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F.A.C.C. (families against county corruption) June 12, 2007 5:49 PM

In the recent years there has been an increase in the amount of children arrested and incarcerated within the San Diego Juvenile Facilities. The facilities at this time are overcrowded! The question here is why parents are charged for the maintenance and care charges at the facilities when half the parents whose children are in the system are "POOR" or hardworking middle class who can't afford to pay the system the charges? When a child is in "PRISON" they are not charged! When parents are on "TANF" the state is charged! When parents are disabled and on SSI they cannot afford to even eat after paying their rent and bills, but they "ARE CHARGED" and the bills are sent to Revenue and Recovery! This means that all they have worked for all their lives is going to get taken by "Revenue and Recovery" ! Their taxes, that they deserve at the end of each working year are intervened by "IRS". How about San Diego Housing Authority? They throw people off of their section 8 if a child has gotten arrested! Why make the whole family suffer one childs mistakes? Then they ask the parents to repay them and so like myself I am stuck as others are paying back Housing! If my costs are at 20,000,00 in juvenile and housing costs, I can imagine some of the other parents! I will never be able to pay that back! Why do you allow families to be destroyed by such an ugly hardship? Ruining peoples credit, and jobs. Once an employer is sent something from"IRS" they are most likely to lose their jobs, and then can't get "TANF"! You are causing families to go homeless, children suffer, and some parents even commit suicide! Is this fair? Governor Schwarzenegger has signed a bill for a new Juvenile Facility to be built in North County area. This is just ridiculous, an outrage! Why not build a facility to rehabilitate juveniles instead of locking them all up and having them put on medications they don't need? The County of San Diego has become corrupt and doesn't care about children and their needs! The County is making money off of these kids and the more kids the more money they are making! Where is it all getting spent? The kids in the system already continue to get recycled through it over and over and over again! I am asking you Senator, what are you going to do to help cease the problems? I am a voter and see nothing being done about these siutations after writing to you for the past three years. I love children and don't think any child, should not have the chance to be rehabilitated to be able to live a normal life! Remember children are our future. Medications and being sent to the facilities is wrong for petty stuff! Families should never lose their housing over something petty, and especially like in my case where the incident never went to court and after six years, its brought up by housing and they lied about a few other things! "NOT" fair Housing! FIling complaints doesn't matter either! There are "NO" attorneys in San Diego County who will deal with Housing issues, so where do people turn who can't afford one? "NOWHERE" so they get stuck with having to pay back! Senator you need to do something now! This is a very vital issue, and you need to be concerned. Thank you for your time. I would like a response on this soon! Thank you, Mary! You signed this petition at: 11:08 PM PST, Jan 26, 2007 If this is not you, please log out.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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