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New photos here:
5 years ago
wedding art

look into 3rd row for my images Thank you
My first photography show
5 years ago

This month I have 20 of my photos displayed at school library. This is my first personal photo show. It's title is "Travel Diary: National Parks of USA" Photography Prints

5 years ago

Here are a couple links to spring auction organized by Pandas International. I am one of many sponsors of PI, and I donated a couple of the items made with my images for that auction. I hope the bidding goes well and pandas get another portion of bamboo or baby food Thanks for caring.

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6 years ago

Original prints and greeting cards original prints Thanks for choosing my art (3rd row).

6 years ago

That's the next biggest holiday after Thanksgiving. Time to look for a beautiful print as a gift:

christmas prints

3rd row

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THANKSGIVING prints and cards
6 years ago
thanksgiving prints Again, look into 3rd row for my images Thank you.
6 years ago

That's the magic word to say loud: holiday prints Look for my holiday related imaged in the 3rd row.

More greeting cards
6 years ago

HERE: greeting card prints MY CARDS ARE FEATURED IN THE 3RD ROW.

Interested in Food Photography?
6 years ago

Jus go here: food photos and see my photos in the 3rd row.

Do you like Close up or macro photography?
6 years ago

here is the best place to search for some prints of close ups: close up photos Note: my photos are showed in the 3rd row.

Looking for original framed prints?
6 years ago

you can find them on FAA too. My pictures are on the 3rd line: recently sold - original framed prints

6 years ago

With a long Holiday season coming up you may want to know the best places to buy greeting cards. Here is one way to go: recently sold - greeting card prints

Hello everyone
6 years ago

I don't know how many people are still visiting this group and how many of you would be willing to respond but here is my something I'd appreciate very much. The art website Fine Art America is currently running a contest to pick 5 pictures to be shown in TV commercial in USA. The final decision will belong to jury but to get seen by a jury a picture must get 250 votes from general public first. General public means people who log in to FAA either as FAA community member (artist or collector account is free and easy to create if you don't have one) or with FB account. I would really appreciate votes for these 2 photos of mine: Thank you

7 years ago

I'm rarely on care2 these days because I'm spending much of my computer time expanding my photo galleries on Fine Art America. If interested, you can see my works here:

Added a new album on care2
7 years ago

It has some of too many of photos taken by me in Holland and Belgium during my recent vacation. I hope to find time to add more some day in the future.

9 years ago

Anita. I'm glad you like it. Did I say that the photo on the calendar is made from 2 different photos? One was of the plate with a heart-shaped egg, and another with panda by the plate full of spaghetti. I decided that the egg is nicer than a pile of spaghetti.

Unfortunately it didn't sell Well, I sold a few to my colleagues for the price I payed myself. But nothing on eBay... People think it's cute (and I'm happy they like it) but that's all . Nothing for me and nothing for pandas ...... 

9 years ago

So cute !!!

9 years ago

I decided to play with my baby panda and first created a funny photo, then made a magnet calendar (the one that sticks to fridge) and a pen using that photo.

 My baby panda is a cute model, isn't it?

 Btw, if someone would like to have one of these things the ebay auction for them has just started

9 years ago

I just got a parcel with calendar magnets I created from one of my photos online. I'm SOO Happy.
Next thing I'm considering is to make a photo book. Maybe I could use this to help me:

Once again
10 years ago

A few new photos added to my Virginia album
IMG_0722 copy.jpg

10 years ago

While browsing for various sites i was offered by my Photography group friends and following some ideas and links that came up in the process i found a couple pages with several great links to pages about Lithuanian photography and photographers.
Thought I'd post it here. Maybe someone will be interested:
several pages about Lithuanian photography/photographers. Thought maybe someone here may be interested:

I think it's time...
10 years ago

I've been thinking about this idea for years but never had enough courage to try anything, and had less possibilities while just with 35 mm film camera. Now when several years on care2 photo forums already, with lots of my photos showed and discussed by more experienced people, lots of tips and information read here and there...
I think the time came for me to start making some use of my hobby.
I'm thinking about 2 things: a photo show (exibition) in local for selling photos online.  I know that most of my photos are far from those wonderful images I see in these show and sell galleries. But some are really nice and if displayed properly (with no quality distortion that care2 albums, unfortunately, give) thay maybe could  do something good for me.
As saying goes: you'll never know if you won't try it.

