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13 years ago
***Problem with collecting items is that first you pay shipping and then you pay storage and then you pay repair and restorage and then again pay for shipping out. I have done this before and it is a real effort and takes a full time job. People mean well when they donate items but it takes a lot more money to take care of it. Best either to arrange to visit and help out at the project site by donating your labor, skills and time, even a few days is fine, or by sending money which then can easily be sent on to Nicaragua and all materials required purchased locally, recently, in August 2005, a friend of ours, a European native living and working in Nicaragua, was sent a CPU for his Monitor by his Secretary in Sweden, at the Post Office, I was there at the time with him and his Nicaraguan wife, over $40.00US in “sales taxes” had to be paid to Customs for a used CPU, some clothing and a few books which took almost 2 months to arrive. Our people in Masaya, like Father Julio Porras, can take even your small donation and feed dozens of hungry families for 2 weeks. As the Directornoted above, we don’t like asking for money, who does? Ever been broke and had to call your Mom or even worse your ex Husband or Wife or Brother-In-Law for a loan? the lodgings, tours and transportation are provided by Nicaraguan citizens, one of whom is a Medical Doctor and treats almost half the patients who come into his clinic on a charity basis. I teh writer of this tome, live and work in Central America for over 20 years and am getting fed up with the attitude of some of the know it alls up North there..recently I aranged visits to hospital laboratories and a local orphange to someone in the “field” and acted as day guide...I and the native driver, by the way who is an accomplished local musican in a native band with CD and all, were treated like dirt by this woman and her husband, if they had not been paying the expenses I would have left them high and dry in the worst neighborhood I could find! That’s why I joined and am happy with it is the only network where I have never experienced a real problem, or misunderstanding, with the administration or any other member. As well, those of you associated with International Non Profits your constuctive criticism, feedback and sharing your experience is always welcome, either message me on or visit and e mail the Director will be nice to hear from you!
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