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Violations of the Rights of the USA Citizens
13 years ago
The Rights of the Handicapped and Disabled, as well as the rights of all the Citizens of the USA are being violated! Everywhere I trun, I see handicap accessable signs, but are they truly handicapped and disabled accessable? By no means. 1. A ramp to get on the sidewalk does not make a city or store handicapped accessable. The doors need to the places in the cities and stores need to be able to open wide enough for the handicapped and disabled to get into without assistance. For the Handicapped and Disabled people like to help themselves without asking for help or waiting until someone notices them in order to get a door opened so they may enter. This means the Government facilities and stores. 2. Medcare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance will provide a wheelchair for the Handicapped and Disabled to get around, but limit them to thier home or having to purchase the means to transport the wheelchair themselves. Most, if not all these people are on a fixed income and cannot afford to purchase extra equipment needed to get to Doctor appoinments or just to get out in the world and live as normally as they can. All the Insurances to pay for equip- ment sate that any equipment to travel with the wheelchair is unneccessary equipment and will not approve to pay for this item which even to have the equipment installed costs quite a lot of money these people do not have and yet they have paid, as well as thier families to have the insurance pay for all eqipment to allow the Handicapped and Disabled to live a NORMAL LIFE as much as possible. People this just is not being done and I state this from experience for as of today (8/3/05), I now have a motorized wheelchair, but no way to tranports it to visit family, friends, go shopping, or even the most important, to go to Doctor's appointments. I have been told that since the wheelchair will go up to 20 miles without a re-charge that I can go to my local appointments by using my wheelchair. That would be fine accept for the weather (rain, snow, heat, etc.) and the fact that even though I am considered to live in the city limits, there are no side walks on my street to enable me to go anywhere without using the streets. This is extremely dangerous!!!! If, you add all the changes being made to the Medicare and Medicaid rules for approval to pay, the Handicapped and Disabled will be homebound and even further in debt due to thier limitations in this world. The handicapped and disabled may end up having to sit on a corner again and beg for money just to support themselves!!! The USA is not taking care of everyone that lives and pays taxes or thier family pays taxes here in the USA. It is time we take care of our families and Handicapped and Disabled within the USA and then once this is done, then and only then extend our hand out to other countries. The rule should be: TAKE CARE OF YOUR PEOPLE AT HOME AND WITHIN YOUR BOUNDARIES, THEN EXTEND THE HELPING HAND ELSEWHERE. Unless we start taking care of our own Citizens, putting out our hands to help others makes the USA look bad to other countries. I know of many people that do without medical care, food, and shelter because they cannot be approved for help for one reason or another. I know of one Mother that has written bad checks to buy just the necessaties for her family because thier finances where so bad. I know of another Mother that at Christmas time, went and started shoplifting because her kids would have no Christmas because her kids ages where just over the age limit for hep for Christmas. She spent time in jail for trying to somehow get Christmas for her kids and now is banned from the store because of her feelings of not wanting her children to go without something, no matter how small for Christmas. Isn't it a shame that our people have to suffer in this manner? Sincerely, Patricia Crafton
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