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Hi Everyone, I joined a while back ..due to a real big move I could not post here before.

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to the Melting Pot, and welcome back to Care 2!


Thanks for the invite

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Welcome Maria & Dominique

Maria,  thank you for the wonderful intro.

Dominique, to the Melting Pot.


I'm half Mexican. My other half is German, Austrian and Polish. I feel more connected to my European half.

I co-host several groups here on Care2. There's a list on my page and I would be happy to accept new members

I love connecting with people on Care2(ya'll are so kind and wonderful) so feel free to send me a message and/or friend request

Have a beautiful day!


Hello everyone...

I'm new to Care2 and its groups, very happy to join you!
I was born and raised in Peru (South America). My ancestors were from Spain and France, wich makes me "100% latin" (with a little more in the mix, probably). I've been fortunate enough to travel to different countries and have exposure to many people and their cultures, which I find fascinating!!!
I left Peru for New York City in 1985, currently live in south Florida and part-time in north Georgia, and will be retiring to the mountains (Blue Ridge or the Rockies, not sure yet).
Besides english, I speak spanish fluently, and manage to get by with some french. I studied portuguese in high school, and also italian in college, but it's been so long without practicing that I struggle with those.
My husband and stepkids are "gringos" from the USA, so we speak english all the time at home. They have never had any interest to learn other languages, which blows my mind!
The funny thing is, that many times, people address my husband in spanish (he has dark hair). Pretty stereotypical...the opposite happened to my dad, when he came to the USA, people assumed he was American because he was a blond.
Now, about my beliefs: I'm Pagan. My mom was Catholic and my dad was a closet Atheist (I think). So, I can say I'm a product of a lot of different things, some nature and some nurture.
I love being who I am, and accept everybody for who they are. Narrow-minded people annoy me a little bit though...
I'm looking forward to interesting threads and new friends.

(((Susan)))(((Mei Lin)))(((Iva)))(((Veronica)))(((Ruth)))(((Leslie)))





I got a new pair of glasses, but they have to go back because there are defects (like glare when I paid to have anti-glare).


Hubby had his shoulder surgery & physical therapy   He is now back from Mexico.  They were really great to him there.  They sung "Happy Birthday" to him in Spanish, and they made him a homemade carrot cake.  He said it was absolutely delicious, & he cannot stand the store-bought carrot cake we get here.  He also brought home a LOT of Mexican chocolates & candy.


I am still avoiding news for the most part, but then we are getting bombarded by political television ads, and the election is not until November, which means this will only get worse.  Like I said before, if OBama wins the Primary, I will probably vote a Republican into the White House for the first time in my life.  It really saddens me.  Yet, it will probably be a close race, because I have freinds who will probably vote a Democrat into the White House for the first time in my life.  The difference is, they reason they like OBama is simply for the ethnicity factor.  I do not like OBama for his politics.  I could care less about his ethnicity, and am really sick of him playing the ethnicity card.


Care2 supports OBama, so I have sadly been avoiding care2.  Instead of avoiding, I need to step up an face OBama supporters who believe anyone who does not like OBama must be "racist".


Ruth, I am so glad you beat Cancer!!!


Veroncia, for keeping Melting Pot together while I have been on a news sebatical.



Welcome to Melting Pot!

Hi Leslie B!


Leslie . Glad you joined the group.

Hi Everyone!

Hey there, my name is Leslie. I'm from North Dakota and I've never been outside of the United States, but my husband is from Nicaragua. Our family is like it's own little melting pot. haha. Well anyways, that's all I have.. haha Thanks!

Please introduce yourself here

I was thinking what happened to Galadriel and Galadriel answer my question. What happened to your hubby?

it`s good to have someone like your hubby that could fix glasses , besides listening you and be a great husband. I lost two glasses, now I use something to find them.

Yes Robbie, I'm from Birmingham too.


The picture shows the park I can walk to in about half an hour.  It has a heron, but has been fenced off for about 6 months for them to dredge out the silt and prune back the Rhododendron.  They have actually done some work on it lately, so I live in hope. 


I go with my border collie once a week, and try to take photos of the new Hospital that is going up.



