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Bill O'Reilly Debunks Obama Myths
6 years ago

Bill O’Reilly Debunks Obama Myths: He ‘Does Have A Legitimate Birth Certificate’



Bill O’Reilly opened his show tonight eager to debunk many myths about President Obama. One by one, O’Reilly tackled various allegations about Obama’s past in an effort to eliminate all of these issues once and for all. While O’Reilly confirmed that some claims are actually true, Donald Trump certainly will not be happy with at least one O’Reilly conclusion.


O’Reilly summarized about Obama that his academic transcripts from college and law school, his medical records and a list of clients he represented while practicing law, are all documents that have not been publicly released. Additionally, according to O’Reilly, there is no record of Obama ever being baptized. However, Obama never wrote a thesis paper so any claims regarding it being kept secret are untrue.


 Additionally, O’Reilly reports that First Lady Michelle Obama did not lose her law license and does not have more assistants than any prior First Lady. Finally, and Trump may want to cover his ears for this one, O’Reilly declares:


“We’re going to put this to bed tonight. He does have a legitimate birth certificate. The state of Hawaii says they have it. And we have no reason not to believe that.”



Monica Crowley was somewhat placated by this exercise, yet she still wanted to know who paid for Obama’s education. Crowley also worried that with so much secrecy regarding Obama’s past, “the impression is we gave the keys to the kingdom to a stranger.” Alan Colmes argued all of these theories about Obama’s past are simply about delegitimizing Obama as President. O’Reilly agreed, but was hopeful his “no spin” assessment of the allegations would help eliminate them from continued speculation.

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6 years ago

However, Bill O'Reilly opened up the Factor last nite with the secret service sex scandal and had a former agent on who is running for senate seat in MD.


It appears to be a valid assertion and O'Reilly questioned why?

Where is the respect for the president?

How come so many agents were involved and now the number is growing as the story continues to unfold.


This could easily be a breach of security in the land of spys and deception.

5 Obama Mistakes Recently That Could Hurt Him in 2012
6 years ago


Wait and see with the supreme court decision.


My point in the U.S. Supreme Court decision is they have final say and I don't understand why all those GOP nominees in the early republican debates all stated they would REPEAL Obamacare.  How can they repeal Obamacare when it went to the U.S. Supreme Court to see if it was even legal?


What happens if the Supreme Court keeps some of it; how can it be repealed?

Any lawyers out there?

6 years ago

And how old is he there in that picture, really really young, so what?


Bill has a few skeletons in his closet that I remember from Boston.

But, that is not going to detract from his ability to be the FAIR minded pundint of the Factor on Fox. 

6 years ago

Picture of Bill O’Reilly with a topless woman:


Stupid censorship...

6 years ago


Monica Crowley was somewhat placated by this exercise, yet she still wanted to know who paid for Obama’s education.


Oh yeah.  I mean, how did HE get an education, being black and all.


                      Shut up, Monica.

6 years ago

Here's the thing, Sheila.  A guy who has a past that involves re-baptising dead Orthodox Jews into the Mormon faith(unbeknownst to their relatives and without their permission) cannot, will not, ever, ever be president. He's a fundamentalist graveyard ghoul. It won't happen.  

6 years ago

If you are talking about Romney you are wrong Angelica.  America cannot afford another four years of Obama incompetence.  I stand by my bet that Obama will be a one term President.  For all of America's sake I hope that comes true.


Again, the Mormons have the largest geneology library in the world and make it possible for people to trace their ancestors way, way back.  Mine goes back to about 1400 in France and we could take it further if we hired a researcher.  My wife LOVED geneology and spent a lot of time at the local Mormon Church using their resources.  Excellent people.


You discard Romney because of that?  I don't like radical Muslims but do not discard the whole faith because a minority of people in it are just too dumb to think about. 


Monica never said that.  O'Reilly is a twit actually.   He is an independent who was falling all over Obama when the election was going on in 08 because Obie happened to be a Harvard Grad.  Ridiculous and I would not be surprised to find out O voted for Obama he was that glassy eyed over him.


Now?  Nope .... but then O'Rielly is nothing but a mouth.  Don't like him and do not watch him much.  I like Greta.  At least she tries to show both sides of an issue.

6 years ago

America will not elect a man for president who has something like that in his past.  They won't.

6 years ago

Sure they will.  Obama got elected with almost no past now didn't he so Americans if you want to call it dumb ..... have done a lot dumber things!


At least Romney knows how to lead.  It is what he has done all his life whether you like his politics, religion or not.   Obama?  Most incompetent president ever in my lifetime.

6 years ago

Romney has not been able to get the candidacy in years past because he's a Mormon.  Now you think they'll vote for him with this baptizing dead Jewish people scandal in his past?  You think the majority of Americans are so ticked off about Obama being the president that they'll overlook the fact that Romney is the meanest, cruelest, most unfeeling one percenter the country has ever seen? Not to mention a spiritual grave robber?  Seriously?  Your party is saying vote for anyone as long as they're on our side and they aren't Obama.  


It's irresponsible.

6 years ago

Baptizing dead people is what the Mormons DO Agelica.  It is part of their faith and you do not have to have a dead mormon relative for them to be baptized by the Mormons.  Can't remember why they do it and don't really care because I am not a religious person.  Don't know why the Muslims think it is necessary to pray every two hours either and don't care.  Or why Catholics think the Pope has power over them.


My dog would do a better job leading America than Obama has done.  It is based on what he has and has not done.  We may well be looking at WW III because of Obama and his lousy international policies that are non existant and have done nothing but inflame things in the middle east.  You and I will never agree on this Angelica and I respect your right to continue to support him.  But I never would have.  Not a chance.

6 years ago

I hate to say it, I REALLY hate to say it, but, I'm thinking another 4 for Obummer.   


Not that it matters.  Either way we just get another figurehead, another voice for the bankers, and the career criminals who are slowly destroying all this Republic stood for. The President is not the root of the problem.  The office just provides yet another convenient high-ground from which the real enemy can defend their ill-gotten sovereignty. 


One more thing I really hate to have to say, but I really think that a massive serf revolt (much violence included) is going to end up being the only thing that really rids us of these cockroaches, if anything will. 


People are too busy, and too misinformed to agree on any rational or peaceful course of action that could fix things.  Only when all is lost and there's nothing left to lose; only when things are so bad that no one gives a damn if they live or die; only when the "elite" stop bothering to sugar-coat our enslavement will people see.  Only then will they will be pi$$ed enough to do anything about it.  Only then will they stop worrying over the stupid labels of "left" and "right" and "GOP" and "Democrat" and all the other useless jargon and buzz-words these con-artists feed us.  Only then will the lines be clearly drawn between us and them, and then people won't give a rat's a$$ what these "officials" and "experts" say. 


Too bad, but that's my prediction.  I have yet to see anything to convince me otherwise. 


I guess the election only slightly interests me, as I'm curious to see just how stupid America really is.  I'm sure I'll be hating my fellow countrymen just as much as ever before in November.  Once again, we'll let the media tell us who matters.  We'll vote for one of their two hyped-and-force-fed two men, and nothing will change, and we'll all cry and scream about how horrible the new guy is, or we'll continue whining about Obama and his birthplace, as if impeaching him would change anything. 


Whatever.  Honestly, at this point, I hope this shythole comes crashing down, just like Rome.  It'd be the least we deserve for our arrogance and ignorance.





6 years ago


Shane, what you said is spot on, but I just have to ask: If it doesn't matter who gets in, why are you so down on Obama? I mean, I won't be voting for him either, but I definitely won't be voting for Romney, so who exactly is it that you think should be President, if not Obama or Romney?


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6 years ago

Me!  lol  Honestly, I think my ideas are better than any I've heard form any official currently serving. 


On a more tangible note, though, my vote goes to Ron Paul.  No, I don't agree with all he's about.  But, he's the closest I've seen to what I would have in mind. 


As for Obama, well, honestly, he's really really good at that condescending mocking smile thing that so many politicians use as a shield, but hsi is so obnoxious that the urge to smash his teeth in is overwhelming.  Can't stand it!  lol 


He's a walking talking commercial, and he's advertising things that I can't respect or stand for. 


BTW, loved that vid of the guy shooting himself in the other thread!  Fukking classic!

6 years ago

Baptizing dead people is what the Mormons DO Agelica.  It is part of their faith and you do not have to have a dead mormon relative for them to be baptized by the Mormons. 


If I was an Orthodox Jew and my father, who has passed away, was rebaptized into the Mormon faith by some crazoid Mormons hanging (lurking) around the cemetery, I'd be enraged.


What if some Orthodox Jewish people hung around a fundamentalist Baptist Church Cemetery and rebaptized all the people buried there into the Jewish faith?  I bet the whining on the right would never cease.  Rush Limbaugh would still be squeezing air time out of it a decade later. And all the right wingers would support that rage.


It's disrespectful to the dead, so don't tell me it's okay because it's what the Mormons do.  It's awful. You cannot compare this religious necrophilia to Muslims praying every couple of hours.  It is not at all the same.  The Mormons employ the extremist right wing mentality that everyone else is wrong and they are the only ones who are right.  So, with that thinking, it is okay to impose one's religion on the dead, regardless of what their surviving relatives would say or think; regardless of how horrified their families would be. REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEIR FAITH MEANT TO THEM WHEN THEY WERE ALIVE.  It is insufferable.


Do you know that no one who is not a Jew is supposed to even touch an Orthodox Rabbi?  You can't bump into one.  You taint them, according to their beliefs.  But it's okay for Romney to just go into the cemetery and say some Mormon stuff over their graves, walk all over the place, walk around feeling superior to all the dead people there?  Can you not see how awful this is? It's desecration.


And in order to do it, the Mormons have to skulk around sneakily.  I'm guessing they do this in the dead of night.  It's despicable beyond belief.  How does the right wing hate Obama every single time he sneezes - and they are comfortable with spiritual grave-robbing committed by Romney?  Astounding.

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6 years ago

I'm just going to say that not everything a religious group does can be seen as "good" or "right" just because it's "part of their religion". People get away with so friggin much in the name of religion it's not even funny, but oh, better not criticize it or that makes you intolerant or some crap.


Shane, I see pretty much eye to eye with you with respect to the state of our political system. It's in a pretty sorry state. Yes, not the worst in the world but there is a lot going wrong.

