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Reduce Excessive Spending in Washington
5 years ago
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Washington (Congress & Executive Office) needs to get very serious about spending. Many changes need to be made and something needs to be done in a positive way before the Country's credit is downgraded and the interest on our excessive debt consumes more tax dollars than we can afford.

We need a Budget. Haven't had one since 10/1/09. This budget needs to be balanced instead of overspending by more than $1 trillion.

We need a Balanced Budget Amendment passed so government cannot spend more than it takes in. This should mean that if someone wants to pass new Legislation that requests expenditure of money we do not have spending cuts must be identified as part of the Legislation. This would be a start for Washington to become a responsible representative of the people who elected them.

There are many other good ideas that could be developed and implemented but if we the people don't start sending some strong messages to Washington nothing will change.

As a beginning, I have started a petition to address some of these issues and some ideas for each public representative to find ways to reduce spending at:

 After reviewing, if you agree, please sign and promote wherever you can, i.e., facebook, twitter, google+1, linkedin, email, tumblr, myspace, etc.

Thank you all for taking the time to read through all. I also hope that you make constructive suggestions and/or advice for continuing to make progress on the spending issues of our Federal government.

I look forward to seeing some comments that help form new ideas and new petitions.

Link Correction
5 years ago

The petition link is: 

My apologies but I have it posted on the other site because many people objected to subscribing just to sign a petition.

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