I just realized that I never introduced myself.  I'm so sorry!   I'm Susan , and I'm new.  Can't wait to get to know everyone in our little melting pot!





I have been away

Hubby is finally done with physical therapy, and can drive himself around.


Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania Primary.  Hubby & I will be voting in that. 


Yesterday, my glasses snapped in half...AGAIN.  Hubby had to apoxy them back together so I can see.


About being bi-lingual...when I was born, my dad spoke English, & my mom spoke Greek.  I can think in both languages, but members of my dad's family complained about me speaking Greek, saying I was American, and I needed to speak "American".  


So I do understand.


And again...welcome!!!

New in the group

I had peaked at the group and found it interesting,thank you Iva for the invitation. I grew up in Portugal, Mozambique and Scotland(U.K.), I am very honored to have a mixed cultural background. I am looking forward for the posts/debates. See you all.




Thank you for being courageuos and joing the group. There are more bilingual members around, I promise!

My introduction

Hello, everybody! I was looking for a group related to beng bilingual and found this one. Even though by nature I am not a group person -- acually a complete opposite to that -- but I did dare to join. Because, as Galadriel put it, I have yet to meet a person whose experience would sound not interesting to me. Errrr.... I am afraid I myself sound anything but coherent now... I was trying to say that all people are interesting and everybody has something to share. Anyway, I live in the states for quite a long while now but was born, grew up and educated in Russia, so actually my first language is Russian. I am grateful to life for giving me a chance to speak and THINK in two languages. Would be glad to talk more about this. About thinking in two languages, that is....

Welcome Valerie
to our Melting Pot family!!!
Hi! Thanks for the invite Galadriel.
I guess I'm truly a "mutt," since my ancestors came to the US from Europe and the UK in the 1600's & 1700's. But I feel there are a lot of really good discussions here, and I'm always interested in learning about different cultures. I hope to make some new friends too!
Welcome Olga

so very much for joining our Melting Pot family!!!

Hello Everyone!
Greetings from Hungary. I just dropped in to say thank you to Galadriel for the invitation.

Nice to see many friends around.

Sean, I have triple citizenship if I want it. I was born on a U.S. Air Force base in Libya. My mom was born & raised in Greece. My dad was born & raised in the United States. So when I first started this group, that was basically one of the first threads. This group was started years ago, so you are welcome to reactivate any thread you like, or start a new one. Janice, I am mixed with different religions & different cultures, so I am probably the antithesis of preserving cultures, as I am pretty eclectic. I stress a LOT that we are all the same race (the HUMAN race), yet we are also all individuals.

Hi Everyone

Glad to be here and many thanks to Galadriel for the invitation (smiles). I'm about 75% Irish and the rest English; Virva (my life partner, we met here at Care2) is Finnsh/Norwegian. I guess I thought this group might be informative with regards to our children; Coral Elyssa is 15 months and we are 12 weeks pregnant with our second child (big smiles).

Our children will have dual citizenship Finland/USA. So, we hope to hear from any of you that may have experienced this with your children, or married different nationalities.

If it's okay with you Helen Irene (hugs), perhaps I could start a thread for the topic?

Hugs & Smiles for Everyone, Seán


I am 3rd generation Norwegian though only my grandfather was born in Norway...the rest of us have just kept a tight Norwegian lifestyle...until me.  My brother is married to an African American and believes that I betrayed him when I remarried my 1st husband...who is basically an Archie Bunker type person . If I'm Edith...I hope it's the side that stands up to Archie.  I currently live in California where I am considered a minority...but it's a real melting pot.  I love the mixture of people my grandkids are part of.  I learned long ago that a real melting pot maintains differences rather than obliterating them.  I have learned to appreciate what makes us different....though we are all more alike than different. 

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Welcome Dragonfly

Personally, I have some of them memorized, but you can click on "Advanced editor" to the lower right of the "Reply to Topic" box, and that will help you.

I'm adopted.....

Hi folks, I'm adopted and hardly know any family history.... I do know that I am Irish and English but not much else....sigh. How do you put all those cute little smilies and pictures in posts????

Welcome Momi

I am so glad you joined us!!!

From your post, I am guessing your parents were divorce?

