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Mother Nature is Calling You!
11 years ago
Mother Earth is calling you to help us build GiveGet Nation ( to save the Earth's environment and make a happier, healthier world for all of us by circulating existing needs and resources through gives and gets and shares, as well as gifts and wishes. Every time we pool, we save the planet by making more efficient use of what we already have, and enhance all life. By helping one another, we build the new world that is what Mother Nature does each day and wants us to do as co-creators of our existence. The time for predatory practices for humanity is over. We have a higher calling and the great books say we were created in God's image. No matter what your religious or philosophical belief, it is now evident that our way of being is killing the planet and ourselves. Help build the new future by helping us to build GiveGet Nation. We are looking for evangelists to carry our message of love and caring forth into the world. We are looking for young people whose vitality and idealism will make the world we live in tomorrow. We are looking for community groups to get involved by helping spread the word to their members. And we are looking for YOU to participate by joining us in the action of giving and receiving which IS life by posting gives and gets and shares, gifts and wishes, dreams and possibilities in GiveGet Nation's database. Once we achieve critical mass, a chain reaction will sustain itself that will revolutionize communities. Think of everything you are not using and post it to give or share. Think of everything you need and post the request to get or share. And I am not simply talking about material things. The real miracles of life are in the non-material: action, intellect and spirit. So, in closing, I invite you to join us in the Humane Economy where we're "making a world that means more than money." Good-bye for now! Light falls in love to create life, William PS: If anyone needs to reach me more directly, you can write to This post was modified from its original form on 14 Apr, 17:21
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