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A fresh new start to a new year!
5 years ago

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you all had wonderful holiday seasons with lots of laughter, hugs and smiles.  

I want to apologize for not being here much at all the past few months.  In truth, I needed a break.  There's so much going on outside of Care2 of late that it's really hard to find the time and energy to get here.  Between work and issues at work, running their Facebook page and website, family and life in general, I was getting burnt out.  Still am, in all honesty, but it's better.  I haven't forgotten about you all and have felt very guilty for not being here but, I guess, something's got to give sometimes.  In any case, I'm sorry for disappearing and I'm hoping you all will .

But like I said in the topic subject - a fresh start for a new year.  

So, let me and everyone else know how you're all doing.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.   Sending hugs and belated holiday greetings to you all.  


Nice picture to share.
5 years ago

This is a picture of Rosie, but she's not mine.  She's my cousin's brand new baby dog.  Rosie just went to the vet at 3 months & 2 days old.  She weighed only 1 lb. 9 ounces.  She's little even for a chihauhau.  The breeder thought her top weight would be about 4 lbs, but the vet thinks she may grow up even smaller than that.  My cousin said she didn't intend to get a dog this tiny, but she totally fell in love with her.  My cousin lives out of state so I've only seen Rosie in pictures.

Gina, it sounds like you work very hard.  I hope this year goes well for you.  I hope your schedule can allow better time for all the things that can help keep you healthy.

5 years ago

Marlene, she's adorable!!  The teacups never get very big.  Thanks for sharing.  Tell your cousin that she found a great little addition to their family.  More than likely her personality will make up for her size.  Good luck to them.

The year's not off to a great start on my end but I'm trying to make more time for me.  We'll see if that works.  I don't mind doing extras for work but being the only one putting in anything extra, kind of gets tiring sometimes.  But, making it work.  I'm not one to shy away from a challenge

As I'm sure most of you have noticed, I've made some general changes to the group.  Updated the billboard and changed the theme.  Loved the tabby but felt it was time for something fresh for everyone's eyes.  Hope you all like it.  Not that it matters to anyone here, but I've also updated our group application, making it a little easier to read.  Same content just different layout.  Unsure if I'm up to the herculean task of cleaning up the threads and not really sure it's necessary.  Might leave well enough alone with that.  

I'm open to any suggestions that anyone might have to liven this place up.  

Hope everyone is having a good start to 2013!!  

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