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1 week ago

You are welcome June - I learn so much here -

1 week ago

Magical Jaguars of COSTA RICA  thanks Art  Zoe + Val very interesting

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2 weeks ago

Wow - beautiful thread here - thanks Zoe for that last info-  Never knew all this mythology about the jaguar!  Don't think this is included in that article -

These beautiful and powerful beasts were prominent in ancient Native American cultures. In some traditions the Jaguar God of the Night was the formidable lord of the underworld. The name jaguar is derived from the Native American word yaguar, which means "he who kills with one leap."

Unlike many other cats, jaguars do not avoid water; in fact, they are quite good swimmers. Rivers provide prey in the form of fish, turtles, or caimans—small, alligatorlike animals. Jaguars also eat larger animals such as deer, peccaries, capybaras, and tapirs. They sometimes climb trees to prepare an ambush, killing their prey with one powerful bite.

Magical Jaguars of COSTA RICA
2 weeks ago


The jaguar is a spiritual being for many of the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. To even see one of these elusive jungle ghosts in the wild is considered a good omen as you will only see the jaguar if you are chosen, according to many legends.
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1 month ago

no military...high literacy rate....signed petition a while back I am sure, but done again just to be sure.

1 month ago

A small country with a well defined environmental program and a secrete favorite at the World Cup Brazil!

4 months ago

thank you wolfgang for the beautiful video

Costa Rica mining
4 months ago

Signed. Costa Rica does a lot to save its environment.

Beautiful video of Costa Rica's rainforest
5 months ago

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signed and shared

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Protect Costa Rica's Rainforest!!
8 months ago

Infinito Gold wants to destroy Costa Rica's rainforests for mining gold. Costa Rica said no so now Infinito Gold is actually suing Costa Rica. This is completely unbelievable that they are suing a country because they want to destroy a natural ecosystem for profit. Please sign this important petition! Thank you!    Posted by Ena