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5 years ago


5 years ago

Good Evening Everyone.......The problem with posting graphics is now known to be with Photobucket, not Care2 for a change.  I have been trying all afternoon to get the threads lined up for tomorrow but it's been one challenge after another and I'm still not finished.  This is a do or die thingy for me this time as it keeps me busy and occupies my mind to keep me from worrying as much about Ray.  

Latest update on Ray:  This afternoon his pulse rate took another dive and was too low for them to consider letting him come home.  They will monitor him through another night and give his medications time to exit his system some more. Then tomorrow they will make the decision to put him on new meds or install a pacemaker.  Scott will be leaving in the morning from Natchez, Ms. to come be with Ray at the hospital since Teresa and I are not able to go.  

Need to go try again to get the threads changed out for the New Year.  Have a blessed evening and thank you for any and all prayers for us.

5 years ago

Good Morning Everyone.  I am unable to post graphics this morning.  It was this time last year that glitches stepped in and messed us up.  Hopefully this will not be a repeat of that very long and frustrating ordeal.

I have a prayer request this morning, Please.  We put Ray in the hospital last night with his heart again.  His pulse rate dropped down into the 30's.  We will not know anything for sure until the cardiologist sees him this morning and gives him the results of his EKG and blood work.  The ER doctor did say there might be a possibility of him needing a pace maker.  Please keep Ray in prayer and I will update you as I am able.

May the Lord continue to provide for the needs of all His children and keep us all safe in His tender, loving care.

5 years ago

Michael.....Hope you don't mind my posting Carson's photo in the group.  He is just too pretty not to show him off.  One only has to look at him and see that he is an Owens baby.  What a bessing the Lord has given to all of you.

5 years ago


Michael.......Praise God that everything went well and mother and baby are doing so well.  So, how does it feel to be a grandpa?  What did they name him?  As soon as I finish with Care2 I will go to fb and look for your photos of him.  I don't know where I got the idea, but I thought the baby wasn't due until February.  He weighed exactly what Teresa did, 7 lb 14 oz.  That is a very good size baby.  Enjoy him while you can, he will grow up so fast.  

Linda......Thrilled to see you could make it in one last time before the New Year.  Don't worry about calling me Teresa, it wasn't the first time and it really was a compliment to me.  We had a very quiet Christmas also, all of our family to-do was on Christmas Eve and it was wonderful.  We will not be doing anything special for New Years either, just sitting around and relaxing and thanking God we are not 30 again and out fighting the crowds and weather to party with our friends.  After reaching this ripe old age of being a senior citizen, it's shameful to look back and see the amount of time we wasted thinking we were happy when we really were not.  I will have to cook the traditional cabbage, blackeye peas and pork of some kind or another.  Why we continue to eat that menu every single year is beyond me.  It doesn't work.  We still have health issues, we never get rich, and yet we can't get out of the rut.  LOL.

May the Lord bless everyone that passes here today and keep us all safe from harm.  

5 years ago

Greetings Michael,Jeanette,and everyone else.

Just have time to stop by for a brief visit.

Hard to believe in just a few days 2012 will be over and a new year 2013 will begin.

Attended a candlelight service at the church I go to on Christmas Eve.

Had a quiet and relaxing Christmas Day.

My area has been lucky with snow so far.

So far what we've gotten has just been enough to cover the ground.

Jeanette-I have to apologize. In my last post I referred to you as Teresa. Don't know what I was thinking that day.

I'm going to try and visit again on the 31st. Otherwise will see everyone in 2013.

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5 years ago

Good morning everyone.

Jeanette we are at 42 right now 9:24 am.

Jeanette, Nicholas and Carley had the babie at 6:24 pm. yesterday 7lb.and 14 oz a boy. I have three pictures on my FB profile. Thy will be coming home for the hospital the evening.

God bless everyone.

5 years ago

That poor wolf seems to be saying "if I sit still maybe it will all go away."  Actually, he doesn't appear to be suffering at all from the cold.  What an awesome God we have who not only provides for our needs, but also for the animal kingdom and our feathered friends as well.  We are in the 40's this morning and our high will only be in the 50's.  Another cold spell sneaking back in on us.

Nance......Thank you so much for your weekend wishes to us.  The butterfly gives us hope for an early spring.  I really do miss hearing the birds sing in the early dawn and watching nature coming back to life again after the winter months.

