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Saving my children! And me if possible
5 years ago

Well I guess I will start off by saying I have had a head injury. My left side of my head was hit by a few objects which broke my skull up in a good number of pieces which cut my brain up pretty good! Good enough that the doctors gave me an initial chance of survival of zero! Well they were Wrong, but I none the less still had quite a bit of damage! Along with that injury I also broke my jaw completely in half straight down the middle, if my skin wasn't holding it in you could have held it in two hands totally separated! So they wired it back together and then wired my mouth shut for 12 weeks! Along with those 2 I also broke my left collarbone in half broke almost all of my ribs which punctured both of my lungs! WoW, and those silly doctors thought for some reason I wasn't going to live through the next 24hrs! Glad they were wrong though, because 3 years after that I met the mother of my 3 children! Well thankfully at that time I could not know what was to come 18 years later. And even though what happened was and has turned out to be the worst part of my life, I would go through it all again! Because if I didn't I would not have had my 3 kids! And they mean everything in the world to me! By the way, I would also have to go through the disgustingly painful injuries all over again! Because that one event led me to the place where I met my childrens mother! And so this is where my second life changing injury comes in. But this one isn't exactly physical injuries, although the injuries from 23 years ago seemed to have reared there ugly head at the exact same time my whole life as I had come to know it was changed for the worse. I went out on short term disability because thanks to my head injury I started having seizures, I climbed telephone poles and repaired the phone lines for a living and having a seizure while climbing a ladder or a pole would be very bad! Well when that happened it was the beginning of the end of the family I thought I would always have :_( . As I lay sick in bed from not only my physical issues but also the side effects of all the prescriptions I was on my childrens mother began slowly tearing our family apart! I was off work on benefits for a year, the first worst year of my life! And though I don't go into every last detail I try to sum it all up in my campaign that I am praying to god helps me save my children! So please check it out and I will leave it at that for now, any questions feel free to message me!! Happy to be friends! Stop by anytime! That's usually all I say! But I am running out of time so I hope you don't mind, I just want as many as possible to see this ) Thanks for your consideration!!! 8^) I am at my wits end, I have no other avenue for help other then this link and I am sorry for bugging anyone and I truly do not want to offend with my asking! But as I am sure you can understand I would do anything possible for my kids safety and at this point and time all I can do is ask for help from others. Thanks!

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