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4 years ago

Hi everyone, am a new group member who loves to read. Don't go for the True Life books and read very little about activism. I read to escape, especially what we read about and sign petitions against here and elsewhere. Spent my time with classics back in the seventies...not so much now. Now don't everyone gasp at once here...fell in love with the historical bodice rippers in the eighties, and still follow several good authors like Stephanie Laurens, Jane Feather, Mary Jo Putney, Madeline Hunter, etc. Some, like Cheryl Holt, are borderline erotica. Have to have sex in my romances. Romances...Sex, if not gratuitous? Historical or Contemporary? Steampunk? Read one, you've read them all? Favorite time in history? Love to hear your opinion...

4 years ago

Hi Sheila! To be honest, my usual reading if far from yours, but we always can benefit from such discrepancy, isn't it? Among other staff you mentioned, I am quite in love with the steampunk aesthetics. Could you recommend me something really good to read from the area? Thanks in advance!

4 years ago

Actually was going to ask others, as I have one trilogy waiting for me to to have at least three in any series before reading, otherwise I forget when waiting six months to a year for the next one. Have way too many books not read to go back and revisit all the ones I've already read. Plus my 87-yr-old mom has decided she loves werewolves, but not vamps so much, and wants to try the steampunk. We exchange books, long distance...she's in TN and I'm in MN.

The trilogy I have, but not yet read, is a steampunk version of the western, battling the supernatural and finding romance while at it. The Legend Chronicles by Theresa Meyers. Also have four books in the Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger, one of the first steampunk books. Came highly recommended...except number two or three wasn't supposed to be as good. Heard there will only be four in the series, true Vctn steampunk. Have heard of two other authors who have written good steampunk, A (Ann) A Aguirre, also a sci-fi and fantasy author. Will have to look up the other one as she's been talked about as being one of the best and one of the first.

My love of the paranormal and fantasy came about because I like strong women and most of the authors I follow have these women as main characters. So many times I find wishy-washy doormats as main characters, never finding their strengths thru the whole book...don't like them. Want my heroines strong, plucky, able to tell men to go to blazes, while dazzling them with their smiles...I find historicals have more of these women, the adventurous, women like the suffragettes who marched, who defied rank to tell the world what they believed in.

4 years ago

Hi Shelia, I enjoy fantasy and historical romance for the same reason...modern writing in these genres often present strong women characters.  I also enjoy mysteries...especially several of the writers setting these series in other countries and cultures about which I enjoy learning more.  Recently I've been reading a lot from Collin Cotterill (Laos and Thailand) and Zoe Ferraris (Saudi Arabia).  As to eras, I enjoy reading books set in Victorian England or United States, and in the dark and middle ages in England and France.  I enjoy historical fiction set in just about any era in England, Scotland, Ireland.  I also read non-fiction in many areas...current politics and culture, science in every area of study, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, comparative religion and religious studies, and on and on.  I read current "serious" fiction as well.  In short, I am extremely catholic in my tastes.

4 years ago

Have you ever read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series, sword and sorcery, complex world of many lands and many customs? Think Middle Ages with sorcery and nasty monsters. This series is higly recommended, but be warned, you'll judge all fantasies against this one. Robert Jordan died a few years back and a wonderful writer, Brian Sanderson, stepped in to finish the series from Jordan's notes. He's done a fantastic job. O stll have the last several books to go here. Because of the detail, the wonderful world created here can't be read on the run...once you're hooked, get set for late nights. Great baddies, strong heroes and heroines. Good and bad found in some least likely places. Once loaned the first five books to someone and never gt them back...saved up and bought them again.

Read Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit back in the 70s, before it became cool, and that hooked me on fantasy. Love what Jackson has done to LOTR, but haven't seen The Hobbit. Waiting till the Ultimate Editon will come out in a few yrs. Love to see how things were done. Though Jackson did somee of the best books-to-movie films, still will reread the books since not everything can be put into a film.

Whew...gotta go to the store. Be back later.

4 years ago

Sheila, thanks for your suggwstions, I will have a look

4 years ago

Also steampunk genre is Phoenix Rising, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, book 1, by Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris (2011). Book t 2 is The Janus Affair (2012). Do have both of these, waiting for number three. Always regret when I read the first one or two because I can never remember some things usually mentioned in the next books.

Ran across a site, you may want to look into. Tried link but didn't work. Gives a list of steampunk books for beginners looking to check the genre out. Read a couple of the oldies, never knew they'd be classified as steampunk. Many on this list are included in sci-fi genre because of the mechanics in them.

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4 years ago

Sheila, did you mean But even there I can not find the list of steampunk books for beginners...

4 years ago

You're right, Valentina, it's rantingdragon...three-fingered typing sometimes includes thumbs.

Tried to do link here but kept going somewhere else. Got to site by search on 'steampunk list' and found several sites, most were more sci-fi than actual steampunk. You may have same problem:

You've probably heard of steampunk, but has been called sci-fi. Early steampunk was written by Jules Verne, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea...And Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is now considered part of the genre. Then there's the movie based on the comic book, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; comics better than movie. True steampunk takes place in the Victorian era, though can be anywhere in the world, and has these marvelous mechanical devices run by steam.

A good intro might be Steampunk, an anthology edited by Jeff VanderMeer and Ann VanderMeer, though haven't read it myself.

Another site, though seems aimed most to sci-fi fans:

Will check these links to see where they take me...

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4 years ago

Sheila, thank you for your time! I really used as a key word "steampunk" and didn't find nothing listed I am not good in internet surfing

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