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Medical Malpractice on Female Inmates!
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4 years ago


Dear Director Samuels,


Valley State Prison doctor James Heinrich was responsible for over 100 sterilizations of inmates without state approval, and has been claimed to have tried to pressure female inmates into sterilization through outright lies. The United States has a chilling history of sterilization, and the fact Heinrich was able to carry out so many unapproved operations, and was hired on despite his record of malpractice and medical controversy, is indicative of a very serious oversight by the justice department. Heinrich was also known for ignoring hygiene measures, yet was never disciplined for malpractice.


There must be a nationwide effort to clean up the prison medical system, perhaps especially concerning medical abuse of inmates. I ask that the Justice Department take action to prevent similar abuses from happening and review prisons on a much more intensive scale.

Heinrich must also be penalized for his conduct. This cannot be allowed to happen again, especially in light of the United States’ history of forced sterilizations, and inmates must be protected from medical abuse and malpractice.



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4 years ago
Protect Inmates From Abuse By Prison Medical System
Society & Culture  (tags: prisoners, prisonsystem, abusesinprisonmedicalsystem, sterilization, tuballigation, forcedsterilization, minorities, abuseofprisoners )
BMutiny  -
The U.S. has a long and sordid history of illegal sterilization, typically perpetrated against minority populations. Yet this practice is not a thing of the past: in a California prison there were performed over 100 tubal ligations without authorization.
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Close Oceans to Save Fish
Environment  (tags: fishing, oceans, sustainability, fish, CloseOceans, radicalplan )
BMutiny  -

A radical plan, to close ALL International Waters to fishing; but this may be the only plan we have to save our fish. Our regulations are not sustaining our fish, and fish farming isn't working either. ALL fish stocks are being depleted at rapid rates.
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