I keep updating my photo albums with new pics
10 years ago

adding some new images to Travels 2008 and US Trip albums almost every day.
Some pics go to Winter album or elsewhere.
It's a pity care2 haven't made a tool for instant tracking of photo updates. (They had this idea going around for a while, as well as idea of making it easier to navigate in photo gallery nd find the album we're looking for)

But care2 Albums are not very good when it comes to photo quality. Thay reduce size to one uniformed size and often it affects the quality badly.

For this reason I post some of my photos, the larger or nicer ones in Opera albums. Wish I had time to make my Opera gallery large and good enough. But now, there are just a few pics that I wanted to save from care2 distortion)

One of them is this flower:

10 years ago

Thanks for sharing your pictures Ausra! It was really nice to see


Added some more photos to my US Trip album
10 years ago

HERE Pandute's US Trip

Truly nice pictures Gitana.
10 years ago
for sharing.

I know that most of you have seen my photo albums here on care2. But I do sometimes add some new photos and not always post the updates.

So, if someone is interested in seeing the most recent ones please feel free to visit my photo gallery and check my albums:
Albums are sorted in descending order by the date Last changes in it were made: My country Lithuania. Landscapes, Pandute's Garden, My country-Lithuania, Travels 2008, Austrija-Vengrija, Pandute's "Royal" Cat Family etc.
10 years ago

Gitana  thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures ... you do have an artist's eye .... aciu Vytas

10 years ago

Hello, hello!!!

Photography one is my hobby too! I remember I started to show interest in photography when I was school girl. It was the circle of photography and I was a member in that circle. And yes, like said Ausra I was making photos at "dark" room - my bathroom. It was really so exciting. Yes, Ausra!!! I was too absolutely delighted when automatic cams appeared. After some time I started to work with more news cameras, which we called "Muilines". I was not good photograph, but I loved to take pictures and my pictures was only paper pictures. And now I have so much of paper pictures....After some time I decided to buy my new digital camera, and I did that. Now I have much of pictures too, but it is simply and better way to keep them. I just can write them in CD or DVD colections.

I decided to share some of my pictures with my close friends. If you wish to see them too, you can visit my pictures site:

Vytas! I saw your pictures too! Thanks for sharing them!

And thank you Ausra for this topic!

10 years ago

Thanks for sharing

10 years ago

Hi Ausra .. I enjoyed reading about your passion .. I too was smitten with photography when I was younger and when I started working bought a Canon A! with all the toys and lenses .. and took tons of film pictures .. and about 5 years ago was preparing for a vacation and just could not see myself carrying around a big bag of lenses etc just for my camera and bought a digital camera that I could slip into a shirt pocket .. and have been taking thousands of pictures .. but the beauty of digital .. each photo doesn't cost and deleting a few hundred really bad photos is OK with me .. this year since I wanted to be able to Zoom in on the canoe racers here I bought a digital with a 12/1 zoom .. and I just love the automatic point and shoot  many of my paper pictures have disappeared over the years but I have many of the last 4 years worth on .. aciu ir iki  Vytas

One of my latest photos
10 years ago

Monument to Frank Zappa in Vilnius:

Vilnius 2008 04 10 Fr Zappa.gif
It was starting to rain
See more pics of that day (Apr 10 2008) HERE
Pastimes & Hobbies #4- PHOTOGRAPHY
10 years ago
| Blue Label

Continuing on the series of hobbies...

Photography is probably one of my most longlasting hobbies and one of my biggest passions.

