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5 years ago

I hope they throw the book at this SOB. I would love to attend and give my two cents. He needs his neck broke and given NO pain meds. Suffer you P.O.S.

Timothy Mompher's PRE-TRIAL Court Date 03/06/2013 had been Cancelled
5 years ago

Findlay Municipal Court

New Court date for Pre-Trial: 05/08/2013

Court Time: 10:00 am

Court Room: 1

Heard by: Hon. Judge

Jury Trial: 06/06/2013

Court Time: 8:30 am

Court Room: 1

Heard by: Hon. Judge JONATHAN P. STARN

Case Summary and Docket Information:

5 years ago

I hate this. He needs to be charged with a felony. I hope he suffers so bad that nothing will ever help this piece of s#!!. I will be watching this.

5 years ago

Bastard !!!

5 years ago

                                 Kitten KILLER...MOMPHER

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Kitten-killing controversy exposes feud

The killing of a kitten in October has not only resulted in a criminal charge being filed against a Findlay man, but has exposed an organizational feud at the shelter where it happened.

Two civil protection orders have been requested since the alleged improper killing of the kitten at Teddy's Rescue and Sanctuary, 12409 Hancock County 99.

Tim Mompher of Findlay, a volunteer at the shelter, is accused of killing a kitten that was dropped off at the shelter by snapping its neck. He is facing a fourth-degree misdemeanor charge for using a prohibited method of destroying a domestic animal.

Read more:,2013,Mar,02&c=n


5 years ago

On 03/27/2001 (Date of Offense), Timothy Mompher was arrested on 1 Count: ENDANGERING CHILDREN. Plea NOT GUILTY.

His 2nd Offense was, 2 Counts Discharging of Firearms. Plea NO CONTEST and the Findings or Verdict was GUILTY.

He might have spent approx. 11 months in Court on these two cases alone, from 03/27/2001- 01/07/2002 but he pretty much got a slap on the wrist!!

5 years ago


Timothy C. Mompher this time around got caught for breaking a kittens neck at a local shelter he worked at and will be on Jury Trial 6/6/2013 at 8:30 am. at Findlay Municipial Court in Ohio.

I want the group to see who Timothy C. Mompher really is and I will be showing you his Court Records in brief with each crime he committed so everyone might be so angry after seeing all of this maybe together as a group we could turn the anger around and really get motivated to call, fax, email or whatever to fight for what we believe in and that would be for this monster to serve the maximum time in Prison allowed by the law!

11/27/2000 Timothy Mompher appeared before the Court for AID/SHIELD/
HARBOR AN OFFENDER, Statute Code 1531.02 and his Plea was NOT GUILTY. On 12/7/2000 a BOND POSTED 250.00.
A Court date was set for 12/13/2000 for an Arraignment but the DEFENDANT FAILED TO APPEAR - FORFEIT BOND. The Entry date 12/13/2000...BOND FORFEITURE - 250.00.
Finding or Verdict: BOND FORFEITURE.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio:

Sec. 1531.02.  The ownership of and the title to all wild animals in this state, not legally confined or held by private ownership legally acquired, is in the state, which holds such title in trust for the benefit of all the people. Individual possession shall be obtained only in accordance with the Revised Code or division rules. No person at any time of the year shall take in any manner or possess any number or quantity of wild animals, except wild animals that the Revised Code or division rules permit to be taken, hunted, killed, or had in possession, and only at the time and place, and in  the manner, that the Revised Code or division rules prescribe. No person shall buy, sell, or offer any part of wild animals for sale, or transport any part of wild animals, except as permitted by the Revised Code or division rules. No person shall possess or transport a wild animal that has been taken unlawfully outside the state.

A person doing anything prohibited or neglecting to do anything required by this chapter or Chapter 1533. of the Revised Code or contrary to any division rule violates this section. A person who counsels, aids, shields, or harbors an offender under such chapters or any division rule, or who knowingly shares in the proceeds of such a violation, or receives or possesses any wild animal in violation of the Revised Code or division rule, violates this section.

Check out this link:

There are 25 Seperate Court Cases.  All with Timothy C. Mompher's name on them. Beginning with the first year "2000"- "2013". I will find out exactly how old he is but I believe he is in his early 30's. Boy..What a waste of life!!


Findlay Municipal Court
5 years ago

Case Summary

General Information:

Case Number : 13CRB00162
Attorney Name : PAUL  MAEKASK
Offense Date : 10/28/2012
Date Filed : 2/7/2013
Waiverable : No
Muni Name : State of Ohio
Active Warrants: No

Defendent Information

Address: 223 ALLEN AVE
State : OH
Zip Code : 45840
Driver License Number : RW467361-ID


Count Number: 1
Statute Code: 959.06A

Hearing Information

Description: Pre-Trial
Court Date: 3/6/2013
Court Time: 10:30:00 AM
Court Room: ROOM 203

Docket Information

5 years ago

Sick bastard !!! Horrible , poor kitty . Thanks Leslie . I hope he will be charged for animal cruelty !!

5 years ago

This man needs to PAY!! Never let this piece of $#&T touch another animal. If he can hurt a innocent kitten, what does he do to humans? Missy you also are a piece of work. I hope pain and torture hit you or something you love. Why do these people even want to work at a shelter? Go straight to hell!

5 years ago

Both the shelter and this sick psycho should be held responsible!  Thanks Leslie

5 years ago

mompher and vanwormer need their necks broken. both shd be fired, charged with cruelty, fined heavily, forbidden to have any contact with animals ever and thrown in jail. i pray evil and torture befriend these 2 lowlife cretins the rest of their worthless lives. r.i.p. little kitten.

This article really makes me sick to my stomach!!
5 years ago

Animal shelter staff, board say incident 'highly inappropriate'

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Teddy's Rescue and Sanctuary, a Hancock County animal shelter, is hoping the improper killing of a kitten by a shelter volunteer won't end up causing the shelter's demise.

Rescue staff and the shelter's board issued a statement Friday that characterized the October incident as isolated and "highly inappropriate." They said it "was the result of poor communication and poor judgment."

Timothy Mompher, 30, of Findlay, has been charged with using a prohibited method of destroying domestic animals, a fourth-degree misdemeanor.

Read more:,2013,Feb,23&c=n
Findlay man who worked at animal shelter arraigned for breaking kitten's neck
5 years ago

FINDLAY - A Findlay man's arraignment on a misdemeanor charge for breaking a kitten's neck at a local shelter prompted animal advocates to call for stricter animal-cruelty penalties.
About a dozen people carried signs Wednesday outside Findlay Municipal Courthouse calling for Ohio legislators to make a first-offense, animal-cruelty conviction a felony instead of a misdemeanor.

A proposed law that would have done just that, Nitro's Law or House Bill 108, expired on Dec. 31 but is expected to be reintroduced this year.

Timothy Mompher, a volunteer at Teddy's Rescue, does not deny snapping the kitten's neck on Oct. 28.

His defense is that he was told to do so by Missy VanWormer, a former manager of the shelter at 12409 County Road 99, in Findlay.
Read more:

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