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New Gun Control Laws in the U.S.?

After the Newton shooting, leaving 20 children, and 6 adults dead in an elementary school in Connecticut, will this drive new gun control regulations in the United States? What do you think? My opinion: After the fiscal cliff is dealt with, I feel like Obama, and other democrats, will push hard to get new gun laws, most likely dealing with heavy background checks and mental stability. I don't think they will take away the types of guns that you will be able to have. Just less people will be qualified to own them, which I think is the way it should be. Anyways, tell me what you think! Republican or Democratic, I want to know how you feel. Human Rights to own guns, or human rights to be safe from them?

I think we all have a right to defend ourselves...Obama doesn't want anyone to have a gun it seems...if those teachers, or someone who worked there had a gun, those kids and adults may be alive today!

That's pretty lame. It's a pretty complex situation that can't be solved by something so simplistic as arming all teachers. You do understand that most teachers do not like guns, don't you? You are assuming that all teachers actually want to carry guns, and are adept at using them, never mind the fact that all these massacres happen by surprise. You expect a 60-year old female who has never fired guns before to be able to get one up on a surprise shooter armed with an assault rifle? You think that a panicked kindergarten teacher won't accidently shoot a student or two while trying to hit a moving target? I could go on forever. You clearly haven't given your statement much thought.

How is it that a gunman was able to kill 13 people and wound 29 others at Fort Hood, the world's largest US military base, where presumably, everyone was armed? What's your explanation for that?

Ty, what about people who aren't Republican or Democrat? Why do you assume those are the only people on the internet?

Toddler dies after accidently shooting self

HARRISON, Tenn. (AP) - A Tennessee toddler is dead after accidently shooting himself.

Janice Atkinson, with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, told WRCB-TV ( ) that 2-year-old Brennan Nowell died late Thursday from his injuries.

Authorities have said the child was shot in the stomach with a firearm that belonged to his grandfather.

Neighbors told the station that the child found the handgun and was playing with it when he accidentally shot himself.

Atkinson says an investigation into the shooting continues.

Information from: WRCB-TV,

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Sorry if we ban guns we will be slaves. Simple as that. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting but protecting yourself from government. Democide is the #1 killer of people in the 20th and 21st Century.


Then there is the untold fact about the mass killers as you will learn in the 10.26 mark of this video. It is all good but very telling at that mark.
Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

And last 2 for now.
True Meaning of 2nd Amendment
Demand a Real Plan

Agreeing with Christian

Teachers with guns....sounds like a really bad movie!

Anyway, where would they safely keep those guns away from the kids but still ready for use at a moment's notice?

Just askin'....

The US government throughout its history has abused its own citizens as well as foreiners around the world.
I don't trust the Government to protect me and stand by the 2nd Amendment. I can post a ton of videos to prove what I am saying is true.

I won't for now unless someone needs to see the proof.

I support our right to keep and bear arms. The 2nd Amendment is intended to protect our freedom.

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