6 years ago

At least for all his failings that dog you keep going on about was a well loved member of the Romney Family.  I knew there was somewhere I had read about Obama eating a dog ..... Sure enough ..... he did .....


Dreams of my father .....


Jim Treacher posted a blog item in The Daily Caller on Tuesday that quoted an excerpt from President Barack Obama's memoir "Dreams From My Father." In the excerpt, Obama writes about eating dog meat while he lived with his stepfather in Indonesia. The excerpt:


"With Lolo, I learned how to eat small green chill peppers raw with dinner (plenty of rice), and, away from the dinner table, I was introduced to dog meat (tough), snake meat (tougher), and roasted grasshopper (crunchy). Like many Indonesians, Lolo followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths. He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate: One day soon, he promised, he would bring home a piece of tiger meat for us to share."

Lousy book btw.  That and the other one he wrote.  Now he was a child when this happened but being American born and raised where I think most of you view your dogs as pets ..... Would I hold him responsible for doing that as a child?  Nope.  Just like Romney's apologies over what he did is good enough for me.

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6 years ago

Not a chance in hell Shane .... not going to happen.  Either that or I am going to have to re-mortgage my house!

6 years ago


You're comparing a small child being fed dog meat by someone else, to a grown man knowingly strapping a dog to the top of a car he's about to drive for the next 12 hours?


Really, Cam?


6 years ago


More on the dog issue and I am tired of putting up the great things mitt has done for animals which you prefer to ignore Christian.

Obama's War on DOGS
6 years ago

If you’re just tuning in, Ann Romney says that the Romney family dog liked riding on the roof of their car. The dog cage, Romney supporters say, had a windshield or something.


The left has had a field day with this. But then the Romney campaign struck back. Barack Obama is a dog eater. Well, he was as a boy. The weed and cocaine tries were in high school and college. Eating dog was in his youth. All are documented in his autobiography, Dreams of my Father.


This caused a stir on twitter with conservatives participating in a twitter hashtag game: #ObamaDogRecipes. My personal contributions were Escar-Bo and Bo Mein. I was pretty fond of Hound Cake and German Shepard Pie too.


You’d think we’d have dealt with all of this on both sides four years ago, but alas the media didn’t really want to aggressively vet Barack Obama in 2008 and Mitt Romney didn’t make it past March.


Perhaps there is a war on dogs. One thing I am certain of is that there is a war on levity.

Both sides have decided to dial up the outrage to 11 on a one to ten scale for some pretty small things and some large. I am not sure either side will see voters turn out wholesale in November. Everyone is going to be burned out on the outrage.


One of the things that made Ronald Reagan such a successful politician — Bill Clinton too — was the ability to laugh at the slights and insults of others. Both Reagan and Clinton could take someone’s attack and turn it around into a punchline. It was both refreshing and endearing. It is badly needed this go round.


Neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney seem to have very optimistic messages. There is little light hearted rhetoric. Both men would have you know that the other will destroy the country.


We can fight the war on women, war on men, war on jobs, war on dogs, and every other war if we must, but the nation could really use something more than demagoguery on the road to November. At this point, I think my prediction is pretty simple — the public will choose the man with the thicker skin.

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6 years ago

Obama ate German Shephards and hound dogs, give me a break please!


Mitt Romney loves dogs and never ate one!!

6 years ago    The man who rescues dogs vs. the man who eats dogs 

6 years ago

Obama was NEVER properly vetted, no one knew who he was really.


Do we even know now as the main stream media does everything in its power to ignore his past associations and anything that is questionable about his past or the man himself. 


The MSM is too busy creating an image of Obama and making sure the public love him and re-elect him in 2012.


They will ignore his failed record and continue with the glitz program of promoting Obama and tearing down Romney and any other republican who takes the no. 2 slot.


Right now, the polls are about even between Obama and Romney and we have 6 1/2 months to go before voting. 


I hope this is not another Gore/Bush election where many stayed home and those that voted had their votes dumped somewhere in the swamps of FL; the swing state.


Eric Holder is doing his best to repeal every single state who put in voter ID; after all, that is just not right with Mr. Holder.  Why would anyone show an ID to vote?


Unless, they go to the archives and get phoney licenses of dead people.  There are far too many illegal voting practices which this administration wants ignored.  Just like the New bLACK Panther harrassing voters in line in Philadelphia.  But, this is okay for them to do that, even though they are swinging clubs and swearing as they question the voters in question.  

6 years ago

This is so typical of the right wing.  One of their guys gets called on something and they turn it around and try to pin the same story on someone on the other side.  Obama's war on dogs?  Good one.  Nice try.  Unh-uh.  Not going to fly. Does logic totally escape the extreme right wing?  Christian is right.  As a child, he would have to eat what he was told to eat and what was put in front of him.  In Indonesia, he couldn't very well save his allowance and make a run to McDonald's.  Get real!!!!


For the record, witnesses at all the gas stations the Romneys stopped at reported hearing that Irish Setter's shreiks and cries.  It did NOT like riding on the top of the car.  Not at all. As a sick dog, which it was at the time, it didn't like it when, at several of the gas stations. Romney hosed it down with cold water and then threw it back up on the top of the car, soaking wet, to ride for about 6 more hours in the wind.  He's a total B*stard!


What I can see about the voting irregularities is that they are chiefly the result of the gerrymandering done nationwide to prevent Dems from voting for Obama.  

6 years ago

And I notice none of you ROmney people are addressing the spiritual grave-robbing and business - destroying done by your insensitive monster of a candidate.  Guess we'll have to let that go until someone can invent a story about obscure Kenyan burial practices & Obama chop-shopping American corporations, huh?


I can't wait.

6 years ago

PROVE THAT ANGELICA!  Where is the proof of the statement you made about Romney?  Why does it matter anyway?  Why does it matter that Obama ate dog meat?




Obama has his head so far up the asses of corporations and men like George Soros I am surprised he can breath!  He is THE WORST PRESIDENT YOU HAVE EVER ELECTED.


People in Europe are starting to speak out that they see the same thing we do here in Canada and that you need to get rid of him.  Wake up for cripes sakes!

6 years ago

Here's a question I'd like to have answered.  


What if some Kenyan Tribal Witch Doctors decided to rebaptize some dead fundamentalists Baptists (in the dead of night) and claim them as Kenyan Tribal people for their god, Chango?   Would the right wing just say, "It's what Kenyan Witch Doctors do?  No big deal?"


I sincerely hope someone answers this question in a direct manner.  I really do.

6 years ago

Hi Cam.  None of this is personal for me.  But I do get angry about what I perceive as constant attacks on the president of the USA - constant and vicious.  Over at your other group, people are laughing over the Colombia scandal, which I wouldn't find funny if Bush was president.  A US president with his security detail compromised and his life in danger is not funny.  But I see some on the right are laughing about that today and enjoying it with a whole lot of glee; to which I can only say that I sincerely hope that this country never again has to go through a presidential assassination. But I see others feel differently.  Sad.


I am off to dig up the proof (there have been numerous articles about this all over the place) to show you that, several years ago, Romney admitted to rebaptizing the dead for the Mormon faith. 

6 years ago

I keep telling you it is part of their faith.  If they think that by collecting geneological information on my French Catholic family that they can then baptize the dead family members to give them a higher seat in heaven or however that works MORE POWER TO THEM!  Over the years Jehovah witnesses have stood by their faith so strong that people actually died for what they believe.  Are they wrong?


Who are WE to judge what other people want to believe Angelica?  Who assigined us the ones on earth who will judge other people?  It is hypocritical to do that.  He does not belong to the sect of Mormonism that allows plural marriages - something I do not agree with .....


You are making a judgement on someone because of his religion.  Same way other people howled because at one time in his life Obama was a Muslim so he must still be a Muslim ..... BIG DEAL!  Who cares what other people want to believe?  Not me and I guarantee you not most independent thinking people.  They will not judge Romney on being a Mormon and will not - not vote for him because he is one.  They never judge Obama on his religious background and will not judge Romney on his either.  They will judge Obama on his dismal record.  As a business man Romney was very successful in fiscal restraint and America needs that right now.  Badly.  Is he perfect?  Nope, but he is a smart man, knows how to lead and will DO something about your debt. 


This is all a big uproar over someones religion or someone ate the dog or carried the dog on the roof and it is ridiculous.  ALL of it is just dumb.


These folks got it right:


6 years ago

       Here's a question I'd like to have answered.  


What if some Kenyan Tribal Witch Doctors decided to rebaptize some dead fundamentalists Baptists (in the dead of night) and claim them as Kenyan Tribal people for their god, Chango?   Would the right wing just say, "It's what Kenyan Witch Doctors do?  No big deal?"



6 years ago

Also, why does every rotten thing Romney has done get a pass by the extreme right wingers?  That's not objective and it says that the people who comprise the party are unable to see the truth.  It's their side, wrong or wronger.

6 years ago

He is getting no pass believe me.  If it was up to them it would not be Romney but you are a two party system in America right now and a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama like it or not.


Anglelica ..... BOTH sides of your arena do what you say.  Give a pass or gave a pass to their candidates and in the case of Obama ..... it was HUGE!  Romney's life is pretty much an open book.  One you either like or don't like but at least you can see it.


Each side in America thinks they are right when in fact it comes down to personal choice.  You choose Obama ..... that is your right and like a good American you will VOTE!  In both our countries people should be ashamed of themselves for not getting off their butts and doing that.  More stay home that take part yet all bitch. 


Only those of us who actually make the effort to state our case and exercise our right to vote should be allowed to do that eh?

6 years ago

Why is it that whenever anyone brings up the shortcomings of ROmney, the right responds with an attack on Obama?   Can we discuss ROmney's past criminal behavior towards animals; the dead of other faiths; and American businesses & the worker pensions that he stole?


I still want to know the answer to this:


What if some Kenyan Tribal Witch Doctors decided to rebaptize some dead fundamentalists Baptists (in the dead of night) and claim them as Kenyan Tribal people for their god, Chango?   Would the right wing just say, "It's what Kenyan Witch Doctors do?  No big deal?"


I would....
6 years ago

ask the dead and see what they think....


Wait a minute, they would not give a phuck because they are dead....

6 years ago

Exactly Flava.  Once your dead your dead so what people do with you after that ..... don't care.


Kenyan Witch doctors have nothing to do with this.  Don't know why you keep asking that question.  If I recall they used to think that if you killed and ate the dead you got their power.  Same like they did in Indonesia.