Today my plans are to study more on the rapture......pre, mid or post tribulation.  In my own mind and heart, I know what it will be but I have encountered a brother in the Lord that is beginning to doubt so I have to get all my little ducks in a row before I present them to him.  This is going to be a slow study done by email as to avoid frustration and elevated voices that could lead to angry debates instead of educational study.  Please keep us in prayer that God's truth will be revealed.  

May the Lord watch over all of us and keep us safe through the weekend as we go about our schedules for the coming New Year.  May He extend His healing mercies on those that are in need and comfort those whose burdens are heavy.  

5 years ago

Hello~Jeanette & Friends

Enjoy the last weekend of the year


5 years ago


Good Morning Everyone......We are starting from the upper 50's and reaching for the mid 70's today.  But nothing lasts forever.  We are expecting 31 again for Sunday morning.  It's only for one day though and then toward the end of next week another day of 30's for a morning low.  I can handle one day of winter every few days or so just fine. We are in an area of possible severe storms again today, will be spending a lot of time in prayer.  We have strong and gusty winds and very cloudy and dark right now.  

The Lord had sent us another member this morning.  As you stroll into group, please go to the new member thread and welcome Alison F. into our study of God's Word.  

Hope everyone is able to relax and enjoy a quite and peaceful weekend before the New Year celebration.  I have everything except my head of cabbage to cook.  That can be picked up at our little neighborhood grocery without having to go far or venture out in heavy traffic.  They charge an arm and a leg so we don't shop there very often, just for small forgotten items.  

May the Lord watch over and protect all His children from harm and continue to provide for our individual needs.  Have a blessed day everyone.

5 years ago


Michael.....I'm so thankful the storms didn't hit you like they did Alabama.  It looks like you could be in line for that snow storm though.  I will keep all of you in prayer that you won't get it, and if you do, that you will keep power through it all.  With all of the power outages in Alabama now, I'm curious as to why there is no mention of neighboring states going to help them to restore power and heat to those that are without.  We woke up to 31 degrees this morning, a high of 59 expected for this afternoon.....AND.....back to 74 again for tomorrow.  Such crazy weather down here.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that, winter clothes, summer clothes, just a constant merry-go-round.  I'm waiting on tomorrow to go out to get my hair cut.  I refuse to fight this cold weather.  

May the Lord bless abundantly all of His children and provide for their safety and the individual needs of us all. 

5 years ago

Jeanette gald to hear the storms didnt come your way. I was woried last night thy were heading your way. God bless

5 years ago

We have now re-joined the winter season with the rest of the country.  After a 76 degree day yesterday, we awoke to 39 degrees this morning.  We are due for another day of 70 before the weekend but then another drop back to the 30's.  It looks like a big part of the nation had a white blanket dropped on them through the day and night.  We were blessed to miss out on the wrath of the storms that passed over us, but Alabama and other states had a very bad time with them.  I pray that all of our members were spared the violent side of those storms also.

Today will be another one of those take it easy and lots of rest days for me.  I have earned it and refuse to feel guilty for doing nothing.  I got a good bit of reading done in the Bible yesterday until the family got chatty and then had to put it down and resume my crochet project.  I hope all of you will be able to relax and reflect on the memories of this years celebration soon.  

May the Lord continue to protect us from all harm and guide us in all our ways that will be pleasing unto Him.  

5 years ago

Good Morning all members and visitors passing here today.  

Michael.....sounds like a wonderful service last night.  You must be so very proud of your girls.  We were also musically blessed yesterday although we can't get out and go to any services.  Our 2 grand-daughters are both very interested in music.  We got Victoria, the youngest, an electric Ukelele and small amplifier and Jessi, the oldest, got an electric keyboard.  The surprise and joy in their faces was a blessing in itself, but then we heard them play and sing together and then the blessing filled the house.  Being preacher's kids, they both like to sing praise and worship.  One of the biggest blessings came after dinner.  After spending 3 days getting things ready in stages, my son and his wife cleaned up the whole kitchen and the girls dried all the dishes and put them away.  I can't remember when the kitchen looked this good before.  All that work just about did me in but it was so wonderful having them all here that it was more than worth it.  