My husband's parents were divorced.  Having parents that never divorced, I honestly do not know what he went through, but I know it was difficult on him since his parents played "tug of war" with him, and tried to make him choose one parent over the other.

I can relate to that only in the aspect that my dad's family try to force only their culture, religion, language on me...and punished me if I spoke my mom's native language.

Hey--so glad to see this group. I am now married & living with my wonderful family...wherever life takes us.  I am used to being on the move, though, spending time between my relatives' homes when I was growing up.  I am one of those people who could really check more than one box on the census, and looking forward to discussion on the unique perspectives (and problems) that being multicultural/multiracial/"mixed" means. 
Welcome Malia

I am definitely not a newbie since I am guilty of starting this group.

I am so glad you joined us.

Hi--any other newbies?
Welcome Richard

When I think of disabilities, I think of Heroshima.  When the U.S. dropped the atom bomb on Heroshima, a lot of people died.  Those that lived could be divided into 2 catagories...those with appearant physical deformities and those without appearant physical deformities.  It was later discovered that those without appearant physical deformities had internal damage from the atom blast.  So though their injuries were not obvious to the naked eye at first glance, their injuries turned out to be more deadly.

I have yet to meet a person who does not have some kind of disability in one way or another.  It is just that some disabilities are more obvious to the naked eye than others.

I know I have used the word "disability" far too much, but quite frankly, I could not think of another word as a replacement.  I also know that there are some people who may take offense at the word "disability" claiming that people with "disabilities" are abled...and I would completely agree. 

I believe we are all abled at something.  O.K...this is an absolute, and I have lectured about using let me say...I have yet to meet a person who is not abled at something.

Good evening all, I see a lot of familiar faces. Many of you I don't know. For those of you who have not heard of me. I'm Richard Lewis and I have a severe language disability. It involves comprehension, expressing myself, yet to my amazement, when I write on the behalf of others, the words flow easily and most of the time I touch on feelings that gets ones attention. I am very grateful that I can do this, because for the most part, I struggle to convey my thoughts every day. Just think of what a gift it is to express your thoughts without struggling to find that word for many times I have to go around the block just to get next door so to speak. So, be thankful that this is not your disability, I would not wish this on anyone. Please note, for those whom have other disabilities, I am not, I am not implying my disability is any worse or any better than yours, for we all struggle and we all are subject to the prejudice and stigmatism that society places on us for it's their ignorance that there is not more understanding of those whom struggle with their disabilities.
Welcome Malee!!!

for illustrating why people should not assume ethnicity from first impressions.

To me, individual character is what is important...not ethnicity.

As for religion...I have been baptised 3 times.  I was baptised as a baby (secretly, by my mom) in an Orothodox church in Detroit, Michigan, then baptised again when Mrs. Ida May Thomas, who was a neighbor and bible school teacher, took me to her baptist church, where I was baptised when I was 7, and again, when I was 9 (because I did not believe God took me seriously when I was 7, and just a kid).

No I'm not Hispanic LOL
That is the general assumption made when people see me: Everyone assumes I'm Hispanic and will even initiate conversations with me in Spanish. Sorry, but no. My mother is Thai, my father is a basic white American of German/Welsh/Scottish descent. I was born in Bangkok and came to the states when I was a toddler. I spoke only Thai as a toddler, but my mother didn't reinforce the Thai language as I grew up, so now I only speak "food." Ironically, I speak more Spanish than Thai because I took the classes in college, but I can't really have a decent conversation in Spanish unless it's  with a preschooler.

My mother is Thai-Buddhist, my father claims he's atheist, but his family is Episcopalian, so I got baptized at the age of 10 (their choice, not mine) and for several years was dropped off at church by myself for a while until I said enough was enough with that. Now I'm Agnostic. I don't like the idea of being a hypocrite and going through the motions if you really aren't sure what to believe. No more jumping on bandwagons just to fit in!

I have a toddler, and what she eventually chooses to believe in is entirely up to her.

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welcome Hineraukura N.

I love the language.  When I saw "ora", I immediately thought "time", since in Greek, "ora" is "hour"...though the greek letters look more like "wpa".