6 years ago

I keep asking the question because the right keeps shreiking about Obama - everything about him and the first lady.  She can't even go shopping without people on the right carrying on about how scandalous that is.  Yet you all accept anything and everything from people on your own side.  I also think it's disingenuous for anyone on the right to claim that they don't know why rebaptizing the dead into other religions that they never embraced while they are alive is a harmless past time.  The right wing has decided that America is a Christian nation and that LGBT people and women should have their rights taken away from them in the name of religion.  Religion seems to be very important to the right wing.  But it's not important when Romney decides to claim dead Orthodox Jews into the Mormon faith?  Really?  I just find that hard to believe.


You all paint a picture of Obama as being wrong in every possible thing he does and says.  But you all will spin Romney's horrible actions into something benign?  None of you will ask what does this mean for the surviving Orthodox relatives of these dead people.  None of you will care. Romney's your guy and your party has said that the only imperative for the country - the ONLY one - is to get rid of Obama.  So, putting a guy who desecrates the dead, has made millions destroying American businesses and stealing pensions, and abusing a dog at least once for a whopping 12 hours is just fine.  I find that incredibly hypocritical.  I have to ask myself that if what Romney has done is perfectly okay to the right wing, then what are the REAL objections to Obama's presidency.  I don't like the answers I am coming up with at all.

6 years ago

And I believe that those on the right here in this group won't answer the question about the Kenyan Witch Doctors rebaptizing Christian fundamentalists because you know that the fundies would never stop screaming about it.  Never.  

6 years ago

It doesn't matter Angelica.  All this is just noise.  Lets talk about what really matters.  Obama's record of misachievements.  Your national debt that has been rung up by his administration.  His lack of leadership.  Do I KNOW Romney will do better?  Nope ..... but what I do know because of Obama's record is that Obama himself IS NOT A LEADER.

6 years ago


Because he's black, right Cam?


6 years ago

I don't think it is noise.  I think it is some serious, serious hypocrisy that is irresponsible at best.  You all turn every criticism and question about your candidate's fitness to govern into an attack on Obama.  When will the right deal with the problems on their own side?  Romney is seriously unfit to govern.  And no one on the right will address that.  No one will address the serious things he has done that prove he is unfit to lead.  It's always more about Obama. I just wish someone on the right could respond honestly and forthrightly about Romney.  I guess that will never happen.  It is aggravating to have conversations with people who are always in denial about the problems on their own side. It's impossible to have honest discourse with people who just refuse to deal with what is.  


Voters have a right to be concerned with Romney's record.  And we have a right to voice those concerns and find out why those on the right have decided to support someone who has demonstrated a lack of basic human decency in so many areas.  But no one on the right will openly discuss this.


You want to talk about Obama?  Create a thread.  I'll discuss it.  He's far from perfect.  I have no problem discussing it.  Now you discuss Romney.

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6 years ago

ROMNEY is unfit to govern?  By all accounts he was a good governor in his state.  Worked cross aisle because he was a Republican leading a democratic state for the most part.  Sheila - if you read this could you tell us what kind of Governor he was?



6 years ago

Romney may have no charisma like Obama but he balanced a budget every single one of the 4 yrs. he served as governor. 


He consolidated agenices and stopped beaurcratic redundancy.   He was EFFICIENT and cost saving, gave MA a millions of dollars in a rainy day fund that was all extra monies to be used for emergencies. 


The State government was running like a successful business; people had jobs.

The bubble for massive job creations in MA had peaked prior, they try and paint Mitt as 47th in job creations.  We had massive biotech, computer jobs which peaked preceding his term but there were some still being created.  The state functioned extremely well.  We never had scandals like GSA in MA. 


Now Deval Patrick has bloated govt and put in his cronies and we have NO balanced budget since Patrick got in.  We are back in the RED where we were before Mitt came in.  It was nice to be in the black and functioning at peak during Mitt's term.



6 years ago




can't print out picture of Seamus, the infamous dog but he lived a long and wonderful life, pic is of Seamus with kittens.   Great article on Mitt, how he passed numerous animal legislation as a governor and how he and son saved a dog in river.


He never ate a dog! 

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3 Stories from Link with Many Many More to go ....
6 years ago

Governor Romney makes Proclamation in behalf of Dogs:

“In honor of Governor Mitt Romney declaring September 2006 "Responsible Dog Owner's Month, " Representative Jennifer Callahan will be presenting the Governor's proclamation. Dozens of dogs and their owners will be gathered for the event. The MSPCA will be highlighting dogs that are available for adoption. Nationwide, throughout the month of September, the AKC holds events to educate the public on how to responsibly care for their dog. This is the first time the State of Massachusetts has declared "Responsible Dog Owner's Month." ”

Romney Administration signs animal cruelty legislation:

“ "Governor Romney and I are committed to fighting animal cruelty and will not stand for the inhumane treatment of animals," said Healey. "By increasing penalties for animal abuse, we will help save pets from cruel treatment."



“The new law charges all individuals who abuse animals with the increased penalties. Under the previous statute, pet owners faced lesser penalties for abusing their animals than individuals who abused animals that did not belong to him or her...



“The law also allows Department of Social Services (DS employees to report instances of animal abuse, cruelty or neglect when they are conducting investigations. The DSS employee may report the case to any local animal control authority or organizations that investigate animal abuse within two days of witnessing the abuse.”

Governor Romney Rescues Dog:

“Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and two of his sons helped rescue a New Jersey family from a sinking boat over the weekend, a New Hampshire official said today.



“The 19-foot vintage wooden boat with six people and a dog on board started taking on water ... ''It took on water very quickly and they donned their life vests and jumped out,'' Sergeant Robertson said. One passenger tried to dial 911, but water soaked the cellphone, he said...



“ ''The Romneys took two of the passengers and brought them back to shore,'' Sergeant Robertson said...



“Mr. Fehrnstrom, who spoke to Governor Romney on Sunday about the incident, said the governor's two sons hopped on a motorized water scooter, while the governor got on another. They went to the sinking boat, and Governor Romney brought people to shore while his sons stood by at the scene. The Romneys also saved the family's dog, he said... McKenzie, a Scotty, the family dog.”

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6 years ago

So...neither of you will answer the specific questions that I have asked. Neither of you are willing to address Romney's flaws and that is huge.  I find this to be a total lack of candor on the part of the extreme right.   It's frustrating to try to have open and serious discourse with people who won't be truthful.  What this all amounts to is that anything Romney has done is fine and good because he's a Republican.  Every single thing Obama has done is wrong - even his very origins are somehow wrong - no matter what he does.


Therefore, I must conclude that it is a waste of time to try to have an honest discussion with those on the extreme right.   

6 years ago


They never answer questions. They just  without backing anything up.


Also, did you notice how fast Mitt Romney ("Mitt." ), a relatively unknown, out-of-touch, corporate elitist who most people don't even seem to really like, became some kind of quasi-hero to the disgruntled right-wing goons in this group?




"Let's see who's running aganist Obama this year.  Okay ... he's a Republican ... ... he's white ... ... sounds good enough to me! Vote for Mitt Romney!"




White and right wins the day again.


6 years ago

Right, Christian. I can't believe the spinning about the metaphysical grave-robbing Romney has done.  That's an outrage to Orthodox Jews. You can't say that this kind of desecration is harmless because the baptized are dead.  The survivors of the dead have the right to have their dead left in peace. What if Obama did that?  Do you think the extreme right would ever stop screaming about it?


Know what else bothers me?  If you visit the right wing groups here you will read post after post about how amusing it is that Obama's security detail was compromised.  And the extreme right also calls themselves the patriots in this country.  But they are quite comfortable with the potential assassination of Obama.  How is that being a patriot?  To me, that is being a huge traitor.

6 years ago

Also, many of these dead Orthodox Jews were Holocaust survivors.  How do you think their surviving relatives feel after somebody like Romney goes in and desecrates their graves.  Even in death, they can't be left in peace.  Frigging Mormon busybodies have to "right" the "wrong" of these dead having been Jewish in the first place.  And isn't that racism?

6 years ago

I believe in death that a person's life and wishes should be respected and honored.  That should never be messed with and there is no excuse to do so.


6 years ago

Good to know Romney was fiscally responsible Sheila. 


All they do is collect names Suzanne.  Once your dead your dead.  Nothing can hurt you anymore.

6 years ago

But it can hurt your surviving relatives.  At the very least, it communicates volumes about disrespect for the dead.  


But I guess Romney is sure that he's right and all the dead Orthodox Jews were wrong.  That's what makes him so despicable.  "A higher seat in heaven?"  The audacity, the arrogance, of that statement.





6 years ago

Cam, When I die, they can take what they want and then turn me to ash.  Those are my wishes.  I expect them to be honored.  I would not want someone changing anything about my life, my practices, my beliefs, upon my death, unless those were my wishes.


It is disrespectful to say the least.



6 years ago

Romney's religious discrimination at Bain:

6 years ago

It is not what they do Sue.  You have to investigate the religion itself to understand what it is they do with the names.  It is not sacreligious ..... nothing like that at all. Far from disrespectful if you take the time to learn what it is that they actually do.   Nothing to it.  As an atheist I actually do not care.  Most independent voters won't either.  This is just a ruse to make it look like he belongs to some super secret society who does 'evil' things with the names of the dead.  Just another day in the war on something by the Obama administration.


Want to talk audiacity?  Arrogance Angelica?  Lets talk about Obama ......

6 years ago

Sheila, thank you for that info on Romney.  It is good to know.  Was his religion ever an issue in your state?  Or is it a figment of Obama's bad imagination?

6 years ago

Want to talk audiacity?  Arrogance Angelica?  Lets talk about Obama ......


I give up.  Did you not read any of my posts?

Spot on ...
6 years ago

Cam, When I die, they can take what they want and then turn me to ash.  Those are my wishes.  I expect them to be honored.  I would not want someone changing anything about my life, my practices, my beliefs, upon my death, unless those were my wishes.


It is disrespectful to say the least.


How dare anyone take it upon themselves to apply their fukking religious beliefs upon my dead remains.  That I am dead is sort of not the point.  That it is disrespectful to target - yes target - someone when they are helpless - is. 


It has nothing to do with Obama, hell-the fuk-o?  What sort of dumbass comment is that? 


6 years ago

When I am dead, there is nothing any living person on this planet or being in this universe can do that is either gonna to make better or make worse my destin(y)/ation.  So you can "impose" or act from the heart with forms of kindness, it is not going to change anything (for me).  Prayers are for the living...


