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UPDATE: Nitro's H.B.70 Law...
5 years ago

April 30, 2013


Every single member of this committee voted YES today!!!! Next step - Full Vote by all 99 Ohio House Representatives!!!!

Please contact your Ohio House Representative and Ohio State Senator - links as follows:

Link to The Ohio House of Representatives (if you aren't sure who your Ohio House Representative is, just type in your zip code on the home page) click on this link:

Link to The Ohio State Senate:

Link to contact The Governor's office:

** Don't live in Ohio**  but want your voice to be heard? and ALL OHIOANS: Call the Ohio State Senate President Senator Keith Faber: Keith Faber (R)
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-7584

Nitro’s Law covers more than just boarding kennels. The bill would protect COMPANION animals wherever a kennel license is in effect. That means any facility that holds a COMMERCIAL kennel license, whether it be a boarding, training or breeder facility. NITRO’S LAW WILL PROTECT DOGS/COMPANION ANIMALS WHOSE CUSTODIANS PROFIT FROM THE DOGS IN THEIR CARE.

It is our mission, once passed, to continue to build upon it to include more and more and more.

Thank you for your support!!! please BE THE CHANGE!!!
nothing will change for the poor animals if we don't speak for them!!!

5 years ago

I am not from Ohio but I will call anyway and voice my concerns. Thanks so much Leslie.

5 years ago

Nitro's Law reintroduced into the

House of Representatives

February 28, 2013 known as House Bill 90!!

Nitro's Law House Bill 90 has been assigned to the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee - Sponsor Testimony was on April, 9th 2013.

Please continue to write/call your
Ohio State Senator & Representative requesting their support and yes vote!


Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee

Please Call and Email ASKING FOR SUPPORT for Nitro's Law HB90

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Nitro's Law
5 years ago

I have copied and will take action. Now is the time.

5 years ago

"Nitro was not a Democrat, Republican, Liberal or a Conservative....
he was My Boy."

Nitro's Law reintroduced as Ohio House Bill 90
5 years ago

February 28, 2013

Nitro Foundation announced today that Nitro's Law (H.B.90) has been reintroduced to the Ohio House for 2013. Nitro Foundation and animal advocates have been trying to get Nitro's Law through the Ohio legislative process for four years. First it was introduced as HB70, then HB108.

Today, Representative Ronald Gerberry(D) walked the bill through the introduction process, standing there every step of the way to fast track it. Gerberry wants to move the bill to the Ohio Senate as quickly as possible. The bill has 20 cosponsors this year, 13 Democrats, and 7 Republicans.

Read more:

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