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Safe sites /Search engines ? / How Do They Track Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…
4 years ago
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How Do They Track Thee? Let Me Count the Ways…

4 years ago

States working toward privacy from drones are leading 42-8.

Rand Paul is championing our fourth amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure, and invasion of privacy. He has just filed a class-action law-suit against President Obama and the National Security Agency for their blatant vacuuming of our private information. You can sign it and share it. “Stand with Rand” on the NSA Petitions.

The USA Freedom Act is a small but positive step toward restoring the FISA court and getting rid of the Patriot Act.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a dedicated ally. Here is their recommended browser extension to help keep your activities secure: HTTPS Everywhere

Here are sites to help secure your Internet searches:

Additional resources:

4 years ago

They track me all over.. now they talked ENE NEWS into banning me from posting as well.

Too much truth being spoken and links posted....


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