I see some atheists up in a roar when people choose to pray for them as well.  I find it humorous because if it was me doing the praying, I can either tell you about it, or do it behind your back.  So, WTF?


Respect for the "dead" is only meant for the "living".

6 years ago

And what does this kind of desecration do to the living survivors? It only adds to their grief and lack of peace.  It also smacks of superiority.  The Mormons obviously feel superior to the Orthodox Jews. If you know anything about Orthodox Jewish belief, this is an outrage.  They are not philosophical about it. If they don't want it, who the hell is Romney to continue to do it?  And Romney looks crazy, like a fringe lunatic, for having done this. My original point was that anyone who has engaged in this kind of behavior is not presidential material.  And he never will be. He can't possibly win.

6 years ago

Not arguing with you directly as I agree with some of your points.  And "yes", there is mostly a superiority complex with regards to religion, the reason why I laugh when the religious preach tolerance or whatever..


As for the Jewish side of this, as a non-Jew I have experienced their form of superiority as well so no one is void of it.


And it does sorta fringe like.  But honestly I do not know why you sweat it.  I said here about 6 months back that it is gonna be Romney vs Obama and that Obama is gonna win...  


And that is how it is gonna go down.

6 years ago

And Cam and Sheila, would you please answer my question about Kenyan Tribal Witch Doctors, because I am anxious to hear what you have to say about that.  How would the right wing react if KTWD snuck into a Baptist cemetery and re-baptized all the dead republicans there for Chango (whom many tribes also refer to as "Chango, The Penis, Our Creator")?  Would they think it was "nice?"  Would the survivors of the dead say, "Gee, thanks."  I really want an answer to this question. Please.

The Creator of Penis
6 years ago

Do it (baptise) for me now while I can still use it...  

6 years ago

Dying is easy for the dead, Tommy.  It is hardest, usually, on those left behind.  Why add to their sadness, by messing around with anything relating to the one who dies, when it is not your business?  That shows no respect.



Angelica, Romney very well may win the election.  It is yet to be seen.  There is no sure win as of this date for anyone.  I would hope you don't judge those who may support him by this event or the dog event.  There are a myriad of reasons beyond that, that hold great importance, and different views that  many will make decisions on.

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6 years ago

 It is hardest, usually, on those left behind. 


I agree...  But I am comforted with the hope that they do not have to put up with the same bullsh!t the living do...    In the end, they might be better off than we are now....  

6 years ago

I get that, but it doesn't change the fact that someone decides to do something without consent.  Even in death to me that matters.  It's dishonorable, deceitful, disrespectful and wrong.

6 years ago

  Interesting, very interesting.

6 years ago

That is where you and I are gonna differ I suppose, Homey.  I can see where it is disrespectful I suppose to your (the dead's) wishes, do not think it is the other points you are making.

6 years ago

To each his own... 

6 years ago

I mean, if you really think about it, how is one (stranger) to know the wishes of the dead unless it is written on their tombstone?  Do I get mad or call foulplay on a person who wishes to frequent a cemetary and pray for the dead even though I might be against such an act?  If their intent is honest and they mean only well?


Not to say you are anyone is acting out as such, but I think we have to make sure that when we engage such a topic, that we are just not acting out of emotion.  I think we perceive this (baptizing the dead) as Angelica eluded to, as an act of superiority and our first reaction is to tell someone to phuck off.


Now if someone or anyone here believes that the acts or words spoken at such a ritual has power over the dead, I can see why some might be up in a roar.

Tommy ...
6 years ago

When I am dead, there is nothing any living person on this planet or being in this universe can do that is either gonna to make better or make worse my destin(y)/ation.  So you can "impose" or act from the heart with forms of kindness, it is not going to change anything (for me).  Prayers are for the living...


This is true ... however, it's not so much about how these things affect me when I am dead, but the behavior of the people who are alive.  They are not acting with respect for the dead.  To me, THAT is the point. 


It is not so much about the dead as it is the living. 




6 years ago

Uno, Too funny, I was just coming back to check this thread.  You pretty much express what my response would have been.  It's really not about the actual person who is dead at all.  Goes beyond that.

I guess I see it this way ...
6 years ago

I mean, if you really think about it, how is one (stranger) to know the wishes of the dead unless it is written on their tombstone?  Do I get mad or call foulplay on a person who wishes to frequent a cemetary and pray for the dead even though I might be against such an act?  If their intent is honest and they mean only well?


If you don't know my wishes, then don't make any presumptions and leave my remains alone. Fuk anyone's "well-meant" intent. If you don't know, then don't presume.


Suzanne ...
6 years ago



6 years ago

did a little of sniffing around and this is what I understand.  Proxies are used and they are the ones dunked or dipped and this is performed at their Temples.  So, no property of the deceased is touched, the deceased are not touched, the family (unless they are themsleves Mormon) would have no knowledge of this.


Presumptious it has been called, some might agree.  But we all have friends and loved ones that intercede somehow on our behalf, to their higher being.  Do you, the ones who get riled up, get pissed off at them as well or do you take it as a kind gesture?


I think this argument is one based on emotion and is a "my religion is better than yours" one..  At least for the religious types...

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My Mom...
6 years ago

prayed that we would find our satellite...    She says God listens to her prayers..  


I said (in a Joisey akzent) "Mah, we know where da satellite is, we just can'ot communicate wit eet"


She meant well..  

6 years ago

Angelica, Romney very well may win the election.  It is yet to be seen.  There is no sure win as of this date for anyone.  I would hope you don't judge those who may support him by this event or the dog event.  There are a myriad of reasons beyond that, that hold great importance, and different views that  many will make decisions on.


Good point, Suzanne.  I am not going to hold Romney against anyone here.  I like Cam and Sheila - and everyone else here.  But I find the glossing over of what Romney has done to be frustrating.  The election has to mean more to voters than "Let's get rid of Obama."  Who we put into office matters a great deal.  I think that Romney has demonstrated that he is not the one.  


Flava, praying for the dead is different than rebaptizing them into another faith.  


Elie Weisel on Mormon baptisms of Orthodox Jews:

6 years ago

I think Romney in the past has lacked some serious judgement.  I don't condone it.  I also consider it and keep considering what comes.  I would hope one would consider who they vote for very carefully.



6 years ago

Tommy, luvs the joisey accent


I have to say I am not big on ceremony when it comes to death.  Death is final and that is all.  However, for anyone to decide what they feel is best for you and it is not your wishes whether you know they do it or not.  I say is bullshyte.


Uno's right, stay away from my dead ass and don't presume you know what's best. 


As far as well intentioned, maybe so.  But still...did I ask for it?

6 years ago

Do not know what further to say.  To me in my finite thinking, if it does not change where the dead is or is going, then it is purely symbolic.  And it is not different as the earnest prayers of one might be against my will, what I wish for in my life.


To me, war of doctrine... nothing more...


6 years ago

Everyone is entitled to their view.  I don't hold it against you in any way.  I get what you're saying.  There is truth to it.



Just do me a favor, don't come near me when I die

6 years ago

OK, I promise...  

6 years ago

I am gonna baptize your site with a 40 ounce...

6 years ago

Well, now... I guess I could be flexible.

6 years ago

6 years ago

I can see Angelica's point.  Not only is it disrespectful to the dead, and their families, (which is a sign of a sociopathic mind, the same mind-set that allows; in worse cases; for theft, rape, murder, and all kinds of stuff that people with little or no moral compass are capable of);


But it also shows a fanaticism for religion, which, to me sets off serious alarms.  Yet another self-righteous lunatic (and a blind follower, too) who thinks he's "saving" people by inflicting his own warped sense of morality on them. 


Religious zealots are followers.  They are cultists.  The only difference between fanatical Christians, Catholics, Muslims, and such; and those who join Jim Jones-type groups; is how widely accepted their cult of choice is.  That's the only difference.  The mind-set is the same.  They really feel they're heroes, or soldiers for their "one true god", or whatever it is they hand their intellect and better judgement over to. 


I would advise that people beware of anyone who claims to "know" who or what put us here, why, and what that creator actually wants.  Those people are kidding themselves, or worse; they're outright lying; and taking your mind as well as your money. 


Life doesn't come with a text book.  Life itself will teach you, whether you like it or not.  When you let a book do all your thinking, and give you all your answers, well, that's like copying off someone else's paper.  Unfortunately, it's not the teacher's paper.  And you're certainly not learning anything if you're not thinking. 


Having faith is one thing, and to each their own.  But, blind faith is dangerous as hell.  More have died in the name of "god" than for any other reason.

6 years ago

But it also shows a fanaticism for religion, which, to me sets off serious alarms.  Yet another self-righteous lunatic (and a blind follower, too) who thinks he's "saving" people by inflicting his own warped sense of morality on them. 


This is what I have been trying to say, but I did not say it as well as you did, Shane.  This is it, exactly.

6 years ago

Yes Angelica I read your posts but honestly religion for me is a non issue.  Don't have one and don't care about it.  I have never heard Romney preaching his religion anywhere - ever.  If he did then I would worry but he never has.  To me all this is just distraction.  Noise and I tend to just blow it out.


I don't care about it.  Its crap.  I think most independents would be the same.  They, like me will care about how much money they can keep after they pay taxes.  What the cost of gas is (which I don't really because I rarely go anywhere anymore but it affects my kids).  What the cost of food it and if you are older you really care about the size of your national debt.


At least I do because it is a sign to me of how successful or unsuccessful we are as a nation.  Everything in the world right now is based on your American dollar.  I am content with that because up until your debt started sprialing out of control I trusted America to keep fiscal restraint at the top of your list.


What kind of shape are you going to be in if interest rates start to rise?  They will have to you know if your debt is not stopped.  It has to be stopped and you must get your triple AAA rating back.  Very important.  But I think young folks do not tend to worry about things that that and everyone under sixty is young to me.


We lost our triple AAA rating here in Canada about ten years ago and it really devalued our dollar.  At one time it was worth about sixty cents against your American dollar.  That hurt us a lot here in Canada but we deserved it because we were allowing our government to spend money we did not have on things we could not afford.


Guess it depends on what is important to you.  Hey, I LIKE Obama.  I think he is probably a very nice guy.  A good father.  But his work record was dismal.  His decision making is just not there.  He is not a leader.  It is one thing to like someone and quite another to believe he would be a good leader.  


