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2 years ago

Up to date now on this thread. All articles read and shared. Any petitons were signed and shared.

This is most disturbing. I asked my husband what he thought the FBI thinks is the number one terrorist threat. He, of course, related it back to religious fundamentalism ... lol ... but he was quite surprised to find out it was environmentalists and animals rights activists. I shared that last article on so many threads and social media sites as I think it is so important for the public to understand and I just don't think people get what's happening and how our rights are just being eroded away right before our eyes and only a few are fighting back. These laws are absolutely scary.

2 years ago

Indefinite Detention, ugh this is dreadful. one of the reasons B and I made the Group. And I will make a thread in there with this as a new starting point in it. Understand my friend Will Potter, well, he is one of many of my friends. But he wrote a book, I have posted it on care2. I think, let me look, anyhow. About us activists being targeted and arrested and how many of us are being held under non-violent NDAA and indefinite detention laws. All this started with the Patriot Act signed in with Pres. Bush. They have gotten MUCH WORSE. Poor Will, he gotten so famous now lol. Good and Bad thing, we worked so hard on the ag-gag bills and now he is all over the world and actually out there with the Sea Sheperds right now. Pretty cool, but oh so famous hahaha. One day, I said to him "Will, omg i am such a fan of yours" and HE Said he wss honored! hahahah! he is a total geek, But the point is, there is tens of thousands of people being held in jails and prisons right now.
In Wisconsin they are making Whacky Laws and this new one just blows your mind! They are fast tracking one that any mining tools or equipment in the woods, if you go 600 yards near it, you not only can be fined you also get arrested! This equipment can be a rain gauge, fishing net, simple movable road sign, you see where this goes? you walk into the woods in Wisconsin and The Mining Co. can and Will get you arrested! With the NDAA laws, you can be held without bond hearing because you are considered a "terrorist"
The new Mining Forest Law, A/K/A The Latest Chapter of the
"G-tac Affirmative Action Act," states, in part
�Eco-terrorism� and the Green Scare

End the Affront to Justice!
2 years ago

End the Affront to Justice!

Dandelion - 3 hours ago -

Shoplifting three belts. Siphoning gas from an 18-wheeler. Selling a single crack rock. These are just some of the offenses that can get you sentenced to spend your entire life in prison, until the day you die, with no chance of ever getting out.

Tell Congress: Invest in Effective Alternatives to Detention
2 years ago

Tell Congress: Invest in Alternative to Detention Programs

Tell Congress: Invest in Effective Alternatives to Detention

Tell Congress to be smart with taxpayers' money and prevent unnecessary detention by shifting money away from detention and investing in ATDs.»

Immigration detention has increased rapidly in the past ten years, and it's been costly. In fact, many people in immigration detention—like asylum seekers who fled persecution from their home countries are seeking haven in the United States and those without criminal records—are deemed low-risk by the government and do not need to be detained at all. They are ideal candidates for effective and less expensive ATDs.

ICE spends $122 a day per detainee. That amounts to $2 billion every year. Current  ATD programs, on the other hand, cost an average of $8.88 per detainee per day.  That's more than a $100 in daily savings for each detainee.

Tell Congress to be smart with taxpayers' money and prevent unnecessary detention by shifting money away from detention  and investing in ATDs.

Repeal Authorization for the Use of Military Force!
3 years ago

Support HR 198 - Repeal Authorization for the Use of Military Force!


Please contact your Representative, and ask him or her to  co-sponsor H.R. 198, Congress member Barbara Lee's bill to repeal the Authorization for the Use of Military  Force (AUMF)For more than 11 years, our government has used the AUMF to justify everything from assassination and indefinite detention of American citizens to  ever-expanding drone strikes and secret Special Forces operations in 120  countries. It's time to end this authorization for unjustifiable military force. Please email and call your Congress member, and ask him or her to join Barbara Lee.





Passed by Congress in 2001, only one Member--Rep. Barbara Lee--had the wisdom and foresight to vote against the AUMF bill. She warned her colleagues not to "become the evil we deplore."  Now the Editorial Board of the New York Times has joined Barbara Lee's call to repeal the AUMF.

Progressive Democrats of America (


Indefinite Detention / NDAA
3 years ago

Take Action!

 Tell Your Senators To End Indefinite Detention!





The 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allows the United States military to detain suspects indefinitely and without charge or trial -- even American citizens. Help us reverse this travesty of justice






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