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FIFA - Pain and suffering in Brazil
4 years ago


Inside this  protest flag it reads: Democratic Dictatorship.




Translated form: name, last name, email, please leave Brasil as a default selected country and click on the red “assine” button to sign. That’s it. Thank you so much!!!



Honorable senators, we are against the change of the Brazilian political system by decree!

Mr. Senator, 

Federal Decree No. 8,243, of May 23, 2014, which among other things establishing the  National Policy for Social Participation - PNPS  and the  National System of Social Participation - SNPS , is a serious attack against Brazilian democracy. Through this decree the Brazilian political system was changed without even the need for a constituent. The decree is unconstitutional and if it is applied according to the criteria of its content will give the Labor Party a greater concentration of power and create a privileged class of citizens: those who participate in the so-called "social movements" (which are all affiliated to the Labor Party).

Senator, vote for approval of the legislative draft decree by Senator Alvaro Dias which suspends the effects of this nefarious decree signed by President Dilma.  


4 years ago

members of "social movements".

What does the decree of the dignified president mean? First, define what is "civil society" in several paragraphs of Article 2. Soon the item I is a grace, namely: "I - civil society - citizens, collective, institutionalized or not institutionalized social movements, their networks and their organizations."

Ready! It anything there. After all: everything that is not institutional in nature, not institutional. Then text of the Sovereign states that "all agencies of direct or indirect public administration" will count on their boards, with representatives such as civil society - which, as we have seen, is all that the government turn to decide which is civil society ...

All the organs of public administration, including regulatory agencies, for example, would be subjected to such social movements - which, moreover, we know, are controlled by PT. To establish by law to participate in the public administration, the PT want to perpetuate in power, win or lose elections.

That's what the president is calling "holding system" is actually a system of guardianship. Part of the anti-democratic principle that those who participate in the said social movements are more citizens than those not participating. Are created with this text, two categories of Brazilians: those who have the right to participate in public life and those who have not. Someone will say, "Why, just integrating a social movement." But this implies necessarily have to be bound to a political party.

The Brazilian Constitution guarantees the right to free expression and establishes the form of representative democracy through free elections, picking Parliament.What Dilma is doing, by decree, is to create another category of representation, which does not pass through the elective process. This is an initiative that seeks to erode within the democratic system.

The PT is trying to consolidate a commissioner to Soviet fashion. This is an institutional coup. It will be a scandal if the Order of Attorneys Association of Brazil not appeal to the Supreme Court against this excrescence. With this decree, the PT want to finally become obsolete elections. The text follows the best standard of Venezuelan dictatorship and protoditaduras Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. After all, Latin America, nowadays, the blows are given by the left, by the seemingly legal means.

Not satisfied with democracy, the PT (Labor Party) now wants extinguish it by decree.,mudanca-de-regime-por-decreto-imp-,1173217,535784/oposicao-derruba-decreto-que-cria-a-politica-nacional-de-participacao-social.shtml


4 years ago

I've just heard about this, and it's the future of my country that is in jeopardy here... so I'm sharing with you in case you want to take action on this too. It's simply outrageous! Our president done a lot of unconstitutional moves in the past few years and I wonder what will it take for her impeachment: stealing our savings accounts overnight like President Fernando Collor did back in 1992?

Let's hope our congressmen (229 so far), journalists and jurists are sucessful in trying to stop this appalling decree in its tracks.

Thank you so much for all you do. Sending you much love and light.

Coup d’etat: Want to know who Dilma Rousseff and her party REALLY are? PLEASE READ THIS, SIGN THE PETITION BELOW AND SHARE:



While everybody is tuned on the World Cup, Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff tries to pass a decree that threatens our democracy and is unconstitutional... She’s trying to make our Congress tied up to her political party’s interests (just like Venezuela and other countries with a totalitarian regimen do). Journalists and opposed parties and trying to stop this crime against our constitution…



ALL NEWS BELOW ARE IN PORTUGUESE – because I couldn’t find a single international newspaper who is divulging this. So if you find any international news on this, please let me know.

Revista Veja, Estadao and Diario do Comercio (below) are among the most respected and trusted media in our country: 

Revista Veja/  Blogs and columnist

Reinaldo Azevedo

Politics analysis in one of Brazil's most visited blogs



 at 16:45

Rousseff decided to extinguish democracy by decree. It’s a coup!

Attention, readers!

Your rights at this very moment, are being stolen, undermined, diminished. Unless you are a member of MTST, MST, one of those acronyms that have opted for cruelty as a form of political expression.

Softly, PT (Labor Party) and President Dilma Rousseff decided to install the dictatorship in the country by decree. Read the contents of the Decree 8,243 of 23 May this year, which creates such a "National Policy for Social Participation" and a certain "National System of Social Participation." Estadão writes on Thursday an excellenteditorial  about it. This is an outrageously unconstitutional text that affront the foundation of equality before the law, which undermines the principle of democratic representation and creates a class of aristocrats empowered citizens above others: that of the members

4 years ago
40,000 Brazilians Curse Out Their President Over The World Cup

A crowd of 40,000 Brazilians gathered at a music concert in São Paulo expressed its discontent with President Dilma Rousseff and the impending World Cup in powerful unison.

Responding to musician Marcelo Falcão's on-stage comments about the controversial games during a show on May 31, the crowd used a chant which translates to a very common yet graphic phrase used to tell someone off.

Tip: If you're thinking about the phrase with the F word, you nailed it!

I wish I could earn 1 cent every time a corrupt politician is cursed in Brazil... I'd be a zillionaire!

4 years ago
Brazil's Homeless Workers Hold Peaceful March On World Cup Arena

SAO PAULO, June 4 (Reuters) - Thousands of homeless workers on Wednesday marched peacefully on Brazil's Arena Corinthians stadium, which is to host the opening game of the soccer World Cup next week, pressing their cause under the spotlight of the global sporting event.

The Workers Without Homes Movement, which police estimated mobilized more than 10,000 people to demand more government spending on transport, health, education and low-income housing, shut down one of Sao Paulo's main highways to the stadium, which is fighting the clock to get ready for the June 12 event.

Globo, our main TV news channel is not showing any demonstrations, marches, forced evictions, social unrest, human rights violation news regarding the World Cup, because as everyone knows here, they have sold themselves to our government. Other channels have been showing the world what's going on, though.

4 years ago


SO FAR 100,000 people HAVE BEEN FORCIBLY EVICTED from their homes: 

Officials are using the events as catalysts for expanded metro lines, roads, airport renovations and other works. Critics say poor residents such as Nascimento are paying the price and estimate some 100,000 people have been evicted or face removals to make way for the projects.

"The city has become the object of the big business, the big interests behind the mega-events," said Marcelo Chalreo, who heads the human rights commission of the Rio chapter of Brazil's bar association. "In the name of the (sporting) events, now everything has to be pretty and nice looking."

Nascimento said city officials presented her and her husband, bricklayer Jucelio de Souza, with a simple choice: Accept a lump-sum compensation for their house, be given an apartment in a distant housing project or walk away with nothing.


4 years ago
Brazil's Poor Stage an Alternative World Cup as a form to protest human rights' violations for FIFA's 2014 World Cup: The 2014 People’s Cup Kicks Off in Santa Marta slum

As with last year’s Evictions Cup, the People’s Cup aims to raise awareness of the ways in which Rio’s people are being impacted by mega-events’ preparations, particularly forced evictions. According to the Popular Committee, more than 100,000 people have been forced from their homes since 2009. 


4 years ago

PETITION: This petition is international, anyone from any country can sign.

Brazil 2014: Our lives are worth more than football!

By court order, the police evicted 2000 residents from their homes in the area near the Marcana Stadium where the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be held in Brazil this summer. Justifying the action as the “work of modernization” and necessary for “safety measures”, the evictions left thousands of men, women, and children homeless. We sign this petition to show our support to the evicted families.

