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5 years ago
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Especially on NHS & LA Forums re : Moderators .
Sent to CFS / fibro group manager Patsy

Sent to Inspire Organisation USA of charitable groups like Health Unlocked in UK who have moderated me off their forum suspect because of bias & discrimination ?

Just wanted to say am seeing where many groups overlap eg: thyroid, fibro , arthritus, PMR [ polymyalgia rhematica ]fibrillation [ heart] Mother had as well as multi infart dementia TIAs[ Alzheimers] ....Couldn’t there be a problem if system regarding one fixed thing when can be progressive In case of PMR can cause blindness & needs steroid initially .On one of initial occasions when went to A&E was told off for having stroke symptons a rotated yearly GP refused to come out .Two weeks later my late Father a pharmacist sent steroids over .I was then as right as rain . Oninvestigating polymyalgia rheumatica find it is resolved with a steroid but those I have spoken to in support groups say there is not a heriditary component?

My utis [ spina bifida occulta – disability not recognised by NHS need antibiotics 3 weekly on dot otherwise I become acute to die??!!!Mother died of one in september .Is that why acute symptons excrutiating pain & spacicity & angina are not his remit . Together with cardiology/neurology I suspect they are. Vasculitus?

I am about to move at end of the month but unreasonable system NHS won’t organise in advance the NHS transition. Also need to be vreferred to top surgeon / researcher/ teacher as has his own uniyt at UCH Urology & spina bifida

Also regarding last meeting & Survey sent in but tried to discuss differential diagnosis with name given on it for osteopathy [ naturalistic] He got back saying would follow up & has not done so ??!!

What is being done about these unreasonable policies & procedureds in NHS when there is a Constittion ignored by the lawyers.? And biased Have your No say Forums??!! ]

TO FORUM in USA re Silent Heart Symptons [ See other groups connections ]

I recognised this in the deregulated UK and GPs didn't ? Or were they directed not to ? No wonder many in uk are dying before there time. - the statistics are the worst in Europe . Why you're only allowed one sympton one condition from accountant structured call centres.Then the private system use the same Doctors to prevent you claiming for a second opinion & legal system refuses to address too . This behaviour doesn't make ethical or reasonable sense .Then in Uk when tell the truth on Forums they moderate you off?

Here is my colllaborative with Bhf letter to MP

ROCK Up in Red BHF Campaign MP
Read more:

Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP
Islington North
House of Commons
London SW1A0AA
Dear Mr Corbyn,
There are over 2.7 million people in the UK currently suffering with heart disease and it is the UK’s
single biggest killer. It kills one in six men and one in nine women and is responsible for almost
80,000 deaths in the UK each year, an average of 220 people each day.
February is National Heart Month and a time when the British Heart Foundation (BHF) encourages
the nation to think about their own hearts and the hearts of those around them. by addressing
issues of the incorrect Online Medical Record shortened by those on remits & Low Priority
Policies by ignoring certain disabilities & conditions including heart, liver , kidneys & cancer so LA
s can ration social services.
Already our death rate is highest in Europe & yet again the patient is blamed . This is not quite the
true picture as call centres or admin on remits are blocking & maladministrating like the Police
one in Tolpuddle Street.
As my local MP, I would like you to help raise awareness of heart health by taking part in the
BHF's Photo Tweet Off on Wednesday 6 February from 3-4:30pm in W3, Westminster Hall.
There will be staff to take a photo of you on your smartphone for you to tweet from your twitter
account with a hearty message, asking for your followers to retweet it. Simple.
This is a quick and easy opportunity for you to show your support for National Heart Month and
help encourage the nation to think about their hearts and loved ones’ hearts.
Islington North
For more information on the Tweet Off and to RSVP, please contact Rachel Earle, BHF Public
Affairs Officer on 020 7554 0154 or
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely
Julie Shrive
22 Trinder Road

On 31/1/13 18:44, "BHF Campaigns" wrote:

Dear Julie,

Thank you for emailing your MSPs and asking them to rock up in red in Parliament.

If you have any comments, would like to receive campaign updates or get a response from your MP please contact

Thanks again for your time and support.

Best wishes,

The Campaigns Team

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