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Seeking a good new owner to grow 1000+ Hunger Fighting site exponentially to one large and loud!!! 1
13 years ago
This group is basically inactive and the group I started may well become so also absent a strong new owner: . . . . The sole reason for the group I own and host is to try to be different in the fight against hunger: (1) Expose all at Care2 then many outsiders to the need to think Hunger each evening and to have others awakened to this primary charitable goal for all worthy humans of ending the pervasive hunger existing in pockets or throughout almost every cournty; (2) Growing into the 800,000 ton gorilla with an organization that can actually reach its members (requiring Care2 email addresses from all members); (3) Keeping all new members aware that the larger it grows the more it can do by showing its "muscles": I am seeking the most inspired Care2 member interested in fighting hunger I can find to take over the ownership of the group and Snowball (exponentiate) its 1000 members into 10,000 and then into 100,000 and then in 1,000,000 all clicking as much as their hearts allow and all spreading the word, to a point of obsessiveness but done with rapier skill. The only cost will be words to convince me you are the one. Nothing more. I hope to complete the process within one week. Click on my symbol (it is Samuel Adams's visage, a revolutionary of unquestioned power and commitment) and go see the group I host to see if you have weekly time to give to the only concept left untried. If interested my e-mail address is mentioned in many of the posts there, similar in topic as this.
We Have A New Owner-designate, so thanks for all your usual enthusiasm
13 years ago
We may grow we may fall-ter, but the only way to change hunger is to join hands and to cease acrimonious childishness which is the hallmark of too many of these groups. Not this one for this one merits the Nobel Prize of TOTAL APATHY. Ta-Ta...
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