We ask the Mayor of Rio Eduardo Paes,  the Governor Luiz Fernando de Souza, (Pezão) and the FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter to stop this shame.


4 years ago

Are corruption and hypocrisy hereditary? No, but definitely, environment, education and family member’s bad examples had a lot to do with this…


The grand-daughter of former disgraced FIFA president Joao Havelange has stepped into the war of words over Brazil's World Cup preparations unabashedly telling protestors angry at the tournament's massive budget to get over it because some money had already been “spent” or “stolen” or “robbed.”


The son of the Brazilian football legend Pele has been sentenced to 33 years in jail for laundering money raised from drug trafficking:

4 years ago

Now, the only thing we hope for in our country is that protests are PEACEFUL. No more violence in Brazil. Only more dignity and respect to HUMAN RIGHTS: 

"My opinion is that protesting, there's no problem with it, as long as it is peaceful without violence, without vandalism. If it's for Brazil getting better, they have to protest," said Neymar.


“If people want to protest, they can perfectly well do so, but democracy does not signify vandalism nor harming the rest of the population,” Rousseff said.

And I agree with her. But will she keep her promise?

Anti-World Cup protesters march on Brasilia stadium, face tear gas

"Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff has promised the Homeless Worker's movement that squatters who have gathered around some of the stadiums will receive low-cost government housing. But her government has warned that it will call in troops if necessary to prevent protests disrupting the soccer games."

4 years ago


Italy's most-recent scandal, Calcioscommesse, centred on attempts to manipulate matches in Serie B, the Italian second division, and the third tier Lega Pro during the 2010/11 season, with some Coppa Italia matches also involved.

Dozens of players have been suspended and a number of clubs, mostly from the lower tiers of the Italian league system, have had points deducted.

The highest profile suspensions have been for former Italy internationals Cristiano Doni and Giuseppe Signori, Torino goalkeeper Jean Francois Gillet, Juventus coach Antonio Conte and former Lazio captain Stefano Mauri.

Doni was suspended for three-and-a-half years while former Lazio and Italy striker Signori was banned for five years from any football-related activity in the first batch of sanctions handed out in August 2011.

Juventus coach Conte was given a 10-month ban last season, later reduced to four months on appeal, for failing to report match-fixing in games against Novara and Albinoleffe in the 2010/11 season when he was coach of Siena. He denied wrongdoing.

Mauri was banned for nine months this season, later to reduced to six, and Belgian international Gillet for three years and seven months


Cuando Colombia y Chile se enfrentaron por las Eliminatorias del Mundial Japón-Corea del Sur, hubo un supuesto intento de arreglo con los árbitros para que el partido finalizara empatado y Uruguay se beneficiara, informó la prensa en Montevideo.

La denuncia fue hecha por el suplemento Qué Pasa que edita el diario El País, en un informe titulado "Juego Sucio", donde se revelan detalles de un presunto esquema corrupto que existe a nivel arbitral en Uruguay.

When Colombia and Chile have played over FIFA World Cup game Japan-South Korea, there was an alleged attempt to fix the referees for the match ended tied and for Uruguay to benefit, newspapers reported in Montevideo. The report was made by Supplement Que Pasa which publishes on the newspaper El País , in a report entitled "Foul Play" where they reveal details of the alleged corrupt scheme to an arbitration level that exists in Uruguay.

So, NO FIFA, NO TEAM is exempt from corruption suspicions, because you have turned football into a multimillion, corrupt, human rights violating business, which has been clearly deviated from the original friendly competition intended ethos by The Ancient Greek when they played Episkyros, the earliest form of football.

Fifa World Cup 2014: Could matches be fixed in Brazil?

Nigeria v Scotland: match-fixing threat brought to SFA's attention

Fixed Soccer Matches Cast Shadow Over World Cup

A New York Times investigation of match fixing ahead of the last World Cup gives an unusually detailed look at the ease with which professional gamblers can fix matches.

4 years ago

FIFA prepared to combat match fixing at World Cup in Brazil

Yes, because they’re soooo honest (warning: sarcasm)-

Millions paid in bribes to FIFA for Qatar's 2022 World Cup votes, report claims:


 FIFA statement:

“I cannot tell you the teams we are watching most closely. I can’t tell you the groups which we are watching most closely. But I will say that England’s group is not the highest risk.


English group: Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.


Costa Rica:

Alleged match-fixing of FAS games in CONCACAF Champions League en 2010, the signing of the contract with the “cover” company Exclusive Sports to organize the game between El Salvador and Costa Rica in Ciudad Quesada in October of the same year and the friendly El Salvador-United States in Tampa, on which these two testimonies are given.


Four people were charged in December, including two players from sixth tier semi-professional team Whitehawk FC, in connection with an alleged international illegal betting syndicate.

The newspaper said an undercover reporter met one player who claimed another agreed to deliberately earn a booking in a recent match in the second-tier of English football in return for a 30,000-pound payout.



4 years ago



Criminals are not punished in Brazil, especially the “under-aged” ones. Most barbaric crimes here are committed by kids younger than 18 years of age, because they know that they will walk free in the streets to commit more murders. You can get killed for nothing. If you are unlucky and get robbed in the streets without carrying any money on you or credit cards, they might kill you for having nothing. Even if you have something and you give it all to the criminals, they might still kill you. This happens everyday in the streets here. The corrupted government here don’t care, and they will do nothing for your security. No one, anywhere should have to leave home wondering: “WILL I SURVIVE TODAY?”

-Shocking crimes:


4 years ago

-Brazilian Security:

Brazil is one of the world’s most criminalized countries in the world. For every hundred thousand Brazilians, death through homicide can happen to 22-27 individuals. This makes Brazil one of the top 20 countries with the highest homicide rates.

General statistics for Sao Paulo Brazil crime? The number one cause of death among youth from 15-24 is murder – 42% of violent crimes resulting in death have been through homicides. In fact, at least 15 million Brazilians are unable to read or write, which is a contributing factor to the level of poverty in the city. The problem is that there is very little legislation concerning firearms: in Sao Paulo state, there is one gun for every 74.5 people, with 95% of these guns being illegal. 

Another issue in the country, as well as the city, is the amount of sex slavery. It is estimated that around 75,000 women are forced into prostitution or sex slavery across the European Union, usually recruiting women from Sao Paulo or Rio and then sending them over to Europe to work once they’ve been “trained”. 

The bad news is that major crimes all have shown an increase in the Brazilian city of São Paulo during the first half of 2013.

Major crimes include homicides, felony deaths (robbery followed by or resulting in death), robberies, vehicular robberies and thefts, bank robberies, armed assaults on restaurants, bars and apartment buildings (known as “Arrastoes” or Big Sweeps), and rape.

The U.S. Department of State rates the criminal threat for São Paulo as “critical.”


The Impact

Robberies, thefts, car-jacking, kidnappings, and felony killings are an unfortunate but frequent occurrence in SÃO. Locals and visitors should be made aware of the specific and general risks and exercise proper caution when in public. It is important to stress that, despite such crimes, life goes on in SÃO, with shopping, drinking, dining and commerce continuing at full steam. There is no siege mentality, except that local residences have been converted to mini-fortresses.



Rio de Janeiro has been rated “Critical” for crime by the State Department for the past 25 years.

Brazil continues to address crime and narcotrafficking, especially in slums that are largely controlled by powerful and armed criminal organizations. Army units and heavily-armed police are frequently engaged in firefights, especially Rio de Janeiro – the site of the forthcoming 2016 Summer Olympics – that have yielded numerous deaths and accusations of severe human rights violations.

Major Areas of Concern Vehicular Robberies and Express Kidnappings

In both cities, vehicular robbery incidents outnumbered vehicular theft. That means that one is more likely to suffer the personal trauma of being attacked while in one’s car, than just wake up in the morning and discover that the car was stolen from its parking spot.

