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Petition to Mayor of Bowling Green,KY April 11, 2006 12:48 PM

I have a new petition on the petition site for the Barren River in Bowling Green,KY.  Please sign it to save the Barren River from the development which is even now in progress on the watershed and banks of the water source for the City of Bowling Green,KY and Warren County.

This is the link to the information site on the subject.

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 March 08, 2006 10:13 AM

George has received 230 new, 1124 total stars from Care2 membersGeorge has been awarded 129 butterflies for taking action at Care2 George C.

(from the World Heritage Alert group)

March Heritage Challenge

Every month members of World Heritage Alert are encouraged to support important heritage campaigns by performing just a few simple tasks.

Our challenge in March is as follows:

United Kingdom – Thornborough Henges.

Vote for this Icon of England and help put Thornborough on the map! Thornborough Henges were once the largest religious site in Britain.  Today the monument complex is being  quarried for gravel while the people of the world have forgotten they exist. Please vote for Thornborough on this important government poll – no registration required.

Click on the following link:

This is a government funded poll of important  icons for England.

Click on Yes in the left hand side voting section of the page.


Click on the following link:

St the entry “Should Thornborough Henges have more protection from quarrying nearby?”

Vote Yes

More information about Thornborough is available via


Turkey – Allianoi Roman Town.

One of Turkeys most important heritage sites is the Roman Spa of Allianoi. Unfortunately a new dam is going to flood the entire site which will wreck it. A small change to the dam design would stop this.

Sign the Care2 petition at

Find out more about Allianoi at

United Kingdom – Stonehenge

As every visitor to Stonehenge will agree, its
surroundings leave much to be desired. Indeed, the site has been described in Parliament as “a national disgrace”. There is a new petition to ask the UK government to fix this:

Sign the Care2 petition at

Find out more at

N.B. Heritage Actions Stonehenge page may not be available yet. Please check later.

Thank you for helping us fight for our heritage. You could help even more by forwarding these important actions to your friends.
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 March 06, 2006 1:25 PM

It was about at this age that Stacey Lannert's own father began sexually abusing her and it continued until at age eighteen, she finally killed him.

Stacey Lannert has been in prison since 1990 and she is serving a life sentence WITHOUT the possibility of parole! She is now 33 years old. All of her legal appeals have been exhausted! Her only hope is if Governor Matt Blunt will sign her application for Executive Clemency which has been pending since 1998!

Do you want to help? There are three things that you can do today!

Sign my petition! Free Missourian Stacey Lannert

Write a Letter to the Governor and ask him to sign Stacey's application for Executive Clemency immediately!

The Honorable Matt Blunt
Governor of the State of Missouri
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0720

Send the Governor an e-mail!

Call the Governor today!

(573) 751-3222


Kristi K
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 March 06, 2006 1:15 PM

International call
to enter Venerable Trees of the Earth in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO.

The Venerable Trees are part of the Biodiversity and the Sustainable Development. They are the “Spirits of the Earth”. The ancient trees represent an historical, natural, and cultural heritage. Seen the fragility of the Environment and the non-respect given to the old trees, it is important that they are protected and classified as World Heritage in UNESCO.
It is really urgent !
In 2005, an old french Yew tree (Taxus bacatta), which had nearly 400 years old had been logged without respect (A89 Highway construction).
To protect them, an International Call is launched to enter these old trees in the list of the World Heritage.
The main goal is to make aware people about environment, about trees, but first of all to protect these old and sacred trees.

Call to enter Venerable Trees of the Earth, elements of the World Heritage :

The trees live older than the men do, there are thousand year old which survived the storms, the axe, the fire or the indifference. Some had seen many generations of human beings.
They are the only witnesses of our past, survivors of the 90 % destroyed original forests in the world.
The very old trees deserve the respect, which we must give to the wise old men who crossed time. Nevertheless, in the world, sometimes, we forget them in an end of forest, an extent of desert, a slope of mountain. Worse still, they are cut down, instead of their paying.
Give them homage. A start is necessary everywhere to find a solidarity of planet with regard to these trees of life which, them, can also trace us the ways of a greater human fraternity.
This call to the world respect is sent to the United Nations to enter large monumental trees in the list of “World Heritage”. It relates to also the States, the regions, the communities, and each one of us.
So that everywhere in the world, we recognize the trees aged of several centuries, that we would see them and flower them as a sign of friendship, that we plant and that we protect their descent, relay of planet.
Few personalities already aware to trees are invited to join this call in favour of the venerable trees of the world.
When all international signatures of this call will be gathered, an International Committee will be created to enter the Venerable Trees as World Heritage.

