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More Bike Lanes Anyone?
14 years ago
= Will enough bicyclists ride they're bikes to justify them if built somewhere in your town? Are there any districts in your community where people bicycling, riding electric scooters, or blading can thrive?
14 years ago
I think it might be like they said in "Field of Dreams", if you build it, they will come. How about tax and insurance breaks for bicyclists as well? With the epidemic of obesity in this country I would think there might be some medical benefits to bicycling that might argue for lower medical premiums.
Bike lanes with parked cars
14 years ago
In Bordeaux one of the main problems is not the lack of bike lanes, however there could be even more....the problem is the lack of respect for the bike lanes and the lack of enforcement. There are lost of streets that the bike lanes become extra parking. In an old city with narrow streets, this becomes quite dangerous! Hopefully with the new tramway, things will improve a little more.Perhaps fewer people will drive in the urban core and use alterative means of transportation. One can always be hopefull.
14 years ago
we have bike lanes here, usually in the bus lane, not especially respected otherwise then car drivers seem to leave their brains on the pavement when they drive off.
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