Express Kidnapping is a particularly harrowing experience; mitigating against it requires specific instructions (sometimes even training) by a professional.


Crimes of sexual violence remain a major area of risk and concern in large Brazilian cities. Locals and visitors alike should exercise proper mitigating actions (e.g., travel in groups, travel with male escorts, travel with physical security).



4 years ago

-Brazilian Schools:

Public schools in Brazil can be extremely bad. The problems involving it are many, such as the number of students per classroom (from 40 to 50), the lack of teachers for some disciplines (specially Mathematics and Sciences), violence and poor infrastructure. Many public schools have no library or even proper desks to teachers,who earn ridiculously underpaid salaries.

Also, schools located in poorer areas are the ones that have the lowest learning rates. This happens for many reasons, such as:

  • Lack of teachers who want to work in that area
  • Constant cases of robbery and violence
  • Many students drop out of school because they have to start working earlier to increase the family income
  • The level of pregnant teenagers is very high

It is common to hear of students that go to school only to eat a meal or because the government gives the family some kind of support such as an amount of money for each kid the family has at school. Another negative point is that in some states (Sao Paulo included) the students can not be failed, so what happens is that the student moves on to a higher grade without knowing the content of the previous one.


4 years ago

Ronaldo embarrassed by chaotic World Cup build up


Here is something he should REALLY be embarrassed by:

Brazilian football star Ronaldo has been caught up in a sex scandal with three cross-dressing prostitutes. His excuse to being with 3 prostitutes while his very PREGNANT wife was at home? He said he didn't realized they were men. Firstly: WTF? He thought this would acquit him of cheating on his wife? Sencondly: Only someone REALLY STONED wouldn't realized those 3 cross-dressers were men -

But above ALL this, Ronaldo should be embarrassed by:

-Brazilian hospitals:

There aren’t enough beds, medicine and medical material and supplies, and not surprisingly, even medical staff, doctors as well as nurses are in insufficient numbers.

This can lead to potentially life threatening situations, where people have to wait for hours, sometimes even days to get the treatment they need. The lack of space and beds leads to people being treated in hallways, in questionable hygienic conditions, on stretchers and, in some cases, even on a mattress on the ground, and with no privacy whatsoever.

Another evil arising from the dire situation, is the large number of fake, unlicensed doctors, who even perform surgeries and in some cases have been responsible for people dying.

4 years ago

Translated form: Name, Surname, email, phone (optional), zip code, country. Then click on the red “assinar” button.

4 years ago

Contractors, stop turning workers into slaves!



This petition is in Portuguese, but is international, anyone can sign. It is asking the contractors involved in building 2014 World Cup stadiums to take urgent action to prevent human rights violations by improving working conditions and not allowing future cases of deaths, slave work and inhumane conditions.

4 years ago

Last night I saw my first ad for'll all be comforted that Coca Cola is the official soft drink for child sexual abuse AND denying equal human rights for all.

Don't drink the stuff personally but I promise not a single one of their other products will ever darken my door much less get inside my home ever again.

Que pais e esse - Legiao Urbana
4 years ago

4 years ago

With the approach of FIFA’s World Coup our TV is filled with junk ads with the silly World Cup “theme song” (which has the most stupid lyrics ever and is completely out of touch with reality…). Very annoying actually… People are complaining a lot about these moronic ads here.

I mean in a country that gets this kind of rating:

Transparency International: World Corruption Index (1-less corrupt; 175-most corrupt)

Brazil – 72 nd(getting nearer to the bottom each year…)


This is an appropriate THEME SONG which really represents what’s going on here… For us (unfortunately) it is timeless… And is the anthem song for our peaceful demonstrations. I just keep wondering when will police officers realize they are citizens and victims of corruption as well…

Violent protesters are 5% of the whole crowd. And yet they deal with people as if they were all criminals or in a war. All in the name of “don’t disturb mighty FIFA”.

11 billions stolen from us. Romario was prophetic when he said in 2012 that the World Cup was going to be the “greatest theft in history”…


Que país é esse –Legiao Urbana 

(a protest song against corruption made in 1987, but still current…)


Translated lyrics:

In the slums, in the Senate

There's dirt all over

Nobody respects the constitution

But everybody believes in the future of the nation

What country is this? (3x)

In Amazonas, in Araguaia,

in Baixada Fluminense

Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais and in the

Northeast it's all peaceful

In death I rest, but

there's still bloodshed

Staining papers, which are truthful documents

made for our boss' rest

What country is this (3x)

Third World - if we can call it that

It's a joke abroad

But Brazil will get rich

We'll earn a million

When we sell all the souls of our

Indigenous people in an auction!

What country is this?  (x3)




Amazonas - a state; capital is Manaus.

Araguaia - a river that runs through 4 states (Mato Grosso, Tocantins, Pará and Goiás).

Baixada Fluminense - a region in Rio de Janeiro state.

Mato Grosso - a state; capital is Cuiabá.

Minas Gerais - a state; capital is Belo Horizonte.

4 years ago


(The videos are in Portuguese, the second has captions)

- Pele admits and even forgives corruption in World Cup stadiums and causes controversy: This week, an exclusive statement to Pelé Record created much controversy. The greatest player of all time admitted that there is overpricing in the works of stadiums for the World Cup, but he asked for the population to FORGIVE the corruption, stop the manifestations aside and work to recover this money:

Pele says Brazil should investigate corruption only AFTER World Cup and that there is no point in criticizing FIFA – And only 5 days ago - PRICELESS!

4 years ago
Pele, Brazil's Soccer Legend, Criticizes the 11 Billion Spent By Brazil to Host the World Cup



Wow, finally some indication that Mr Edson Arantes do Nascimento (aka Pele) brain is starting to work properly! His popularity in Brazil has declined a lot over the years and here's why:


Pele is the best footballer in history. And that’s all he is: you would think a guy who was born in a favela or slum and faced all the problems related to poverty, lack of infrastructure and racism, would be the first to do something for his country towards ending this social problems as soon as he achieved status and popularity, right? But nope.  During 1995 to 1998 he was our Federal Sports Secretary and people were expecting him to change a lot the way football clubs were administrated to end corruption, absurd salaries for players and fight racism in matches by making stricter laws against this in CBF (our national football committee) – and this last one should be a personal matter for him. That was the very least we expected from him. Well, Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento ended his term as he began: the best footballer in history and that’s all.


I think it's important that he supports the pacific demonstrations considering that he is a public figure. But you know, he could have done and could be doing a lot more with his billions and influence to help Brazil.  

Funny, now he wants to pose as a good guy who supports his nation. His discourse has changed a lot:



My opinion on the sudden change in his thoughts? It's all a staged "hey, now I care" act. Either to get some of his lost popularity back or FIFA behind asking him to do that to calm down the "angry mob" of protesters. Well, anyways, his "endorsement" makes no difference. Pacific protests are happening now as I type and will go on during the World Cup. The problems with violence have nothing to do with the 90% of the protesters. It is the so called "black bloc" wing of protesters that are the issue here: they arrive with masks and are usually sponsored by political parties or interests. They account for 5% of the crow, but cause a lot of damage. The government must aim their actions to prevent this and not approve ridiculous "terrorism" laws against all protesters. 

4 years ago
More protests in Brazil for International World Cup Resistance Day

The economy, which boomed for a decade, is slowing too, and inflation remains stubbornly high. Investment is dwindling, and the crime rate is heading up. Social unrest is on the rise. (My comment - Finally, an international paper that is telling the truth about this "7th economy in the world" nonsense)

“We want to question the costs of the World Cup, Brazil lacks health, education and housing for many people. In reality the intention of the protest is for the government to understand that they need to re-evaluate their priorities,” said school teacher Leandro Fontes.