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 March 02, 2006 1:32 PM

The Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California has been keeping Bill, the chimpanzee, in solitary confinement for years. He is imprisoned in a tiny cement cell and the City of Eureka refuses to let him go to a sanctuary where he can be with other chimpanzees and run on grass and swing on trees. Please demand the Eureka City Council to do the right and humane thing and let Bill go to a chimpanzee sanctuary where he can enjoy life. He must not be allowed to continue to languish in and eventually die a lonely death in his cell.

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 February 27, 2006 3:27 PM

Target: Paul Wolfowitz, President, The World Bank

Uphold the American value of human rights
Target: Kevin Kiley, MD, US Army Surgeon General, U.S. Army Medical Department
Sponsor: Reverend Irina Brenner
The US military should be a force in the service of American values such as human rights. We call on physicians and all other Americans to avoid any and all complicity in acts of torture.

Thanks again, everyone! 
Please sign and forward!
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 February 26, 2006 10:09 AM

Dear Friends - It now stands at 14 337 - so it's only 663 to go.  If you haven't already signed, please do!  If you have, please forward if you have a spare few minutes.   Love, Eleanor

Update: now 14,411, so 489! to go.

Only 23 wild buffalo remained at the end of the 19th century after millions were slaughtered. Finding refuge in Yellowstone National Park, they ensured the survival of America's only wild herd.

After escaping extinction 100 years ago, the wild buffalo, an icon of the American West, is under attack again

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 February 26, 2006 9:51 AM



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 February 26, 2006 9:12 AM

3 petitions regarding a possible puppy mill. Each petition has its own agenda. Thank you, Mike Sexton Vp Puppy Passions Rescue & Transport
1) The Commissioners failed to hold an environmental impact assessment regarding a 40-acre 600 dog-dog kennel stating that it'd only equal to about 8 head of cattle as to how much waste would be generated by the animals;


2) The county has granted Mr. McDuffee the right to have several of his dogs debarked; they say it's humane but most vets and animal welfare agents disagree.

3) A man in MN has been granted permission to build a 40-acre kennel to hold 600 dogs for breeding. This is a Puppy mill.

Please also contact:
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 February 25, 2006 7:36 PM

Started May 2nd 2005.... Today is February 24th 2006 and "ONLY" 245 signatures for once again a truly Barbaric act and unnecessary for survival, any argument,al excuses !! We can't allow this to continue. They want to start doing this in California and making it available everywhere. Why ?? Another torturous act for no reason. Man does not have the right to feel they are better and have control over these beautiful "Living & Breathing" sinless creatures who were here before us.

PLEASE SIGN,CROSS-POST,FORWARD,ANYTHING YOU CAN DO TO KEEP THIS CIRCULATING ......8 Months only 245 signatures with all the vegetarians, animal lovers, nature lovers,etc.etc.etc.??? We "NEED" to sign. Please??? *** Thanks to all who care and have either signed or will be signing and passing this on.
I Care,
Kym Cree
P.S Thank you "KitCatTiger" for authoring this much needed petition. 

Stop Selling Kangaroos Leather and Meat!
Kangaroo's are so valuable,and these people sell Kangaroo meat , Kangaroo Pickled skins and Kangaroo leather! We need to make this STOP!
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 February 23, 2006 8:04 PM

Started Feb 19th.  As of Feb 23rd 136 signatures. Let's push the signatures as much as possible. Please sign this petition...Where I live It's getting worse and worse the discrimination against these breeds.Many places allow you to have pets if you rent or don't own your own home but they are telling you these breeds are not allowed. To "euthanize" all pit bulls in Denver,Co is disgusting!!!
Why aren't all serial killers put to death immediately??  This is insane and as a dog owner who is responsible
these breeds are wonderful an nothing is wrong with the breeds.They are so sweet. So while outside playing they may catch a mole or two. All dogs I know ofdo this. It's not a sign of a vicious animal.  
Typically it is not the breed that has problems. It's the owner that trains these breeds and others to do harm.
The laws need to start enforcing the animal abuse laws.
This is heartbreaking and unfair.....I don't know who made people think they are better than a sinless living creature just because they can't talk . They are not born vicious. It's the owners/criminals that train dogs to be that way.
Certain breeds have their unique characteristics but they don't turn unless trained to do so.
Please Sign,Cross-Post,Forward,etc....Please CARE..!!  Thanks in advance,Kym Cree
STOP Breed-Specific Legislation!
More and more states and cities throughout the US are passing laws restricting and even banning certain breeds altogether!Some cities like Denver,CO even went so far as to EUTHANIZE any and all "pit bulls"! These laws mainly pertain to Rottweilers and "pit bull" breeds, but also include Chows, German Shepard's, and Akitas. Please help stop the suffering for many good pet owners and innocent animals!
Thank You Christie Bonamassa for sponsoring this petition.
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 February 22, 2006 5:38 PM

Please help us get justice for Ricky!!

