots of fresh veggies with his meal. He was also doing the juicing. Maybe the juicing kept him from being hungry since he wasn't having lunch. His food plan is simple which allows him more time for exercise & other things. It seems like it's good to keep food simple & save the more elaborate recipes for weekends or special occasions.

I've been struggling hard with this trying to eat healthy, but I don't feel in control it. I know I've been doing better since Thanksgiving & have also been eating lower fat. Maybe I'm I just too focused on food.

I've started using this online nutritional calculator & planner part of the time. It's free. It was one of the suggestions in the 80/10/10 diet book that I partially read. It's helped me have a better idea of how much I'm eating. It does provide a lot of nutrutional feedback & also correlates this with exercise. It makes me feel like I have to struggle less hard when I can see how I'm doing with their program.

Vegan Lunch Box
8 years ago

the lunches this woman prepares are amazing ...
pictures and recipes are here:


8 years ago

I ate at chipoltle for lunch yesterday

not bad ,just a little pricey for lunch,  but service was good and everything was fresh .

 thanks for the vegan lunch box  and info on the 80/10/10


8 years ago

Every Tuesday, I meet with 15 - 20 business owners at a restaurant that really has nothing on the menu that I care to eat or is healthy, but as we meet in our own room we do have to have a meal.


I make up my own meal from what it already on the menu.   


I get the vege burger without the white bun, greasy fries and coleslaw which is full of all that is left is the vege burger with one peice of lettuce and a slice of tomato.  


Well they can hardly bring just that as it would not look good for all to see.   So they put 3 pieces of lettuce and 2 slices of tomato. hmmm still not enough so I asked them if they could put some stir fried vegetables with it and Voila.....I now have a meal that is pretty good for a restaurant meal.

This has begun to be popular with a few of the members.


I have some other tips that I will share another time if anyone is daring.


Healthy food
8 years ago

As I see, there's still a huge difference between US and Europe (and especially my country) in what you call healthy food. For example we have no organics, we call it bio (bio-rice, bio-chicken, bio-eggs, bio what you can think of), but it generally is the same I think. What I didn't understand Diana is the way you could make your own meal from what was on the menu. Is there really a restaurant where you can prepare your meal yourself? Sounds interesting. If we had such a possibility here, I would be the first to go there!

8 years ago

I cook some Chili, stir fry and chicken. Put it in containers and take to work with me. That is how I roll at lunch time!!


8 years ago

Jarmila, interesting that the names are bio.....I lkie that.


About making up my own meal, I do it in almost every restaurant I go to and have become very skilled at it.  They always seem to humour me in some way; I may not always get exactly what I want but I will get a custom meal. People are always asking where that is on the menu.


What I do is look through the menu and rearrange the ingredients.  There is always salad and vegetables on most menus. Last spring that same vege burger came with steamed asparagus and was yummy.


The main thing is that I politely ask for what I would like and never complain if it is not exactly the way I would like.  And of course nothing is organic.  The thing about this particular fast food restaurant we go to is that after 2 years, I have them trained to know this eccentric is ordering and the waitress helps me.  Then others start saying "I will have what she is having," so who know maybe they will put it on the menu one day. If enough of us do this sort of thing then the menus will change.....ok I am a well known optimist.


Also, it is not unusual in this day for people to not want the bun or chips; I see it all of the time....I just go a little further. 

8 years ago

Many of the fast food restaurants have their menus and nutrition information online - try looking up the ones you tend to go to and see what you are eating.


For instance, Dairy Queen here in Canada has a crispy chicken salad that sounds so healthy, but has a significant amount more saturated fat than their double bacon cheeseburger.


Here a lot of the fast food places are putting healthier choices on their menus because people want that - a lot of wraps and low fat salads.  You have to know which is good and which isn't though - so the research is important.


8 years ago

Yes good point Wolfbaby.  And to remember that what they are sometimes marketing as healthy is not really healthy at all.

Transfer:Healthy Choices at resturants...
8 years ago

Choosing what to eat February 27, 2007

 I choose my restaurant by what I want to eat; I really am craving the salad and soup from the Olive Garden so that is what my friend and I are going to do today.  It has been almost 3 months since I was there and I love that salad dressing.  With my finances so very tight, I can't usually justify eating out as I am a great cook and my husband is repulsed by prefab food.

