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Kali Devotion and Offerings January 04, 2006 7:39 AM

Kali Devotees are known to wear a blood red sash around thier waist, and also to make offerings of flowers and other special ingredients to our Mother Kali every day.
I hve a silk red scarf I could use, but it's not a deep enough red for my taste. I will be looking for the right materials...
Can anyone tell us what kind of herbs and spices are favored by Kali? I'll tryb looking that up today and let you all know what I find.
Until then, Goddess Bless You all!

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Some flowers, food and other stuff Mother Kali favors January 04, 2006 4:00 PM

sandal paste
tulsi leaves
wine-good wine
hibiscus flowers
tuber roses
red and white roses
scented flower garlands
clay(preferrably red and fresh from the Earth)
menstrual blood >**<
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I love to Hear .... March 17, 2006 7:30 AM

More on this topic from anyone who has something to add!  [ send green star]
dont have lots to add March 18, 2006 12:22 AM

1st thank you very much for sharing .. im not sure how much of this is me and how much what i've learned but it seems to me that all red roses wouild be appropriate ...and of course good devotional items would be the myriad of painting and statues of Mother Kali and her other aspects... for me personally also giving props/devotiuon to some of her cousins/sisters outside of the Hindu pantheon who have simular personalities and incarnations (for instance giving devotion to say the Mauve,Mab,Morgon,triune ;who share her gender, personality,holy colours etc; more appropriate than say to Krisna (whose followers ,in their dogma , subjugate the incarnations of the Great Mother that we see all thru our daily lives)... Also some animals that are sacred to Kali like Tigers, Elephants, and spiders- and all animals are Her children.

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 April 09, 2006 8:48 PM


Is usual that the Shela or student of Tantra makes a 40 day worship to the Divine mother Kali Her special Day is Friday.

Absence of Meat,liquor or drugs possible sex too  and must wear something red at all times for this 40 days preferable all red clothing is better for this.Along with the Vija Mantra given by the Teacher is offered foods colored in Red like Cooked Rice,sweet rice,Halva,and flowers specially red along with coconuts,also anoint the feet of the Divine mother with Red Cucuma and lamp offered daily for this 40 days even the water can be red.

there are some practices from the Left Hand tantra that includes blood human or animal etc. but I do not advocate from this even that is part of the Tantric practices.

After this is done you can consider yourself a Kali Sakta and proceed to keep learning more mantras and other scriptures like the Chandi Path,Devy Sutras etc. remember the Divine mother is represented in many forms and she likes when is adored in all of them the Triad is Sri MahaLaxmi,Sri Maha Saraswati and Sri Maha Kali you can't separate them and the fountain of this is Sri Durga Maa is very important to acknowledge this to easy the road.

In divine love

tulsi mata

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 April 11, 2006 8:41 PM

I was taught that marigolds are sacred to Kali, so we grow a wide variety of them every year and have learned some recipes that can be made with this flower for holidays, celebrations, offerings or whatever occasion. 

Regarding menstrual blood, yes, it is considered a very special offering.  A lot depends on individual perspective and such, but menstrual blood is -the- blood of our human lives.  Without it, human life would cease to exist as it is the very thing that allows for the survival and growth of the human fetus (or any other fetus, for that matter).  If we perceive Kali as our Mother, then the offering of menstrual blood is kind of a reciprocal gift;  if we believe that She gave us life, then making an offering to Her from the wellspring of life of future generations is wholly appropriate.  To me, this is the most personal gift I can give.  In making an offering of this nature, I am indicating my complete devotion, gratitude and willingness to offer a veritible piece of myself.  In addition, there is another side to menstrual blood-- it is not only the representation of life, but of the lack thereof.  Menstrual blood flows because there is no life in the womb of the woman in question at that particular time.  I perceive it, at least in part, as the "tears of the womb", in essence mourning for things lost or things that have not come to be.  Offering these things to Kali, in my own practice, is symbolic of saying to Her "I honor you both in times of plenty and of privation.  I honor you in joy and in sorrow." 

Menstrual blood has a strong taboo attached to it in American culture and in many other cultures.  I can only speak intelligently to the situation in the States, as that is where I live.  It's not often mentioned and I realize that some may think me uncouth, elaborating on it this way or even honoring it as I do and as I have taught my daughters to do.  It was not my wish to offend, especially since I am new here and very much enjoy this group (even if I am fairly quiet).  However, I think that if women are ever to overcome this enforced shame in our very feminine functions, it has to be something we can say out loud (or in type!).  Honoring Kali, to me, is no less than being proud of everything that makes me a woman, taboo or no. 

