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The purpose of is unknown to too high a percentage here
13 years ago
I speculate that many of the nearly 10,000 who have added this groups to their lists of group know not even how, and more importantly why, to propagate the DAILY use of that site by all that they know and all that know all that they know and... [the snowball effect]. If we ten thousand were doing it there would be many more than what the site has stabilized at as a daily number of visits. There are several ways to consider at least a wake-up call for currently the hunger site reports less than 20 times as many folks daily visiting than claim an allegiance here. One might suspect that many who added this group if reminded, or if shown if reminding is not the main problem, would do more and get more to be involved with that site and any others they feel motivated to do. But Hunger is a basic primary need to address and which will also be reached by just appears to be one of the earliest and one of the most solidly inspected sites and might well should be the starting place for any caring on this issue! Any comments (and if not feel free to click over for today's visit using either of the links above which were intentionally enabled to make certain you could do so efficiently--now if I could make it easy for you to tell your e-friends, and there are several ways to do that).
13 years ago
I have the hungersite as my homepage so I never forget to click. Then go to a couple of other sites... (which there's a link for at the bottom of and and then on to! So many people on care2 don't even notice the click to donate page on this site. There are many more sites than these, but these are the ones I frequent. Happy Donating!
Click but also propagate the idea to click and to propagate the idea to click
13 years ago
Any of the click-to-donate pages most probably have value to those who share their ideals. Each chance anyone gets can help but to spread the message in a manner that further spreads the message might quickly overshadow one person's single actions alone. Thus including on your signature line on your personal e-mail an indication of a select few of your preferred click-to-donate sites, and as for me mentioning the premier click to donate hunger site is preferred above all, and also suggesting that in addition to striving to click daily to also transmit however most effective one can be drafted a message that each could and should... "tell friends to click daily, but to also tell friends to click daily, and they also to tell friends to click daily, and they also to..." then the power of the internet would be better utilized. In this case the "snowball" effect would be if we each had only five friends and did this with effect, rapidly exponentiate to substantial involvement of thousands, if not many more. Instead this is a group with nearly 10,000 members but no clear sign that they understand what a great effect it would have it they considered the power of persuasion as well as the smaller power of the daily click if even the majority are doing it. We can strive that a large majority will be by making it easiest for them to click on: and include in their signature line of their e-mail something of the sort: "I click on daily if at all possible and tell friends to click daily and that they also tell friends to click daily and tell friends, that they also should click daily and tell friends that they also should click daily and tell friends that they also should click daily and tell friends that they also should click daily and tell friends ..." This is for those truly dedicated to the concept that doing a little an extremely large number of times can yield a large effect and not for those of lesser dedication. Human hunger surpasses most anything (other than genocide of which starvation usually is a part) in urgency.
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