We were awakened at 5:15 this morning to severe thunderstorms, tornado watches and tornado warnings in our area.  It was very scarey for a little while, the sky turned green about daybreak and it got dark all over again.  It has since moved on to the NE and we are fine.  The sun is peeking through at the moment.  I hope there is no more threatening weather yet to come.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas filled with the Joy that can only come from God.  

Merry Christmas
5 years ago

Good Morning and Merry Christmas!

I just finished putting together a homemade lasagna for my's getting to be a Christmas tradition around here!

I enjoyed the candlelight service last night at our church. My wife and daughter both played their flutes and then the hand-bells later on. It was great.

I am so thankful for my faith and family.

May all of our group have a wonderful Christmas!

5 years ago

We are starting our day with 68 degrees and should reach mid 70's this afternoon.  This is also supposed to bring in some rain and thunderstorms, more numerous and severe for tomorrow.  Whatever the weather, my kids will be here in a couple of hours and it will be a beautiful and wonderful day.  

Michael.....I can't say I'm really well enough to do all that I am doing.  I pushed myself yesterday more than I should have and several times I had to stop and sit for a while.  My heart rate was over 140 a couple of times.  That frightens me.  I am used to it reaching 130 but any higher and I just have to give in.  It's really hard doing things in stages but sooner or later, the Lord helps me get it all done.  Without His strength I could do nothing.  We didn't get the chocolate cake made yesterday that we love this time of year.  But with the pie and candy and cookies to make us fat, maybe this year won't miss the cake so much.  If today goes well, who knows, we might get it in the oven afterall.

Hope your dinner turns out just the way you intend and taste better than ever in the past.  Enjoy the blessings from above and covet His everlasting love.  

May the Lord bless and keep us all safe in His loving and protective care.  

5 years ago

Jeanette cooking is the best part for me. I like cooking, we are going to cook christmas day. 

I am glad you are well enough to cook. We will be praying for you family. 

We will be praying for all our members and familys to have a blessed christmas and some traviling to and fow. God bless you all.

5 years ago

Good Morning to Everyone.  We are praising God for another new day to experience His love for us and to share it with everyone we are in contact with.  We have so many blessings to be thankful for.....even the next breath we take. 

Michael......What wonderful news that you are feeling better. I know that the high blood sugar  can be very dangerous and cause damage to your body in several ways.  It is not unusual for Teresa's blood sugar to hover between 250 and 300 many times.  With all the different medications she is on, it's hard for her to keep it down.  Some of those meds cause it to run high.  I am praying for the both of you and have faith that God will answer those prayers in His time. 

Since we are celebrating our Christmas tomorrow instead of Tuesday, this is going to be a very busy day in the kitchen for me.  I've already got the turkey parts cooking for the dressing and a huge pot of the family's favorite veggie......sliced carrots bubbling on another burner.  Tomorrow they can be reheated quickly and not take up additional space on my 4 burner stovetop.  Just doing that little bit this morning made my heart rate elevate to over 130 so I'm taking a short break to give it time to go back down again.  The doctor put me back on steroids for my COPD and that makes the heart beat faster even when I'm doing nothing.  This is what causes me to be so slow in getting anything done around here.  I have a huge desire to keep busy for my family but it's just not possible anymore.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow with Scott and his family here.  We got the girls musical instruments.  Jessie has been spending a lot of time in the church learning to play the piano and wants a keyboard so bad.  So, she is getting it.  Victoria has been learning the ukelele for over a year now and getting pretty good with it.  So, instead of that little cheap sounding $30 toy she has been using, she is getting an electric concert ukelele with a very small amplifier.  Poor Scott and Suzanne.  LOL.  They are the ones that will have to listen to all of that jamming, not us.  They both like to play and sing praise and worship songs though so it should be more of a blessing in their home.  

Must run and get busy again so I can allow for another break when my pulse accelerates again.  May all of you have a most blessed Lord's Day and follow His lead in all that you do.  

5 years ago

Good afternoon everyone. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. God bless you all.

Jeanette I am getting better. I am having a hard time getting my blood sugar down now, it makes my vision blure. God bless

5 years ago

Back down to 36 again this morning, todays high 66 but back to 73 for tomorrow with low in the morning in the 50's.  We will have 70's until after Christmas and then back down in the winter temps for a few more days.  

Michael......Hope you are continuing to heal and feeling a little better with each passing day.

