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I care to share, My brother's story August 08, 2006 4:25 AM

Friends, thank you all for your concerns and for signing my petitions. Most of you are aware of the atrocities that my family had suffered over the last 30 years. Now I want to share my brotherís story with you, because his story is link to the truth behind the kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.

It is in my belief that my brother was a victim of Project MKULTRA, and he was given LSD at a very young age when my mother was deceived by Dr. Margaret M. Lawrence of Harlem Hospital to enroll him into Childville back in 1970.

My mother was convinced to enroll my sibling Ward Johnson into Dr. Lawrenceís daycare program at the suggestion of the Drew daycare facility in the latter part of the Ď60ís. It was reported to her that my sibling would not play with the other kids, and that he would not be allowed to attend public school and would have to attend a special boarding school called Childville for 2 years to correct his problem.

He was only 7 years old at the time, he was a genius, a prodigious savant which is a very rare find; and more importantly he was normal, NO psychological problems or anything remotely close. They did something to him in there that altered his personality and his behavior; he never was the same again after that.

After much research and investigation I believe I found the truth of why we suffered so much over the last 30 years; and why we didnít received any help when we properly reported these crimes, or why the media refuse to touch this story that Iím reporting to you. Thatís why Iím sharing my story with you, because this is a story that must be told and the guilty party must stand trial for their sadistic crimes. Please read my share; a complaint to OPMC and the D.A. Office of the county of New York dated 7/18/2005 and discover the pharmaceutical connection to this story.

Click on the link to identify Project MKULTRA

Click on the link below to review my complaint concerning the pharmaceutical connection and my sibling Ward Johnson connection to the Kidnapping of Geneva Johnson.


Sheldon Johnson

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