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romney Campaign Holds People Hostage in Cold Weather
6 years ago

Unbelievable tweets about Romney campaign rally in Pa.

What more do people need to know about Romney's contempt for middle America?

6 years ago

What is scary is some  folks  still  think  he  is  just  fine.......supressing  the  vote...blatant lies, it just  goes on and on.....Im pretty  sure Obama will  win, and  some  of  the  nuts  running  for t eh  Senate  will be culled  out.....but  we  have so  many  nut  jobs  in the  country.......its  depressing

6 years ago

I agree.  Some people don't think this stuff is a problem - unless it happens on the other side.  My neighbor, for example, tells me all the time, "Well, that doesn't bother me" when I tell him about stuff like this.  Very disturbing.  What's even more disturbing is that Romney will get away with it.

6 years ago

Obama has not lied? There is no incidents of voter fraud from the Democrat side? What is the most disturbing is there are still people willing to ignore the lies and deciept from one side...

6 years ago

One of the tweets:

"Both volunteers and a secret service were trying to keep people in- it was not just Romney staff."

(not that I am voting for him)

6 years ago

Screw Romney.  Face it.  The man is a sociopath.

6 years ago

You  may  well be  right  about the  President, but  the post  Was  about  govenor Romney.  One of the problems with saying  something  abouyt President Obama is that there are  so  many crazy accusations against him from folks  generally on the right that legitament issues tend to get covered over by all  the  noise. 


6 years ago

You  may  well be  right  about the  President, but  the post  Was  about  govenor Romney.  One of the problems with saying  something  abouyt President Obama is that there are  so  many crazy accusations against him from folks  generally on the right that legitament issues tend to get covered over by all  the  noise.

The post was written as if Obama did not do anything of the sort.

It has been clearly shown Obama has lied. So, now, is Obama just as bad a person or a "sociopath" because he lies as well?

Logic has to be applied all around not just where people want it to apply.

You do not get to call one candidate a sociopath and then give the other a break because you like them...

6 years ago

Buck the post was about Governor Romney that is what I responded to. If you want to discuss President Obama and his failings I'm sure we will be in agreement on some issues there. I try to stay focused on the topic at hand, and try to shy away from the arguments which tend to go your candidate is bad because he does XYZ with the response being yeah but yours does XYW, I prefer to deal with them individually.  With that being said I'd like  the  share  the  folllowing  with you,
The problems with criticisms of President Obama in my view is first there are some very valid ones, but they are overshadowed by what I would term very vocal fringe nuts who keep harping on birther arguments, on a secret Muslim argumument, on secret FEMA camps, on the secret FEMA Corp, on the President being a “Fascist Communist” (whatever that is), or simply denying facts, such as the Bureau of Labor statistic report is a conspiracy, there is no scientific evidence for Global warming, the statistical evidence for disproportionate stops of Latinos by police in Maricopa county in Arizona.

6 years ago

I understand your logic.

Both sides have their fringe. You brought up the FEMA deal and that was also a popular conspiracy to try and nail Bush on. It is funny how that particular one transitioned so well LOL!

Look, I get it. You want everyone to think the Republican party is nothing but liars. The Tea PArty wants everyone to think Democrats are all liars.

This is the point:

They all lie...

6 years ago

Look, I get it. You want everyone to think the Republican party is nothing but liars. 

Buck if  that  is statment  for  me   you  are  100%  incorrect.  I amke a  very  strong  point  of  looking  on  different  views  of  the  same  issue, 

6 years ago

I amke a  very  strong  point  of  looking  on  different  views  of  the  same  issue,

you do?

Do you have some examples? Because your last few posts have not supported that...

6 years ago

Buck the post was about Governor Romney that is what I responded to. If you want to discuss President Obama and his failings I'm sure we will be in agreement on some issues there.

Buck, I am not about to provide with of  list of  my  pots, byt  I  will  quote a  short  line  from the  one  above,



6 years ago

You did piost about Romney, and then I posted about Obama. Do you not want to admit that Obama also lies..?

6 years ago

Sure Buck  start a  thread on  it  This  one  dealt  with  Govenor Romney, President Obama  has  in  my  view  a plethera of  failings, my  guess  is  if you  have  some  documentaion from a reliable source  we;ll  probabbly  agree  on  the  points

Best  wsihes,


6 years ago

List the lies from both men, Buck. Let's compare.

6 years ago

Romney lied, boldly contradicted himself, or refused to give a straight answer every time he opened his mouth.  What clinches his sociopathic nature for me was that he admitted he lied to Elizabeth Dushku, a woman in the Mormon Church, and then told her why.  His reasons?  Because he wouldn't win if he didn't give each and every group the answer they wanted to hear.  At what point do you simply have a platform because you want to represent the principles in that platform?  All politicians lie.  We all know that.  But Romney never once stopped lying  and that was downright scary.