Most of my day yesterday was spent in the kitchen making sweet treats for the holiday.  I didn't get finished with all of them so today will be a rerun of different goodies.  I know all of you must be as busy if not more than I am.  Sure am looking forward to seeing more of you posting after the holidays are over.

May the Lord bless each of us and guide us in all that we do while keeping us safe in His loving and merciful care.

5 years ago


We were spared the 31 degree prediction, only made it to 36.  By Sunday we are expecting 73 again.  It will be a warm and pleasant Christmas here in tropical Louisiana.  It's a beautiful, clear, blue sky, sunny new day here and we thank the Lord for giving us another opportunity to experience His great love for us and to share it with all those we come in contact with.

We have a new member with us this morning, be sure to go WELCOME Nance on the Welcome thread.  I know Nance will be an asset to this group.  

Linda should be all covered in snow by now, hope she can still get to work and home again safely.

Michael....hope you are feeling better and keeping dry from all the rain.  Stay indoors and keep warm.  

May the Lord bless each of us this day and keep us all safe in His protective and loving care.

5 years ago


The temps were still in the 70's last night when I went to sleep, which was around midnight.  This morning it was in the mid 50's and tomorrow morning we expect 31.  We are only predicted to have 2 days of 30 degree temps this week and back on another warming trend again.  

Linda.......So glad to see you again and praise God for your additional hours.  Every little bit helps.  The weather map showed a huge snow storm headed your way.  Hope you will be able to keep warm and safe.  At least you are getting the feeling of that real Christmas Season.  We have forgotten what that is like.

Michael.......Bless your heart, when it rains on you it really pours.  I didn't know you were so sick these last 2 weeks.  I will continue to pray for you and be sure to address all of your health issues with the Lord.  Hopefully you will be as near normal as possible and pain free so you can enjoy Christmas with your family.  You actually are worse off than I was when I had pneumonia.  I know I didn't feel as bad as you.  Take care, keep warm.

May the Lord have mercy on those that need healing and bless them with His divine healing.  May He continue to provide for the needs of His children and keep them all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. I have had the flue for almost 2 weeks getting better now. Now my blood sugar is 344 no wonder I feel so bad, every thing hits me at once. I wasnt abel to take my embral shot for 2 weeks fpr RA and I hurt all night night befor last couldnt go even to sleep all night. I am doing better I did sleep last night. Thank God

God bless you all.

5 years ago

Good afternoon Michael,Jeanette, and anyone else. Can't believe this month is more than half over already. Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away. This year is sure going by fast.

Sorry I haven't visited the group in awhile. This is the busy time of year in the retail world. Been getting more hours which I'm glad for. The downside is, not having much time to spend at the library.

Michael-praise God your procedure went well and that they got all the cancers from your hand and arm. I will continue to pray for your healing. That was so tragic what happened at that school in Conn. So much evil in the world. Be so glad when Jesus returns to set up His kingdom.

Teresa-been pretty lucky so far weatherwise. We've had some unusually warm days for this time of year. All that may be about to change though. Supposed to have a major winter storm coming in sometime thursday afternoon or evening. And yes,I have plenty of food on hand.

Have to go now,but hope to visit again soon.

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5 years ago


Today is going to be a busy one for me.  Today is "cookie" day.  Time to bake all of our Christmas treats.  If we can squeeze in the fudge, we will get that out of the way too.

I think (hope) all my gift shopping is done.......had to do it all online this year.  Sure was nice not to have to fight the crowds and wait in long checkout lines.  Nice also not to have to unload the car and haul it all inside.  I'm really getting spoiled to this new method of shopping.  

My doctor visit went very well yesterday.  He was from India (or nearby) and was most pleasant.  I really liked him. He is waiting for some of the test results to come in and then there is a possibililty he will add 2 more medications to my list for a little while.  He thinks some steroids and antibiotics would make me feel better.  Just waiting now for him to call and let me know.

