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Your Gardening Questions
10 years ago
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Source of Photograph.....

Please use this Thread to submit your Herbal Gardening and Herrbal Cooking Questions.....
seed companies
10 years ago

Am I better off buying seeds from my grocery store or from the gardening magazines?  What herbs can handle a lot of rain? Thank You.   Bonnie

8 years ago
I think I need help !!!



I bought a small basil pot last week and although I've followed the instructions on watering, etc. I think the plant is dying This is not the first time it happens, every time a buy a herb plant, it ends up dying after a few days so I decided to switch to dry herbs but it isnt the same, I would love to use fresh but I dont seem to be able to keep them alive ! Why ?? What am I doing wrong ? Any advice will be welcomed - thanks Beatriz

8 years ago


     I'm sorry that I didn't answer your question sooner. I was waiting for other Members to offer some Advice and them I just got real busy. I apologize for not posting this sooner.

     I have purchased seeds from Seed Catalogues, as well as from stores. You can get some great deals from Burgess and some of the other Wholesale Houses, but I do have to say that I bought some 10 Cent Seeds once that grew much better than the more expensive ones. One Tomato Seed for example grew a vine that was 8' by 32'. I and my neighbors picked at least 85 Tomatoes from that Vine and in the Autumn, I discovered several underneath that we missed.

     These are some herbs that prefer cool weather:




     I will also try and post some Information regarding Herbs and Climate.


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