We all know that some interests come and go and some stay longer. So, this is the one that I've been atracted to all my life. I don't know if it would be the same if it wasn't my dad's passion and if I haven't had seen him making photos at his "dark room"- our bathroom and corridor that were turned into home photo lab- from my childhood.

Times have changed, methods of taking and making photos have changed too. (I'm sure no one makes photos at home any more, and just a few still keep working with films, while most people are using digitals) But the interest and passion for taking/making photos remains the same.

I'm not a very good photographer 'cos I never cared about all subtlities too much. Dad tried to teach me to work with manual cams (well, there were no automatic ones at that time) choosing the right settings for different types of films and weather/lighting conditions, changing lenses, using or not flash and timer... but I was too impatient and a bit lazy to put all these things to my head, and I always wanted it to be easier, simplier..

So I was absolutely delighted when automatic cams appeared. First cams were very simple, with no zoom and didn't give a very good quality photos. We called them "muilines" (soap boxes) in Lithuania

I never had any of those first models and kept working with old dad's cam "Zenit" It was considered one of the best Russian manual cams. Easy to use, good quality. Perfect for an amateur.
But I never stopped dreaming about even easier way to take photos (lazybones method- when all is done automaticaly) Plus I wanted my cam to be much smaller so that it could fit not only into a large handbag but also into some small lady's one or simply into the pocket. This would allow me to have cam with myself everywhere I go and shoot whatever I want.

I bought my first automatic cam only years later after "muilines" appeared 'cos I was very dissapointed by the results I got when using my friend's cam during my Canada trip in 2002. The cam I bought is the same one I'm using now (I guess it is about 5 years old already)- Pentax Espio 60S. It's a very simple one compared to all modern ones now. But at the time I purchased it, it was a middle quality cam with zoom x2 which seemed good enough (but is definitely too little as I can see it now). Despite of it's simplicity it was a good cam, and lots of people were surprised by the quality of photos I could make with it. It sure was MUCH better than "muilines" and it is still good even compared with digital ones.

Muzikalkes liustras orig.jpg
But I'm thinking about changing my cam again. It served me long enough and is starting to fail more and more often. Plus it's a digital era already and developing films and paper photos becomes a very expensive hobby. No, not because of prises for that. Actually the prices have fallen down from what they were at the beginning (when Kodak and Fuji "Photos in 1-2 hr" labs appeared).

It's more end more expensive because of my unsatisfied "hunger" I feel the need to take more and more photos, to experment with different lighting conditions, unusual or on the contrary- very ususual objects, finding their hidden beauty. I take lots of photos of my precious furbabies, lots of landscapes and architecture. I have lots of photograps with flowers, etc.

Sometimes I just feel like playing around with my cam shooting myself or trying to capture more interesting cloud, or the plane passing by high in the skies with his long "tail" of steam and fumes stretching across the skies... That often turns into waste of shots and money

I'm lucky we have good and understanding guys in the lab, so they develop only "good" shots. In most cases I bring home only 1/2 of all shots taken. It's not so bad. Professional photographers say they take hundreds of pics to get 1 really good photo.
But THAT's the point. I do get half of my shots developed as "good" ones.

But I seldom am satisfied with half of those "good" ones too. Partly it's my own fault- moved while taking pic, wasn't attentive with framing or was too close to the object which caused bad focus... But partly it's the my cam's fault, or imperfection of it. Let's say the same thing with distance. With only 2x zoom I can't make any close-ups or get larger images of small things. If I want to have them larger I have to be as close to them as possible. And that "possible" is no less than 1,5 m 'cos closer it will affect the focus and clearity and pic will be blured. Especially if I use the zoom at the same time too. This makes me dream about the digital cam more and more often

Have I made you asleep already? Sorry if it's so. Just , I told it from the start- photography is my passion. And if one is opassionate about something he/she can talk about it non-stop (and plus it's my usual "novel writing" time but I'll tell you about this strange "hobby" next time).

And, btw, THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL THREAD. Anyone interested in photography feel free to add to it sharing your opinions and your experience.

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