(Please note that above is solely my own opinion, other than what has been taught to me by others.  I do not intend to represent this as the only way, right way or any other "proper" method of worship of Kali Ma.  This is simply my way, which I have found to be right and proper for myself and my relationship with Her.  As I have heard it said, "your mileage may vary" ;) )

I suppose I should probably introduce myself since I just kind of jumped in here after so much silence on my part!  I'm Shuvani, a married 34 year old woman from NE Ohio with two human kids and a hoard of furry ones.  I'm a mostly retired interfaith, non-denominatinal minister who, with the help of my family runs a cat rescue.  My "mostly retired" condition has come to be due to a heart problem.  I now spend most of my time teaching my two daughters, both lessons of life and their school lessons (they are in a virtual school) and caring for whatever furry people show up at our door.  I have been devoted to Kali now for about 12 years, though I have been drawn to Her since I was small. I am by no means an expert and find myself learning new things every day.  I have barely scratched the surface and hope to continue learning throughout this life and beyond.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a member of this group! 
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 April 11, 2006 8:50 PM

I should have mentioned in the first post, but it slipped my mind:

I am not an advocate of other types of blood sacrifice/offering.  I do not believe in the injury or killing of people or animals who have no say in the matter.  To take a life or to cause suffering to another is immoral, in my opinion.  Not only that, but a sincere and meaningful sacrifice or offering should come from myself or from something of my own efforts.  To make another suffer that I might make an offering is a selfish, honorless act and unbecoming. 

I do, however, uphold the right of the individual to make whatever offering of him or herself they deem appropriate.  What a person does with his or her own body is entirely their choice and no business of mine. 
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 April 11, 2006 8:52 PM

There was an article yesterday in BBC about Ritual killings of children to Kali in Northen India,I tried to download the video but was unable if someone can do please let me know this would be for education of the people is why we need to teach them that this can't be done at this time and ages the Gods will not be pleased Information is essential many people fall on the left hand tantra thinking that is the way but is not.

thank you anyone let me know.

scroll down to right you will see the small video of this hope you can i only watched on tv.


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 April 11, 2006 9:07 PM


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 April 12, 2006 2:51 PM

What a horror... the things we do in the name of the Divine. This is not what Kali Ma nor any of the Hindu deities would want from us.

There's a qoute that I reflect on from time to time and it goes essentially like this

"With or without spirituality, good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things... because it is in their nature. But for good people to do truly bad things... that takes religion"

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 April 12, 2006 2:57 PM

Shuvani... thank you for joining us, and I agree with much of what you say. There is far too much secret shame among women as among men. That we should even be ashamed of ourselves, and our bodies is a horrid lapse on society's part. We share in each other's burdens in this because our shame only feeds it. Thanks as well for helping fire this thread into an interesting path. There are very dark sides to Kali and Kali devotion.... all stemming from the selfish of followers, from ignorance. Such things are best treated in the light of day where the falseness of such paths can be fully seen.

Thanks Tulsi for the site.. a hug for you

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 May 09, 2006 4:55 PM

Wow! Great topic. I am aware of certain sects which advocate sacrifice. As I understand it, the sacrifices are done to males only (animal or human), since harming women angers Mother Kali. An interesting story concerns the robbers known as Thugs (pronounced tug). They worshipped Kali, and prayed to Her before attacking and robbing travelers. The Thugs were killers as well, but killed only men. Strangely enough, the Thugs downfall came after they had killied (accidentally?) some women.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 March 06, 2010 7:44 AM

Hi all, I am fairly new to the devotion of Kali, being a Tail from South Africa, we were taught from very young that Kali is one of our most powerful deities but because we have many, generally, people choose their favourites. But somehow, events in ones life always leads us to Mother Kali, and what a shock did I get when I entered your site discussion because I am interested in a daily and weekly offering to Kali, but read that blood is a key offering.

Yes from what I`ve learn`t, blood does make Mother Kali happy but because she comes in many forms which are vicious, calm, caring, creating, destroying, helping and in a transic form, the re are many different offerings that one can give. If one tries to make sense of this than it would be easy to understand that every woman on earth has these qualities.

I have been told by a spiritual guide to: Mix blessed rough salt into a jug of water and pour over the head chakra for Mother Kali to open my third eye; offer fruits every Friday to Kali; light a ghee lamp every Tuesday; wear bright blue on auspicious days or when Kali needs to be called.

Life sacrificies may have been done for Mother previously but I suppose devotees now offer fruits etc. to supliment Life, I may be wrong.

I am keen to get help on what other offerings I can give to Mother Kali which does not include blood or Life? Can some please help?


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 March 13, 2010 8:33 AM

Greetings Jay;
Maybe I can add some writings on Kali later this weekend.

This group started more from a new-age sort of interest in Kali Ma. I was invited because I have quite a bit of knowledge on the various forms of Mother Kali from Ramakrishna... to the left hand of Kali ma... the Aghori. My interests do tend more towards the Aghora, for a number of reasons... but maybe more on that latter.

On your questions regarding Kali ma and devotion. The dark mother will come to you in any form that you wish. It depends on your perception more so than your offering. On what you bring to the sadhana or the meditation of Kali ma. Mantras and incence are still the best offering.... that and a sincere desire of bhakti or love. Approach her as if she were a mother and she will appear that way, as she did to Ramakrishna... dabble with more darker motives and she will appear as Maya and while you may find some material success in this world you will become more wrapped in the world of samsara.