The stadium was the target of the May 15 protests by the Homeless Workers’ Movement and the 2,500 families encamped on adjoining land. An estimated 170,000 families have been evicted to make way for the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.

“It is shameful, really shameful. Not the stadium itself, but the fact that so much was spent on building the stadium, which has pushed up rents in the area, while there are no health services in the region. We don’t have a basic doctor’s surgery or a hospital. Why is that? Because they chose not to spend the money on health or education, but on these works, which have only worsened our housing problems,” said the HWM’s Simone Pedra.

“What we want is to be treated the way that Valcke and Blatter are treated by the public bodies. They come here and bang on the table to set goals and time frames, things which we, as Brazilians, have no right to do. We make do with the worst public services with no prospect that things are going to change,” said Rio de Paz’s President, Antonio Costa.

The priority given to football, ahead even of children’s education, is making Brazilians angry, especially as some schools are even being closed during the World Cup to free up the traffic on the roads.

*My comment - people are not angry here. They're raving mad actually, an they're in their right. There are more than 50 taxes in this country, we pay them all and get nothing back, no decent public services. But FIFA - oh, they're getting a full tax exemption! So when they come here, they all they want for doing nothing but stealing from our people? We've been taking this crap for a looooong time (the story is the same 500 years back to be exact), our patience is gone.

Brazilian Attorney General Challenges Constitutionality Of World Cup Tax Exemption

“I will say something which is crazy, but less democracy is sometimes better for organizing a World Cup,” FIFA’s Jerome Valcke  - wow, that is the "pearl of wisdom" - warning: sarcasm - this POS should write on his epitaph someday...

FIFA, which expects to earn more than $4 billion in revenue from the event, is exempt from income taxes as a Swiss non-profit organization. - OMG! This whole sentence is such an oxymoron...

Reasons for May 15th International Demonstrations against FIFA
4 years ago

Homeless people expelled from urban areas with extreme brutality by the military.
Private corporations given jurisdiction over streets and other formerly "public areas".
Elite neighborhoods created around the venue of the World Cup activities, resulting in massive uncompensated displacement of the population.
Billions spent in armament and weapons for the police and military to use against the people.
Laws created to criminalize all gatherings of the people.
Immense and crippling public debt.
36 cities in Brazil are demonstrating despite these government efforts to effect complete repression and exploitation of the people.
World wide demonstrations in support of the people of Brazil and against the crony Brazilian government and the multinational corporations supporting World Cup (FIFA).
Among the places where actions in sympathy for the Brazilian people are taking place: cities and towns in California, small gatherings or action days throughout the world called by Earth First, and small and large demonstrations throughout South Africa, where the people remember the direct abuse of FIFA and are crippled by the huge debt of the 2010 World Cup.

A couple of days late, but still....
4 years ago

#15M - International Day of Resistance Against the 2014 World Cup Brazil
World  (tags: Brazil, 2014 World Cup, homelessness, sexual exploitation, conflict, violent repression, extreme poverty, vulgar displays of wealth, police brutality, denial of human rights )
Betsy  -

What is and will be the legacy of the 2014 soccer world cup in Brazil? 8 deaths during the renovation of the soccer arenas of the world cup. 250.000 people forcefully removed from their homes. Sexual exploitation & homelessness.
4 years ago
Brazil, Don’t treat World Cup Protesters As Terrorists


Which is and will be the legacy of the 2014 soccer world cup?

Brazil Rocked By Violent Protests Just 26 Days Before FIFA World Cup Kicks Off

Please sign, you don't have to be British...
4 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: abuse, activists, children, crime, culture, ethics, family, humans, law, media, police, rights, sadness, society, sports, violence, women, world )
Frans  -
I am appalled by the news that British nationals are sexually abusing children in destinations around the world. Right now, I am particularly concerned about the countless vulnerable children in Brazil who are at a heightened risk of exploitation

4 years ago

With the approach of FIFA’s World Coup in my country, besides other major problems caused in our society and economy by this unwanted event, I’d like to share some action alerts with you regarding what, in my opinion is the grim side of such mega-events: child prostitution, also called “sexual tourism”. Child sex tourists typically arrive from Europe and, to a lesser extent, the United States.   

Our government has currently launched campaigns, hotlines and activists are pressing for stricter legislation, enforcement and penalties.  However, this issue is intimately connected with drug traffic: human trafficking is directly financed by drug dealers from Rio, Sao Paulo and Northern states. International media is reporting on the so called “favela cleansings” that have been going on here prior to the World Cup as a way to ensure security for tourists. Nonetheless, as it happened with the favela do Alemao “clean-up” in Rio a few years ago, criminals are only dispersed or displaced by police officers, they usually flee and establish their HQ somewhere else. Even if they’re sent to prison, drug cartel-chiefs still command their drug dealers from the facilities via smuggled cell phones, computers, etc. Corrupt police officers help them with that.

So, this “favela raids” you see on the media are more or less a “cops and robbers” role-play. Even the much acclaimed UPPs (Pacifying Police Units) implanted on favelas in order to restore peace in those communities, do not accomplish their purpose, which is to keep away drug traffic from slums. Shootings are very common there – all related to drug smuggling activity and some cartel chiefs are “back in business” in those very same communities, already eyeing World Cup’s possible profits…

While drug mafia continues their activity from their new HQs, one of their preferred ways to raise large sums faster for money laundering is to resort to recruiting (i.e. kidnapping, forcing, threatening…) vulnerable women and children for sexual tourism. The North, Northeast (Recife) and Southeast (Rio, Sao Paulo) Brazilian main cities are the typically targeted destinations by sexual offenders/pedophiles from other countries. Right now, by the shadow of the recently built and renovated stadiums in Rio and Sao Paulo, children are suffering unimaginable horrors…


4 years ago


In less than three months, fans and tourists from around the world will descend on Brazil to support their teams as they compete for the ultimate prize in global football: the World Cup.

But right now, in the shadows of football stadiums and hotels throughout the country, thousands of children suffer the horrors of sexual slavery in silence.

Brazil, like many other tourist destinations, has an entrenched problem of child sexual exploitation – in 2011 there were more than 250,000 child victims of sexual slavery in the country.The petition is asking UK Government to:-Immediately ratify the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse- Establish a dedicated national enforcement team to focus exclusively on cases of transnational child sexual abuse - Pilot an in-country investigation team to travel to Brazil to respond swiftly to reports of abuse and set a precedent for further proactive cooperative work against child sexual exploitation and abuse in tourism.Children abroad who are at risk of exploitation and abuse by British tourists are as much our responsibility as children in the UK.
Fight Prostitution Ahead of the 2014 Brazil World Cup  Tell Brazil’s Supreme Court not to Let Accused Child Rapist Go Free


Stop Child Prostitution in Brazil


Withhold Support For Rio 2016 Olympics In light of Child Trafficking Offences:



Brazilian hotline to report child expoitation/prostitution/abuse: 100








It’s a Penalty! Campaign:

Don’t Look Away Campaign:

Care2 Petition
4 years ago


More than half a million football fans will be in Brazil during this year's World Cup. But there are major concerns about child sex trafficking in Brazil during the upcoming event. The Brazilian government must do more to protect children.


"You can go online and see $12,000, $10,000 for the flight, the hotel, the game - and the girl," Diego Traverso, Latin America anti-trafficking programs manager for Operation Blessing, told CBN News.

A documentary from Operation Blessing set to release just before the games may help curb sex trafficking, its creators hope.


"We're trying to raise the stigma against this and educate the people coming in for the World Cup that this isn't just a service you can buy without consequences, that these are children trapped in a hell," David Darg, vice president of International Operations for Operation Blessing, said. "We see kids, talking 12 or 11 if you haven't lost your virginity at 11 you're wrong--something's wrong with you. I see many, many cases of mothers selling their daughters like to neighbors, on the street, taking them to the street, teaching them kind of the business, to survive."


