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13 years ago
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13 years ago

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river been poisoned
and the last fish been caught
will we realise we cannot eat money

Cree Indian Proverb

Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men,
we didn't have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents.
Without a prison, there can be no delinquents.
We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves.
When someone was so poor that he couldn't afford a horse, a tent or a blanket,
he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift.
We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property.
We didn't know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being
was not determined by his wealth.
We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians,
therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another.
We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don't know
how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things
that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society.

John (Fire) Lame Deer
Sioux Lakota - 1903-1976

13 years ago


Help me always
to speak the truth quietly,
to listen with an open mind
when others speak,
and to remember the peace
that may be found in silence.

Cherokee Prayer

13 years ago

The article below has been re-printed with kind permission of the author, Sharon Pacione. It is an attempt to wake people up out of their complacency and ignorance and see what's really happening around them, right at this very minute. The US launched an attack on Iraq, regardless of the many in the world who opposed it, including most of the nations of the UN. Do we really believe this bullying will stop at Iraq? Country after country will follow the same fate as Iraq, until we wake up to what is going on.

History books are written by the victors, and is never an indication of the truth of what really happened, and the Native Americans are but one example. We are not being told the real truth, whether it be about history, or about current events.

But now, more and more, courageous voices are speaking out against war as a solution to anything. The first step to creating Peace is to arm yourself with the Truth. The second step is to do something about it. Each of us individually has the power to create the Peace we all wish for. And not just the power, but we have a responsibility as Global Citizens. As long as we sit back and do nothing, whether out of fear or out of ignorance, we will all be victims in the end.

I encourage you to arm yourself with Knowledge. Then rid yourself of your fears and start to do something, before it is too late. Let's give our children a world to look forward to. The native americans have the custom of basing all their actions on how it will affect 7 generations into the future; that is, the future we leave our children with. What a wonderful idea for governments to implement before they make any policies.

Start to become aware of what's happening, and look behind the scenes. Start questioning. The article posted below is only one of many ways we can begin...........

War does not determine who's right,
only who's left!

Author Unknown
13 years ago

There is a little white lie...that we call history.

It appears that as a nation, the United States government has never considered the original people of the continent of North America to be among "all men" mentioned in the following portion of the Declaration of Independence:-

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- that to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever Any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government."
~~ The U.S. Declaration of Independence ~~

As our government continues to try to go to war against the wishes of ever-growing opposition all over the world, I ask you to consider the recommendations listed in this post to educate yourself about Native American Indian cultures. I believe that the United States government has become addicted to war and it started a very long time ago!

It is through awareness and understanding that humanity can purify the individual and collective hearts and minds, necessary components to bring about peace on this planet. The great purification spoken about in Native American prophecy can be as kind and gentle as humanity wishes it to be. We can either wake up and do the internal work on ourselves, manifesting peace...or continue harboring the fear and anger, manifesting war. It's as simple as that...and it's our choice! It is our actions (or lack of them) that are determining this very minute the type of world in which we CHOOSE to live.

Mankind cannot become healthy unless there is the realization that we're ill and, as a species, we are very, very sick...having spread the cancers of fear and anger rhat we carry within our collective conscious, manifesting these diseases in our outer world for all to see. Our outer world is but a mirror of our inner world. And, we are a world of pretenders, a great majority ignoring the pain brought about by unjustness in the world in which we live. Most often, we deal with what we see and hear through apathy and anesthetizing ourselves with our addictions.

Perhaps the time has come to silence the drums of wars raging within by diligently working on ourselves. Peace within is the only path to peace without. The vibrations of war enslave not only individual souls but the collective soul of humanity as well.

The following information is being highly recommended to the masses on this planet, especially here in North America. If we can begin to see how our government has treated the original people, those we often call Native Americans, perhaps we can see how prevalent the divide-and-conquer mentality has been since the first moment that colonists set foot on this continent already inhabited by millions of people. Most of these videos will not bring about a warm, fuzzy feeling, but having one's story told and being heard is part of the healing process. Please consider educating yourself and your family and friends, especially the children, so that the big fat lie that became the little white lie we call history can be corrected. Even if it isn't pretty, we should start telling the truth.

Those of us who work for peace care deeply about Mother Earth and what kind of world we are creating for all children, for people of all cultures. Knowledge continues to be power, but let's no longer choose "power-over" in our ways of dealing with people and countries, but power used in a wise way for the greater good of all of life, including the planet herself.

This is the time of a great awakening by humanity, but we must not just wake up if we wish to effect positive change in the world, we must get out of bed!!! We have unlimited opportunities to educate ourselves about what's really happening in the world and be a voice for peace. We can also make ourselves aware of real history that never made it into our history books. And, once we become aware, we might start to wonder just what the agenda really is on our planet by those who continue to enslave the spirit of humanity through the vibrations of fear brought about by war and oppression. There seems to be a constant need to feed the beast of oppression to make a few people rich and comfortable.