My roots are Buddhist and I learned my path from a Thai forest monk... I have studied and meditated in Advaitic ideas and have had some experience with Aghora ( the left hand of Tantra). I lean more to Shiva, Kali herself is in a sort of way a part of Shiva... as is Hanuman and Ganesh. But I'm fond of Kali ma. 

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On offerng blood as an offering to Ma Kali May 16, 2010 9:04 AM

Hi All,

I am delighted to be part of this discussion. AS we live in this Kali yug, all mortals have a veil of ignorance, by which some end up eiher mocking each and every religion or transforming into an atheist.

Happy to find some ppl, that too in foreign lands taking interest in such a topic...

Well, offering blood has a meaning.. As you know, in medical science, blood is something which is an integral part of the body , together with it's constituents. There ends the defn of blood - quite rational.

Now, if you are talking about Kriya yoga - an ancient form of yoga that awakens the "Kundalini" Shakthi lying in the dormant state inside each individual - you can define blood as a "life force"or "prana" -  it is this component of your astral body ( the other part of yourself other than the physical one ) that keeps you alive . Blood is the carrier of it and even when dispensed out of your body - tend to contain that "prana"or "life supporting" force - "SHAKTHI".

THis "prana" is directly abosorbed by your astral body directly from God's Himself. He is the ultimate infinite pool of such power that makes us all alive. Sjust think, that even when you commit a sin, GOd forgives you and still lets you have this "prana" for some more time !!!!! :)

Hope I answered your question.


SO you offer that part of your own "SHAKTHI" to Kali Maa.

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anonymous Confused September 18, 2010 8:52 PM

Its not rocket science I'm sure, but, but how exactly do you give menstrual blood? How do you physically do that?

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 February 23, 2012 7:24 PM

I want to know how to offer menstrual blood for kali ma?

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offering Kali blood March 08, 2012 7:06 AM

To reply to a post about how to offer Kali menstrual blood, although I am male, I have given Ma some of my own blood before.  I have generally done it by making a small incision on one of my hands, and then putting a few drops on the base of my statue of her.  I did not use a large amount.

It must also be understood that offering blood is a very dangerous act in magical terms; because you end up creating a blood bond with whoever the blood goes to.  I did not mind creating such a bond with Kali Mata; truthfully I think I already had one...but you must be very careful to focus purely on Kali while you are doing it, and either banish or ask for Lord Ganesha to set wards/barriers around the room you are in at the time, in order to make sure no other spirits can interfere.

I must also stress, that the offering of blood is primarily done for our benefit.  I will not say that Mother does not like blood; I think to a degree she does, but it is more because she appreciates the degree of devotion that such an act signifies. 

The first time I gave Kali blood, I had a distinct mental image of seven Indian women (who I later came to identify as the Matrikas, although I could be wrong about that) coming into my bedroom through one wall.  Six of them stood around the bed, and one of them got on it.  The energy of the rest of the house became very clean and calm afterwards, as well; moreso than it was usually.

Kali is territorial, very active, and can be jealous.  If you offer her blood, she will interpret that as your dedication to her.  She will protect you and look after you, but she may also place you in unstable and seemingly dangerous situations as well; although if you do as you are told, you will never come to harm.  She does this in order to assist in the purging of our ego, and to teach us various lessons.

Kali is not as dangerous or unpredictable, in my experience, as Western pagans and non-Hindus seem to want to believe.  Mother's primary concern is the transformation of the individual, through the removal of egotism and fear, which eventually leads to individual sovereignty and great peace.  If you are active in your devotion to her, however, she will put you in many situations which will lead to this outcome; she shows her love to us by trying to accelerate our spiritual development as much as possible, because she feels that there is nothing more important than that.

Kali is very loving, and her energy reflects that.  She can be a little irritable or crotchety at times, perhaps; but I interpret that as having a maternal aspect, and not being anything negative.  The attitude is that of a loving mother with a toddler, and she is generally only like that if I am stubborn or do the wrong thing myself.

Indications of her activity in your life can include clairvoyance and synchronicity, dreams involving her, increased fearlessness and inner peace, greater ability to let go of the past, increased charisma and an ability to positively relate to/interact with others, and increased resistance to physical injuries which should otherwise have been much worse.  I have also seen my economic situation improve in direct proportion to the amount of sadhana I have been willing to do, as well; without asking for it specifically.  That leads me to another point.

Ma does not like being asked for things.  She knows what you want, and if you are devoted to her and love her, she will generally give you everything you seek in life; but she can become a little irritable with you if you ask directly.  Kali wants to be loved, for no other reason than purely for who she is.  If you honestly do that, then she will give you everything you need regardless.

Jai Kali Ma.  If she has recently called you to her, be grateful...and be prepared for your life to radically change, for the better. :D

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