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 February 22, 2006 4:13 PM

This petition was started August 12th ( I signed August 17th)  and only 58 signatures as of 2/21/06....
We need help here. It is a well organized petition with an important issue.
Please Ignore the Deadline Date so I was told.
Please Sign,Cross-Post anything you can to keep the word circulating....It's deeply appreciated
for the "Cause".
Thanks for Caring,
Kym Cree
P.S Thank you Tracy Brown for the petition !!
Please Do Not Build on the Redwood Acres Horsefarm Property
Please Do Not Build on the Redwood Acres Horsefarm Property
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 February 12, 2006 8:59 AM

We just have to stop hunger forever, that's it!!!
                     Take care,
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 February 11, 2006 4:32 AM

I thought you might be interested in this Union of Concerned Scientists petition to convince Pilgrim's Pride, the nation's #2 chicken producer, to end the overuse of antibiotics in the feed of chickens that are not sick. This practice leads to the development of antibiotic-resistant diseases, and is a serious threat to human health!

If you go to this URL you can check out the details and send your own message.
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 February 11, 2006 4:25 AM

Ruth Sharon Hoffman disappeared from River Rouge, MI, June 30, 1986.  Her only daughter, Debbie, has NEVER given up tryint to find her.

Ruth went on a job interview as a singer at a local "cops" bar.  She returned home the next day via the hospital after being brutally raped by the owner and a friend.  After bathing, she went for a walk and never returned.  RRPD ignored her daughter Debbie's pleas and NEVER investigated.

We, the undersigned, are now asking the State Attorney General of Michigan to open a COMPLETE investigation.

The petition is here!

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Canada's Animal Cruelty Law Reform February 11, 2006 3:30 AM

Currently, animal abusers get a maximum of 6 moths in jail, $2,000 in fines and a ban on owning animals for 2 years.  Bill C-50 proposes 5 year jail terms, up to $10,000 in fines and possible lifetime bans on owning animals.  Stephen Harper is a cat lover, tell him it is time to step up and do the right thing for animals and Canada!

Sign the petition here!
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Tigers in India February 09, 2006 12:49 PM

Click here to sign the petition

All this year we in India have been bombarded with appalling news reports about the poaching of our national animal the tiger (Panthera tigris bengalensis). The Sariska National Park in Rajasthan was found to have not a single tiger left. Poaching gangs are still active in most of our other national parks, including world famous parks under Project Tiger. The gangs use steel traps, firearms and electric wires to kill these precious animals. The situation is now very grim indeed, and shows a complete lack of commitment and concern on the part of all the forest departments who are supposed to manage and monitor the parks. Forest guards are demoralized, and since vacancies have not been filled for the last twenty years, most of them are over the age of 45 years, unarmed, and not in a position to fight the poachers. Political will is sadly lacking, and any measures taken recently to stem the rot have been at best half-hearted, and at worst, non-existent.

A Tiger Task Force was set up some months ago by our Prime Minister who is genuinely concerned about the issue, but their recommendations are not very helpful since they dilute the issue by confusing it with the rights of forest dwellers, and do not address the urgent problem about what to do as regards poaching. If implemented, their suggestions will actually do more harm to the tiger because they will compromise its habitat. A few months ago an investigation revealed the shocking fact that most of the skins of our butchered tigers, leopards, snow leopards etc. (all endangered species in the Red List of CITE have found their way to Tibet where they are openly sold at astronomical rates to be worn at certain festivals.

This petition seeks to request the Indian Government
· to ensure that our protected forest areas (a mere 4% of the total land mass) be kept inviolate from human habitation or exploitation of resources
· to see that forest guards are appointed, preferably from among local people in the case of each park, so that they have a stake in wanting to save the tiger
· to ensure that the forest guards are appropriately equipped and trained
· to deploy the army and / or ex-servicemen in each park with guns and orders to shoot poachers at sight
· to consult the many tiger experts and scientists in the country, most of whom are resented and ignored by forest department officials, since they invariably blow the whistle about any shortcomings of the departments

We CANNOT let the tiger become extinct in the wild in India, certainly not for fictitious medicinal value, nor to satisfy the vanity of a few humans. It must be allowed to burn bright forever in our forests.
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 February 08, 2006 11:45 PM

Help the animals in horrific conditions in Kunming zoo, China
The animals of Kunming zoo, China, suffer the agony of life in cages, concrete yards and featureless pits, facing daily beatings while being forced to perform and beg for food. In today’s society this level of cruelty cannot continue. see

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General Petitions February 01, 2006 1:16 AM

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