This is not a partisan comment.  McCain stepped up to the plate when he was running for president after a woman in his audience, during a question and answer session, accused his opponent of being an Arab terrorist.  McCain, at that point, had had enough of the lies.  And he told that lady the truth, even though it was not what his audience wanted to hear.  I will always respect McCain for that one moment - and a few other important things he did, like McCain-Feingold. 

Romney's lies are gigantic, in your face statements that contradict what he said 2 minutes earlier. It goes beyond any kind of hucksterism that all politicians engage in.  There is something significantly wrong with the man. 

6 years ago

Ok, but they have to be lies. Not just policy or ideas that you do not agree with. There has to irrefutable proof that what they said contradicted what HAS happened.


So the fact that Obama has lied in the same manner does not bother you at all?

What you just stated is what every politician does. What POTUS candidate, even Obama, has not pandered to every group they spoke in front if?

Does hearing the reality of what it takes coming out of candidates mouth offend you more than those who still do that but act as if they do not?

Do you see the breakdown here..?

Hi Angelica & Christian
6 years ago

I made  the  same  resquest...we'll  see  where  it  goes,


6 years ago

Obama has not lied in the same manner at all.

I am saying that there is a plethora of evidence that Romney, speaking at a campaign stop in the morning, would say things that he would contradict on the same day, in the afternoon, while speaking to another group of people.  And these were not little lies.  These were huge, glaring statements.  And it was not once in a while.  It was continuously.  I mean, he says he's down on the 47%, then he loves the100%.  He wants Ryan's voucher programs for medicare.  Then he claims that only he and Ryan will protect medicare. It went on and on like that with virtually every plank in his platform.  In the end,  my overall impression of him was that he is likely to say anything, do anything, to get what HE wants.  There's no committment to a greater truth. 

I think Obama's positions were clearly stated and he didn't waver from them during the campaign.  There's a huge difference there.  My overall impression of Romney is that untrustworthiness is a large part of who he is.  I never got that sense from McCain or any other republican politician. I simply disagreed with them.  

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6 years ago

You are simply blinded by party line.

Obama lied about:

Fast and Furious

The sequester


Healthcare premiums

gutting of pell grants

4 trillion deficit cut over 10 years

Aiding Israeli security

raising nursing home costs in Mass.

They all tell crowds what they want to hear.

McCain was much better about keeping his story straight more than any other polotician in a long time.

Did Romney tell people what they wanted to hear? Yes. Did Obama tell people what they wanted to hear? Yes.

We know Obama has lied. It's all there, fact checked and all. So you can continue with this notion of your or just accept the reality of the situation...

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6 years ago

Benghazi is a disgrace, the truth or some of it is coming out.  Will we ever know it all?  Doubt it.  What we do know and what was known pretty immediately, if not during, the actual attack, was that the video had nothing to do with it.  Yet for weeks it was said it was the cause of it.

Shameful.  The first Ambassador to be murdered in a very long time.  Along with some very brave Americans.  They deserve better.

What makes one lie better than another?  What make one liar more acceptable than the other? 

This post was modified from its original form on 16 Nov, 12:54
6 years ago

What makes one lie better than another?  What make one liar more acceptable than the other?


That is the point...

6 years ago

I don't know what the full Benghazi story is and neither do either of you.  All the facts haven't come out yet.  And quit going all up in there, Suzanne.  I never said one lie is better than another.  However, (and let me kindly repeat this for the umpteenth time), I would not vote for someone who lies continuously the way Romney did during his campaign.  

6 years ago

Angelica, you certainly have a bug up your ass when it comes to me.  Please show me where I addressed you as saying anything.  Seriously?

In all honesty, I am just putting my opinions out, just like you.  They are not directed at you personally, so stop acting like they are.

As far as Benghazi, damn straight all the facts are not out, but as they seep out, it looks bad.  You can feel how you like about it.  I will feel how I feel about it.  I think the before, during and after of Benghazi have been handled in the worst way.  That's how I feel.

As far as voting, you have no idea who I voted for or not.  So however you want to vote, it's all good.  Don't act like you know what I did or didn't do.

Really my posts are not all about you at all.  I am just trying to discuss like everyone else, so give it a rest.

6 years ago

If they're not directed at my comments, then I misunderstood.

As far as voting, you have no idea who I voted for or not.  So however you want to vote, it's all good.  Don't act like you know what I did or didn't do.

I don't think I did that.  This thread was started before the election.  My original comments about Romney were about the way he conducted himself during the campaign.  It was not about politicians lying in general.  It was something specific about Romney.