Have to tell you I was not a fan of John McCain either.  Think he should have been put out to pasture years ago but I would have voted for him over Obama.  I would have voted for Hilary over McCain.  Just the way I am.  Not a follower of any particular party no matter how people try to paint me.  I support results.


My wife? Different mind set all together.  She would have voted for McCain because of Palin.  I like Palin - but would have supported McCain because at least he had a work record of results - unlike Obama had.

6 years ago

Well, I hear what you're saying, but I honestly have to say that I do feel that the extreme right wants to dictate to the rest of the country about morality, values, and in having different laws for different groups of people.  I can't stand the extreme right and I have seen the GOP going more and more in that direction.  Romney performing these baptisms - this is more in that direction.  It's a wrong direction for our country to take.  Tolerance does not seem to exist to the extreme right. 


Don't you think, Cam, that Obama's record isn't so great because he has had nothing but opposition from the GOP Senate & House members? They've been quite open about how they weren't going to do anything he wanted throughout his administration; how they would always vote the opposite.   Aren't they the ones we need to get rid of?  They put personal power before the needs of the country. I wonder why the extreme right can't see through that to realize that they hurt all of us.

6 years ago

Naw, not extreme.  Only when it comes to fiscal retraint because it HAS to be done. 


Obama owned all three houses for the first two years.  He should have been razor focused on the economy and wasted time pushing through a health care bill that is probably going to be thrown out.  All he did was golf.  Never even wrote the thing.  When Clinton was in office Hilary and her gang did.  Wrote it that is and that was a bill that I thought would pass.  This one?  Obama sat back and did nothing.  He is a puppet.


Your congress since 2010 has passed all kinds of things.  The senate which is Democratically controlled?  Nothing - not even a budget (in over 1200 days actually so not even when the Dems controlled it) which is required by law.  Where is the outrage over that?  No where.  Thats where and people are starting to figure it out Angelica.


The Democratic Senate is the level of your government not doing a dang thing.  Obama is ruling America right now - not governing.  It is rule and regulation from unelected people and I never thought I would see the day that any American would think that was okay.  Its not.  It is not contstitutional and it is not how our countries are supposed to run.

6 years ago

He did not play golf all the time.  

My outrage is for Romney's fringe wingnut actions.


Obama isn't perfect, but he isn't a right wing extremist, so I'll support him, because I feel that the extremist right must be defeated.

6 years ago

No, instead he is a left wing extremist.  Which is worse.

6 years ago

Back to the ol' "right vs. left" thing again?  They're two sides of the same coin.  Obama and Romnay both will lead us to ruin. 

6 years ago

Shane:  they are not by a long shot the same.  Who would you want, Sarah Palin?


Romney knows econominics and he is the ONLY one of the GOP who can turn this failing economy around, the direction of this country is going down under Obama.


Obama will go so all the way to the left if he gets re-elected and socialism not democratic republic will be the policy of this country.  We have enuf socialist policies in play today without more.  Obamacare is the worst policy ever.  It is an assault upon the middle and working class and heavy taxes will be levied and those IRS agents were not hired to stand around or look at just tax filings.


I am curious Shane who you would have wanted.  I know in the past, you rallied for Palin.  Who is your pick today?


Romney will support conservative idealogy and he pledged at many major speeches to work upon the foundations of the U.S. Constitution and keep our country intact upon the Founding Fathers' inititatives; which this country is built upon.


Radical Obama will rewrite the Constitution as his team is in place and he has publically dissed the constitution many times.


Romney never mixed religion with governorship; he balanced budgets every year brought an ailing state which was in the red back to the black and gave us a rainy day fund for emergencies.   He downsized bloated state government and stopped duplicity of departments.  Yet, the people did not have any lapse in govt. service, it improved because it was efficient.   

6 years ago

I guess any time a president tries to actually do anything for the people, the right will complain that he is an extremist.  Obama is anything but an extremist.  He has been far too concliatory towards the extremists on the right.  

6 years ago

Ok  so  if  we  are  into  oneupmanship.......



6 years ago

WOAH!!!   No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!  Palin?!  Hell no!  Never in my life! 


Actually, last election, (before I really had any inkling as to how things really worked), I supported Obummer.  My bad. 


This time, I support Ron Paul.  But, even he is only the best of the batch. 


If I had the funds and the networking skills, I'd start up "The Common Sense Party." That's what people need.  It's in very short supply, here in the U.S.  There's nothing "common" about it, anymore.


All this crap about left vs right, dem vs. rep, and all these petty labels are the opposite of common sense.  I feel like I'm watching pro-wrestling, live, and being the only person in the crowd that doesn't think it's real. 


And even if it is "real", it's still like Chris Rock says, in regards to the political spectrum, and joining parties: "Anyone who makes up their mind BEFORE they've hit an issue, is an idiot!"


Does no one actually look at the big picture, does no one understand that elections are (or should be) esentially a series of job-interviews. 


So, while character is important, it's unreliable, because these guys can SAY whatever they feel like, and we can choose to believe or disbelieve. 


But of all of them, who's ACTIONS have been consistent, who's proposed solutions make the most sense? 


That's what we have to focus on. 


Somehow, someway, somewhere along the line; this country came to the confusion that there are only two sides, two ways to look at things, and so two parties became the norm.  Why?  'Cause they have the money to keep themselves in the forefront, and to keep the opposition out of the limelight. 


Really, America?  Really?!  Black & white, cut & dry?  That simple?  Really? 


One stupid linear spectrum by which to gauge one's points of view?  What happened to "thinking outside the box"? 


This is the mindset we get when we only consider what we've been given to consider.  When we don't want to think for ourselves. 


And yes, I know Paul is one of those "party" types, too.  I figured, though, since America refuses to think outside their media-box (tv), it's not really worth considering candidates from outside those parties, now.  They'll never even be mentioned.  That's why I choose Paul.  He's a GOP, yeah, but, at least he seems to be honest about what he's about, his track record is good, and he's the only one that really makes any damn sense. And despite his being GOP, he DOES think outside the box. 


If there are any REAL republicans, it'd be him.  These others?  Puppets for the same corporate overlords.  Golden Sacs and all the rest. So yes, they are two sides of the same coin.  And it's a false coin.  The NWO coin. 


Oh, I know, I'm a "conspiracy nut", now. 


But, answer me this:


If there is no conspiracy; then how is it; that year after year, president after president, senator and rep after senator and rep; do we see only more and more failure? 


Why is it that nothing ever drastically improves? 


How is it that throughout several decades; the ever-changing 545 people in charge of our nation have taken their higher education, their vast resources, panels of experts, and so on; how is it that they have been so consistently FAILING, if they are not doing it on purpose?


You could take many poor "common folk" off the street sit them in those 545 seats for one year, and watch how fast things turn around. 


So, how is it that our good ol' Dems and GOPS can't manage it?  They've got the credientials, they've got the money, they've got all the tools they need.  Their parties are supported by millions across the nation, and yet, they fail.  Fail. Fail. Fail, and fail. 


So, who then, is the "nut"?  The person who recognizes a possible pattern and calls attention to it; or the millions who think that doing the same thing over and over is somehow going to change the outcome each time? 


I'll stop short of the Einstein quote, I think we all know how it goes. 



6 years ago

Should have told SSL that you are a die hard Paul supporter Shane.  What are you going to do when Paul does not win and directs his people to vote for Romney?  What then?  None of the Paul supporters will ever answer this question.  Paul is setting things up for his son.  His time is done.  He is an old man.


Michael, get it right.  Romney never ate dog ..... Obama did.

6 years ago

Dr. Paul likes Romney and vice versa, Romney NEEDS Dr. Paul and I am sure he will be on his cabinet.  They are very close and that is NOT suppossed to be out there.

Even way back when all were running, Paul supporters were in great terms with Romney's people in Manchester NH.  


Romney is a novice about Wash.D.C., he NEEDS Paul and he likes Paul a lot, the only candidate that he never attacked and neither did his team.  Romeny wants Paul with him as a President.  He agrees with much of Paul's policies.


6 years ago

Michael:  you are so confused that you are pathetic.


Obama ate dogs while his transvestite nanny cared for him.

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6 years ago

If that's true, then they are all well and truly a lost cause.  I vote then for myself; the only one I can trust. 




6 years ago


obama slaughters horses for food, Ken Salazar head of land management heads it up

6 years ago

As an American citizen who is really concerned with this country, I eduate myself on these candidates and I have no idea where you are coming from Shane.


Educate yourself, read their speeches, sites, platforms, you are off in zaneyville and quite paranoid.

Obama and Romney are clearly pointing out their positions.

Obama is class dividing and businesses are running in fear and WILL NOT hire people.

Romney will be a president who will build The work force, businesses will HIRE under romney.


Romney did well by MA and he was NO far right winger and that is what Obama people are trying to paint him as now.  "A right wing nut like the tea party types"  he is NOT and he was ravaged by these same within the GOP who wanted the extreme right wingers as POTUS. 


The INdpendents would never accept that type for POTUS, NEVER.


I have no idea what you are complaining about, that you would only vote for yourself, good for you, then.  You are not helping the country for sure with that attitude.

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"Educating" oneself ...
6 years ago

does not always mean that everyone is going to come to the same conclusions.


SL ... what do you mean "businesses are running in fear and WILL NOT hire people." Where do you get that info? 


6 years ago


I've noticed that Sheila likes to share info, but never the source. The unfortunate result of that is a complete lack of credibility on her part.





6 years ago
Now there's a plan Shane!  Doesn't matter who you choose to vote for - as long as you vote!
6 years ago

Nothing is ever "clear" with these candidates, SL.  Obama, especially.  Like all his predecessors, he makes promises he hasn't kept. 


Like I said, all these guys can SAY whatever they want.  It doesn't matter.  What they say.  Only what they do.  Obama has done littel good, in fact, he's done more harm thatn good. 


Seems like he's picking up where Bush left off. 


This is what I want: 


-Universal health care.  Our taxes should handle it.


-No more FED Reserve.  It was born of a false-flag, and should never have existed. 


-Education reform.  I wanna see people being raised to be leaders, to think for themselves, to see things for what they are, not indoctrinated to accept this sick pathetic society we live in now.


-I wanna see magnetic and/or cold-fusion technology replace fossible fuel, so that

a) our troops can come home and not be killed for oil that should have been obsolete decades ago.

b) we can power our homes and vehicles indefinitely without depending on fossil fuel

c) without the oil influence, we the people thrive and can actually LIVE, rather than the mere existene most of us are limited to. 