Hope all of you are on schedule with your plans for the perfect holiday.  May the Lord bless each family represented here and keep us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day for me.  The doctor has been after me to come in for a checkup and chest xray. I kept telling her I wasn't strong enough to come and have to walk as far from the parking lot to the exam rooms and then go to another building for an Xray.  She told me one day to have an ambulance bring I can afford to pay for that each time she needs to see me.  The home health care that comes out to the house can bring their portable Xray machine and I wouldn't have to go down there to the clinic.  That would be so much easier on me.  Well, yesterday.......lo and behold.......some doctor with a foreign accent called me saying he would be coming here today to examine me.  Also, yesterday, the home health care was finally given permission to come Xray me and another nurse came and drew blood.  This doctor kept asking me if I went to the hospital ER.  I kept telling him NO but I don't think he understood that it was the expense blocking my co-operation to do that.  I stood my ground for about 6 weeks with the doctors and yesterday I won my battle.  I may not have won the war yet, but at least I made some ground on this round.  I'm very curious about how today will go.  

We started out a little cooler this morning, low in the mid 40's but still reaching for low 70's by afternoon.  We do have some more cool weather moving our way.  Not exactly happy about it but hopefully it won't last long either.

Michael......the weather channel showed some possible snow for you.....or at least very near to you.  Time to hit the grocery stores and stock up in case you can't get out for a day or two.  

May everyone have a most blessed day and may the Lord continue to keep us safe from all harm.

5 years ago

     Many of us have known great happiness and are constantly seeking after more of that wonderful sensation.  But until you experience a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, you have never felt true joy.  Joy is putting Jesus first.....others second.....and yourself last.  May the JOY of Christ be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year.   

5 years ago

5 years ago

Hello Michael.......Gerry.......Johnny.......Linda.......Florika.......and all other members and visitors that may pass here today.  The evil that overtook Newtown, Conn. yesterday has the whole nation in a state of shock and grief.  We are in prayer for all the families of the deceased and injured, and also for the emotional stability of those who experienced the fear of life and death during this criminal act.  Only God knows who, how, and why.  We can only pray that the Lord will embrace each of those families until their healing is complete.  For any that do not have a relationship with our Lord, may this bring them on their knees to the throne of grace seeking forgiveness and salvation.  

We have a lovely day here, lows in the lower 60's and reaching for a high of 76 this afternoon.  Temperatures will remain in this range through the coming week, until next Friday and then it is back into the 30's again.  We never get a chance to put up our summer wardrobe and bring out the winter clothes......We use them both nearly all year.  Houses down here are built with really big closets though.  All 3 of our bedrooms have large walk-in closets with rods for hangers on each side and across the back.   The coat closet in the hall is not so big, we so seldom need a coat, just a light jacket will get us through the winter months.

I'm just about to get into the mood to start my Christmas baking.......maybe I should re-phrase that.......I'm about ready to start eating Christmas goodies which means I HAVE to make them first.  I'm almost drooling just thinking about some good old fudge and frosted cut-out cookies.  Guess it will have to wait a few more days though or there won't be any at all for Christmas.  I can be such a glutton for sweets.

May the Lord bless each of us with the safety and needs of His children.  May all the broken hearts be comforted and strengthened to accept the painful days ahead.  

5 years ago

Jeanette its supose to be in the 50s today its a heat wave hear for Dec. 

Its not a good day in America with so much Evil going on in the last days.

We pray the Lord will comfront the familys of the loss of life in the school that took so many lifes.

5 years ago

Good Morning Everybody.  Today was the last of our 30's for a while.  Today's high expected to be in the low 70's and over the weekend it will be 76 for both days.  I'm so happy to be getting warmer again instead of colder.  We finally had to turn on the heat during this cold spell.  I'm looking forward to returning to the AC tomorrow.

It's only 10 more days till Christmas Eve.  Hope all of you have finished or just about finished all of your seasonal holiday shopping.  We are trying to get into the proper mode to start our Christmas baking.  The big problem will be to keep from eating them all before the big day arrives.  

May the Lord continue to bless all His children and keep us safe in His loving care.

5 years ago

            We finally made it to the freezing mark this morning, a wintery cold 32 degrees.  Only one more day with temps starting in the 30's and then it's smooth sailing again.  Tomorrow's high predicted to be 70 and each day gets a little warmer for the next week with lows in the 60's.  Sure sounds good to me.  

We have to go out this morning to Walmart and pick up my scripts.  Naturally, while I'm there, I "must" fill up a shopping basket with items for Christmas dinner and goodies to bake.  Hope we leave soon, the longer I sit here, the longer my list is getting.  We should have gone yesterday but too many things kept delaying us until it was too late to venture out.

