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Efficiency January 06, 2006 12:26 PM

- One of the keys for a sustainable use of any kind of energy is the use of technical innovations. We have already solutions on this earth but few are further developed and introduced Ón practical solutions

- Another is the consciousness of all consumers. To act in a ecological way supposes a consciousness of beeing part of something bigger... and of course a sense of responsibiliy.

-†Let us become conscious and begin with selecting and recycling all kind of raw products as glas, paper, metals, compost etc... Here lays a key for becoming conscious within the personal realm what will radiate throughout all the world with the time. (In Switzerland this behaviour is already common good. We are worldchampions in recycling. The needed containers for glas, metals and batteries are found everywhere within 5 minutes of walk maximum - they are very numerous. Paper and boards are collected every month.

What are your suggestions, where could we improve our behaviour?

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Recycling January 20, 2006 8:59 AM

Recycling is a mandatory thing here in the US.† Being in the type of business that I am in, which is trash removal, demolition and dumpster service, everything is recyclable.† For instance, over here there are different landfills, or transfer stations that each type of trash has to go to.† In the trash, there are several types.† You have the light steel can in which vegetables and and fruit comes in, that's one metal from your house, then you have the aluminum, in which soda comes in.† There is clear plastic, like soda bottles, and then there is clouded plastic like the container milk comes in, and then last of all is the colored plastic, usually blue or green.† Next you have paper, which is newspaper, computer paper, office paper, brown paper, magazines, books.† Then you have the cardboard, brown, white, and colors.† Everything is separated according to type and color.† Next you have the wood, treated wood, and just plain wood (like building materials) and trees.† There is just so much and I would be here all day. (smile)† But you get the idea, that everything is recyclable.† We have recyclable stations for everything.† Here also we have junkyards, in which old cars and trucks are taken.† A lot of people go there and take usable parts off for their own use, or to resale.† If you have any specific questions I'll be more than happy to answer them for you.† Every single thing that you can think of has a special place for dumping or getting rid of.† I get publications every week from all different sources so that I can keep up with the changes.† Oh, yea.† Tires, yes they are recycable.† They are now being taken to a shredding place and the use of the shredded rubber is being used in a lot of different products.† I have a relative who works for the street department and he told me that they are now putting the shredded rubber in the material that they lay down on the streets (pavement/blacktop) because it makes it last longer.† Let me know for sure if there are questions that you have.


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Good solutions January 20, 2006 12:34 PM

Thank you Steph - it's good to know that such collecting and recycling is done - we do it to and you'r right it's a groing industrial branche... Also plastics are remelted to create some new basic building materiasl as tiles etc... What is important is that we all become conciuos on a global scale. We all should look fro recycling possibilities.

To mention also is that today demolition companies collect still good windows or Kitchen parts as stoves or washmashines etc and sell them as used after having†revised those items...

It is a joy to see that this kind of recycling by reusing is also a growing branch here.

Thanks for your input!

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Recently at Disaster Site in Misssissippi... January 20, 2006 3:48 PM

I was astounded! And on my return, I realized how much waste of usable lumber is put in landfills when demolitions and renovations are done!

The folks in New Orleans and on the coast in Mississippi could use those materials. I, personally, am in no position to do anything about it, except to send Reiki to the situation and suggest as widely as I can (such as here) that those who CAN make a DIFFERENCE, do so!

Love, Light, Good Sense and Compassion to Everyone!


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Claire January 24, 2006 9:52 AM

Hi Claire,

I truly understand what you are saying about all the wood and materials left down by the hurricanes.† Being in the demolition business also, I wanted to respond to you about that.† That wood and material that you see, has been in water, and not clean water at that.† So if someone was to take that wood and other material and try to use it, it might seem fine at first, but at some time or another, mold will grow out of it and have someone sick.† While you can't see mold on the outside of the wood, it's porous and grows on the inside where it is moist and warm, but eventually, it grows so much until it does appear on the outside.† It's a government regulation not to reuse wood that has been used before, expecially when it's going into a house.† I know in the past, there were no problems, but it has been an on going thing that people get sick from being in their own house and really don't know the reason why.† But in the same note, it you have a house that is being torn down because it is old, you can reuse the materials from that.†


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Francois January 24, 2006 9:59 AM

Hi Francois,

I have many books and pamphlets that I get monthly on recycling because it is always changing.† I could mail them to you if you would like to see just how we do things over here in the states.† Every state has a different way of doing their recycling, but it's all government regulated.† I was watching on TV a few weeks back, these guys had invented a car that runs on used cooking oil.† It's a small car and pretty cute, but not very fast.† It goes maybe, 25 mph.† I thought it was pretty interesting.