And so much more.  I'm a bit drunk tonight, so, not al my thoughts are with me, but, there's so much more. 


So, yeah, when I say I'D be better off in charge than our two-party patsies, I mean it, an I'm not just saying tha to be obnoxious.  These people suck.  All people suck, I guess, including me, but, I daresay I suck less than those currently running the show. 


Voting?  In order to vote for one of these people, you have to register with their party.  I'm not inclined to do so.  I honor common sense, I honor people who THINK, I honor the bigger better deal for all humanity; and neither party offers those things.  MY honor doesn't allow me to pledge my allegiance to any of them, really.  I support Ron Paul, since he's the closest to what I want, but, he's Republican, and I'm not going to register as such to vote for him or anyone. Not that it matters, they'll pull another "Florida miscount" or something akin, if the results don't suit their purposes.


Many who ARE registered already as GOP, I hope they would choose Paul over the jack-wagon the media pushes.  How long, how long do we have to see the two-party system fail miserably before we decide to say F--K the media, F--K who they push, F--K who they talk about, and we as a people; as the 200 million+ CEOS of this nation; decide to FIRE our insubordinate and counter-productive servants?!   What more do we need to see?! 


Scared?!  Paranoid?! 


No.  I'm frustrated.  I'm p----d off at this Republic, at this society.  I honestly feel like I'm trapped in some B-rated horror flick, where I'm one of the few who sees the threat, and acknowledges it, and my peers are all oblivious and content to remain so. 


And if I'm wrong?  Great!  Problem solved!  But if you consider what I said in the last segment of my previous post, I think maybe you'll find yourself wondering whether you should be paranoid, too. 


Above all, NEVER stop asking: WHY?


Our parent may hate that game growing up, but it's no game.  It's the most important question there is in this world. 


When you follow every answer you get with that question, you come closer and closer to truths, however inconvenient you may find them. 


So, I'll ask one mor time: 


WHy do you think it is that for several decades, the most educated, well-resourced and powerful people in our society have so consistently FAILED to make this the best country they can? 


If anyone truly thinks we're the best on Earth, you don't even need to respond to me.  It's not worth my time debating with you, if you think the U.S. is still the "best".  I'm not sure we ever really were, at this point.  "Great nations built from the bones of the dead with mud and straw..."  Not something to be proud of. 


But, we COULD be.  We could make it happen.  We could be a shining example to the rest of the Earth.  We could lead in truth by that example, not by bullying other nations into doing as we do. 


When you're right, you're right, and others will see that, and mimick.  Until there's very little left to divide us. 


THAT's a new world order for you.  Science.  Facts.  All components working together for the good of all. 


Not a competition to see who's smarter, sho can build better bombs, who can buy who.  That's all superficial and very limiting bulls--t.  It's time to stop thinking about left and right. Time to stop thinking about rich and poor.  Time to stop thinking about who's deity is more real than who's.  It's time to look onward and upward. 


But, as long as we cater to the two-party "system", we will be stuck in midieval times, and remain primitive, and, in the grand scheme of things; worse than useless as a race of beings.





6 years ago

I'm not drunk, I'm just thinking  


Keep the faith Shane.

6 years ago

lol  Those two are hard to do at the same time, lol! 

I will vote ...
6 years ago

for Shane ...


Seriously ... I feel your pain ... I wish there were other viable candidates ... but I don't necessarily care for Ron Paul, don't thnk there will be any candidates running independently who have even the slightest chance, and I don't care to throw away my vote. 


Therefore, I'll likely stick with the lesser of two evils unless something else happens along the way.

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I suppose ...
6 years ago

thinking like my thinking is part of the problem, but unless something unprecedented happens, I will play the game. 


Sad, maybe, but sometimes that's just what one has to do.

6 years ago


I definitely disagree with the definition of "throwing votes away." To vote for someone you don't want to vote for is throwing your vote away. I couldn't care less if the person I'm voting for has no chance of winning, because I'm not voting for them based on whether they will win. And the only reason they have no chance of winning is because no one else will vote for them specifically because they decided in advance that the person has no chance of winning, so it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.


That's all fine and dandy until the same people who didn't vote for the third person start complaining that "we need a third party." That just boggles the mind. You had a chance to vote for a third party, but you didn't, and now you're asking for a third party again, and you want them to somehow magically win without votes.



That's brilliant.   


That's the difference between you and me ...
6 years ago


If someone could come up with a viable third party rather than subfactions and independents who have no chance ... but it appears that no one can. 


Ergo ... I don't like to throw my votes away. 


Think about it. 


6 years ago

I've thought about it, and the one nagging question remains: where does the viability come from without the votes?

And what's the definition of "viable"? That word gets thrown around a lot, but no one seems to be able to explain what the threshold for viability is or how a party is expected to become viable without votes and support.

6 years ago

Uno and Christian:


I would say you both make very good points. 


On one hand, a vote for a doomed candidate/party is one less vote empowering the better of the two likely candidates. 


On the other hand, yes, that very thought is a big part of what keeps indy parties from gaining much strength. 



For me, I would say that yes, a 3rd party is needed, and it would need support, BUT, like Uno says, I want to see something solid.  I want to see something that really has IT. 


So, I refer to this phantom, would-be party as "The Common Sense Party", and I'm hoping it gets born someday. 


The problem I see with a lot of Indy parties is they are often too narrow on their focus, or too vague and wide open to interpretation. 


Like the "Tea Party".  It has implications, basically, just by its name; of anarchy and rebellion. But that mindset isn't focused enough, too disorganized, too much like rolling the dice. 


The "Greean Party", by it's name implies a huge focus on the environment.  An admirable thing, no doubt, but it also implies that all other things are then secondary. 


To me, humans are primary.  Making life easier for the common citizens.  Making the ebb and flow of society less strenuous to all, making a much friendlier world, where people can truly LIVE rather than struggle like hell only to exist. 


Fortunately, the way I see it, perpetual energy sources are a big part of making all that possible.  So, going green is still key, but, that doesn't have to mean sacrificing our transportation, our electric use, and ect. There have GOT to be ways to eliminate fossil fuel dependency. I'm sure several have been discovered, but they cut into the profits of our upper-class, so, they get stomped on. 


Honestly, by registering to vote for either of our main-stream parties, I feel like I'm part of the problem.  So, no, I likely won't be bothering. 


That may be throwing my vote away, but, it's better than tossing my pearls to swine.  Besides, it's an inconvenience that yields little to no reward.  Not much incentive.  I may register REP just this once, though, on the off chance I can be some small help getting Paul over.  I'll think on it.

Your vote is yours ...
6 years ago

and you should do what you want with it ...


A party is viable when it appeals to enough voters to make it viable.  Apparently, no alternate party has been able to do that yet ... therefore ... no viable third party.  Seems pretty simple to me. 



Bingo ...
6 years ago

The problem I see with a lot of Indy parties is they are often too narrow on their focus, or too vague and wide open to interpretation. 


And there are just too many of them. I'm not a mathematician ... in fact I sucked at math ... but even I can spot the logic in that. 




6 years ago

<<A party is viable when it appeals to enough voters to make it viable.  Apparently, no alternate party has been able to do that yet ... therefore ... no viable third party.  Seems pretty simple to me.>>


They haven't been able to do that because ... drumroll please ... no one will vote for them. Seems pretty simple to me too. Lots of people like other parties but don't vote for them because they ... drumroll please ... don't want to "throw their vote away."


6 years ago


Is this too narrow of a focus or vague and wide open to interpretation, or is it a solid party platform?


6 years ago

Well, Christian, I will say that their aims seem to mirror my own, for the most part, more so than Ron Paul's even. 


Still, there is a lot of room for interpretation as the HOW of it all, ya know?  All those goals are truly honorable, and I support them.  But the means do matter to me. 


More importantly, if you want to sell an idea to the masses, or a series of ideas that would comprise a political party's agenda; then you should be as specific and down-to-the-wire as possible. Spell it all out, show people down to the last detail how and why it could work, and you will win their faith.


Perhaps they have links to such things, but, I don't have time right now to check into it. 



Still, it is a very interesting page, and I shared the link for it on my FB. 


As to the original argument, it's pretty much a catch-22.  You and Uno both make very valid points, and it really comes down to personal preference at that point.  It's pretty much 50/50. 

Unfortunately, the rest of the country generally doesn't even consider this issue, so, for the time being, nothing will likely change.


6 years ago


Using the criteria you set forth, (" ... be as specific and down-to-the-wire as possible. Spell it all out, show people down to the last detail how and why it could work, and you will win their faith."), where are the Dems or Republicans doing this? Do their sites spell out all the whys and wherefores? I honestly don't know because I haven't read any of their piffle, but I'm guessing they are all promising things they ultimately won't or can't deliver, so I don't see how voting for them yet again will produce any results.


6 years ago

As I understand it you only have to be a party member to vote for people running for the head of the party right?  In your federal elections anyone can vote for anyone?  It is odd that in some states you can be and independent and vote for either party or both when it comes to leadership.


This much I know for the good or the bad of it if Obama wins another four years he is going to bankrupt America with the way his administration spends.  You need to stop that by pink slipping the guy.  What I have found important is to follow whoever wins the seat that represents me.  I am sure I am a pain in the ass to the Conservative majority we now have as I am always contacting them.  Never thought it made a difference - but it does when we the voters hold them accountable to us.

6 years ago


Because, of course, Bush the Republican never bankrupted the country.


6 years ago

What have any of the repub candidates said specifically about job creation?  All I have heard is that if we give bigger tax breaks to corporations, they "may" decide to start manufacturing at home.  This is not a jobs plan.  It is more of the right's "trickle down" theory.


When you look at the fact that the repubs inflicted Citizen's United on the country and their elected politicians benefit from it in huge financial ways (via corporate perks), then who is it that's bankrupting the country?

6 years ago

The democrats reap the same benefit from Citizen's United.  They are not innocent to any of it.  They have their buddies just like the republicans.


Angelica, I am curious, what has President Obama done to address job creation? 



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6 years ago


Okay guys, seriously. You need to forget about that "job creation" canard. I cannot believe any of you still believe that a president (or any government official) has any power whatsoever to "create jobs." Jobs come from the private sector, not from government. What is it that you guys don't understand about that?