May the Lord bless each of us today and keep us all safe in His loving and merciful care.

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5 years ago

We didn't quite make it down to 33 this morning, cloudy skys kept it to 38 for a morning low.  There is some royal blue sky peeking through now and the clouds are beginning to break up.  High today 57 and they are calling for 33 again for in the morning.   

I'm feeling a little brave this morning.  There are scripts at Walmart to be picked up and I just might go along for the ride.  Need to re-stock on some baking ingredients anyway for some of our favorite Christmas goodies and for our Christmas dinner.  

Please pray for my daughter, Teresa.  She took a hard fall last night in the kitchen and has a lemon sized lump just under her right knee-cap.  She is having lots of pain with it this morning.  I feel so guilty since she tripped on my oxygen hose that wasn't laying flat on the floor.  Broke my heart to see her sprawled out on the floor because of me.

May the Lord keep us all safe from harm and provide for the daily needs of His children.

5 years ago


Brrrrr,  it's a wee bit on the chilly side this morning.  We were at 37 and todays high to be 54.  Tonight expecting 33 but back into the 60's for tomorrow.  By Saturday we are supposed to be back up to 73.  This is what we call a yo-yo winter.  Love it.  Do not like long periods of cold.  

Hope everyone here has a most blessed day.  May the Lord keep us all safe and warm and continue to provide for our daily needs.

5 years ago

WOW......what a way to start a new day.  We were awakened at 5:15 this morning with heavy rain and 40 mph wind gusts and 73 degrees.  We are under a tornado watch until 11 am and a severe thunderstorm warning.  A very noisy beginning of a Monday work week.  This is a cold front that is moving in right now.  Our temps have fallen from that wonderful 73 down to 65 already (7:30 am) and we should reach the mid 30's by tomorrow morning.  Looks like we are in for 3 or 4 days of winter weather again.  

Ray's pulse rate continues to fluctuate from the 90's down to the 50's.  I guess that will all straighten out once his new medications have gotten into his system good.  

Michael.......Linda.......Florika.......Johnny.......Gerry.......and all the rest of you members and visitors to the group......we would like to hear from you.  Have a wonderful and blessed week. Be sure to check out the Welcome New Member thread, we have Lisa with us.  Please let her know that I'm not the only one here.

May the Lord abundantly bless each of us and keep us safe from all harm.

5 years ago

Good Morning Everybody!  Once again the Lord was merciful and answered prayer.  Ray came home late yesterday afternoon with 3 prescriptions in his hand.  He has to go back to the doctor, probably Tues. or Wed., to take a stress test.  Then we will go from there to see what is happening next.  Please keep him in your prayers, the last time he took a stress test it wasn't good.  His pulse rate soared and he passed out in the floor.  They had to give him an IV to lower his heart rate before he could even get up.  I'm very concerned about him doing this again.  

May the Lord continue to be ever watchful over His children and keep us safe in His loving care.

5 years ago

     Just have a few minutes this morning, the unexpected has us all thrown for a spin and just can't seem to get ducks in a row.  Yesterday, Ray was having some cold sweats so he went to the walk-in clinic.  They took him straight to the Emergency Room and did an EKG to discover that he is having an irregular heart beat.  They did X-rays, ran all kinds of other tests on him and said he is in great shape other than the heart irregularity.  They admitted him and the cardiologist will see him this morning.  Hopefully this will be treatable with medication.  Teresa and I are stranded here without Ray to drive us where we need to go. If I want to go see Ray, I will have to call an ambulance and that is not allowable in our budget.  I feel so helpless.  

Please, anybody and everybody reading this, please pray that they will just give him a script and send him home.  

Hope all of you will have a fantastic weekend.  May the Lord bless each home represented here and continue to provide for the safety and needs of His children.

5 years ago


Good Morning Everyone!  A beautiful sunny day here, started out with dense fog but all clear now.  The humidity is 97% and not playing very nice with my breathing abilities but praise the Lord for our AC to keep the air dryer inside.  I had to cancel my appt. this morning to get an echocardiogram done because of the humidity.  Hopefully they will reschedule me for another one.

Michael.......What wonderful news that they got all of the cancer cells in your hand and arm.  Next spring when it's time to plant your garden again, be sure you cover yourself from the sun.  We sure don't want any re-runs on this again.

