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Prepare for Influx of Russian LGBTQI Refugees:PETITION
5 years ago



[By the way, good ol' "Family Values" Putin is GETTING A DIVORCE FROM HIS WIFE - announced to the world at the Intermission to an Opera the "couple" was attending - which is weird, for such an announcement...]

For those who need to know, LGBTQI stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer {which is now officially an ok word}, and Intersex.

Not all Russians needing Asylum would have the "connections" abroad that a well-known Journalist such as Masha Gessen and her family would have.

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Article to NOTE:
5 years ago

"As A Gay Parent I Must Flee Russia Or Lose My Children"

Please NOTE this if you haven't already.

This Thread for topics related to Russian Refugees
5 years ago

While it has been "getting better" here in the USA, and in many countries around the world, Russia has experienced a rise in antigay sentiment throughout the nation.

Laws that categorize groups of people as inferior and then discriminate against them, in any way, embolden citizens to act out against that group.

Violence against LGBTQI people in Russia has surged over the last year and includes, but is not limited to, this terrifying tale:

Almost as terrifying as the incident itself is the overwhelming praise it received on the "WhatsApp" application to which it was posted.

Much of the focus on Russia has centered around the Sochi Olympics in 2014 but certain countries, like Canada, have said that they will look at refugee claims from LGBTQ Russians "favorably".

While political asylum may not be a sustainable, long-term option, it is clear that LGBTQ people in Russia are in imminent and immediate danger and should have the option to leave the country if they feel unsafe.

Ask the US Department of Homeland Security, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS ) and any other entity involved in the process to expedite the claims of LGBTQ refugees from Russia.

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This Petition is Still Active
5 years ago


5 years ago

Although not previously noted on this thread, I have noted, signed and/or shared these petitions and articles.

5 years ago

Me, too, Susan!

5 years ago

As Host here, I am going to request this:

Please don't make comments like "I signed this".That just takes up space. The place for such a comment, is on the thread under the News Item. I would much prefer that comments in this group be INFORMATIVE. And ADD SOMETHING to the discussion.


[I have said this before - and will repeat it as many times as necessary!]


The above comment "This Petition is Still Active" - on an old Petition - that ADDS INFORMATION that is useful. Also, "This Petition is Now Closed" would be useful info.


If you have some new or unusual place you shared the item, that would be "useful information" also. But just "signed and shared" is, I feel, not appropriate for this group.


Please don't take offense! This is just the way I want to manage things.

This is a GREAT Group because so MANY people have made inputs!!!

5 years ago

As Host here, I want to clarify, that this group is to INFORM people, so they can think of and take ACTIONS. On the Causes threads, and on the News Items threads, are the places where it is appropriate to say you "signed this Petition". The postings in THIS group, I feel, should be a source of REFERENCE. For as long as these issues last! [Probably forever!]


Therefore, I as Host can arbitrarily decree, that this group as a whole is not for what I call "chit-chat". There is ONE thread for that, and that is the "Un-Welcome, Welcome" thread!


I want to PREPARE people, for eventually, "non-informative" posts on other threads, being DELETED. [So there might be MASS DELETIONS.] But I will INFORM EVERYBODY FIRST.


I REALLY DO APPRECIATE everybody's INFORMATION Posts, that are SO VALUABLE to this group!!!!!!!!!!!!


[Another kind of "non-informative" post that I classify as "useless chit-chat" is stuff along the lines of "Kuwait is such a horrible place, the people are so backwards, I wouldn't want to go there", etc.

What WOULD be an "informative" post, would be anything about the actual, factual HISTORY of Kuwait; or the fact that there might be a Petition to boycott tourism to Kuwait, etc.]

[If there is ANY DOUBT about what is and is not "informative" in this group, just ASK ME and I will be HAPPY to Clarify further!!!!!]


Again, I appreciate the INPUT I have received so far, and that is what MAKES this group necessary and, I believe, important!!!


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