Angelica, you certainly have a bug up your ass when it comes to me. 

I don't. Not at all. You just seem angry - and that surprises me.  And yes, I thought that anger was directed at me.  Hope I was wrong.   

6 years ago

This thread was started before the electon whille the people in NJ and NY were without power and heat and actually were in the cold for a very long time.  I wasn't able to participate at all due to no power because I live in a disaster area.

From October 29th to November 8th I was completely out of the loop.

I am not angry at anyone.  I am tired of the bullshyte in general.  I really would like to see people work together and stop ripping each other apart.

I never warmed up to Romney, but I certainly don't paint him in the light that you and others do.  I don't like President Obama much either.  I don't think either of these men give a shyte about small business people like me and mine and those I know.  That's all.

That's how I feel.

6 years ago

I am sorry that you had to go through that (with Sandy).  For a hurricane to hit NY and Jersey - and then to be followed by a snowstorm - that is strange and awful.  Really awful.

These are my observations about Romney.  I am not trying to paint him in any particular light.  He stands in the light he generated for himself by lying continuously.  

I understand how you feel.  I believe that in order to get high enough up in politics to run for president, there has to be  certain level of personal enhancement compromise.  That is dishonest.   But I was just referring to Romney during the campaign, the way he handled his campaign.

That said, how are you doing now, Suzanne?  Was your house damaged during Sandy?  You have electricity and water now?  What's it like where you live in Jersey now?

Did you hear this story?  How weird!!!

This post was modified from its original form on 17 Nov, 4:28
6 years ago

Angelica, yes, I have power now. 

I didn't hear about that story, while initially somewhat funny.  I just think that possibly the owner of that bar could have recouped some of his losses.  In a sense they looted it.  We had 14 businesses robbed very near where I live.  Not into it.  Taking advantage of those that are already screwed.

Let's just say life is different.  The landscape is different.

Back to Romney, he had some issues for sure.  So does Obama in my opinion.  Truly, I don't care at this point who is in charge.  I just want to move along and in the right direction for ALL involved.

It concerns me, this millionaires tax, which actually hits down to $250,000.  That hits many small businesses who operate not under a corporate status.  They assume more risk personally operating in that fashion but now they will also take a tax hit.  Our business maintains a corporation status which trust me does not differentiate small, medium or large and is a more expensive way for a small business to operate.  However, it seperates out personal from business.  In a sense operating under corporate protects you somewhat from say lawsuits or business matters. Those businesses who do not operate under corporate status  assume the risk of losing everything both personally and business-wise and now will have a major tax bill on top of that. 

Benghazi is a disgrace and handled poorly.  That embassy should never have been left with the lack of security it had.  That embassy should have had help when being attacked.  That story told after about the video was an outright lie and it was known.

At what level these decisions were made and by who is yet to be determined but President Obama is the Commander and Chief.  I question where was he in all this????  Where was Hillary????  Where was Patreus and many others???? 

While the Affordable Health Care act will insure insurance coverage for some (many more than had it before), it does not cover all and penalizes those that fall in that category.  It affords waivers to unions and others and yet penalizes through the IRS certain individuals.  That is wrong.

I could go on.  There are things I dislike about both.

Romney is not President.  It is time to move forward with reason for all, poor, middle and rich.  Let's hope things get better and next time we have some good candidates to pick from.  Somehow I don't find that likely.

That is how I feel.

This post was modified from its original form on 17 Nov, 5:09
5 years ago

That info about corporate status vs. small business status is very interesting.  Now I'm curious and want to know more about the differences between the 2.

I do feel sorry for that bar owner.  I wonder also why his property was destroyed when he might have wanted to salvage some things from the place.  I hope he has good insurance.  

What we have seen in the past in the south is that when a major hurricane does a lot of damage, insurance companies do not pay all claims. That's what happened after Katrina. I really hope that this does not happen in NY and Jersey.

 I know many died in Staten Island.  My heart goes out to all of you up there.

I don't think the AHC is flawless - not by a long shot.  No small business should be penalized for not being able to afford to buy into it.  That, certainly, does not help at all.  We need more small businesses as opposed to corporate giants.  That is one thing I believe will make the economy better.

This post was modified from its original form on 17 Nov, 7:18
5 years ago

Suzanne, thanks for the explanation.  I did know that but I think amny need to be reminded.  For every employee, the business has to take in salary, benefits, and gosh knows what else just to break even.  The business also has rent and utilities. 

If it is a personal business (as was my husbands), then any loss is a loss to the person.  Any lawsuit is a lawsuit against the person.  And yes- the individual can go bankrupt because of it.  The spouse of the individual also is affected.  Depends a bit on state law.  In Iowa, we had some protections but in Indiana not so.

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