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A Couple Poems to Share February 10, 2006 10:39 PM

My Satire

Oh sweet satire filling the mind of a drunkardÖ
a heart laced with the cyanide of sin.
Suckling on the rim of a sorrowed glass
like a newborn babe to its motherís breast.

Never nurtured by the milk of his bearer
as he had by the many glass bottles he loved.
For he had no one and nothing to lie his head
until he got lost inside his hopeless mind.

The nurturing of sorrow blackens his soul
as he falls deeper into his mindful abyss.
Writing the words of his artificial muse
to release the heavy words weighing his heart.

Words of suffering, abuse, neglect, and regret
as he writes them upon the unwilling page.
No one ever cared to listen to his worries
until he placed his lips upon the willing bottle.


The sharp smell of his carefully chosen poison
marks the page with his heavy breath.
Like the fingerprints of a weary serial killer
marking the final deed as his very own.

With the determination of Edgar Allen Poe,
writing the horrific masterpiece of his life.
It was his tell tale heart that he would secure
his immortality in the form of the written word.

Yet he didnít make it through his piece that night
for he loved the almighty bottle too much.
Right before he was to sign his name to his work
he finally found someplace to lay his weary head.

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And the second February 10, 2006 10:40 PM

This one is a love poem I wrote last year

I take in every breath of you
as if I'll never take a breath again.
The sweetness of your taste,
the softness of your golden skin,
takes me to a realm of supreme ecstasy.

I press against you to feel your warmth.
It reminds me that I'm still alive.
In your heaven of heavens where God
is smiling upon this weakened soul.
How can one such as I deserve such love?

For I am putty in the hands
that molds this heart into something pure.
The purity of your love so grand
fills every inch of my once-beaten being.
I am so much more inside of your arms.

How is it when I feel I will explode
That you manage to fill me
With more of your goodness?
When I can't take anymore,
I also can't seem to have enough of you.

How can it be sin for a bond between
two people as strong as ours to exist?
The security I feel in your touch
as everything inside of you radiates
through your fingers as love's ultimate release.

Always will I bask in your sun of suns
As your rays of purity breaks through my clouds.
Never will rain find its way into my world
As long as you are there to push away
The storms that try to cease my soul.

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