Do you actually believe a POTUS is going to get jobs for out-of-work graphic design artists, editors, archeologists, florists, librarians, biologists, chemical engineers, physiotherapists, human resourse managers, carpenters, and actors?




Explain how that would work, and then explain how and why you believe this to be true.


6 years ago

Kind of my point.

First off....
6 years ago

neither sector (private/government) creates job per say, the demand for a product or service creates jobs.


The government can stir the economy by offering incentives to the private sector.  This can be in the form of contracting out services for starters - fair contracting practices could see smaller companies awarded the contracts; hiring starts.


The government can award incentives to companies that decide to bring the jobs back home to ths US.  No company in their right mind is going to do this on their own as it will certainly mean the death of their company.  This being mostly the consumer's problem since most do not care where their sh!t come from or how their sh!t is made, they just want it as cheap and in as many variations as possible.


So, the government plays a very big role in this and whatever they put into place that allows the economy to flourish, they will (and should) take credit for.

6 years ago

these same forms of incentives can be offered to the public, stirring them to start spending their monies, putting it back into the economy, putting it back into the companies that hire, source and build in the U.S.  But the incentives offered to the masses can come from either sector but I would guess most would prefer it coming from the government in the form of tax breaks.


Where the private sector will always prevail over the government is with innovation, as it should.  The creative minds have mostly left the government and are in the private sector, at the institutes of higher learning, in the industry.. Hell, even in the garages these days...  If the government wants them back, offer incentives in the form of schooling and make those who bite, serve in the civil service somehow...

6 years ago

Government, fair contracting practices = 


Government certainly can make private business more sustainable, and in a better position to grow, or at least survive.



6 years ago

I say we stop negotiating with terrorists.  These businesses who wanna outsource to other countries, and put those poor people through all that abuse overseas only to sell back to us...I say we give 'em a spanking:


You wann operate overseas in shady factories?  You don't wanna hire Americans, and pay Americans; since it cuts into your already oversized and undeserved bonuses that you CEO-type scum add to your already oversized and mostly undeserved incomes; but you're more than happy to take AMericans' money? 


I say, if they produce overseas, then they will be declared a foreign company.  All their stuff then becomes foreign imports, but, since they are supposed to be American based, then tax the living hell out of them.  Put a huge fee on all the crap they bring in from their sweat-shops overseas. 


People here won't be able to afford their crap anymore, and they'll lose money.  THEN they'll reconsider, methinks. 


We can't coddle these people.  They got where they are because they play hardball, because they have no scruples, becasue they have no human compassion or decency.  THey will step on whomever they need to.  You don't bend over for these people, you slap them silly, bend their arms behind their backs, and shove a giant titanium dildo up their a$$-cracks.  That's all they understand.  That's what they respond to.  America has to turn around make these scum OUR bit ches.  Literally.  Fukk them harder than they fukk us. 


These are business men.  They have no hearts, and if they have feelings, who cares?  THey certainly don't care about ours. 


That's what I'd do.  No more coddling.  No more cow-towing.  No mercy for the merciless.

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6 years ago

Declaring them a foreign company might even be a benefit to them, who knows.  


Also, time in and time out the media has revealed the working conditions of some of these people in other countries, what they earn and what they have to go through.  Is your computer made in China, own an Apple product, Dell, HP?


I would say the consumer is just as heartless, no?

6 years ago

The consumer isn't heartless.  Really, we're just about into serfdom in the U.S., too, so, it's one slave using somethign built by another. 


It wouldn't benefit them to add those outrageous fees, to the point where no one will buy their crap anymore, and therefore, they'll lose their U.S. market. 


Plus, allowing them to be U.S. based companies and still use those practices puts a HUGE stain on the integrity of our nation, does it not? 


So, by doing this, we


A) force them to not be able to sell in America, as no one will be able to afford their crap. 


B) They are no longer a U.S. based company, so, they therefore cannot further stain our already terrible reputaion. 


C) If they want to remain U.S. companies, then they have to pay and treat their foreign workers as if they were Americans. 


D) And if they're not going to bring it back home, then their crap becomes unsellable here. 


Any other loopholes I missed? 



6 years ago

Shane lad - you should seriously consider running for office.  You are very articulate and though I disagree with you sometimes you make a lot of very common sense statements.

6 years ago

This is where I feel you are wrong.  The public is made aware of what goes one, you admit it yourself yet chose to punish the manufacturer when in the end, you and I buy the products.  The consumer as well as the manufacturer turn their backs to the problems and if you cannot see that, then you only see half the problem.


The consumer has always had the power...  The consumer sleeps (mostly)...


Instead of making demands of a company, I would rather boycott or not buy their products at all.  If enough people do this, then maybe they would rethink their strategy.  Then again, in a global market and with other economies rising, they might tell us to phuck off and sell their products to the other countries.





As for slave...
6 years ago

I would rather say we have allowed ourselves to become dependent, not so much slaves.  The "I have to have ___ or I cannot do/have _____" mentality.  Count laziness towards it, not having enough foresight and some not being as well educated as others are factors as well...

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This post was modified from its original form on 27 Apr, 14:46
As for more expensive products...
6 years ago

made by foreign companies, look for the discussion I had with Christian awhile back about foreign products.  For whatever reason, foreign products are cheaper to obtain in the US than in their own countries.  In other words, items such as german cars are cheaper to buy in the US then they are here.  I do not know why it is, but it is.

6 years ago

Jobs come from the private sector, not from government. What is it that you guys don't understand about that?


Tax incentives for hiring certain demographic groups come from the government. What don't you understand about that? 


Thank you, Cam!
6 years ago



Yes, our public is made aware, and yes, our public chooses not to do anything.  But then, there are reasons. 


The cost of living being a major one.  Yes, we are dependent, to a massive degree. 


Take Walmart for example:  One of the worst things going, and yet, most (including me) can't afford to shop anywhere else.  Maybe we could, if our gas wasn't through the roof, if our jobs paid us decently, if our other bills weren't yet another form legalized extortion. 


So, boycotting products on the grass roots level isn't feasible, most cannot afford to. 


It's all a viscious cycle.  These out-sourcing companies are a big part of our economic problem; but, there IS a problem, so we can't afford to buy the more expensive stuff, so, nothing changes. 


What it all comes down to, in the end, though, is....(shocker alert)...greed. 


Seriously, if we think about it, there's no reason at all for our emplyers not to pay us decently; other than the fact that the corporate heads are intent on increasing their already bloated profits.  Being at the mercy of these types for so many years, I understand it quite well, methinks. 


Walmart, one of the most well-to-do companies, won't hire full-timers unless they really need one; doesn't want to pay the benefits, doesn't want to adequately staff their stores, doesn't want to pay decently; because their executives at the home office lose money when that happens. 


Doesn't matter that they all rake in amounts that make us mere mortals drool just thinking about; they want more.  They certainly don't want less. 


If the corporate heads were interested at all in integrity and such; this world could be saved a hundred times over. 


But, such is capitalism, and the free market.  It is their right to be Scrooge, if they so choose. 


However: these companies that outsource are U.S. based companies really on paper only; but, if they're going to be U.S. based, then they carry our integrity with them wherever they set up shop. 


We can't allow them to run sweat shops.  THeir factories and such overseas should still be run as if they are in the U.S.  Otherwise they become foreign. 


And all foreign imports, be they legit or not; should cost more than domestic goods, that is very definitely a$$-backwards.  Those should definitely be taxed.  We could tax those enough that we could take away some of the taxes imposed on American citizens to make ends meet; thus putting more spending and living money back in OUR pockets, thus allowing us to buy American goods, that will then be comparitively cheaper than imported and heavily taxed goods; thus breathing a whole new life into our country and economy. 


But trying to organize 200 million mostly lower-middle-class-at-best people to boycott anything by buying more expensive goods is an effort in futility. 


I know in Europe, people are more outspoken, less ignorant, and more like to chastise their gov'ts if their govt's get out of line; but that's not who we are anymore.  Things have changed a LOT over here since 1776; and not necessarily for the better. 


As for the "must have" mentality; yes, we can be petty, and foolish that way, but, then again; I also firmly believe in progress.  I believe that when technology comes out, and when there is fun to be had, I, on a personal level can't stand to see anyone being left out. 


So, I fully advocate the "go for the gold" mentality.  Not gold in the greed sense, but in the sense that there should be enough time and room for opportunity in every individual's life to where they can feasibly improve and enrich their lives continually.

Time to spend doing things that are enjoyable, simply for the sake of enjoyment.  Not loving your job, or any of that hot garbage, but, pure recreation.  So few people have enough time for that in America.  And time is the one thing you can never get back.



6 years ago

So, I said that the consumer is just as heartless to which you first said that they are not, then kinda say they are but have a reason.  So which is it?


And, I guess needs trump any sort of moral obligation to our fellow man?   How shallow that, no?


I cannot speak from experience but I do not buy that "I cannot afford to shop anywhere else" statement, especially followed up with excuses whyt that is so.  If gas is so expensive, ride a bike, carpool, walk, no?


As for jobs paying "us" decently.  In my book, if my job is not paying me decently, I get another job, no?


As for Greed, I would tend to agree but I would also say "priority/ies" as well, no?


Last I checked, it was the small businesses that employed more than the giants, at least in the US.  So, what is the excuse for them?


As for wanting more, we all want more, right?  You even said so in your statements that we are not paid enough.


Integrity and corporations.  You never cheated on your taxes, overlooked something, underpaind something, turned the other cheek?


Sweatshops, I agree..  But it is also said that phucked up job is better than no job at all which was the case possibly decades ago in some countries.  I am for protecting my workers, but that is me.  Other than changing their working conditions, what would you pay them?


Taxing imports...  I do not know what a fix is honestly, do not know why things are taxed the way they are, why they even have to be taxed a all.  But with this point and the one before it, jobs were created overseas and this is a good thing because reaching out means being able to do so and not to only those who have the same citizenship.  Other individuals as well as economies have flourished (and suffered) because of this.  Had it been done right (I mean, not taking advantage of the people and environment), it is actually a good thing.


As for Europe in general, I do not feel that statement is correct.  The masses complain and sleep as well over here.  About being less ignorant, not sure how true that is either.  There is some pretty long schooled dumb phucks here as well.


Whenever there is an advancement in technology, something has suffered....  always...

6 years ago


Sorry, but no matter how tough it has gotten for me, I have never stooped to shopping at Walmart. I will simply go without.



