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Human Rights Education Project
5 years ago

Dear Care2 Crowd

the german non-profit / e.V. and edeos- digital education are running a project in which a series of animated Videos about Human Rights are produced. The Videos are Creative Commons and can be used and shared for free.

The series will consist of an overview clip and three more specific clips each about one of the three dimensions of Human Rights (1. Civil and Political Rights, 2. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, 3. Collective Rights).

The first two clips are released so far. Each of the clips will be available in five languages (english, spanish, french, german, arabic)
All clips can be watched at our YouTube Channel.

Please have a look at the clips and if you like them help us distributed them in the World Wide Web!

If you have got further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Greetings from Berlin,
Jan Künzl

5 years ago

Hi Jan,


I just had a look at the website that you mention in your post. And the first political article I read was a kind of Mitt Romney propaganda. 

I wouldn´t even call it journalism. It was just a cheap Romney platitude.

For God´s sake the article on the website doesn´t express what most Germans think about Romney ..... ......


So my question to you is, what can a association which publishs shallow pro-Romney articles on its website teach us about Human Rights??????  

Isn´t it like Kentucky Fried Chicken would produce clips about animal welfare???? 


And also I don´t understand, why you promote a profit company called "edeos" here?

You are using the company logo of "edeos" as Avatar in your profile and you have integrated a direct link to the company edeos-digital education in your post. And it seems that you think by mentioning the German non-profit website members of a petitionsite feel o.k. with this advertising being posted here. Because as soon as they read the word non-profit they are happy.

And coincidentally you are one of the owners of "edeos" as everybody can read on the company´s webiste. 

It´s a clever business idea (I´m sure Mitt Romney would like it), but it´s not clever enough.

And I think it shouldn´t be promoted in the discussion area of a human rights group. 

If you are looking for people that distribute your films (as you write in your "advertisment"),

pay some distributors for doing that.

If you like I come over to your company tomorrow, I live in Berlin where you are located, and we talk business .....  

But please don´t give me that non-profit bullsh..  



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5 years ago

Hi Evelyn,

thanks for the comment. As most of the time, it is a little more complicated then it seems.

/ is a platform where young people can try out journalistic writing. As long as the articles comply with some technical rules, they will be published. / tries not to have a political bias.

And even though I am definitely not pro-Romney, I do not think a German newspaper should necessarily "express what most of the Germans think".

Since 2010 the non-profit / is running the project "WissensWerte" of which I am the project manager. You seem to speak German, so please check out our project site for further information.

All of our video clips (those about Human Rights and about other topics such as International Migration) were produced in this context. They are funded by various foundations and ministries (all of them linked on the project site). The Human Rights series f.e. is entirely funded by the German Minstry of Foreign Affairs with a project grant. This financing modell makes it possible to license the clips as Creative Commons.

Last year, the project team of "WissensWerte" founded the profit company edeos- digital education which is specialized in the production of digital education material. Of course edeos draws from the experiences made within the WissensWerte project, but in my opinion, that is not a problem.

You are right with the avatar though, I will change it to the WissensWerte Logo.

The simple reason why I redirected to the edeos Website and YouTube Channel in this Post is, because we did not manage to put up an english landing page for the WissensWerte Project yet (WissensWerte is a German project and most of the clips are German language only).

And at the end of this post, a quick question about the original topic. Did you even watch the Human Rights video? Do you really think its biased or "advertising"?



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