Tell Brazilian government to air the Operation Blessing documentary on national television and do more to protect children from sex trafficking within its borders.


Sounds like something with a religious slant, "Operation Blessing". Should check this out.

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4 years ago



Strikes mar run-up to Brazil World Cup


Seven weeks ahead of the World Cup in Brazil, no mass protests have broken out but unions are mobilizing the rank and file. But the government can't afford another police strike like the one in Salvador, Bahia.


Federal Police Threaten Strike During World Cup


Federal police officers across the nation want better working conditions, higher wages and clear functions.


Strikes: Can Brazil Stop During the World Cup?


4 years ago
4 years ago

-Child Abuse:


A Darker Side to the World Cup: Child Exploitation at Brazil 2014

Unbeknown to most spectators of large sporting events, the risk of child trafficking and sexual exploitation is heightened during the period leading up to, and during, the tournaments. Especially in countries like Brazil, which, according to official statistics, already has more than 250,000 child victims of commercial sexual exploitation, and where the second most reported crime against children is sexual violence, with the majority of victims aged between 10 and 14.

During international sporting events there is a short-term increase in the demand for prostitution, which increases the migration of sex workers to the host cities. This in turn prompts pimps and gangs to recruit additional ‘workers’, some of whom will be children, to meet the hike in demand.

4 years ago

Major issues a few weeks ahead of FIFA’s World Coup:




Brazil World Cup Sponsors Seek Assurance on Street Protests:

Coca-Cola covered a specially created unit in front of Rio’s Maracana stadium, and an oversize Coke bottle was hidden from view with black plastic.

FIFA found itself the focus of protesters’ chants and last year a bus carrying staff was pelted with stones in the city of Belo Horizonte. In the same town, a car dealership selling vehicles produced by Kia Motors (000270) Corp., part-owned by FIFA sponsor Hyundai Motor Co., was set alight.


Cops are being relocated from small towns to the host cities, which is a major concern for citizens and mayors as crime level rises: We already have only a few police officers to patrol our cities – why? Well, who would want to risk their lives for just 350 dollars a month? And how will our situation stay if we have to move staff to the Cup? Our region will certainly be vulnerable to more violence:   Brazilian army occupies Rio shantytown ahead of World Cup
4 years ago

Happy in Rio – video explanation for English Speakers:

0:00 - Cariocas (as well as most Brazilian people) can't stand to hold an empty beer can or a cigarette end for long and prefer to dump them on the floor instead of looking for a waste container.

0:10 - Palácio Guanabara (Guanabara Palace) is the official residence of the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Sérgio Cabral. There's plenty of information about his "deeds" on Google...

0:13 - Traffic jams became part of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other metropolis' cultural heritage. And they are no longer restricted to rush hour commutes or specific neighborhoods... Public transportation is ridiculously bad and people are influenced by automakers to spend half their wages for 5 years in order to buy their "freedom" from traffic. 

0:19 - Subway work: In Rio, Metrô Rio subway trains cover less than 1/10 of the urban area, works are always overpriced and the governor's wife has a partnership on the law company that represents Metrô Rio. How convenient, huh?

0:29 - Public security barely works in tourist neighborhoods (Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon). Whenever you feel like taking pictures outdoors, do it a your own risk!

0:37 - Airports are a whole separate chapter. International Airport (GIG) also known as "Galeão" or "Tom Jobim" is far from downtown and tourist neighboorhoods. Taking a legal taxi to your hotel is a true Russian roulette. On the way to the hotel you get a glimpse of the real Rio, while passing by slums and polluted stinky rivers. Santos Dumont airport (SDU) has such a short track that landings and flights are canceled whenever there's a severe rain or fog.

0:41 - Almost 20% of the population survives with less than US$300 a month. Violence, thefts, traffic and crack addiction epidemy are routine for many citizens all over the country.

0:45 - "Mário Filho" is the alternative name to Maracanã Soccer Stadium. It's recent renovation costed more than 70% of estimated price: US$ 700 million!!! (overpriced works involving politicians and companies are cultural in Brazil). At the same time government says there's no money to buy cancer drugs and repair crumbling hospitals and public schools.

1:00 - Narrow corridors for pedestrians due to construction of new subway station at Leblon. Cars still have the preference here...

1:14 - Anonymous punishers decided to make justice with their own hands. A black teenager has been beaten, stripped off his clothes and locked to a light post with a U lock (Breaking Bad?). Police found out that two of the publicly praised (by some) punishers have already committed crimes themselves...

1:16 - Worldwide influence of American culture is undeniable, but some rich Brazilian people dream with the very annexation of their neighborhoods to the US (as you can see by that ridiculous copy of the Statue of Liberty in front of a huge mall at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro)

1:25 - Subway in Rio is always crowded and they only work from 5am to 12am. Air conditioning issues and delays are daily routine for Cariocas.

1:27 - City of Music: another white elephant. It was supposed to be a cultural center, but it hardly works and government has already spent more than US$ 250 million on it.

1:30 - Viaduto da Perimetral - While the city of Rio suffers from lack of investments in public health, education, security, housing, etc., mayor Eduardo Paes decides to spend millions on making the city "look good" for tourists coming for World Cup and Olympics and demolishes an important viaduct that used to connect two of the main roads of the city, increasing traffic jam lengths and time.

2:52 - Waste collectors when on strike for better salary and city got covered with garbage during Carnaval period. After lots of manifestation, mayor Eduardo Paes agreed to increase their wage (from US$400 to US$500 a month)

3:57 - Lack of inspection has caused many manhole to explode due to the contact between underground electricity cables and leaking of methane gas. 

Now you know why visiting Brazil is " an adventure " ...

Happy in RIO
4 years ago

The Brazilian comedic group Jeitinho Carioca made a fun, sarcastic video to express their dissatisfaction with the World Cup. The actors dance happily to Pharell's hit song while highlighting issues Brazilians have to deal with on a daily basis. Check it out!

4 years ago
World Cup 2014: Brazil bracing for violent anti-government protests over waste, unfinished projects

"This work here that's right by the stadium, I think they'll get it finished," said Atilio Martinelli, who runs a locksmith business near the building site. "It'll be done poorly and at the last minute, but they'll at least finish it. But there is no way they'll finish most of the other projects. It's going to be a great humiliation for us."

Instead the construction delays have become an embarrassment for many, stoking public anger over poor public services, the high cost of living and corruption scandals. Many Brazilians now say that even if their beloved soccer team wins the World Cup on July 13, the country will have already lost.

Brazil is officially spending just over $11 billion on the World Cup, though some think the number is much higher. An additional $15 billion is being spent on the Olympics, to be held in Rio in 2016.

FIFA, football's world governing body, is chipping in $1 billion of its own money for the World Cup, which generates more than 90 percent of FIFA's $5 billion income over a four-year cycle.

"The IOC and FIFA want the newest, fanciest, most spectacular facilities for every event," Matheson said. "All the risks are put on the host country or city, but all the revenues are going to the IOC or FIFA."

Eighty percent of the $3.5 billion earmarked for the 12 stadiums is public money, although former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva promised years ago no public money would be used.

At least four of the venues are likely to be "white elephants" in cities without top-division football clubs. 

Brazil's former national team coach Carlos Alberto Parreira has been scathing, calling World Cup preparations "a joke."

"We missed an opportunity to show the world what we can do in this country," said Parreira, who led Brazil to the World Cup title in 1994 and is an assistant this year to coach Felipe Scolari. "We know the World Cup is about stadiums, but it's not only about stadiums. Fans can't live in a stadium."

in Brazil, where a woeful public health system is hobbled with crumbling infrastructure and a chronic shortage of doctors, especially in poorer areas. This is part of the reason the government spending billions on the World Cup fuels protesters' rage. At rallies, demonstrators routinely demand "FIFA standard" hospitals, a reference to the high-quality new stadiums. At rallies, demonstrators routinely demand "FIFA standard" hospitals, a reference to the high-quality new stadiums.

