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Whales need letters... January 05, 2006 6:47 AM

(original share is at: ) Whaling has resumed in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Please email the decision makers in Australia to encourage them to get off the sidelines and get involved. The Farley Mowat has only enough fuel to stay on station for a couple more weeks. The Esperanza and Arctic Sunrise are likely not far behind. When they leave, the whalers will be left to their own devices and will be monitored by nobody. Please request that the Australian Navy get involved as most of the whaling is taking place in Australian territorial waters. You may use the sample letter below or create your own, but please do it as soon as possible and send the emails to the following people. Thank you!! The Hon John Howard MP Prime Minister Kim Beazley [opposition leader] Senator Ian Campbell [environment] Peter McGauran [fisheries]"> Gavan Oconnor [shadow, fisheries] A.Albanese [to whomever - please change this as necessary] I am writing concerning the current and continued activities of whalers in Australian territorial waters. Counter to the opinions of the majority of nations committed to the protection of endangered species and to permitting only what is deemed to be sustainable whaling, a select few countries have seen fit to actively pursue broadening their whaling enterprises under the guise of scientific research. Currently, 6 vessels recognized to hail from Japan are known to be sailing in Antarctic waters laying within the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary which covers most waters south of 40 degrees and that are claimed by Australia. If the government of Australia has protested this trespass in any form, it has not become widespread public knowledge. In fact, because of the general lack of any evidence to the contrary, it is internationally accepted that the Australian government is doing absolutely nothing in itís power to dissuade Japan from conducting itís operations in Australian waters Ė not even restricting refueling and replenishment of Japanese flagged vessels. That Japanese whaling is more than a research endeavor is obvious to even the most casual observer. Whale meat is legally sold in the Japanese market in upscale restaurants and fast-food chains. It is served to school-aged children with state sponsorship and recently using DNA techniques, remains of whales slaughtered by the whalers has been found in dog food sold internationally. Only ignorance could keep one from seeing that the Japanese government and whaling community are not being honest in their intentions and negotiations at internationally sanctioned events. Because nations involved in the negotiations and passage of international treaties concerning whales and other marine life do not provide for enforcement of the results of hard won treaties, Non Governmental Organizations such as Green Peace and Sea Shepherd have attempted to fill the void and have become a non-paid policing force with limited influence. It is outrageous that the nations involved in these negotiations leave holes in treaties that a factory processing ship could sail through. It is even worse that absolutely no effort is made to enforce the treaties that are agreed to. Recently, captains of the Japanese vessels commanded their vessels to disregard all navigational rules of the road and steered on collision courses for both the M/V Esperanza and M/V Farley Mowat, possibly endangering the lives of the crew of all involved vessels. It is evident that the Japanese whaling fleet has little regard for law and order when there is a lack of authority to answer to. Though rumors of a Japanese man of war being dispatched to cruise with the whalers has not yet been publicly substantiated, were a Japanese Naval vessel to appear in the general vicinity Ė within radar or if equipped, air surveillance range, it would be most disconcerting to all involved and a display that Australia has no intention of maintaining law and order within itís territorial waters. In light of all of these events and the international spotlight that is being focused upon Australia, I encourage you to not only more strongly pursue diplomatic means to address the glaring shortcomings, oversights and deception that is now rampant, I strongly request that all consideration be made in dispatching a capable Australian Naval vessel to ensure that all international regulations be followed and that the whaling vessels are not operated in any manner that endangers any life or property. Sincerely, [ your contact information, of course] Also, if you haven't already, please consider taking my poll at:  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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