In Italian, "ora" is "hour" also.  Pretty cool how what seems like the same word can have different meanings in different languages which can lead easily to misunderstandings.

I am so glad you joined us.


Kia Ora!
Kia Ora! (greetings!)

I've landed here from Aotearoa, New Zealand. I'm a newbie at the Care2 community. I have joined to learn, share, heal and participate in Uniting our Global community.
I am looking forward to meeting new friends from around the world, who celebrate  our diversity. Thankyou for creating this group and I look forward to meeting with you all!

Love light & Peace,
(((Lady C.)))

I love your gif.

hello,i'm new
Welcome Luciana



Luciano signing in, from Canada.

Welcome Patti


Patti, what is a Piatt?

My cousin
does the family research and she has tracked us back to 2 brothers that came here in the early 19th C into Kentucky. We are Piatts. There was an aide to George Washington that was a Pyatt and there are several other spellings but the first one is one we hang on to. There are a lots of Basques in northern CA, New Mexico and wherever they raise sheep. There was a Basque governor "Lascoe", not sure how he spelled it who has also written several articles of the National Geographic Magazine. I know nothing of the language which is in a category all its own just as the people are themselves. We are considered the aborigine of Europe because we don't "fit"

Thanks for touching base...
Robbie, great point

And those terms I think have different connotations to different the word "buddy" husband calls Moocher his "little buddy" who is also his "little shadow", and a cat my husband loves dearly...he loves all 3 of the cats dearly...but Moocher is his "little buddy".

Where other people think of their "buddy" as their drinking partner.

And I have also heard the term as "hey buddy" to an absolute buddy is just another word for "guy"

Well Carmel...

Whatever languge you use, it might sound different, but in theory, it'll probably mean the same - as demonstrated by Galadriel...
There are others of course in English - although they might not be so appealing...

Pal, Buddy, Chum, Mate, Companion, Comrade, Associate, Contact, Colleague...

Probably not much help - but passable (one hopes) as starters...

Robbie D....
Carmel -- I like the Mosaic concept...really cool

So am I a mosaic of different cultures, or am I a melting pot of different cultures?

I am thinking about "friend"...

Filos (male) / Fili (female) = friend (in Greek)


Patti.   You seem to have a wonderfully varied background and your family must be very interesting to meet.  And you have a lot of great interests.  

I wouldn't know too much about the Melting Pot because we Canadians have The Mosaic concept.  People of diverse ethnic background are encouraged to keep their identity, their religions, their foods, their languages, and so our city has many varied restaurants and cultural festivals and so on.  Most Canadians have a dual identity, as it were.   My own is South African-Canadian, although I have been in Canada a long while now and this is my home.

I don't have another word to fit in between 'friends' and 'acquaintances' and have looked for one myself to describe people I like and talk to, but don't know well.  Somehow the English language doesn't seem to have the right word.  Maybe another language does - anyone?



Ana -- I am so glad you found us.

Veronica -- I am Googling Basque:


Hi everyone

I was just checking out groups and can't believe I missed this one earlier. I love the idea and look forward to contributing. Peace

Please introduce yourself here
Welcome Patti. We are Basque too. Are you from the french side or the Spanish side. My grandfather Gerardo was born in Navarre/Navarra, some relatives are from Guipozcoa (I don´t know how to write it properly in basque or in english) and my great-grandfather came from Alava.



Sandra -- I have have written about similar experiences here in this group.  I deal with each one differently depending on the "receiving" person. 

Patti -- as you read archived threads, you will probably notice that you are not alone in your thinking.