There is widespread, palatable anger toward the government and business leaders over the perception they misspent billions on stadiums that won't benefit people after football's big event, or public works projects that may never be finished.

"Ordinary people have been forgotten," Barbosa said. "They invested a lot in the World Cup and forgot the people."


Peaceful protests against Brazil World Cup continue


Local reports claim twice as many police officers accompanied protesters in Sao Paolo on a march on Thursday as they took a stand against Brazil’s hosting of the football World Cup in less than three months.

It is one of a number of peaceful demonstrations where activists have expressed their anger at the cost of the tournament.

Protesters believe the money should instead be spent on education, healthcare, transport and tackling crime.

4 years ago
World Cup 2014: the boos from Brazil


“The protests against the World Cup really bother the government because they want to sell the image abroad that we have no problems,” 

Among the demands from the protesters were free public transport, greater public spending on education and health care, and better security. And they soon became targeted at the World Cup: banners reading “Fifa Go Home” and “There Won’t Be a World Cup” became a familiar sight.

“People say Brazil is an emerging country, but it’s emerging from nothing,” says Luciano Cardoso, a residents’ association leader. “We’re 88th in the world for education. In my opinion, the World Cup gives no benefits at all because 70 per cent of the spending on works is public money. So why didn’t they do it before if they had so much money to invest, to give to Fifa, as a donation?”


Among the grievances are the evictions required to make way for infrastructure, often affecting some of the 11 million people who live in favelas, or informal shanty-type communities. Compensation of £13,000 from the government in Porto Alegre has left many out of pocket, with an equivalent property now costing between £17,500 and £20,000.

Meanwhile in Rio, “Imagina na Copa” – which translates as “imagine this during the World Cup” – has become the catchphrase of taxi drivers, directed at all manner of shortcomings, including road works and traffic jams.

Brazil World Cup protests: teenager dies as a million people take to the streets

4 years ago
Brazil World Cup: Fifa scraps speeches to avoid protest

Football's world governing body, Fifa, has announced that there will be no speeches at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in June.

Last year, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was booed by fans at the opening match of the Confederations Cup - a curtain-raiser for the World Cup.

Protesters took to the streets of many Brazilian cities shortly before the Confederations Cup in June 2013.

They denounced corruption and the perceived high cost of preparations for the World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, which will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro.

"Friends of Brazilian football, where is the respect and the fair play, please?" intervened Mr Blatter, who then became the target of the protests at the Brazilian capital's brand-new National Stadium.


Hundreds arrested in Brazil as protest against World Cup spending grows violent

Almost a thousand people peacefully took to the streets on Saturday in the south-eastern city to express their discontent over the high government expenditure on the World Cup, which Brazil is going to host in four months.

“There will be no Cup!” and “Cup for the rich, scraps for the poor!” protesters chanted according to AFP.

Although the rally began peacefully, it descended into chaos as some demonstrators started smashing bank windows, constructed roadblocks, and set piles of garbage on fire in the streets. While some told the agency that violence escalated after police refused to allow the rally to carry on, others pointed at masked ‘Black Bloc’ anarchists in the demonstrations.

Stun grenades were fired and tear gas deployed in order to disperse the gatherings.

4 years ago

Brazilians protest World Cup in song 'I'm Sorry, Neymar'


Sung in Portuguese, one of the song's lyrics is, "We have beautiful and monumental stadiums. In the meantime, schools and hospitals are about to fail ... an abyss between the two Brazils."


I'm sorry Neymar,
But during this World Cup I won't be cheering for you,
I'm tired of watching our people fading slowly on TV shows,
In the meantime FIFA worries about standards,
We're guided by thieves that play dirty to win,
I'm sorry Neymar, I'm not cheering this time.

As the World Cup nears, Brazilian youth take to the streets


More than a thousand youth, most in their 20s, were arriving via unreliable and overcrowded trains and buses — a failing public transportation system that was, in fact, the focus of this anti-World Cup demonstration. It was the latest in a series of protests that continues to grow as the international tournament nears.

Keep this thread for Brazil postings!
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A note here -

This thread will be kept free for items on BRAZIL - there is enuf there for a long thread!

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I have started ANOTHER NEW THREAD [there were already old ones] for items on the Gulf States, specifically mainly on Qatar.

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4 years ago

About Pelé and Ronaldo: They’re known here as FIFA’s marketers. Their popularity and credibility in Brazil has decreased a lot ever since they started supporting FIFA.

 Ronaldo is known for doing everything for money and for many scandals (Spending absurd amounts of money with futile stuff and having affairs with transvestites while his fiancé was pregnant and many people think he faked the whole seizure story in 1998 final against France, the whole things sounds fishy and many people say he and other players got big money to lose the match). His concern with political and social problems in Brazil is null – he could have done a lot to help his country, being a billionaire and having achieved popularity, but no he prefers to stuff his face  and consort with corrupt people now…

Pelé is the best footballer in history. And that’s all he is: you would think a guy who was born in a favela and faced all the problems related to poverty, lack of infrastructure and racism, would be the first to do something for his country as soon as he had achieved status and popularity, right? But no, he stands on the same ground as Ronaldo, not a single important contribution. During 1995 to 1998 he was our Federal Sports Secretary and people were expecting him to change a lot the way football clubs were administrated to end corruption, absurd salaries for players and fight racism in matches by making stricter laws against this in CBF (our national football committee) – and this last one should be a personal matter for him. That was the very least we expected from him. Well, Mr. Edson Arantes do Nascimento ended his term as he began: the best footballer in history and that’s all.  

4 years ago

About Romario: He is one of the few good politicians we have in our country, he attends every single meeting  and passed many bills and projects helping the population (the voting of his anti-corruption draft-bill that makes corruption a heinous crime is being conveniently delayed by other members of the congress. He authored many bills that help people with special needs – he’s got a daughter with Down Syndrome-, and draft-laws that will curb excessive costs and corruption by politicians and contractors when building public venues). Because of his honest comments about FIFA’s crooks, the event’s organizers and media have sort of banned him: you won’t see his name mentioned anywhere. People who tell the truth are undesirable to FIFA.  

Brazil football legend Romario calls FIFA president Joseph Blatter a “corrupt thieve” and Sepp J
4 years ago

The 1994 World Cup winner talked about the World Cup organization in an interview with cable sports TV channel ESPN Brazil, where he expressed his discontent with FIFA for getting richer at the expense of Brazil.

"That guy is one of the biggest blackmailers in the world of sports, he had been sacked, then he blackmailed the corrupt FIFA president who is a son of a b.."

The former striker, who is currently a federal deputy in Brazil's senate added: "Blatter and Valcke are two thieves at FIFA who are well-known among Brazilians, but there are many others at both FIFA and Brazil's FA, who are going to become billionaires at our expense and nothing is being done. And our government and president are also becoming richer."

Romário has also criticized the cost of the Arena da Baixada stadium in Curitiba, he said:

"We have spent an absurd amount of money with the World Cup already, and from now on it will become worse.

"Many of these works, such as the Atlético Paranaense stadium, are now in an emergency stage, the bidding contests won't be in the usual bureaucratic system, in order to ensure the money is available, so something that would cost 20 will now costs 60."

His latest attack on FIFA came following Valcke's comments about Romario, saying that he is ''the worst person in the world,'' and calling the former Barcelona striker "anti-FIFA, anti-Jerome Valcke, anti-everything."


Romario responded to the secretary-general during a congressional hearing held by Brazil's Tourism and Sports Commission. He was quoted by Spanish newspaper AS as saying: ''We can't expect anything from FIFA, where we have a blackmailer called Valcke and a corrupt thief and son of a bitch called Blatter."


