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Overkill, The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America
4 years ago

I am unable to copy and paste any part of this, but it is a very interesting paper written about the militarization of America's civilian law enforcement over the past 25 years. The author is Radley Balco.

An interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids, released in conjunction with the Cato policy paper "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids," by Radley Balko can be found at:

This paper presents a history and overview of the issue of paramilitary police drug raids, provides an extensive catalogue of abuses and mistaken raids, and offers recommendations for reform.

The paper is 103 pages long, with the last about 20 pages being notes. It's a very interesting paper to read. I've said for a very long time that the police in America seem to be out of control. I must admit that I feel fear everytime I see a cop these days and I'm not even doing anything wrong, but neither are so many of the people I see getting beaten and killed by cops these days. And lets, not forget the family pets that are almost always shot on sight by cops. I remember when cops used to try and foster a feeling of goodwill within the community and now they only seem to instill fear. At times, I *almost* feel like we'd be better off without them at all.

4 years ago

You are so right dear Susan  people are so  afraid police because some terrible things they have done. I do not say that they are all the same but because of asmall minurity ,people have lost they trust to them .Thank you for sharing 

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