I am the new gal on the block Hope we can have some meaningful discussions here. My cousin is the family historian and has found we are quite a mix of cultures so if it is demanded, we call ourselves multi-ethic, not racial since there is only one race..human. In our circle, "aliens" are essences from another planet not another country. CNN caught on to that years ago. Ethnically we are Basque, Dutch, Scots, Irish, English, German, Mohawk, Seminole, and African. My son's father is Italian(Corsican) so we are quite the mix.
My profile is open so I won't repeat all that stuff here. I don't agree with "melting pot" either since I would never ask someone to give up WHO they are or not speak their cultural language in their homes, churches or among their friends of the same group just don't expect me and mine to join you in it. There is no requirement for Americans to speak anything but American. It may be a good idea for us to look at that since we are becoming so global but that is up to the needs of the individual and who they do business with. It has always been benefical for Europeans to be multi lingual since they think nothing of traveling and doing business from country to country and are not as large as we are...their choice.
I love food from other cultures because I was raised on it. Hot dogs and steaks are not even in my home. I make foods from around the world and am always interested in trying new cultural dishes. I love languages. I had 6 years of Latin and wish I had better knowledge of other langauges to be able to read some of the documents for myself and not have to depend on others and their translations.
I LOVE ancient history and do a lot of research in that area. I do it for myself (I maintain 15,000+ books in my home) and for writers (for a modest fee) who don't have time to sit on the internet and find it. My father taught me that a day is wasted if you don't learn something new even if only how to tie your shoes better and I still learn something new everyday. I am interested in most everything. I recycle everything I can.
My son stays with me from time to time depending on his schedule and how much he wants some home cooking. He is computer consultant and maintains his own business but is always interested in taking on new clients. He has made me into a minor geek because I do MAC, Windows and Open Source every day. I listen to most all music except country but I need classical for balance. I am renovating a very large house and when not computing, I am refinishing furniture and cleaning out 40 years of "stuff" from my parents. I HOPE to be through with it by the end of summer when I plan a large yard sale for the stuff that I have yet to dispose of. I love antiques and old things. The house is over 80 years old and needs to keep the "old" ambiance rather than the new bright and shiny condo look. I hope to put my entertainment knowledge on the internet later this year.
ALWAYS interested in learning something new about other cultures and groups. I love gay people! Living in LA and being and entertainment diva (I teach the business of show business) so many people here are and are finally coming out of the closet. I have all sorts of "buddies" but not many people that I call "friends". I am very fussy about who I call friend because I feel a friend is someone I would bail out of jail or give the key to my front door. I don't consider co-workers in the friend category. We might evolve into a friendship but we have to have some history between us (shared experiences and disagreements) before I can really call you a friend. I have been searching for a word to use for those that are in between acquaintance and friend...if you have such a word... please share. I deal with many who call others friends, only to find that they have met them a couple of times at parties and don't even have their phone #. I tend to be an "enabler" so I have to be careful. I am not looking for new "friends" but maybe one or two in the in between category. I have many internet buddies but they are spread around the planet and we may never meet but we do have fun online.
I hope this gives you a good idea of what I am about and that we can share many ideas here.
Hello Sandra...

Nice to make your aquaintance...

It is sad when people see others with different skin tones, as anything other than Brothers and Sisters of the Whole; for we are all one: within creation...

I don't think there is a simple answer to dealing with a situation in which you find yourself, other than to make it clear, right from the start, where you stand (from your perspective on or about life) regarding all the elements that go to make up humanity...

At the bottom end - how uninteresting and mundane it would be, if we, the human race, were all identical in every way, shape and form... Which character(s) - male and female - would one select as (a) role model(s) for a start...

Be bold...  State yah loyalties; rest yah case: and take it from there...

With respect, Peace and Blessings...

Robbie D....
Where in the world...

Been meaning to drop the odd information here for days now - but only just had the opportunity...

If you want a map location Veronica, the easiest one to use is our friend: 'Google'... Open the site and click on 'maps'... From there. you can locate anywhere in the world and simply scroll with the mouse, to enlarge or minimize the image...

No scroll... There's a slider on the left that does the job for yah...

Now - Lincolnshire...

It's on the East coast of the Island about a third of the way up...

See pictures...

The next one shows where Skegness is located...

Hope this helps a little...

Robbie D....
Hello! How's everyone? I'm doing well. I'm Scottish and Italian on my Dad's side, and really Italian on my Mom's side of the family. I'm new to this group, but I just wanted to post up this little situation that happened today. I was out with my Gramma (she's 91, the end of this month.) We were in a neighboorhood that's predominantly Black (we're not Black.) For me, it's no big deal. I have friends who are Black, and I don't even think twice about it. I guess for my Gramma, though, she comes from a different school of thought. We're sitting down eating and she was talking about me applying for a job at this store. She says, "But, you'd have to paint your face black, first. Look at all of them." Then she asks me, "Have you seen any one of them that's white here?" "This is a good place for them, then, isn't it?" It made me feel like she was talking about people as if they were inanimate objects, rather than valuable, precious human beings. I didn't really say anything, but I was just wondering what are some ways to handle the situation, if it happends again? Thanks very much....
Welcome Kate

It is really great to see you here.