"Rest assured that I'll always keep an eye on what is being spent on the World Cup with public funds. I wouldn't trust [Valcke] if I had to give him 10 reals to buy me bread and milk.

"We have spent an absurd amount for the World Cup and going forward it will get even worse. Brazil has a lot of thieves, that's the truth.

"I have spoken and I will repeat here. Now we have to cheer for Brazil to win on the field because it would be perfect for football but off the pitch we've already lost and there is no way to reverse it."


Romário said: “For the history of this guy (Valcke), he is one of the biggest racketeers in world sport. He did blackmail with FIFA’s president (Blatter), who is a thief, corrupt and a son of a b*tch. Sorry for that expression, but this is what we coexist with.

"Valcke even said that the World Cup in Brazil will be one of the worst in the history of FIFA.

“This guy comes here in my country says these speeches and everybody claps their hands and all is alright.”


On the news:

4 years ago


4 years ago




Brazil stadium workers 'weeks without pay':



Video comparing Hiroshima and Brazil 65 years later...

4 years ago

Thanks Jeanie. Interesting article.

4 years ago

Rposting the link for the first story:

Sepp Blatter urges Brazil protesters not to link grievances to football:

4 years ago

Jeanie, the first link in your post is not found, got this message: Whoops! That page cannot be found. Now that's embarrassing.

Video was good. Shared that. Signed and shared the petition as well. Still need to go back to some of the other links though included under the video. Thanks.

4 years ago

Jeanie, thank you for all your posts and for keeping us up-to-date on this.

Most recent posts will now be ON TOP for better tracking of this IMPORTANT STORY.

So glad you're with us and getting the Inside View out here.....

No, I'm not going to the world cup
4 years ago
Sepp Blatter urges Brazil protesters not to link grievances to football

His appeal looks likely to fall on deaf ears.

He and Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff were booed by the crowd at the opening ceremony of the Confederations Cup. This are unlikely to be the last insults they hear.The protests are expected to escalate with bigger rallies and Despite Blatter's appeal, it is unlikely the two will remain apart. 

Fifa's tournaments have become a focus for many demonstrators, who feel the 12 stadiums that the country has built or renovated at huge cost show how public money is spent on projects that benefit construction companies and TV stations rather than on hospital and schools.

This argument has been eloquently expressed in English in a popular YouTube video titled "No, I'm not going to the world cup" which has drawn more than 1.5m views.



4 years ago

When Big Money puts his hand on sports....

Anyway, big sporting (sporting?) events like these are just to keep spectators on their couch watching television so they won't miss any of the ads....

4 years ago

Migrant construction workers in Doha, Qatar.

The ITUC has warned that up to 4,000 could die before the 2022 World Cup without meaningful reform of worker conditions.


185 Nepalese died in 2013.

4 years ago

Anti-World Cup protests planned in 36 Brazilian cities on Saturday

By Agence France-Presse
Thursday, January 23, 2014 17:58 EST

Protesters demonstrate against the perceived exploitation of workers in Qatar, the location of the 2022 World Cup, before a UEFA Congress in central London on May 24, 2013. [AFP]

Opponents of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil said they have scheduled protest demonstrations in 36 cities for Saturday.

Under the slogan “there won’t be a Cup”, the Rio Anonymous group called for the protests on its Facebook page Thursday, calling it “the first action this year to say no to the World Cup.”

Organizers are railing against police violence, inadequate social services and the billions of dollars being spent on staging the World Cup, which is to be held in 12 host cities from June 12 to July 13.

“The goal of the protests is to fight for the interests of the people and of any person who wants a country with more justice and less inequality,” they said.

“FIFA (world’s football governing body) go home” and “There won’t be a Cup,” they added in an appeal also carried on Twitter.

The call appears to be a bid to revive last June’s nationwide street demonstrations, which brought more than one million people onto the streets nationwide to press for similar demands.

Saturday’s demonstrations would take place across Brazil, including in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Brasilia, organizers said.

In Rio, scene of several protests since last June’s massive demonstrations against corruption and the cost of the World Cup, the highlight will be a rally outside the famed Copacabana Palace hotel on Copacabana beach.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s economic capital and most populous city, a protest is planned near the MASP art museum on the central Avenida Paulista.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]

4 years ago

PLEASE VOTE FOR FIFA: PUBLIC EYE AWARDS 2014 (scroll down, the last one)

Irresponsible business practices in the spotlight!

FIFA’s World Cup contributes to the violation of several human rights, such as the right to adequate housing, the right to free movement, the right to work and the right to protest.

The winners of the two awards of shame will be announced at a press conference, scheduled to take place on January 23, 2014, in the same week as the annual meeting of the WEF. You can follow the announcement of the winners on twitter in real time.

Exploitative working conditions, environmental sins, intentional disinformation, or other human rights violations: In advance of the World Economic Forum (WEF) a shortlist of those companies with the worst corporate social responsibility records will be put to vote on the Public Eye website. And those singled out will surely feel the heat: Our renowned naming&shaming awards shine an international spotlight on corporate scandals and thereby help NGO campaigns succeed.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Sorry for any typos or grammar, in a hurry here.

4 years ago
Before you even think about coming to Brazil, please watch this video so you can be prepared to what WILL happen to you. As a Brazilian, I can affirm that everything he says is true. Please BOYCOTT 2014 WORLD CUP. We don't want it in our county. What we want is more schools, security, a decent health system and less corruption. Here's the link to the video and instructions on how to turn the subtitiles:
Turn on the subtitles: click on the second icon on the lower right corner of the player, then choose English captions and turn them on: 
#ChangeBrazil - HELP US [ENG sub] - DONT GO TO FIFA 2014 WORLD CUP:

This is a great page with more info on how to boycott FIFA's 2014 World Cup (what products not to buy, who are the corrupt politicians behind, what this unwanted event will cause to our society...):

A World Cup Boycott? Count Me In - The Wall Street Journal
4 years ago

These surveys were published in VEJA magazine, one of the most respected and unbiased political magazines in Brazil. This cartoon shows very well what 2014 World Cup represents to Brazilian politicians and contractors, as well as to Joseph Blatter, Jerome Valcke and other FIFA's crooks:

And this is what it means for millions of Brazilians:

No structure for our schools nor decent salaries for our teachers...

Hunger and poverty...

Crime and violence skyrocketing... (No decent police, as they don't get decent salaries and criminals at large because of flimsy laws). Just one detail of this pic: every cross represents 1000 people that were killed in Rio in 1 year due to crime or violence.


4 years ago

1-Are you looking forward to Brazil's World Cup? 75% "ARE NOT."

2-Are you pleased with the fact that Brazil will host the next World Cup? 73% "ARE NOT".

4 years ago

1- In your opinion what will be the impression left by 2014's World Cup? 79% said "negative".

2-In your opinion what will be the impression left by our country for the foreigners that will come to Brazil for the World Cup? 78% said "negative".

4 years ago

Among the following words, which do you think that will represent better Brazil's World Cup?

72% - Corruption

12% - Disappointment

7% -Party

3% - Success

2% - Victory

1% - Defeat

2% - I don't know

1% - None

Some surveys...
4 years ago

Thank you for the invitation and posting my comment, BMutiny. These are some surveys about 2014 World Cup (they should call it "World Coup" to be fair...) that were answered by Brazilians and published in magazines (translations are below):

1-Are you in favor of using public money to build or repair stadiums for the World Cup? 85% said "NO".

2-Are you in favor of building new stadiums in capitals that already have at least one big stadium? 88% said "NO".

3-Do you think the World Cup will bring good things for the populations, not considering the stadiums? 68% said "NO".

FIFA response
4 years ago

Geez, can they say "tone deaf"?

