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5 years ago

  Call to Action

During the past week there has been extensive national media coverage reporting that Arizona Cardinals football player Darnell Dockett has purchased a tiger cub as a pet. He’s been boasting about it during interviews with ESPN and other media outlets. And tweeting photos of the poor cub on Twitter.
We are extremely concerned that an NFL player, who should be a role model for young people, is instead promoting the dangerous, irresponsible and abusive practice of owning an exotic cat.
It is also concerning that Dockett has been quoted in the media regarding his intent to bring the tiger cub to an Arizona Cardinals training camp practice.
To make matters worse, it seems Dockett also owns a pet alligator and recently tried to purchase a monkey. It is very disappointing that a professional athlete such as Dockett is fast becoming the "poster child" for owning inappropriate pets and making extremely poor choices when it comes to pet ownership.
Big Cat Rescue contacted the Arizona Cardinals organization to speak to them about whether they plan to allow Dockett to bring the tiger cub to practice and whether they condone his ownership of the cub. Nobody with the team bothered to return our calls or emails.
In reviewing statements Dockett has made about owning exotic animals, it seems clear to us that he doesn’t care about their welfare or safety. Reaching out to him directly would likely be a waste of time and the attention could even have the undesired effect of encouraging his selfish and arrogant behavior.
So instead, we’d like to ask you to appeal to the Arizona Cardinals organization on behalf of this tiger cub. Politely let the Arizona Cardinals know that animal lovers in America do not want to see a professional football player own a tiger cub as a pet and exploit it as a prop for his “image.”
Thank you for speaking out for this defenseless, voiceless cub! 

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5 years ago

Shocking! What kind of person thinks they can own a tiger and look after it properly? I will send a message tomorrow 

5 years ago

It is really sad how some people are so selfish and have a wild animal as a pet. Needs to stop now So signed. Thanks June.

5 years ago

Signed letter to Cardinals, sent letter to my congressman/woman and shared all to Facebook....I truly believe NO WILD animal should be owned by ANYONE....I'm so sick of these people who have money thinking they can do whatever they want....just really makes me sick.....

5 years ago

It wouldn't let me send the e-mail it said my zip code for invalid?? 

5 years ago


5 years ago

@Beth D 

the same happend to me

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5 years ago

I'm not sure why its not work. I tried to post it again but it didn't work either, Do we have the    e-mail address the letter was going to be sent to? 

5 years ago

typical Arizona arrogance,why even though I love the climate,scenery

the state has an abnormally high percentage of white people,having come there from the virgin islands,it was like I put my whole world on negative color...

having said that,it is also a state with ridiculous laws and lack of laws,screwed up priorities

I have experienced some crazy stuff out there....too ridiculous to repeat here

just believe,any state where McCain was popular,has to be pretty weird!!!


5 years ago

I didn't have any problem.

5 years ago

Thanks June, signed.

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