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Research January 24, 2006 10:16 AM

Yeah it's always amazing to see hat is invented - This reminds me of that french car that uses compressed air... cute too... it's real and goes well.... Thank you for your offer - I also just follow up from far so just some links might do... What we must be aware is that the research has to be pushed worldwide to get improvment and innovation. A shift from atomic power to clean powers on the research investment has to happen... Some electricity companies have understood and are investing in alternative power... also financing research. I think it is just to few until now.

Thanks for active participation here!

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A quick response for Stephanie: January 24, 2006 1:42 PM

"But in the same note, it you have a house that is being torn down because it is old, you can reuse the materials from that."

Thank you for clarifying my post!

This is precisely what I meant to say:

Materials (not affected by the hurricane) which are removed through demolition in nearby areas, could be carried to the devastated areas and re-used by those who are in desperate need.

Thank you, again!

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Francois January 24, 2006 4:36 PM

Hi Franscois,

I forgot to tell you about the trash to steam plant.† It works by trash, such as garbage.† It is burned in†an incerator and instead of smoke water is added to convert the burning to steam, in which steam is pumped thru pipes to some nearby businesses for heat.† It's pretty neat, like having radiator heat.† You spoke about electricity, the electric companies in some states are now trying our windmills.† I have seen them here in Pennsylvania up in the mountains.† There are thousands of them in California.† I'm not sure of their technology of how they work to generate electricity, but I'm curious, so I'll be looking for that info from the electric company.† As soon as I know I will post it here.† Or maybe someone else knows how the windmills work to generate electricty.† They are facinating to watch.


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 February 02, 2006 9:39 AM

Hi Everyone,
Here in Canada, we an abundance of second hand stores. You can buy almost anything there and you can get really good deals. I've had to furnish a new apartment and I've only had to spend about $200 for everything. We also have a program here in the city where in the spring time, if you need to get rid of some furniture and stuff, you can put it out on the curb and people are allowed to pick it up for free. It's sort of like a scavanger hunt, but it's fun, helps those in need to work within their budget and it keeps alot of stuff out of the landfill sites. I've hardly bought anything new in the last ten years. I've also started my own exchange circle...
if I have something that I'm getting rid of and it's still in good shape, I put it in a box and pass it on to another family. They take what they need/want add some stuff and pass it on to the next family. It's like having Christmas all year round. Also helps get rid of some of the clutter in your life (boy, it just
The government here is also getting more and more involved with wind power. Here on the north shore of Lake Superior we have alot of wind coming across the lake so they are going to be setting up windmills along the highway. I just hope the trend continues.
Just my little contribution.
Luv n light,

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. February 19, 2006 4:06 PM

The wind mill theory is I know for sure in California.† I am originally from California, and in a certain part they have over 1,000 there.† I was trying to do some research on them, I do know that they are not just driven by the wind.† Some of solar powered and the action of the windmill generates electricity.† I'm not sure how this works yet, but I am still looking around for some info.† Since the hurricanes last summer down south.† Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, did their damage, the oil prices are still high, and so is the natural gas, and gasoline.† My daughter who lives in Scotland tells me gasoline over there is outrageous.† But anyway, I know the government here is going to be busy on overdrive to find alternatives for gasoline, gas, and electricity.†


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different energy sources March 03, 2006 12:49 AM

Wind is one - Light (sun) is another usually each is an independent technique there is both and also the trick to use solar energy (electricity) in sunshiny regions where there is also water, to create H - Hydrogen and O - Oxygen from Water (H2 O) and have two easyly transportable elements (fuels) to be used in places where they are needed.†- This also can become efficient and cheap on a large scale. But there is also more ideas - i think of the use of earth warmth for heating houses... I guess we will find also new things to do and soon we will have a lot of techniques to choose from.

. . . . . . . It always looks also like being a political problem to resolve the†honest sharing of worldwide resources . . . . . . .

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