Here's one last bit of food for thought. The masses have always been controlled through fear, and what better way to continue the vibrations of fear

13 years ago

than through war? It is serving the agenda of the divide-and-conquer "powers that be" (in their minds) to make the prophecies concerning what has been called the "end times" come true. And, we should remember that war is a BUSINESS. How does one justify feeding the beast, if there is no war?

If humanity removes the "sheeple" robe it has so comfortably worn and becomes part of "we the people" instead of "we the sheeple", we can manifest peace instead of war. It is OUR CHOICE and this IS OUR COUNTRY...ISN'T IT?...ALL OF US!!!!

Let's not let the U.S. government mantra of "broken treaties, broken spirits" spread any further into the global scene than it already has!

The time of separation is over...the time of oneness, of knowing the connectedness of everything, is here. Please consider viewing the following to give even a small glimpse of the history that never made it into the history books because the little white lies did instead.

When we start to unpeel the onion of truth, we will realize that this is only the beginning. Be prepared to have this onion of truth make you cry. Part of the tears will come because of the realization of how we have allowed ourselves to be duped by the illusions that have passed (and continue to pass) for truth for so long!

13 years ago

Luther Standing Bear
(Ota Kte, Mochunozhin)
(1868-1939) Oglala Sioux chief 
"Out of the Indian approach to life there came a great freedom - an intense and absorbing love for nature; a respect for life; enriching faith in a Supreme Power; and principles of truth, honesty, generosity, equity, and brotherhood as a guide to mundane relations."

"As a child I understood how to give, I have forgotten this grace since I have become civilised."

"Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners and fine, high-sounding words were not part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, not in a hurried manner. No one was quick with a question, no matter how important, and no one was pressed for an answer. A pause giving time for thought was the truly courteous way of beginning and conducting a conversation. Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence to the speech-maker and his own moment of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regard for the rule that, “thought comes before speech.”

"We did not think of the great open plains, the beautiful rolling hills, the winding streams with tangled growth, as 'wild'. Only to the white man was nature a 'wilderness' and only to him was it 'infested' with 'wild' animals and 'savage' people. To us it was tame. Earth was bountiful and  we were surrounded with the blessings of the Great Mystery."

"If today I had a young mind to direct, to start on the journey of life, and I was faced with the duty of choosing between the natural way of my forefathers and that of the... present way of civilization, I would, for its welfare, unhesitatingly set that child's feet in the path of my forefathers. I would raise him to be an Indian!"

13 years ago
Seventh Philosophy - TO MYSELF

I will think about what kind of person I want to be when I am an Elder. I will start developing myself now to be this person.
I will walk with the Great Spirit and the grandfathers at my side. I will develop myself to remain positive. I will develop a good mind.
I will examine myself daily to see what I did good and what I need to improve. I will examine my strengths and weaknesses; then I will ask the Creator to guide me. I will develop a good mind.
Each day, I will listen for the Creator’s voice in the wind. I will watch nature and ask to be shown a lesson which will occur on my path.
I will seek our the guiding principles which guided my ancestors. I will walk in dignity, honor and humility, conducting myself as a warrior.
I will seek the guidance of the Elders so that I may maintain the knowledge of culture, ceremonies and songs, and so that I may pass these on to future generations.
I choose to do all these things myself, because no one else can do them for me.
I know I CANNOT GIVE AWAY WHAT I DON’T HAVE, so I will need to learn to walk the talk.

13 years ago

"You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight into our hearts. Speak Americans.. I will not lie to you; do not lie to me."

Cochise, (Hardwood) Chiracahua Apache (1812-1874)

12 years ago

Long before I heard of Christ or saw a white man...I knew God.  I perceived what goodness is.  I saw and loved what is really beautiful.  Civilization has not taught me anything better.


12 years ago

Broken Promises

They made us many promises, more than I can remember.  But they kept but one - they promised they'd take our land...and they took it.

_Chief Red Cloud

12 years ago

What is man without the beasts?  If all the beasts were gone, man would die from great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to man.  All things are connected.  Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth.

_Chief Seattle

12 years ago

It does not require many words to speak the truth.  _Chief Joseph

12 years ago

Continue to contaminate your own bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.   _Chief Seattle

9 years ago


Here, as it unfolded, is the chronology of the native American women's life. Far from the downtrodden, submissive 'squaw' of popular myth, the native American women emerges as a proud, sometimes stoic, always human individual from whom those who came after her can learn much. At a time when many contemporary American women are seeking alternatives to a life-style and role they have outgrown, Daughters of the Earth offers us an absorbing and illuminating legacy of diginity and purpose.

9 years ago

What is life?

It is the flash of a firefly in the night.

It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime.

It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

Crowfoot - Blackfoot Chief


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