Please make yourself at home.

Hi, I'm Kate I was born and raised in Warwickshire (England) and now live in Yorkshire, but my family originated in many different parts of the UK and mainland Europe. I also have a variety of religions amongst my forefathers and mothers.

It's great to be here!


Hector -- I just zoomed in on your links.  Definitely urban, except the one in California looks Suburban to me.

The 5 way intersection in Mexico really caught my attention.  It looks huge.

ok...where I was born:

U.S. Air Force Base in Libya, Tripoli,-118.302841&spn=0.147008,0.233459&t=h&z=12&iwloc=addr&om=1

where I was conceived:

Rhodes, Greece,-118.302841&spn=0.147008,0.233459&t=h&z=12&iwloc=addr&om=1

Where I live now...

Perryopolis, PA, U.S.A.,-118.302841&spn=0.147008,0.233459&t=h&z=12&iwloc=addr&om=1


Robbie -- beautiful lake

Veronica -- I can see you really love Argentina.

Hector -- it is so funny to see you introduce yourself, when you are so dearly known and loved here.  I will check out the links.

Please introduce yourself here

It´s a good idea, we can show where we live exactly. I don´t know where Lincolnshire is, so we can look in a map of England.

I promise I will try to find a map of Argentina or Buenos Aires. I live in the middle of the city. If you want to know more about Argentina. I´d like to recommend a good group: Friends of Argentina. It´s full of people of different nationalities. We are a kind of little melting pot there too.

On the beach...

Thanks for your interest in the map and sea-side picture...

It was taken at a place called Skegness, in Lincolnshire, where I lived and worked for six or seven years as a Photojournalist...

Went back for the odd weekend last summer and liked it that much, going for a whole week at the end of July...  Renting a cabin at the lake-side...

 The lake pictured, is one of three...

Turn around - and we'll be at home...

Looking forward to that: 'Big Time'...

Robbie D....
Bobbie, cool map

That is awesome

I noticed all that "beachfront" and it is hot here...the beach looks really good.

I could be wrong - but...

From my viewpoint, they might well be...

Just a passing thought...

Robbie D....

I just realized...Argentina and Brazil are practically neighbors.

Please introduce yourself here
Welcome to Melting pot, Claudio. I´m from Argentina. I´m so glad that you came here.
Claudio, thanks for accepting my invitation

I am so glad you are here.  I have known you on care2 for years as a wonderful friend, and you were even a terrific co-host in Military Brats...and this is the first I realized you were mixed with so many ethnicities and religions.

In your picture, I see you as very handsome.

As for races...unless you have "neanderthal" or "neolithic" or "alien from outerspace" mixed in...we are all homo sapien, which makes us all the same race...human.

Thanks for the invitation, Galadriel!

I'm froim Brazil and we've got quite a melting pot going on here for centuries. And diffrently from America, entire ethnical groupos mixed with each oyther freely, not only individuals. First of all, Portuguese colonists (who came from quite an European melting pot themselves) have far less prejudice against native and African slave women than their counterparts in British colonies, so we became a mixed-race country from  the very start. To that you add century and a half of massive other European and Oriental immigration, and you've got quite a mestizo country. of course, here most rich people are European-Brazilian or Oriental-Brazilian; and most poor people are African-Brazilian or of mixed heritage. Look at me: I look like a rabbine from Brooklyin; nbut my mom's mom looked like Nelson mandela's sister; and this granny's father looked like Sydney Poitier (I saw the pic, he was one of the first black doctors in Brazil). But then my mom's dad had probably North Italian-Germanic heritage and also Portuguese "marrano" (Jewish and Arab) blood. I know from his family names. From my father's side, i got Native Americans historically-close relatives (my brother looks like a Mexican, and so my aunts!) and  Portuguese and even, according to family folklore, Scots fled from the British to Portuguese Brazil inthe 1700's (Driummond was their name). The only heritage I miss is Oriental, but then I'm still single, and if I marry a Japanese-Brazilian or Chinese-Brazilian lady (and there's plenty of them where I live) our kids swill have quite a human genoma. Know what? I'm damn proud of it! I always opposed racism, and I'm glad I'm a living proof this thing of separated races is nonsense. I love to be just human.


for accepting my invitation.

