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Robert Goldman's message: Protect America's Wolves!
5 years ago

As a Vietnam veteran, I plead with you to stop killing everything on Earth!
-- James of Florida

I was born and raised in Wyoming and I oppose the killing of wolves. Our ecosystem needs them and they belong here!
-- Tina of Wyoming

Corrupt state wildlife agencies, governors and legislators, in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin have all joined an unjust, ethically corrupt Hall of Shame in massacreing America's ecologically vital, innocent and beautiful wolves.

The death toll now stands at over 900 precious wolves persecuted and killed due to the dishonesty and brutality of cattlemen, the blood lust of sadistic hunters and trappers, corrupt politicians and the lack of awareness or apathy of the public.

Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan is the only person who stands between the fewer than 700 vital and innocent wolves there and those who would kill them for "sport and fun." If Gov. Snyder refuses to honor the will of the two thirds of Michigan residents who have voiced their opposition to the killing of wolves in their homeland, this Great Lakes state will join the corrupt Hall of Shame.

Gov. Snyder now has the unique opportunity to be the first governor, the first true leader, who shows the rest of the country and the world that the United States is not the forever mindlessly brutal and violent place, for innocent animals and people, that we so often are and have been.

Gov. Snyder: will you be the one governor who puts science, a healthy ecology, decency, the innocent wolf and the respectful voice of a majority of your fellow citizens, ahead of the wolf demonizers, haters and sport killers?


1. Call Governor Rick Snyder at: 1-517-335-7858
2. Visit and then click on "Governor' where you can leave a comment

Urge Governor Snyder to stand with science, ecology, decency and the respectful, humane majority. Demand that he stop the hunting and trapping of any wolves in Michigan before it starts.

Wherever you live, in the US or anywhere else in this fragile and beautiful world...
Thanks for signing the Protect America's Wolves! petition at:

We are moving towards 15,000 signers and beyond. Help it grow so that our side can be more effective in protecting America's wolves. Forward this email to all your decent, wildlife- loving and respectful friends, everywhere.

Thank you, for America's ecologically vital and innocent wolves,
Robert Goldman
Protect America's Wolves!

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5 years ago

Petition signed.

5 years ago

Petition signed. Thanks, Anneke.

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