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Wnat Know About Hybrid Cars 2006
13 years ago
Completed doing a radio show on hydrid cars a gentleman owns a Honda Insight which is a combination of gas & electric which can get travel over 60 miles to favorable conditions 70 miles per gallon . It hold an ten gallon tank. I always wanted to offer information on my show on this subject . It turned out to truly be invaluable information for the listeners. That why I feel this mission on solar & alternative energy is so important. For Your Web Site Review check out: Remember some vechiles at the gas price reaching over 100 dollars per barrel. Will make it unaffordable to own or operate at these prices. car note is 345 to 445 per month or higher on popular car brands but the gas cost this averaging 600 to 1000US dollars per month basis upon mileage usage. This is slowly going to change from the SUVs, & big car ticket items with some people have issues getting to work. Help Clean Our Environment Wisdom2See
13 years ago
We cannot sit around waiting for our government to change. We need to act today. Drive less. Downsize the car. Buy Hybrid. Rethink our commute. Time to WAKE UP people. The future in OUR LIFETIME depends on it.
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