6 years ago


6 years ago


That was pretty funny.


Wait ... why?



Christian ...
6 years ago

I'm just in a ... "jocular" mode ... no offense ...


For the next two days, I'm away from the place that sucks the very life out of me 5 days a week ... taking with it my youth and vitality. 




I'm just in a good mood.



6 years ago


For a pure life-sucking experience, you should try conversing with Cam.




I have ...
6 years ago

I think ...


Aw, jeez ...
6 years ago



6 years ago

Flava, first, by heartless but not, I mean that we do care, but unfortunately, we have a multitude of our own problems over here, too.  We're kept very busy. 


Secondly, even by car, my job is half an hour away, and I live in Florida, in the tropics, under that almost year round sauna-maker we call the sun. 


There is no way in hell I'm getting up at 4 in the morning to bike 13 miles so I can spend the next 6 (they won't let me go full-time, there's that glass ceiling again) ruining my knees and ankles and back working on the concrete floor of a dusty stockroom building grills, or out behind the building under that same hot sun running their lawn-tractors; then biking 13 more miles back home. 


That's a hell no. 


Small businesses altogether maybe account for most employment ( I doubt it though), but those each maybe can handle 5 -10 employees, (for arguments sake), as opposed to the hundred or so a place like Walmart or a factory would employ.  And they're still understaffed. The small business generally does what it can, and you won't generally see the owner in a private jet bought by the hard work of those beneath him.  You'll generally find him on site with his sleeves rolled up, working just as hard. 



Obligation to our fellow man: that's one thing, but we don't have to die for everyone, right?  I'd die for my family, my closest friends, maybe, but, strangers on the other side of the world?  No, I'm not going to starve, or be homeless or give up everything I have, and even if my heart was that big it still wouldn't be effective.I would give it all, and for nothing, because I'd be part of a very small percentage doing it.


It is nearly impossible to get 200 million+ people to go through financial hell, take food out of their own childrens' mouths, in the vain hopes of sticking it to some retail giant. It won't happen, and if it did, it wouldn't likely last long. 


So, I go for the more practical approach.  Much easier to deal with the handful of executives engaging in extremely shady business practices than it is to get 200 million people to pay more money for the same products. There's no logic in that that the people would latch onto. 


But there's plenty of logic in my original statement. 


As for integrity, no, I've never cheated on my taxes, I file every year, and that's that.  These corporations are out there doing VERY dark things, and they are American based.  And the lack of legal action, the lack of legal provision for this sort of thing says a lot about our leaders, and all of it bad. And our leaders are our face, our voice to other nations.  That is the face by which we are judged. 


So, with that, so far we are about as endearing as the average mafia crime boss. 


As for sweatshops, they would be instead run just as businesses here are run.  Coupled with a handful of other "suggestions" I have for the running of this country, that would be paradise compared to what even we here in the U.S. have today. 


As for how thing sare over in Europe, I can't argue you there, I've never been there.  I only know what I hear talking to various people who have been, or have lived there.  Each nation is different, I'm sure. 


However, our creating jobs overseas is maybe good for some other countries, (minus the sweatshops); but we over here on the home-soil are suffering for it, and very much so. 


We can't always save the world, but we can look after our corner of it.  I just want what's best for our people. 








6 years ago
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"


Whata guy!

Well Shane...
6 years ago

Who am I to tell you what you should do, how to feel.  You obviously take issue with your job yet still work there for whatever reason.  I do not know what to say..


Lasty I checked, CEOs were not birthed into their jobs, but I could be wrong.  My limited experience shows me that the higher up the food chain one is, the less time they have for themselves.  In other words, you have the "luxury" of going home and not being called up for work purposes.  You have a life outside of your job..  I know this because of the positions I worked in, they sucked and almost cost me my marriage.


As for the small business owner.  They will have the business, the house, the whatever they can afford and it will prolly mostly be better than what than what the employees have.


If you never took a short cut in the form of lying or cheating, I applaud you.  I wish I could say the same for myself...


More to follow, maybe.. 

6 years ago

For sweatshops, I would change them as well as I do not agree in taking advantage of people and resources.  But running them as a business back home (US) might not be the answer as there are things such as local customs and such to be taken into consideration.  But I get the jist of your statement, that you would be more fair, I would as well.


I just think your overall assessment that the corporations are the villans and only villans in this is wrong and to leave the small guy out of the equation is shortsighted as it is the small guy (times hundreds of millions) that has enabled mostly the probs we have today.  Either by purchasing goods from the companies, by not planning in case of lay offs or the job skills are no longer needed, the list goes on..

6 years ago


Hey look, it's Donna, showing up for the first time in ages for a reason other than to chastise me for calling Teabaggers racist!


6 years ago

I don't preach innocence, Flava, I'm no angel, either, I assure you.  But there's dishonest, and then there's DISHONEST.  Ya know? 


Little stuff is petty, and no one's really gonna sweat it unless it adds up.  But these corporations running their sweatshops, and outsourcing everything to save a few bucks is not only hurting our country, but, it's just plain wrong.  Wrong in a very big way. 


So, while the righteousness of the idea appeals, it's actually more about practicality.  And it's only one small piece of a bigger puzzle that I feel would help turn the entire human race around.  I figure if America (or any other nation, really) could be restored and renewed and made into something truly wondrous, if it ever once lived up to its hype; then that nation would then become the example by which the rest of the world is eventually led.  Not to rule the world, mind you, but to provide an example that other nations would (with some variation, of course) follow.  To the eventuality of true world peace.  And then, finally; we would truly be out of the dark ages. 


Right now, the technology, the transportaion, the architecture, the clothing, the languages and dialects and methods of combat may be different; but today's world is not so different from midieval times for all that, is it? 



As for my job, yeah, I resent the strings it ties to me.  But I do it.  I have responsibilities like everyone else, I'll not shirk them.  I work because I have to.  I can't abandon everyone.  If it were just me, I wouldn't care at all, no.  I'd leave, have no worries, nothing to gain, nothing to lose, and without that constant fear restraining me, I bet I'd probably be able to do something fairly worthwhile.  But life's not always so easy. 




6 years ago


Usually, the only time Donna shows up is to defend Teabaggers after I criticise them.


6 years ago

Oh, knock it off Christian!  



6 years ago

About preaching, I am taking your posts at face value, fret none.

6 years ago


Oh, c'mon, Donna. You know it's true.


6 years ago


I call a Teabagger a racist and seconds later, you show up out of nowhere, all: "I've never seen any racist Teabaggers! I don't know any Teabagger racists!"


6 years ago

No, we the people are to blame, yes.  For sleeping.  For closing our eyes, stopping up our ears. 


But so few yet are awake, and all are tied down.  



As for smal vs big business owneres; well, yes, of course the owner is going to make more and have more than his employees, that's expected, it's his/her business, and they set it up and built it as best they could, that's only fitting. 


And if the CEOs of big businesses don't have it in them to draw the line, to find any generosity or compassion; that's fine too, that's their biz. 


But, if they are American companies, then their workers should always be paid and treated like Americans. Otherwise they should be declared foreign companies, and ordered to move the HQ away, too. 


At that point, their product gets taxed heavily coming back into the U.S.; therefore rendering their products nearly unsellable, and so on, the rest has been posted over and over. 


The result is then attained.  Maybe I'm biased towards the littel guy.  Maybe guys who have millions or billions don't get much sympathy from me when they end up losing a drop out of their bucket of cash. 


Like I said, I'm no angel.  And all's fair in love and war.  Business is war.  Always has been.  These guys play hardball, they don't have scruples, they don't care about right or wrong.  Why should I care about bringing them to heel?  If they stay here in America, and provide jobs, then no problem.  If they outsource, then everything being produced is then, by definition, imported.  I see no reason to allow our nation to be so severely undersold. 







6 years ago

I know, Flav, it's all good.  A simple debate.  I'm off to bed, though, goodnight, all! 


And thank you, Donna! 


You and Christian play nice, huh?  lol!

6 years ago Christian...let me ask you.  Are you telling the truth there?  I don't think so.  Like I told you the last time we did this.  I couldn't keep up with all your posts calling people racist.  Anyone that does not agree with you are racist tea party people. 

Ya know keep it up and you'll be talking to yourself pretty soon.  Group was dead and it was brought to life by..shudder...Gina...gonna get pretty boring around here again, I am thinking...

BE NICE! and if you can't be nice..tone it down.

6 years ago

Good night Shane..  We'll try...right Christian!  LOL

6 years ago


6 years ago

Nite Tommy...

6 years ago

Good night, Christian. 

6 years ago


Sleep tight, Donna!


Don't let the racists bite! 


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6 years ago

Donna is no racist.  She's one of the nicest people on Care2.

6 years ago

I agree with Shane about corporatism.  Thanks to the Koch brothers, we now have a corporate-driven government that has become completely unresponsive to the needs of the people in favor of corporations.  Huge sums of corporate welfare exit this country for offshore accounts, never to be seen again here, to a plethora of corporations - none of which hire American workers or manufacture in the states. It's insane.

6 years ago

The Supreme court was wrong on that vote allowing corporations to give unlimited sums to the presidential elections, WRONG.  It is a disgrace that money is dumped into these campaigns when people are not working and there is a growing poverty population.  It is a disgrace and that is why people just don't give a shyte anymore; it is so hypocritical and phoney.


It was the "Citizens United" vote by the supreme court, you mean the corporations united and the unknown who are rolling the elections by huge donations.

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6 years ago

call me a 'cynic' if you want, I believe the Supreme court passed that Citizens United law to favor the GOP because Obama would be hard to remove from office.


It was the only way they thought their party could win against the a popular, first Black American president.  This is why people don't like the tea party or the GOP because of these reasons and these are the reasons that the tea party will loose congress and never win the senate.


People are not stupid.  There will be a third party in the future because the democrats are so corrupt; they are not much better.   There needs to be total political reform but that will never happen; so a third party will come to light in the near future.  It takes time; nothing happens overnight; but this Citizens United and the lop-sided power and corruption will move people to unite and form a third party.


It is the only way to negate the corruption going on.  That money is from unknown persons and corporations with an agenda.  This election is bought and paid for and the president elect is a paid lackey in 2012.   If people complain Obama is a puppet of Soros, what do you think the next POTUS will be????


The next POTUS is beholden to big money.  Nothing changes does it.


The more things remain the same; the more things never change.

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