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I Beleive in Helping Others
13 years ago
I truly beleive in helping others. I just know for a fact that there are people here in the USA suffering from haing no home to go to, no transportation, no food or very little, and having to do without so drastically even though there are orginizations around to help, you must fall within thier guide lines or rules to get help and that should not be. I know people going without medical treatment and medication just to pay thier bills that are necessary like rent, electriciy, etc. I also know of people that have no home and stay with friends until they can get enough money to pay rent. I know people needing to be on disablity and being rejected thier rights to be determined disabled. People that fall through the cracks of societies standards to right for help due to the rules that have been set up. This is not fair to no one. I do know of a Mom that wrote bad checks just to have food for her 3 yr old and would eat very little even though she was pregnant just so her little girl could have food. She even had thought about giving her baby up for adoption so that he could have the best in life, but it would have killed her to do so. I know a Mom that because her kids where too old to receive Christmas from sources that help at Christmas that went out and tried to steal presents, just small ones, so that her kids would not have to go without Christmas another year for she had no money to buy the present. All the money went for necessities not for anything other. It breaks my heart that people in the USA must go through these situations. My husband and I have been through this with our own kids of not having much for Christmas or makeing do with a minmum amoutn of food on the table due to being laid off or illness and it took so long to even be approved at that time that by the time we where approved, my husband might have been called back to work or foudn another job. We have had times when we did not have the gas money to get to town to apply for unemployment or look for a job. Where we have walked to get where we needed to if at all possible. That is in the USA.
The question of helping
13 years ago
In this society, I believe people have knowlege of the suffering of others. The question is how to help most effectively. It seems to me that huge charities lose sight of the folks they are supposed to be helping. They become too bureaucratic. Grassroots groups are great, but often lack the resources to really help.
I too
13 years ago
I want to help others but there are a lot of countries with "problems" so... how can I help? Each day I "vist" webs where you only click where the web says and several "bussisnes" pay money to help that need people but... there are "a lot" of webs of that "type/kind" so I "visit" each day a web with lunks to "a lot" of webs "of that" What web? Well I live in Spain, so I visit the spanish version of the "English" the spanish version is of that web is and in you can find The Great Invocation, very "useful" nowadays and "using it you can help even more. Don´t worry about the language. Althougt is in Spanish whe you click La Gran Invocación you can choose to see that "section" in English or in Spanish (it will be show in Spanish but you can choose to see it in Engish). Remember WITHOUT THE 3 W is the spanish version of
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