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TAKE ACTION on Energy, Global Warming & Climate Change
10 years ago
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Take Action to promote smart energy solutions and fight global warming. The list of alerts here is updated automatically; check back often!

10 years ago

Fwd: Please sign the petition of Spiderman (Alain Robert) to ask the world leaders to

1 – Stop Cutting Down Trees. Plant More Trees.
2 – Make Everything Energy Efficient.
3 – Only Make Clean Energy

Here is the link:

THANKS and have a good week-end!

Sent to me in the World ecard:

10 years ago

The Daily Green: the Consumer's Guide to the Green Revoloution


  Climate Change: What You Can Do
 Chris   StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 3 hours ago -
We must all take action now to reduce or slow the worst consequences of climate change. Here's how you and your family can help...
Voices Needed To Fight The Dangers Of Global Warming
10 years ago


Now it's time for new voices to inspire us to fight the dangers of global warming. The submission process is open to anyone in the United States through November 15, 2008. A panel of judges will select the top essays and photographs to be included



10 years ago

Hi everyone, I joined care2 to promote which is a completely free voting site based in England that will lobby British and European, Governments, Institutions, Organisations, etc will feature “Earth Issues’’ that concern us all such as: Environment, Pollution, Ocean and marine life, Habitat, Humanities, Wildlife etc.  We are now featuring a full on issue in co-operation with the global organisation “CAMPAIGN AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE’’. Please help us to make a difference by voting on our issues and rallying as much support for your British allies as you can.  Please do not ban us from your site as we are here to help.  TOGETHER WE DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you



10 years ago

How did I know, another spammed thread - shows this campaign is no more than a scam when one has to spam to promote it...

Global Warming Petition
10 years ago
  • Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at almost twice the rate of that of the rest of the world.
  • According to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, at least half of the Arctic's summer sea ice will melt by the century's end. The Arctic region is likely to warm 7 to 13 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 7 degrees Celsius) during the same time.
  • By all accounts, the glaciers of Greenland are melting twice as fast as they were five years ago. Recorded spring temperatures on the ice cap have reached almost 20 degrees above normal, hovering just below freezing.
  • Glaciers in British Columbia have shrunk by 16 percent in total area between 1985 and 2000.
  • Average temperatures worldwide have increased by 0.6 degrees Celsius, which is enough to raise sea levels and change rainfall patterns.
  • According to An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, at least 279 species of plants and animals are already responding to global warming by moving closer to the poles.
  • Causes of Global Warming:

    Global warming is caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are trapped by our atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are necessary for life on this planet. But in the last 200 years, human activity has released more carbon dioxide than our planet can handle – too many gases are staying inside our atmosphere, more than at any time in the last 800,000 years. The effects of this global warming of our planet are becoming more dramatic every day.





    Effects of Global Warming:

    Global warming is melting the polar ice caps, robbing polar bears of the ice floes they need to hunt prey. As the annual sea ice melts, polar bears are forced ashore to spend their summers fasting. If the Arctic ice cap continues to melt sooner and form later, polar bears will become too thin to reproduce and they will become extinct by the end of this century.

    The polar bear's home – the Arctic – is experiencing the effects of global warming more than any other place. Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at almost twice the rate of that of the rest of the world, and this is threatening to place the entire Arctic ecosystem in jeopardy.

    Arctic sea ice is shrinking by up to 5% every ten years – sea ice that not only provides hunting ground for polar bears, but shelter and transportation for seals, walrus, arctic foxes, and the Inuit people. The underside provides a surface for algae that support cod, char, beluga, and narwhal. The white sea ice also has a cooling effect on climate by reflecting light away from Earth's surface. As it melts, the global warming advances even more quickly.





    Sign the Petition to End Global Warming!  

    Our Mission: Nature Canada protects nature, its diversity and the processes that sustain it. We base our efforts on sound science and a passion for nature. With the support of 40,000 members and friends we effect change on issues of national significance, including bird conservation, wilderness protection, endangered species and climate change


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