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How to make a long URL tiny...
13 years ago
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How to make a long URL tiny...
7:26 AM
Many times when you want to post a link or a pic, the URL is HUGE....

But!...there are help to get

is the place to visit.

Just copy the URL you want to share into "the white box", press enter...and you have a tiny URL to paste in your posting.

To make it even easier you can put a gadget to the toolbar in your browser, and then you just have to click that one to make URLs handy.

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13 years ago
Thanks! This is going to be a really neat tool.
13 years ago
12 years ago

One can also type, 'Link',

then highlight the word and press the

little chain-link icon over there, top

right of the edit window{third from right},

when replying, post the url and click 'OK'.

12 years ago

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