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Greetings from a new member :)
12 years ago
I am curious, why is it that the majority of people who complain about traffic and commuting never do anything differently? In my opinion, most people in our great country, have become terribly lazy and spoiled. I have observed cars that drive from one end of a shopping center to another, just so the passangers do not have to walk. I am not talking about some huge mall. I mean a small shopping center/strip mall with only 5 small stores. Thank you for letting me gripe this morning. Have a great Saturday. :)
12 years ago
I've seen many an occurence similar to that :) People driving short distances because they're lazy. Its wonderful. I don't have so much a problem with cars as I do with the number of people driving the large SUVs. As if there is somehow a mass justification for doubling your fuel consumption, doubling your pollutant output. And then to say something like "'re just mad because you're not rich enough to live like I do...". As if that were the case :) Though with the economy and oil pricing I have been seeing more people walk and more people using bikes, so maybe its a step. I think the fact that 1.3 million americans were added to those constituting the poverty level will add to people who drive less as well. Good for the environment I suppose. The more people disaffected, the more likely the current way of things will change :)
12 years ago
. Interesting point Erik. Nothing seems to wake people up better than pain! In the meantime, I hope we can manage to reject some of the highway expansion projects being put forth. There are disasterous plans to expand highways for NAFTA in many southern states for example. It would also be great if we could put the ATVers on the defensive and shame members of the Sports Car Club of America and many other fickle auto addicts.
12 years ago
. In the meantime or at the same time, whichever comes first.
12 years ago
"Now just whut are yew tryin to dew ta mah rights as an am'rikan hippy? It's my right ta make whut-ever choice I WANT!!!!". Personally, I get sick of hearing this one. You know what gives statements like that a leg to stand on? :) Well, it's the fact that the government legislates things it shouldn't while not legislating things it should. I love commercials that show cars doing a hundred miles an hour with the tiny fine print that is so small televisions can't display it properly because of their resolution, and the fine print says "Please obey all local traffic rules and regulations". They can sell cars that can do 150+, but nowhere in the USA is there a road with a speed limit higher than 80mph to my knowledge. And when will you EVER need to do 150mph? How many average upgraded monkeys can actually process visual input at 150mph? The gov't just shouldn't allow such vehicles to be produced. They should set a speed cap, a pollution cap. An suv should not be allowed to pollute more just because it pollutes more. As far as ATV's, there is a place for them but that place is not in national forests. I plan to aquire a sizeable hundred acre plus tract of land someday if things go as planned, and I would want to have an ATV for getting around my property and utility use. Maybe it would be cheaper for the gov't to just pay all the cool kids at high schools across america to ride bikes to school. Then everyone else will ride bikes and the next generation of adults won't be so screwy :)
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