Carmel for the kind compliment

I was not on yesterday.  I had to drive an hour and a half up to Passavant Hospital in Pittsburgh to have a Barium Swallow done.  Then it was a 4 hour drive back home because I took route 28 trying to get to the Liberty bridge to get home...wrong route.  I was literally in "park" for a half hour before another driver going the other way let everyone know by shouting out his window that they were turning people around ahead.  Then I heard on the news that they shut down route 28 going both directions because there was a fatal car accident.

Welcome to the newcomers.  This is a lively board and Galadriel does a great job!  I hope you join in on the discussions.
Thank you for the invitation Galadriel! My name is June and I'm from Manchester NH. Lived here all my life except for 4 years and then was in Milford NH. I'm a mongral of sorts. My maternal grandparents came from Poland while my paternal grandfather was from England. He met his wife in Scotland who lived near Hedrian's Wall. My father being Methodist converted to Polish National Catholic when marrying my mom. Polish National Catholic beliefs are similar to Catholic except they don't look to the pope.
new to group
hi Galadriel thanks the invite hope to me some new friends and old aquaintences
New kid on the block...

Hi everyone - my name's Robbie D and I'm from Birmingham: England...

My thanks to Galadriel for sending me an invitation to join your group...

Hope to meet and make new friends here, and, hopefully, join in some of the discussions along the way...

Regards, Peace and Blessings to all...

Robbie D....
Welcome Roxann

for accepting the invite!!!

new member...

Hello Butterfly

Group, Thanks Galadriel for the invite, I hope to make new friends here.


for accepting my invitation.

Jim -- is this online shopping and you the same?

Advance our agenda

If you do any online shopping, please don't leave money on the table that could go to charities. I have deals with over 1500 merchants (Staples, Amazon, etc) to contribute to a basket of the best charities that serve the Arts, Animals, Education, Health, Humanity or the Planet.  Please go to and click the cause you want to support.  When you shop this way, each store has agreed to donate up to 25% to a basket of the best charities determined by an independent third party, Charity Navigator.  It won't cost you an extra dime, and in many cases you will save money using the exclusive coupons they offer. 

Make these merchants step up to their responsibilities.   This is a concrete way to make the world a better place for us and generations to come. 

Please let me know how you liked the shopping experience, and how I can improve this site to attract more people to shop with a conscience.  Please forward this to all your friends on Care2.  You can use the Referral Blaster on the site to let your non-Care2 friends know about this.  There is also a safe shortcut you can download that will sit on your desktop that will always take you directly to this marketplace.

Let’s start to feel good about where we spend our money!

Galadriel has received 57 new, 2679 total stars from Care2 membersGaladriel has been awarded 486 butterflies for taking action at Care2Galadriel has 2 Golden Notes. Galadriel L.   thank you for the invitation!

hi there, just joined this group and thought i should pop in and say  .  Thank you for the invite Galadriel, this is a great group with some really interesting discussions.

love and hugs to all,



for joining Melting Pot.

Danielle -- I love your attitude!!! 

Victoria -- Hi neighbor

hi to all ,  my names vickie i have ms and seizures ,but love life love to smile and laugh ,and enjoy helping others . i'm from pa the poconos and love life. well thankyou for the invite and everyone have a great day ,remember best medcine in life is laughter so laugh everyday .

Thank You for the invite Galadriel !

This seem like a great group!

I am a "mutt" and proud of it. But I dislike any kinds of labels in my life from heritage to beliefs to politics...etc. Labels allow others to put us in their boxes, the ones THEY think we belong in and should stagnant in. Definately not for ME!

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here and sharing and growing together.



Hi Carmel

What an interesting history.