3.3 Billion for 12 {!} Stadiums for Soccer
4 years ago
Brazilian judge suggests turning World Cup stadium into prison facility

Remember how Brazil is building $3.3 billion in stadiums for next year’s World Cup, including some in cities that don’t even have soccer teams? Apparently one of them, a $275 million facility in the city of Manaus, only has four World Cup matches total scheduled, after which nobody knows what to do with it — or nobody did know, until a Brazilian judge had a brainstorm:

Alvaro Corado, spokesman for the Amazonas state court system, told The Associated Press Tuesday that Judge Sabino Marques had proposed a novel idea.

“He would, perhaps, suggest to the government of the state of Amazonas that the stadium be used as a processing center for prisoners after the World Cup,” Corado said, quoting Marques.

Yes, a “novel idea.” Because that’s not going to bring up any uncomfortable associations at all.

Anyway, it’s just a suggestion, but one that helps indicate what a train wreck the 2014 World Cup is shaping up to be. Though at least eight years later Brazil will be able to point at the 2022 World Cup and say that at least its white elephant stadiums weren’t built by indentured servants.

Posted in World Cup 2014, World Cup 2022

FIFA reassures Brazilians angry over hosting of World Cup that they’ll still host the World Cup

FIFA has finally responded to the massive protests that have rocked Brazil in the wake of the nation spending $3 billion on facilities for hosting next year’s World Cup. (Among other things.) And the world soccer body’s message is: Don’t worry, you’re still going to get to host the World Cup!

“The World Cup will be held in Brazil,” [FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke] told BBC Sport.

“The first game will happen in Sao Paulo, the final will be in Rio. There is no plan B.” …

“But the most important thing for us is to detach the World Cup or the Confederations Cup from these problems. We are not the answer to all problems and we are definitely not the reason for such a crisis. We are just part of what Brazil is doing for the next 20 years.”

4 years ago
Brazil Stadium CrashA metal structure atop of the Itaquerao Stadium is seen after a collapse in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2013. Part of the Itaquerao stadium that will host the 2014 World Cup opener in Brazil collapsed on Wednesday, causing significant damage and killing three people, authorities said (AP)
Scandal, Corruption, Bribery, Hasty & Unsafe Construction - what else is new?!?
4 years ago

Two workers were killed on Wednesday when a crane collapsed at the stadium hosting the opening match of next year's World Cup of soccer, causing damage to the exterior and renewing questions about whether Brazil will be ready to host the event on time.


Construction workers had been racing to finish the stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest city, prior to a December deadline imposed by world soccer body FIFA.

Andres Sanchez, a former president for the Corinthians soccer club who is helping oversee construction, told reporters that a crane collapsed while lifting a piece of the stadium's roof into place, sending the piece tumbling down.

He said the cause of the accident was still unclear, adding that any possible delay to construction was "the least of our worries."

Odebrecht SA, the industrial conglomerate building the stadium, said it planned to restart work at the site on Monday, but the union representing the workers said construction could be frozen for up to 30 days while authorities investigate.

Two workers at the site were killed, Sanchez said, with no additional casualties. Emergency officials had previously given conflicting information on the death toll and injuries.


The incident casts yet another shadow over Brazil's preparations for the World Cup, which have been plagued by delays, accidents, cost overruns, and public anger over government waste that contributed to massive nationwide street protests last year.


Workers have now been killed at three World Cup stadiums - in Sao Paulo, Brasilia, and Manaus. Officials have expressed worries about facilities in Manaus and Cuiaba' being ready by a December deadline, and Wednesday's accident seems likely to delay Sao Paulo as well, though it's unclear for how long.

My Comment on the News Item:
4 years ago

[Will post this in the group "Bloody Olympics", the subject of which has expanded to include Abuses connected with World Sporting Events such as World Cup Soccer in Brazil, AND, later, in Dubai...]

ANOTHER scandal in connection with the World Cup in Brazil, is the many Accidents and even Deaths, as workers are driven by 60-hour and more working weeks, to hastily put up stadiums without adequate care taken for their safety.... same thing is happening in Dubai.
These "world-class" sports events are exploitative and LETHAL - and that includes the coming Winter Olympics in Sochi in February. Hosting the Olympics in Athens didn't do GREECE any good economically, did it? or anywhere ELSE the Olympics were held...

Big Sports benefit only a FEW, the INVESTORS clean up big-time, and Tax-payers fund their expensive Stadiums, Premium Seating for them, and other Luxury Amenities! Meanwhile, the Taxpayers get NOTHING and the Cities themselves go DEEPLY INTO DEBT... it's a RACKET. A CRIMINAL SCAM.
And the Elite Rich get to have their fancy Playground, funded by US, by you and me...!
There should be another way for Athletes to compete fairly and proudly, a way that's not EXPLOITATIVE...

Boycott not just the Games, few of us can afford the Travel anyway...
Boycott the NETWORKS carrying them, and, especially, BOYCOTT THEIR CORPORATE SPONSORS, and write and tell their Corporate Sponsors WHY you are doing so...

Cribbed the Info from Jeanie, have invited her to join the group!
4 years ago

Jeanie S. (153)

Before you even think about coming to Brazil, please watch this video so you can be prepared to what WILL happen to you. As a Brazilian, I can affirm that everything he says is true. Please BOYCOTT 2014 WORLD CUP. We don't want it in our county. What we want is more schools, security, a decent health system and less corruption. Here's the link to the video:

This is a great page with more info on how to boycott FIFA's 2014 World Cup (what products not to buy, who are the corrupt politicians behind, what this unwanted event will cause to our society...):

A World Cup Boycott? Count Me In - The Wall Street Journal      

#ChangeBrazil - HELP US [ENG sub] - DONT GO TO FIFA 2014 WORLD CUP: Turn on the subtitles: click on the second icon on the lower right corner of the player, then choose English captions and turn them on:
Big Sports exploits EVERYONE but the Corporate Sponsors
4 years ago

A car pulls up. The girl climbs in.

This is a common scene around the stadium in Fortaleza, considered Brazil's child prostitution capital and a magnet for sex tourism, according to local authorities.

Transvestites also work the dusty pavements of this newly renovated thoroughfare but young girls are in higher demand. "As soon as they hit the avenue they're picked up," says Antônia Lima Sousa, a state prosecutor who works on children's rights in Fortaleza. "It's really a matter of minutes. You'll find them around town during the day too."

Despite more than a decade of government pledges to eradicate child prostitution, the number of child sex workers in Brazil stood at about half a million in 2012, according to the National Forum for the Prevention of Child Labor, a non-governmental organisation.

That's a fivefold increase since 2001, when 100,000 children worked in the sex trade, according to estimates by Unicef, the UN children's charity.

And with the World Cup approaching in June, officials and campaigners fear an explosion in child prostitution as sex workers migrate to big cities from interior states and pimps recruit more young people to meet increased demand from local and foreign football fans.

"We're worried sexual exploitation will increase in the host cities and around them," says Joseleno Vieira dos Santos, who co-ordinates a national programme to fight the sexual exploitation of children at Brazil's Human Rights Secretariat. "We''e trying to co-ordinate efforts as much as we can with state and city governments to understand the scope of the problem."

But the authorities have a battle on their hands

The Brazil World Cup Soccer Thread
4 years ago

There are also items in the News about HORRIBLE ACCIDENTS AND DEATHS involving WORKERS constructing the built-in-haste Stadium for the FIFA events - sound familiar???

Yes, much the SAME THING as is happening with overworked, underpaid workers constructing the Soccer Facilities in QATAR - hey, those millionaires and billionaires who are SPONSORING those Games, got where they are now by PENNY-PINCHING and SCREWING OVER THE WORKING CLASS! So this is CONSISTENT...

Somewhere I saw a Petition in protest - will look for it.


World Cup Soccer as bad as Olympics - now it's Brazil
4 years ago

Brazil's Child Sex Trade Soars as 2014 World Cup Nears
World  (tags: Child Prostitution Brazil )
Michael  -

Officials and campaigners fear explosion in child prostitution amid rising demand from football fans
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