Eating out in restaurants February 27, 2007
Often I will just have an entree when I eat out.   Together with a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice this makes a satisfying meal.   If there is fruit salad for dessert I will have that too, without cream or icecream.

8 years ago
Group says restaurants promote "extreme eating"
Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:37pm EST

By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Many U.S. chain restaurants are promoting "extreme eating" with dishes that pack at least a day's worth of calories and fat, without giving customers facts about their orders, a consumer group said on Monday.

Displaying restaurant offerings including a cheese-laden chicken-and-pasta dish they dubbed "Angioplasta," officials at the Center for Science in the Public Interest said such dishes help fuel national epidemics of obesity and heart disease.

They urged local, state and national governments to make restaurants list nutritional data on their menus.

Michael Jacobson, the group's executive director, took aim at "table-service" chain restaurants like Ruby Tuesday's and Uno Chicago Grill. Such places increasingly stuff their dishes with extra unhealthy ingredients, he said.

"What we're finding is that table-service restaurants have launched into a whole new era of extreme eating," Jacobson said. "If we're going to deal with the epidemic of obesity and the tremendous prevalence of heart attacks and strokes, we're going to have to do something about restaurant foods."

For the full article go to:

Group says restaurants promote extreme eating | Health | Reuters

26 Feb 2007 ... WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Many US chain restaurants are promoting extreme eating with dishes that pack at least a day's worth of calories and ... - 61k -

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this place is really fun ! about $15.00 for dinner
8 years ago

BD’s Mongolian Barbeque

Choose your own stir fry of meats, seafood, vegetables, salads, sauces and spices, then watch as it is prepared by master grillers on a 600° 7-foot grill.

Features: Asian, Barbecue, Eclectic & International, Family Fare, Grill, Seafood, Steak, Vegetarian

They have a real nice salad bar also

you pick what you want in your stirfry and they will cook it up right in front of  you   I enjoyed it . check to see if you have one in your town !!!

8 years ago

That sounds great Tom!  There is a place here in Edmonton where you can do the same; I am so particular about what I enjoy eating that I love the choice.

Here is another transfer with a good link:

  February 27, 2007

Found a link that might help with the question what to eat when going out.

One big mac away from a total melt down
8 years ago
8 years ago

In my opinion 23,000 big macs is gross! 

Just because he says he is healthy does not mean a lot in terms of longevity and that the rest of us could do the same and be healthy.

First there are people BORN with such strong constitutions that I am sure they could eat nails and digest them.  There are others BORN with weak constitutions that cannot get away with anything.

The good news for those of us with inherited constitutions is that if we look after ourselves we can be very healthy and even rival those who have those strong constitutions.

My bestest friend from childhood was one of those strong ones that seemed to get away with eating fast food, drinking alcohol regularly and even smoking.  She could never understand why I was so careful about what I consumed especially since we did all those things together as teen agers.

I am sorry to say that at the age of 50 she died of cancer and here I am still living and very healthy.  It is with no pleasure that I say that as I still miss Marie very much....she was my friend of 37 years.

8 years ago

Fast Food is a killer, precisely for everyone!

I don't have them anymore.  I want to live and HEALTHY.

If you can watch on TV on Sunday around 4:00 PM on PBS Cooking with Jacques Pepin, fast food, you will see, there is meat sometimes but it is healthier and much more than what I post as graphic here.

Happy Cooking


I missed it !
8 years ago

but ill try to find it on a replay :

I dont have any kids in school at the moment but all of them sound super : Ill just pack them for my self ~

I must addmit I slip up and do a little fast food :

but when your on the road and your stomac starts growling between jobs  I do slip :

but I have learnt to relax totally when I eat :

No more BigMac .s on the freeway :

Thats kind of dangerouse anyway { Go in and sit down and relax for a few moments then :::u will make better    entees:

I had a bagel  this morming : then a lot of chicken   sorry !

8 years ago

You are doing so well Tom!  since we first met you.

7 years ago

it'd could be better : nevertheless : Have not been sick all year long . best I   ,,,,got .When you are on the go . I love to eat a Pear or a n d  a Apple and I love raw beans . Nuts Just shoot me

7 years ago

Good to hear from you Tom! And that you are well. What do you mean about eating raw beans? Do you sprout them?


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