I think we discussed once here...forgot where the thread was...if being Jewish was an ethnicity or a religion.  I still do not know.  But I thought of that when you called yourself a Catholic Jew, so it makes me think that maybe Jew is ethnicity?

Fortunately, we are all human, so that is really all that matters.

I have different religions only because family members are different religions...and I learned some Buddism from my husband who is a blackbelt is Shao Lin Do. 

With my husband...he was baptised Methodist, raised Jahoviah's Witness until he had heart surgery when he was a kid, and his genealogy says he is part Blackfoot Indian, which is a spiritualist religion.

On my mom is Greek Orthodox, my dad's step-dad (since my dad was 11 years old) was Iroquoi Indian spiritualist, my dad's sister is Baptist, my dad's mom was Church of Brethren, my dad's half-sister was Presbyterian.

So I guess I am just ecclectic.


Thanks Galadriel for the welcome.   Talking of identity, my grandparents came from Poland to South Africa, my father from Germany.  They were jewish.  I was so born in S Africa, so a S African.  Parents became Catholic, so a jewish catholic.  Came to Canada, so a Canadian.

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome Carmel

I am so happy you became a member of our "family".  Please feel free to post, start a thread, ask questions.

hello all
Hello, what a great site this is for people from diverse backgrounds to meet.   I am a woman of 63 living in Canada.   The differences in my life have been from religion (I am from a home that has both jewish and catholic heritage), and because of my health, I have a certain condition that invites stigmatization.   But I get on well enough in life, have a pleasant apartment in the city, and am happy to communicate with you all thro this my new computer, a birthday gift from family.   (I am still learning how to transfer photos, pics and many other things about it).





Jessica & Robin, thank you so very much for accepting my invitation.  I am so glad you joined us.

You are more than welcome to look around, post, start threads, ask questions, bring up topics, express your feelings.

Rusty, my oldest cat, is helping me greet you both here.  He says also.

If you would like to co-host, you are more than welcome to add your name to this thread:

If you would like to chit-chat, you are more than welcome to join us at the kitchen table here:

If you would like to dispose of emotional garbage, here is our trash can:

If you would just like to say or , the thread is here:

Rusty just said that was enough for now as he switched windows on me with his tail.

Robin, good luck with your book, and please let us know when it is published.

I'm new to the group here too, my mother's from Taiwan, and my dad's parents are German through and through (but he's pretty Americanized), just thought it'd be cool to check out what's happening around here.  Hope to meet lots of interesting people and ideas!  ~Jessica
Thanks Re: Veronica
Oh Thank you Veronica...that is my middle name, yes here in Costa Rica to the americans Pura Vida means pure life, but to the Costa Rican people it means"I am barely getting by, but it's all good!" My book is based on religion, since being raised a strict Catholic...I have ventured away from any so called religon, to confining for me(a free spirit) if you know what I mean... my book will be called "The search is within, when will you begin" you can kinda tell by the title as to what it is all about...thanks so much for the warm greeting...hugs to you and may you have a day filled with love, light and peace....Robin
Please introduce yourself here

Robin: Welcome to Melting Pot.

I hope you are having a good time in Costa Rica. My cousin Inés says that they had a very original greeting: Pura vida. So Pura vida to you. I wish to you from

What´s the subject of your book?

Hello everyone!
Just stopping in to introduce myself to everyone and to say thank you so much (Helen Irene) for the invite! My name is Robin, My Mother was mixed as well as my Father; my Dad is Mexican and Black and my Mom is Indian, Italian, Irish and English, her Father was full blooded Apache, so I suppose I would be considered multi ethnic, or at least all others see me that way,I always believed that I was no different then any other and I raised my children the same, so if any one would ever ask what nationality I was or am I would always say Human...and my children whom are now, 38,36,and 33 do the same...strange because I have always gotten myself into some serious problems because of this when traveling internationaly or when I had been called for jury duty...all because I refuse to say I am a certain nationality, I will and always have just wrote or said I am a human being! I live in Costa Rica now, have been here a year and a half writing a book, it is in the editing phase now, I will be moving back to the states in March, I hope to gain and be as much info as a part of this group and enjoy everyone's opinions!  Hugs to all...Robin  

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