I loved your post in Daily Devotions this morning.  It reminded me of a song that we used to sing when I was younger and attending church with my friends......the chorus goes like this:

Let go and let God have his wonderful way, 
Let go and let God have His way; 
Your sorrows will vanish your night turn to day, 
Let go and let God have His way.

I can't remember the verses but the chorus says the same as your message.  

I have not read Isaiah 17 and studied it but I will try to do that this weekend.  Maybe then I will be able to give you a proper answer to your question about the “The oracle concerning Damascus."  Thank you for alerting me to this passage.

May the Lord continue to bless us all, providing for our needs and keeping us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Good morning Jeanette and everyone. Its 47% hear at 9:16. We have been having some nice weather in Dec. I was reading it will be mild to around Feb. 

Jeanette Dr. said she got all the cancer in my hand and arm. Thank God! 

I have been folowing clost to whats going in the middle east. Its looking hot in Syrea taking about Assad loding bombs with the chemical weapons.

Are we getting ready to see the  Isaiah 17:1-3 — “The oracle concerning Damascus. ‘Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city and will become a fallen ruin. The cities of  Aroer are forsaken; they will be for flocks to lie down in, and there will be  no one to frighten them. The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and sovereignty from Damascus….’”

Everyone have a blessed day. God bless

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5 years ago


Good Morning Everyone!  Cloudy and cool 57 degree start toward 73 for a high this afternoon.

I've notice that groups are slowing down more all over the Care2 network, guess everyone is out shopping for Christmas.  Since I cannot get out except on a have-2 basis, I'll continue to sit here and post all by myself.  Hope some of you will have pity on me and post with me.  

May the Lord bless each home represented here and continue to provide for the needs and safety of His children.

5 years ago


After a full day of rain yesterday, we are in for more today.  There is a chance we might see clearing about mid afternoon.  There was a cool front that moved through during the night.  Our low this morning was about 10 degrees cooler......58.....and today's high expected to be in the lower 70's.  Not much of a change in the weather for a cool front.  I got a good bit of progress done on my afghan that I am crocheting.  I'm so thrilled that it seems to be turning out like it is supposed to.  You have no idea how many projects over the years I have messed up and unraveled, never to be picked up again.  The extended forcast calls for more rain Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I hope it does, I should get a lot more done on days like that.

Linda......The Weather Channel showed your area to get some snow between now and Wednesday.  Hope you have all your grocery shopping done and enough vittles in the house so you don't have to go out anymore than necessary.  Keep warm and take care.

Michael.......hope you are healing well and feeling better from your ordeal.  Still keeping you in my prayers.

May the Lord continue to bestow His healing upon those in need and keep us all safe in His loving care.

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5 years ago


It's a warm and wet morning here in the South.  We woke up to 67 degrees and reaching for 81 this afternoon.  This is exactly why we don't have the beautiful fall colors like other areas of the country.  Our trees are so confused, they don't know if it's Autumn or Spring down here.

This is going to be a great day top just relax in my recliner and work on my crochet.  One is getting near completion and the other 2 are just barely started.  Maybe I'll make some real progress on one or the other today.  

May the Lord bless all of us and keep us safe in His merciful and loving care.  

5 years ago


May the Lord abundantly bless each of us throughout this week and guide us in all our decisions.  

5 years ago


Good Morning Everyone.  Hope your Lord's Day is as beautiful as we have here in the South.  We started out in the low 60's, is now 65, and should be at or near 80 by afternoon.  

Michael.....thank you so very much for the update on your condition.  I am keeping you in heavy and frequent prayer for a complete healing from the Master Physician.  

May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ receive the glory and praise for all the blessings that He gives to us each day.  May He continue to keep us all safe in His most loving care.  

5 years ago

The procedure went well. I am wating to hear if thy got it all. I am taking tretments on my uper body for skin cancer it will take time to get it all done. I have a lot of  pre existing cancers.

God bless your day
5 years ago

Time just goes by to fast. The month go by like weeks use to.

5 years ago

Another month gone and the last one in the making.  Where has this year gone?  My how time flies when you are having fun.......I wouldn't last long if something really exciting happened in my life.  LOL.  

May the Lord have favor on all of His children and continue to provide for our needs and keep us safe in His loving care.

5 years ago


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