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A X-Mass Gift Of Life For The Oceans December 02, 2008 4:09 AM

My friends First,please to take the time to read my long email :) I really appreciate and honour all caring friends here.We have so many good and heartbreaking causes we support,maybe even donating money to.All these species in need,asking activists like us to be their voice.We ARE their voice,if we don't care,no one cares anymore,and then APATHY will win. Also the Whales,Seals,Fish,The Oceans need a bigger voice.Maybe some don't agree with their direct actions.But be honest,direct actions are the only thing that seems to help these days.Banners,petitions alone aren't enough anymore.Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a organisation that does direct action.It is NOT an protest organisation.They saved for example 500 whales from death last whaling season.They saved many seals from death during the Canadian Seal Slaughter,supported by the Canadian Government,not supported by the mijority of Canadian citizens.They also educate fisherman in countries how to fish in a way that will not let any other ocean citizens die (ban longline fishing). Sea Shepherd is doing so many good things,actually saving lives,educating and is the most effective organisation for the Oceans.They are called pirates,because of their direct actions (ramming ships) But they never caused harm to a human live,nor endangered human lives with their actions.They sunk whaling ships when no one were on it.They have never been sued and called guilty by court,because they only act against illigal operations and act only against humans who are in violation of laws ! Thus it is strange and a shame that they are still a small organisation,they need more ships to be MORE affective.They have many supporters,but not many donating supporters.For example,in the Netherlands and Belgium they have 1200 donating supporters over a poppulation of 26 million people.That's so low.With more money,they can save more lives ! Other organisations (will not call names) collect much money,but still their animals in campaigns are dying by the thousands,the so called monitoring campaigns,taking video's and pictures from dying animals.But that doesn't mean they are bad organisations,just not as direct in actions,they do other good things.But my personal opinion is,direct actions do save lives.Lobbying with governments takes time,sometimes decades,and many species don't have that time anymore. So i call upon you to give Sea Shepherd a christmass gift,as well Sea Shepherds wnats to give the whales this whalingseason(that started now) the gift of life !!! Even if it is only $5 or $10.All will help. Who cannot spare $5 for the life of a whale,seal,fish ect ??? Thank you so much, Big hugs from Claudia,For the Oceans and please forward this email to your friends please... Donate links for sea Shepherd Monthly donations Donate online Donate by Pay Pal Donate by mail or phone  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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