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This has nothing to do with American Policies ...
6 years ago

Australian DJs face backlash over hoax death

Accused of having blood on their hands by furious listeners, the Australian DJs at the centre of the UK royal hospital hoax tragedy have been taken off air as the public backlash intensifies.

As the pressure mounts, the bosses of troubled Sydney radio station 2Day FM have suspended until Monday all commercials, after some of Australia's best-known companies, including telecommunications giant Telstra and supermarket heavyweight Coles, withdrew their advertising.

"We understand Australians are clearly angry and upset by what appear to be tragic consequences of the 2Day FM UK hospital prank," Coles announced as news came through of the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha.

Social media have been bombarded with comments, many castigating radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian, whose spoof conversation with hospital staff in London, posing as the Queen and Prince Charles, backfired so disastrously.

The duo have deleted Twitter accounts, as a cascade of criticism came hurtling through cyberspace, including reports of death threats.

"Not so darn funny now is it? A British nurse is DEAD for the sake of a couple of cheap laughs. Shame on you!" wrote one angry contributor to 2Day FM's Facebook page.

Rest of the thing ...

6 years ago

A British nurse commit suicide.  But as hard as I try to link this prank to her death, I just can't.  What am I missing here?  What exactly was the prank and how did she help further it along? I am not getting why the fallout from this could lead to a suicide.  Even if she lost her job, she could always get another.  As a nurse, she would be have very marketable skills.  She had children.  I just don't get this at all.

I just find it interesting ...
6 years ago

I favor free speech ... I like to joke around a lot ... but I would be devastated (as I'm sure those two DJs are) if someone hurt or killed themselves as the result of something I said or did.

And people are understandably angry about the joke ...

By the same token, who would expect someone to commit suicide over something as silly as this?  It seems pretty clear - to me, at least - that the woman had to have had some emotional problems and maybe this was the straw the broke the camel's back?

Is this likely to curb free speech in Australia in some manner?  What - if anything - should happen to the DJs? The radio station? 

6 years ago


6 years ago

The DJ's are probably finished on the air because public sentiment over there is running against them to the point that they are getting a lot of death threats.  I agree with you, Uno,  that this woman had to have had problems to begin with.  A mother with 3 kids just doesn't decide to do that. I think that had to be in her mind before all of this even happened with the prank.

And I am not clear exactly on what the prank was or how she happened to get involved in it. What did the Dj's do besides impersonate the queen?

6 years ago

Angelica the nurse thought the DJ was actually the Queen and gave out patient information to who she thought was the Queen and a family member.  Which wasn't the case.  I would imagine giving patient information out so freely would be frowned upon and quite possibly could have cost her job.  I don't know.

The whole situation is sad in the end.

6 years ago

I know that she was fooled by the DJs, but she was a mother.  You would think that suicide would be the last thing on her mind!  I just don't get it.  

6 years ago

And I am not clear exactly on what the prank was

I thought you didn't know what took place that is why I responded.  I don't know what her situation was or wasn't, so I am not prepared to comment on someone else's actions or mental stability. 

Who knows maybe the royals knocked her off for talking...

hmmm UNO
6 years ago

Everything is Politics except quirky sex and this is on the GOP agenda........many like it but are ambivelant in the GOP............ask Christian.........

6 years ago


On that post, I will call it an evening.  Enjoy your weekend all...

6 years ago

Come have some fun......huricanes suck

6 years ago

Not getting the humor, sorry!  Enjoy though.

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