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San Diego Juvenile Justice Corruption April 19, 2007 11:51 PM

In the recent years I have done much research on the juvenile justice system and what lies beneath it all! Making note of all that happens to a juvenile from the time they are booked until they are released. Children are childre, but sometimes their mistakes can lead them into a legal situation. Sixty two per cent of all juveniles who enter the halls have some type of emotional or mental instability in their life. Many come from broken homes, parents on drugs, or parents involved in gangs and gang activity. These types of problems can result in a child breaking the law. There a very few who commit haneous crimes. For most children rehabilitatation programs can be very effective. Instead of locking these children up, they could be rehabilitated at home on home supervision and an intense after care program. The rest who commit haneous crimes should be in a rehabilitation center with pediatric psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and trained counselors. After a long term commit, they should be prepared to live a normal life in society. The county should build such a facility instead of a new juvenile hall to house more juveniles. The kids that are in the halls are released and sent to residential treatment facilities which fail to have the appropriate needs for the kids. Some kids commit suicide, run away, or go home and reoffend. These programs set kids up for failure instead of being successful and ending their probation. There are alot of cover ups, regarding abuse mentally and physically to the kids in the halls, camps, RTF's, group homes and sometimes prisons. Parents are really not sure how their child is being treated. The best way to find out is to ask them at visiting. While in the system children also lose alot of their education and their rights. In the juvenile court, I found DA's who commit perjury and get away with it, and fabricate stories to get a true finding! The judges are harsh and not to quick to send a child home. The more kids they lock up, the more money the county makes, and the more parents that become homeless and families disengaged because of the bills sent to revenue and recovery, are so high that a poor person can not pay them! "Most of the children come from single parent homes where finances are hard to come by. Parents need to keep watch on their child. They give out meds like candy to the kids to keep them calm when short staffed. They pepper spray children on any part of their body. Some children have been hit by staff, or excessive force used! The kids are given shorts when they enter the hall and they are never washed, until the child is released. Group homes have "NO" stability or good staff. The staff always comes and goes. Kids are used as guinea pigs for the psychiatrist and medications! There have been deaths related to some of these medications! Be careful parents where your child may be sent to, may not be the place you are told it to be. If you as a parent have had a child or children who have been abused by the system, please contact us immediately and please leave your comments for others to read! If you need help, please contact me directly using e-mail  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
children justice system April 20, 2007 8:40 PM

yes the children do act out. the government officals know this. to rehibilitate them would put them in the line of opportunity. the families would be stronger and whole. does the government want this? what is in it for them? competition for their children? who will do the bidding of the elite? there is not much left to the middle class. the have and have nots. this government is not run by it's people for long time. it takes a savvy good president to get anything from the government out to the people. a very fine line is walked there. the world bank owns us through the federal reserve which kennedy wanted to rid us of. the war machine which Eisenhower told us of during his speach leaving office has been unleashed. there is more money to be made by making crimminals which most children who loose their support system while in state care are likly to end up in the penal or mental health system. broadening the control and enlarging the government. why have we waited till now for golbal warming when in the 70's a boy figured out he could run a car on chicken dung. the oil companies bought him off and any other idea. your presuming the government did not use the revenues to it's advantage and does not know.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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