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Michael Vick
6 years ago

I read a news article yesterday stating that Michael Vicks probation is over and that he owns another dog.  Apparently for awhile, photo was up and viral that showed him at the table with his daughter and there was a box of Milk Bones on the table i n the upper right of the photo.  It was then gone and reposted with the Milk bones photo edited out.  He said why should his little girl grow up not being able to have a dog.  Do you think he is a changed guy or do you think he will always harbor contempt for animals?


This probably is a discussion not appropriate for this group and I apologize for that.  You can probably guess my opinion, huh?

6 years ago

I don`ti know...I just wouldn`t trust him with an ant...sorry but this is my opinion...

6 years ago

I agree with you both.

I will say however, that I saw him interviewed on 60 minutes or a similar show.  The spent some time shwoing how he had changed as a results of the arrest and incarceration.  More humble now than before.

People do change.  Maybe he did.  But I still wouldn't trust him with an animal.  Maube he will prove us wrong.

6 years ago

Mmm hmm.   Maybe...

6 years ago

I agree, maybe he changed. I don't know. But I still wouldn't trust him with the life and wellbeing of a defenseless animal. 

He would most likely would still be doing now exactly what he was convicted for if he never got caught. I'm sure he's very sorry that he got caught. How sorry he is for his actions? I don't know and while it's not for me to judge, still, I wouldn't give him an animal. 

To fight, torture and kill animals really takes a special kind of person. I really doubt that someone can be right in the head and do the kind of things that he's done. 

6 years ago

agree with all of you!If trusting him meant the only harmed one would be his despicable self..ok,trust him But in his case trusting him could mean torture and death to an animal or many...Too bloody risky!!!!!

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